10 Minutes Drill: “Better Things in Life”

In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the things that go wrong and feel like we’re living under our own private rain cloud; at the same time, we tend to adapt to the good things and people in our lives, taking them for granted. As a result, we often overlook everyday beauty and goodness–a kind gesture from a stranger, say, or the warmth of our heater on a chilly morning. In the process, we frequently miss opportunities for happiness and connection.

This practice guards against those tendencies. By remembering and listing three positive things that have happened in your day–and considering what caused them–you tune into the sources of goodness in your life. It’s a habit that can change the emotional tone of your life, replacing feelings of disappointment or entitlement with those of gratitude–which may be why this practice is associated with significant increases in happiness.

Each day for at least one week, write down three things that went well for you that day, and provide an explanation for why they went well. It is important to create a physical record of your items by writing them down; it is not enough simply to do this exercise in your head. The items can be relatively small in importance (e.g., “my co-worker made the coffee today”) or relatively large (e.g., “I earned a big promotion”). To make this exercise part of your daily routine, some find that writing before bed is helpful.

As you write, follow these instructions:

  1. Give the event a title (e.g., “co-worker complimented my work on a project”)
  2. Write down exactly what happened in as much detail as possible, including what you did or said and, if others were involved, what they did or said.
  3. Include how this event made you feel at the time and how this event made you feel later (including now, as you remember it).
  4. Explain what you think caused this event—why it came to pass.
  5. Use whatever writing style you please, and do not worry about perfect grammar and spelling. Use as much detail as you’d like.
  6. If you find yourself focusing on negative feelings, refocus your mind on the good event and the positive feelings that came with it. This can take effort but gets easier with practice and can make a real difference in how you feel.

People performing this exercise expressed that writing about three good things was associated with increased happiness immediately afterward, as well as one week, one month, three months, and six months later.By giving you the space to focus on the positive, this practice teaches you to notice, remember, and savor the better things in life. It may prompt you to pay closer attention to positive events down the road and engage in them more fully—both in the moment and later on, when you can reminisce and share these experiences with others. Reflecting on the cause of the event may help attune you to the deeper sources of goodness in your life, fostering a mindset of gratitude


10 minutes tone lifting drill

We all tend to ruminate on things that have gone wrong in our lives—a mistake we made at work, an evening that didn’t go as planned. We might even think about them so often that our lives seem filled with these mishaps and disappointments. Focusing on them too much, however, can cast a pall over our lives and even be associated with depressive thinking.

Looking on the bright side of life in general, or of a bad situation in particular, can increase happiness by boosting your sense of self-worth, motivating you to go after your goals, and enhancing your enjoyment of life. Regularly completing the silver linings exercise can help you get in the habit of recognizing positive aspects of your life and seeing the upside to challenging situations rather than fixating on the downsides. With repeated practice, you may find that it comes more naturally to look on the bright side, even when faced with difficulties in your life.

Looking on the bright side even when things go wrong is a key component of optimism, which links to lower rates of depression, a better ability to cope with stress, and more relationship satisfaction, among other benefits. Many of us have a tendency to look on the bright side too rarely, not too often. The following drill is designed to help you achieve a healthier balance:

Drill : 10 Minutes daily

  1. To start, list five things that make you feel like your life is enjoyable, enriching, and/or worthwhile at this moment. These things can be as general as “being in good health” or as specific as “drinking a delicious cup of coffee this morning.” The purpose of this first step is to help you shift into a positive state of mind about your life in general.
  2. Next, think about the most recent time when something didn’t go your way, or when you felt frustrated, irritated, or upset.
  3. In a few sentences, briefly describe the situation in writing.
  4. Then, list three things that can help you see the bright side of this situation. For example, perhaps you missed your bus this morning. Three ways to look on the bright side of this situation might be:
  • Even though you missed the bus, you got some good exercise when you were running to catch it.
  • You’re fortunate to live in a city where there was another bus just 10 minutes later, or where buses run reliably at all.
  • Ten years from now, you likely won’t remember what happened this morning.

Participants who completed the drill daily for three weeks reported greater engagement in life and less dysfunctional thinking (e.g., believing that small failures make one a failure as a person). Participants who had a tendency to be pessimistic especially benefited from the exercise and showed fewer depressive symptoms afterward. However, these effects seemed to wear off two months later, suggesting the need to repeat this practice periodically.

Success Story

It’s been two weeks since I got home and since Pierre did my L10 and each day I would say, it is time to wright up my Success Story. But there was a problem, each day there were more and more and more WIN’S occurring and so many wonderful new changes going on in my universe and in other universes that I for the life of me I couldn’t fine the time to sit
still long enough to compose a Success Story with out being blow out on another WIN.

So anyway here goes, L10 for me started out very subtle, not much to it at first and then POW the process really bit and I was on a white knuckle ride very similar to that of L11 and L12 only different because one is addressing one’s own 8 Dynamics. For the life of me I never thought or even had the idea I could have caused all the problems all the suppression and resistance across all my Dynamics. It was INCREDIBLE!!

I had so many major Cog’s and so much as-isness that occurred that even today I can’t recall what we did except one that I will never forget.We did an L10 action on one of the Dynamics and I totally blew out and it was indescribable at where I was at. Anyway you know how it is after a great session, the Cogs keep rolling on even hours later.

Well anyway I had a one word additional clog to the last action which I knew I should go tell Pierre right away, Na I’ll do it tomorrow I’m having too much fun looking through this ball of Fluff called the Physical Universe. Well later that night that ball of fluff came in and kicked my ass, O’Boy what fun that was and I mean it was fun to see and know what a Thetan goes
through when he fucks up. A good learning or reminding experience of what one does to self.

So next morning I come to breakfast and Pierre see’s me and indicates to me I’m the first to into session and here we go start of session, question one and two the mass blows, correct item indicated everything blows in less that 3 min totally exterior having more cog’s that before.

And my WIN it this, that a well Trained Standard Auditor can when applying LRH Standard Tech take any condition that a Thetan is in and handle it. No unusual solutions just LRH Standard Tech.

L10 took me from a state of 1st dynamic addressing as effect,resisting, fighting, and not-is-ing my other Dynamics to the
state of an 8th Dynamic ( source ) of all my,own Dynamics. Back to CAUSE again.

So time passes as time does and I attested to L10 and came home late on a Friday two weeks ago and the first thing I noticed that my Comm line, the Phone, was not working. All kinds of noise, screeching and howling coming out of the phone which kind of makes it hard to Comm with anybody. So while the body holds the phone I trace back the phone line to find the stop and there it is 5 miles away in a locked junction box is the problem. The roof of the old phone system was partly blown off and the rain got into the wiring.So with some manipulation of flows I got a change in the sound so I knew I had the right line and then I moved the flow around until I got a dial tone and then I made it solid, the flow that is, and it worked, some what but not enough to log on with my laptop.

So I hang up and immediately get a call from my Boss at work who has been trying to reach me all week. Now my Boss is an SP/enemy of mine and always has been but for some reason now he is not, all the previous enturblation is gone and he sounds like a good friend. That call from him saved me a week of wages plus he helped me take 2 weeks off which I decided I wanted so I can get back Auditing on Solo NOTS which was at a flat point before L10 but totally opened up a lot of new areas to be addressed after L10.

So for the past two weeks the wins keep coming, Solo NOTS is running great, the problems of life and livingness have improved and life is wonderful again in the universe’s except for a very confused Phone repairman who was spouse to come the following Friday but came on Monday instead because he just happened to be in the area. And he further became confused when I pointed out where the problem was and what caused it and even described the circuit board in the substation.

You know why waste time looking around other areas when I was wanting to get on line. So off he goes and comes back much later very confused, yes it was as I had described, the roof, the rain, the circuit board, Oh my the circuit board was totally fused, the repairman said it must have been hit by lighting. Sounds right to me said I.

My deepest thanks to my friend Pierre Ethier Cl12 who brought me through the L’s I am very grateful to you and your Auditing Skills.

To my friends who I stayed with for 2 weeks who gave such wonderful hospitality and care to me during my stay Thank You again I will always remember the time I spent with you all.

And finally L Ron Hubbard! Your Scientology Tech has brought me so far beyond my wildest dreams it has been an incredible journey.

So it is time to eat and then Jack into the Meter and get to work, I got 7 other Dynamics to work on and Clear and lot more WIN’S to be had.

E. S.

Trey Lotz to STOP the HARASSMENT!

I was told that Trey’s PC are to  sign a contract with him to assist him with any action against him, they are to act as “informants” and defend Trey at all cost. In other words to prevent good people from speaking their mind and silence anyone who disagrees with Trey. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! THIS IS NOT ETHICAL! So any PC who goes to contract himself out in such an unethical manner to snitch, lie, cheat and goes on to attack good people for the personal gains of his MASTER is out ethics. When ETHICS is out , the tech can not go in! You can not LIE and CHEAT and expect results from the tech!

It has been several years now Trey Lotz has been generating third party, Dev-T and harassment on Pierre. One example recently Trey claiming that Clear OT reference is in L-10 materials. There is no such reference in the L-10 materials. There has been tremendous amount of misinformation spread around by Trey consistently using Pierre’s name without his permission.  Trey Lotz has NEVER been granted a permission to use Pierre’s name in reference to his business practice, his PCs, his materials and his training!

I have asked Trey to STOP HARASSING PIERRE and to STOP spreading third party rumors!


P.S. It has been many years that Trey Lotz has been self promoting himself as trained on the all 3 Ls. He also self promotes to be some kind of an authority on the Ls but has NEVER read or seen the genuine LRH training materials. In addition Trey has used and ABUSED Pierre’s name for self promotion after having BAD results and refusing to correct or do any cramming assigned! IN LAYMAN TERMS: If you were to go through university and fail on the exams , you certainly WILL NOT graduate or receive a licence to practice. Would you let a BUTCHER to perform a surgery?

Initially, when I published that Pierre has NOT completed  Trey’s training on Ls, I was viciously threatened. Trey Lotz also changed his story and went on to promote that he was APIS certified …. As you can see on the image below (taken from APIS web site) Trey Lotz is NOT certified to deliver the Ls by APIS! It is also unclear who did Trey’s NOTS training.

Trey does continue his 3P campaign on Pierre by purposefully spreading misleading information. In addition a number of pit-bulls came onto HARASSING and fair game Pierre to protect Trey’s financial interests with fraudulent fabrications. One of Trey’s pit-bulls claims to have paid $10 000 to a private PI to physically stalk Pierre to stop him from auditing. This is out of EVIL intentions.

Trey Lotz nit certifies



my question is about the use of the term “Clear OT” trey said it was in the L-10 materials.  the client had the state rehabbed by showing the reference. (I do not have a L-10 issue with that data)
then a post recently states you C/Sed a client named Hellen who went “Clear OT” on L-12.
trey deferred to you [Pierre]:

I will let Pierre decide that since I

agreed to not share the confidential issues
he gave me with others.  If it isn’t in what you
have then you don’t have that issue.
The definition is not that different from what is in the
tech dictionary.  It is more that he states it in different words.

Another example testimonial  about Trey Lotz and Aida Thomas 3P by G.S.:

“……The Trey data came from him and Aida Thomas at a party. I went to an “independent” party to meet people…..Anyway, ….. the 3P from Trey and Aida furnished some distance between us. And of course, Trey never mentioned your benevolence …..

I had never heard anything bad or out about your tech. I always promoted you and if anyone said anything I always said he is one of the only ones whose pcs never arrived at my door for a clean up.

That being said, Catherine Z. did act as a 3P and I should have checked with you first, but as I said, I didn’t feel I had a line to you…..”

Debbie Cook’s letter

Debbie Cook was the Captain of the FSO for 17 years and was a Sea Org member for 30 years. She sent this email to her Scientologist friends on 31 Dec 2011.

“I am emailing you as a friend and fellow Scientologist. As we enter a new year, it is hoped that 2012 can be a year of great dissemination and a year of real progress up The Bridge for all Scientologists.

Although I am not in the Sea Org right now, I served in the Sea Org at Flag for 29 years. 17 of those years were as Captain FSO.

I am a trained auditor and C/S as well as an OEC, FEBC and DSEC.

I am completely dedicated to the technology of Dianetics and Scientology and the works of LRH.

I have seen some of the most stunning and miraculous results in the application of LRH technology and I absolutely know it is worth fighting to keep it pure and unadulterated. My husband and I are in good standing and we are not connected with anyone who is not in good standing.

We have steadfastly refused to speak to any media, even though many have contacted us.

But I do have some very serious concerns about out-KSW that I see permeating the Scientology religion.

I have the utmost respect for the thousands of dedicated Scientologists and Sea Org members.Together, we have come through everything this world could throw at us and have some real impingement on the world around us. I am proud of our accomplishments and I know you are too.

However there is no question that this new age of continuous fundraising is not our finest moment.

LRH says in HCO PL 9 Jan 51, An Essay on Management, “drop no curtains between the organization and the public about anything.”-LRH

Based on this policy I am communicating to you about some situations that we need to do something about within our religion, within our group. Actions that are either not covered in policy or directly violate LRH policy and tech include the extreme over-regging and fund-raising activities that have become so much a part of nearly every Sea Org org and Class V org as well as every “OT Committee”.

This fundraising is not covered anywhere in LRH policy.

Hardworking Sea Org members and the dedicated staff of orgs around the world aren’t choosing to do these actions.

Nor are the OTs. I am sure they would be more than happy if they could just get on with direct dissemination of Scientology as they have done for so many years.

But the truth is that this is being driven from the very highest echelons within the Scientology structure and clearly there is a lot of pressure to make targets that are being set.

The IAS:

The IAS was created unbeknownst to LRH in 1984 by Marc Yager and David Miscavige.

This was supposed to be based on LRH policies on the subject of membership and the HASI, however the IAS is nothing like the membership system described by LRH which only has two memberships and is covered in HCO PL 22 March 1965 “Current Promotion and Org Program Summary, Membership Rundown” and states: “There are two memberships…”– LRH

LRH lists there the INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP and gives its cost at 10 pounds sterling or $30 US.

He also lists a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP which is priced at $75 US.

There are no other memberships or statuses approved or known to LRH.

Furthermore, membership monies are supposed to go directly to the org where the membership is signed up, and the money used for dissemination by that org, in that area.

This is covered in HCOPL 1 Sept 1965R Membership Policies. “It all goes into the HCO Book Account in the area where the membership is brought and is not part of the organization’s weekly gross income. Membership monies go to dissemination”.- LRH

Currently membership monies are held as Int reserves and have grown to well in excess of a billion dollars.

Only a tiny fraction has ever been spent, in violation of the policy above. Only the interest earned from the holdings have been used very sparingly to fund projects through grants.

In fact many of the activities you see at IAS events are not actually funded by the IAS, but rather by the Scientologists involved.

Think about it, how many ads disseminating Scientology, Dianetics or any Scn affiliated programs have you seen on TV? Heard on the radio? Seen in newspapers?

I haven’t seen one in the 4 years I have lived in San Antonio, Texas, the 7th largest city in the US. How many have you seen?

Donating anything more than a lifetime membership to the IAS is not based on LRH policy.

The article “What Your Donations Buy” (The Auditor, The Monthly Journal of Scientology No. 51, 1970) is clearly talking about how the church uses your donations for Dianetics and Scientology services.

Next time you are asked to donate outside of services, realize that you are engaged in fundraising and ask to see something in writing from L. Ron Hubbard that this is something he expects from you as a Scientologist.

New Org Buildings:

LRH also never directed the purchase of opulent buildings or the posh renovations or furnishings for every org. In fact, if you read HCO PL 12 March 75 Issue II, “The Ideal Org”, which is what this program has been called, and nowhere in it will you find 20 million dollar buildings or even any reference to the poshness of org premises at all as part of LRH’s description of an “Ideal Org”.

Instead, an Ideal Org was one that delivered and moved people up The Bridge – something that is not part of this “Ideal Org” program.

LRH says in the PL that an Ideal Org: “would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public” – LRH.

This is all it says about the state of the building.

As a result of this off-policy alteration of the Ideal Org PL, we have the majority of top OTs, now deemed “OT Ambassadors”, heavily engaged in fund-raising activities that include “bingo”, “pirate dinners”, “knitting classes”, “hay rides”, and many other activities strictly revolving around raising funds for the required multi-millions of dollars to fund their “Ideal Org”.

As part of this, people around every org are now asked to donate to their local “Ideal Org” instead of their own services or their own Bridge.

LRH says in HCO PL Org Ethics and Tech: “GET RID OF DISTRACTIONS FROM SCIENTOLOGY in your org. Baby-sitting or raffle tickets and such nonsense.”-LRH

Yet these distractions are rampant as they are being used as fund-raisers to get money for the huge quotas being issued to fund the “Ideal Org”.

“If the org slumps… don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.” “For orgs as for pcs, ‘Solve It With Scientology’. “Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in more Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.” – LRH HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II, Org Programming, (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)

The point is that Scientologists and OT’s need to be training, auditing and disseminating to raw public- not regging each other or holding internal fundraisers.

Out Tech:

Over the last few years we have seen literally hundreds and hundreds of people who were validated as clear using the CCRD as developed by LRH now being told they are not Clear.

This included hundreds of OTs who were then put onto NED as a “handling”.

LRH clearly forbid any Dianetics to be run on OTs in HCOB “Dianetics Forbidden on OTs”. This is out tech.

This entire technical “handling” was directed personally by COB RTC and was done on thousands of OTs.

But it was based not on an LRH HCO Bulletin, but rather based on a single C/S instruction where LRH C/Sed one pre-OT who had not achieved the state of clear but was mid OT III and not making it.

LRH directed a solo handling that the pre-OT was to do to get himself to achieve the state of Clear.

This LRH C/S taken out of context was then used to implement a technical handling that was in direct violation of an LRH HCOB. This and other “technical handlings” done on Solo NOTs auditors created great expense and hardship on Solo NOTs auditors around the world as they were made to do these handlings to continue on the level.

Then there are the “fast grades at Flag” that no other org has. How can it be that Flag has been delivering grades differently to the rest of the world for the last 3 years?

Whatever the problem is, the fact is that having “fast Grades” at Flag creates a hidden data line and is a HIGH CRIME and the subject of an entire policy letter called HCOPL “TECH DEGRADES” which LRH has placed at the start of every Scientology course.

More recently the fad seems to be that nearly everyone needs to “re-do their Purif and do a long objectives program”, including many OTs mid Solo NOTs.

There is nothing wrong with doing objectives, but it is a clear violation of HCOB ‘MIXING RUNDOWNS AND REPAIRS” to have a person mid a rundown or OT level be taken off it and placed on an objectives program.

Solo NOTs auditors are also being made to get their objectives from a Class IX auditor at great expense as they are not being allowed to co-audit.

Flag has made many millions of dollars on the above listed out tech handlings because OTs mid Solo NOTs are forced to get these out-tech actions to be able to get back onto and stay on the level and complete it. Not to mention the spiritual effects of the out tech that this has on each OT.

I myself was subject to these out tech “handlings”, including extensive FPRD mid Solo NOTs. It took its toll in many ways, including physical situations I am still dealing with today. So I have some reality of the hardship caused.

LRH Command Structure:

LRH left us with a complex and balanced command structure, with our orgs led by the Office of ED International.

This office was considered so important that LRH created a special management group called the Watch Dog Committee whose only purpose was to see that this office and the other needed layers of management existed.

LRH ED 339R speaks of this extensively as the protection for our Church. But these people are missing. And not just some. As of just a few years ago there were no members of the office of ED Int on post, not to mention top execs throughout the International Management structure.

You may have also wondered… where is Heber, the President of the Church?

What about Ray Mitthoff, Senior C/S International, the one that LRH personally turned over the upper OT Levels to?

How about Norman Starkey, LRH’s Trustee?

What happened to Guillaume – Executive Director International? And Marc Yeager, the WDC Chairman?

What happened to the other International Management executives that you have seen at events over the years?

The truth is that I spent weeks working in the empty International Management building at Int.

Empty because everyone had been removed from post. When I first went up lines I was briefed extensively by David Miscavige about how bad all of them were and how they had done many things that were all very discreditable.

This seemed to “explain” the fact that the entirety of the Watchdog Committee no longer existed.

The entirety of the Executive Strata, which consisted of ED International and 11 other top International executives that were the top executives in their particular fields, no longer existed.

That the Commodore’s Messenger Org International no longer existed. All of these key command structures of Scientology International, put there by LRH, had been removed. There were hundreds and hundreds of unanswered letters and requests for help from org staff, written based on LRH ED 339R where LRH says that staff can write to these top executives in the Exec Strata for help. But this is not possible if all these execs have been removed and no one is there to help them or to get evaluations and programming done to expand Scientology.

Well, after that I got to spend some quality time with Heber, Ray Mithoff, Norman Starkey, Guillaume, as well as the entirety of International Management at the time, who were all off post and doing very long and harsh ethics programs.

These have gone on for years and to the only result of that they are still off post.

There is no denying that these top executives have all gradually disappeared from the scene. You don’t see them at the big events anymore or on the ship at Maiden Voyage.

David Miscavige has now become the “leader” of the Scientology religion. Yet what LRH left behind was a huge structure to properly manage all aspects of the Scientology religion. He put a complete and brilliant organizational structure there, not one individual.

There never was supposed to be a “leader” other than LRH himself as the goal maker for our group.

There is a situation here and even if you have not been to the International Management Base you should be able to see that over regging and frequent tech changes are not OK and you have a responsibility to do something to Keep Scientology Working.

You should be able to find and read the references on membership in OEC Volume 6. Find and read the HCO PL entitled “The Ideal Org” (Data Series 40).

Find and read the references on org buildings, including HCO PL 24 Aug 65 II, Cleanliness of Quarters and Staff, Improve our Image.

Also, HCO PL 17 June 69, The Org Image.

If you don’t want to make waves or put yourself in danger of being taken off the level or denied eligibility, then there are some simple things you can do.

First and foremost, withdraw your support from off policy actions.

Stop donating to anything other than your own services and actual Bridge progress.

Simply demand to see an LRH reference that says you are required to make other such donations.

No one will be able to produce any references because there aren’t any.

Stop supporting any of the activities that are being done to forward off-policy fund-raising in your area.

LRH says what he expects of a Scientologist – that is what he expects you to do.

In fact he put it in HCOB 10 June 1960 Issue I, Keeping Scientology Working Series 33, WHAT WE EXPECT OF A SCIENTOLOGIST. Read it and follow it.

The other thing you can do is to send this email to as many others as you can, even if you do it anonymously.

Please keep this email among us, the Scientologists. The media have no place in this.

You may wonder why I have not written a KR and gone about my business. The answer is, I have. But there is no longer anyone to send that KR to.

But you can and should write reports and bring off-policy to the attention of local org executives and local Sea org members.

We are a strong and powerful group and we can affect a change. We have weathered many storms. I am sorry that I am the one telling you, but a new storm is upon us. It’s waves are already in the media and the world around us.

The truth is that as a Scientologist you are more able, more perceptive and have a higher integrity.

Scientology is supposed to allow you to “think for yourself” and never compromise your own integrity.

And most certainly LRH held every Scientologist responsible to KEEP SCIENTOLOGY WORKING.

I am not trying to do anything other than affect a change in serious off policy actions occurring. My husband and I have most of our family and many many good friends who are Scientologists.

I have not been real interested in sticking my neck out like this.

However, I also know that I dedicated my entire adult life to supporting LRH and the application of LRH technology and if I ever had to look LRH in the eye I wouldn’t be able to say I did everything I could to Keep Scientology Working if I didn’t do something about it now.

We all have a stake in this.

It is simply not possible to read the LRH references and not see the alterations and violations that are currently occurring.

You have a very simple obligation to LRH. Don’t participate in anything off policy, and let others know they should not either.

If every person who reads this email does nothing more than step back from off-policy actions we would have changed direction.

If we took all that energy and directed it into auditing, training and raw public dissemination, we would be winning.

And that is what I wish for you and all of us as we ring in this new year.


Debbie Cook”

Kindness makes you happy

In one famous study, people who spent $5 or $20 on others were happier at the end of the day, while people who spent it on themselves got less happy – a finding that is being confirmed across cultures. If you practice kindness you’ll see an increase in your daily positive emotions.

Kindness makes you happy and happiness makes you kind!

One study showed that doing a daily act of kindness gives us as much of a happiness boost as doing something new every day. Even remembering a time when we spent money on someone else can boost happiness, and the happier we are when reminiscing, the more likely we’ll choose to spend money on others again (when given the option).

Going Through Spiritual Path

I started examining advanced spiritual enlightenment and the sense of disgust. It makes good evolutionary sense that human beings gone through the advanced path should have an emotion that makes them feel repulsion toward rotten food, and other physical objects that are full of dangerous bacteria and parasites. Disgust can be reactive or can me a normal response to the surrounding environment. It also makes sense that disgust should make us hypersensitive to contagion—that is, we feel disgust toward anything that touched something that we find disgusting.

When actually asked people in several countries to list the things they thought were disgusting, the most responses mentioned social offenses, such as hypocrisy, racism, cruelty, and betrayal.

How on earth did a food-based and very corporeal emotion become a social and moral emotion? The answer is that while disgust may motivate people to distance themselves from physical threats, it is well-suited for dealing with social threats as well. When we find social actions disgusting, they indicate to us that the person who commit¬ted them is in some way morally defective.

In this light, we can place human actions on a vertical dimension that runs from our conception about GOOD and EVIL. This vertical dimension is part of the truth that people are reincarnated at higher or lower levels depending on their moral behavior in this life.

Social disgust can then be understood as the emotional reaction people have to witnessing others moving “down,” or exhibiting their lower, baser, less God-like nature. Human beings feel revolted by moral depravity, and this revulsion is akin to the revulsion they feel toward rotten food and cockroaches. In this way, dis¬gust helps us form groups, reject deviants, and build a moral community.
Going through the path of spiritual enlightenment makes people rise on the vertical dimension toward goodness. This makes people feel higher on it themselves. If disgust is a negative emotion that strengthens ego bound-arise and defenses against a morally reprehensible other, then true spiritual enlightenment is its opposite—a desire to associate with those who are morally admirable. Love and a desire for affiliation appear to be a common human response.

It is a very beautiful fact about that each of us can be moved to tears by the sight of a stranger helping another stranger. It is an even more beautiful fact that these feelings sometimes inspire us to change our own behavior, values, and goals.

Being Open

There wouldn’t be such a thing as counterfeit gold if there were no real gold somewhere. So how can we tap into those genuine, heartfelt positive emotions without grasping for the counterfeit gold?

One of the things that I think is very useful is to keep in mind that there’s reciprocal relationship between the mindset of positivity and positive emotions—a mindset of positivity begets positive emotions, and positive emotions beget positivity. So if we lightly create the mindset of positivity, from that positive emotions will follow.

How to foster that mindset? It helps to be open, be appreciative, be curious, be kind, and above all, be real and sincere. From these strategies spring positive emotions.

Now some of these are pretty self-explanatory, but I do want to explain what “be open” means as a way to increase your positive emotions. The reason that this works is that so often we can be preoccupied worrying about the future, ruminating about the past so we’re completely oblivious to the goodness that surrounds us in the present moment.

But when we’re really open to our current circumstances, those sources of goodness are so much easier to draw from, and they yield positive emotions.

Understanding Evil Transformation

As I have come to understand EVIL, I have realized that such transformations of human character are not as rare as we would like to believe. Historically “banality of evil” shows under certain conditions and social pressures, ordinary people can commit acts that would otherwise be unthinkable.

We all like to think that the line between good and evil is impermeable—that people who do terrible things, such as commit murder, treason, or kidnapping, are on the evil side of this line, and the rest of us could never cross it. But is it that some people are on the good side only because situations have never coerced or seduced them to cross over?

To gain more understanding I studied the circumstances of imprisonment—to see what happens when you put good people in a dehumanizing place. For example after a prisoner rebellion the guards start using increasingly degrading forms of punishment and the prisoners became more and more passive. People tend to accept EVIL or often DO NOTHING to stop it.

This is true not only for perpetrators of torture and other horrible acts, but for people who commit a more common kind of wrong—the wrong of taking no action when action is called for. Whether we consider Nazi Germany a prison, there were many people who observed what was happening and said nothing. Stand around watching passively and observing human abuses and don’t say, “This is wrong! Stop it!” you give tacit approval to continue. You are part of the silent majority that makes evil deeds more acceptable.

For instance, there are the “good people” who maintained “the prison”. Good people watched when the worst abuses occurred and did not confront the abusers. The situation dictated their inaction, and their inaction facilitated evil.

Victory Parade – Moscow

The 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade is an upcoming parade that will take place in Red Square in Moscow on 9 May 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945. The annual parade marks the Allied victory in the Second World War at the Eastern Front, on the same day as the signing of the German act of capitulation to the Allies in Berlin, at midnight of May 9, 1945.




One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn’t worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone’s amazement he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer’s neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred – Forgive.

2. Free your mind from worries – Most never happens.

3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.

4. Give more.

5. Expect less from people but more from yourself.


I have been reading some of your web pages and I can say that of all that I read on the internet, yours come through with the most truth.  I just finished reading about your evaluation of the Lisa McPherson handling, and I find it amazing.  Of course it relates to all of us.  For me at the moment of understanding your communication, I realized how thoroughly I had reached a point where virtually my entire goal in continuing in Scientology had become to avoid getting sucked into it.  This virtually consumed the more important aspect of actually obtaining long term case gain.

I can recall the auditing I received from you so clearly.  It must have happened in the early 80’s.  The auditing went so smoothly as you seemed 100% relaxed and that allowed me to relax as opposed to getting unnecessary buttons pushed and other distractions from occurring.  Of course, after only a few sessions, it was decided you were needed for other cases based on language requirements so I was assigned another much less experienced auditor which was very upsetting to me.  It was obvious to me I would not receive the gains that I could have received from you.

And getting back to your web page articles, I want to thank you for expressing yourself so clearly.  I had a flash where I realized that I was really not in a condition to receive much case gain for many years and in that realization, I had again an idea of hope.  That is why I feel that now is the right time to get in comm. with you.  I have in fact had improvements in my life over the last few years but certainly some major blockage has been there for quite a number of years.

Anyway, how are you and what are you up to in 2015?  I am interested in exploring further advancement.  I do travel considerably and I would be delighted to see you again. Let’s draft some plans and make it a workable solution.


Which step have you reached today?

Are you learning a new skill? Working on your routine? or practicing an old one? You can apply the staircase of success.

Where do you sit on the staircase of success? Training isn’t always about the big achievements, it is also about the steps taken along the way. Sometimes a new skill or routine seems impossible, and you think “I won’t do it” or “I can’t do it.” Ask yourself “Do I want to do it?” and ask our coach “How do I do it?” Before long you will reach the top: “Yes, I did it!”

Happy Birthday Panther!


On this special day, we wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come!

Our postulates that your every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are.

Happy Birthday , Joe!!!!!

Scientology Library and Research – Advance Magazine

July-04-08 (56)

Have rare, historical or significant books or materials? Why not make them available for research and beyond?

Pierre Ethier welcomes gifts of materials and monetary donations for research materials from individuals or groups. All materials must be legally obtained without exception. Please contact us if you kindly want to contribute rare, historical books or other materials that you want to make available for technology research for enhancing and preserving standard tech applications. Where possible we will attempt to add the materials into our Research Library based on criteria that apply to the selection of our library materials. It is understood that gifts are freely given without conditions attached

All donations will be considered as Donations of Gifts-In-Kind. You also can make voluntary donation via PayPal.


RIP Jeff Walker ( by Karen De La Carriere)

I am sad to report the passing of Jeff Walker, former Senior CS INT, former Class XII CS who fled int base in the early 1990s never to return.

Jeff died Weds March 11th at 1am in New Zealand. His companion Jill Harris kept us updated on his condition for the last 2 years and he continued to have nightmares on his INT Base cruelty where he had some ridiculous title such as Deputy Deputy Groundsman ( hard manual grounds keeping under the Groundskeeper and Deputy..lowest on the food chain. )There is a radio podcast on my channel with a hilarious story of Jeff Walker as told by Security Chief Jackson (Gary Moorhead)

Jeff called the security booth and reported he had blown. He told Gary he was having sex with a non Sea org member and that he would not be returning, ever.

Gary was stunned. He thought to himself “This is a bullbait, this is a drill, they are teasing me so see how I will react” However he reported it to Marc Yager, the then Watchdog Committee Chairman and Co CMO INT.

Not long after Jeff Walker pulled off an Earthquake at INT Base. He arrived with Riverside Sherrifs (as protection) to get his belongings.

Riverside Sheriffs invaded INT base and the message was sent loud and clear to law enforcement, you need Police protection to return to INT base because they will kidnap, hold you against will, isolate you and drive you insane with interrogatories.(e.g. Maureen Bolstad)

Electrified Sea org members watched as Jeff strutted on Int Base firewalled and protected by a posse of Riverside Sheriffs and then marched out of INT base.

As a malicious vindictive *Cherch* Miscavige through OSA did one of their anonymous phone calls to Customs and Immigration in New Zealand alleging Jeff Walker was a “Terrorist” and on his arrival in Auckland he was held for some hours in a holding pattern til everything was checked out.

Davis Mayo Class XII CS was reported to Interpol as a Drug Runner !
Jeff Walker Class XII CS was reported to be a *Terrorist*

Jeff Walker you and I shared the most amazing track. Beyond Belief. The Apollo Years. The Flag Land Base Years and I am so sad to hear you have gone. Fly high my friend.

Author: Karen De La Carriere

The Auditor 46 and 47 – Scientology Research Library





As you all know for many years Pierre Ethier has given free advice, interpretation and references on various standard tech. matters for the personal benefits and advancement of countless Scientologists. On many occasions Pierre had provided free C/Sing and free Programming. Thus donating his time , effort and expertise solely to help others advance.

Pierre has been compiling a Scientology Research library purchasing many rare materials in order to preserve the tech. and to use the materials for research and as a practical reference for standard processing. This project has been heavily sabotaged in the the past, however it came to produce extraordinary good results despite the counter intention and many road blocks. Now the fruits of the hard work have become evident.

Recently we have been approached by benefactors who offered some help for this project. I am happy to see that despite of the many who just want to consume resources without fair exchange, there are some kind people who  actually want to contribute and further help for the development of the Scientology Research Library by sending gifts-in-kind donating materials and monetary resources. I am happy to see that true kindness and care for others is still out there.

Thank you for your gifts-in-kind and your contributions.

True kindness is still out there.

What makes great people are the simple acts of kindness.

Have rare, historical or significant books or materials? Why not make them available for research and beyond?

Pierre Ethier welcomes gifts of materials and monetary donations for research materials from individuals or groups. All materials must be legally obtained without exception. Please contact us if you kindly want to contribute rare, historical books or other materials that you want to make available for technology research for enhancing and preserving standard tech applications. Where possible we will attempt to add the materials into our Research Library based on criteria that apply to the selection of our library materials. It is understood that gifts are freely given without conditions attached

All donations will be considered as Donations of Gifts-In-Kind. You also can make voluntary donation via PayPal.


Skype auditing suggestions from “no experts” to “play Russian roulette with my case “

About Skype auditing offers from “no experts…” :

Fecebook Group:

Didier Raphaël Desbordes : I am glad that you have wins but what ” We are doing a lot of skype work ” has to do with a Standard Session and its Ideal Scene?

Nanette Kern” Before you judge Didier Raphaël Desbordes, why not try a skype session and see for yourself.

February 8 at 7:58pm · 

Terril Park” I suggest you contact Anita and ask her. I don’t audit others myself

February 9 at 1:18pm ·

Terril Park: so am not expert……

Didier Raphaël Desbordes : RON says: “A SAFE AUDITOR pulls UNSAFE WITHHOLDS. A DANGEROUS AUDITOR pulls ONLY SAFE WITHHOLDS”. ~~~ Bad auditors will make a tacit agreement to NOT pull all the witholds ; then okay, the PC doesn’t blow and have large part of imaginary wins (up to 75%), but under good examination of PC’s life, the PC doesn’t really have “case gains”. ~~~ Ron knew computers, by the way, he indeed created an assessment by phone, but ASSESMENT IS NOT AUDITING! So sorry, I don’t feel the need “to try” and play Russian roulette with my case 

February 16 at 12:39am · 

The ancient legend of the freedom amulet

martenitsa-Pierre-EthierThere is an ancient legend explaining how the tradition of creating and wearing ancient amulet martenitsa was born. Khan Kubrat’s (632–665) five sons went hunting accompanied by their sister Huba. When they reached the Danube river they saw a silver stag. Mesmerized, the men did not dare shoot at it. The stag crossed over to the opposite bank of the river revealing a ford. A pigeon flew bringing them bad tidings. Their father, the founder of Ancient Great Bulgaria was on his deathbed. In his last hours Kubrat’s last will  to his offsprings ( Bayan, Kotrag, Asparouh, Kuber and Altsek ) was to keep the union between the different Bulgarian tribes. His sons vowed to love and defend United Bulgaria.

Soon after their father’s death, the Khazars invaded the land. The Khazar’s Khan Ashina conquered the capital Phanagoria and Huba, Kubrat’s daughter, was captured by Ashina. Hoping to give her brothers a chance to freedom, Huba attempted suicide but was saved by the guards. Her Boyan brothers kept his vows and stayed with his sister acknowledging  the Khazars about their superior power.  Kotrag went northwards, to the River Volga, while Asparouh, Kuber and Altsek went south to search for a new land without oppressors.

The brothers who left secretly arranged with Huba and Bayan to send word by a golden thread tied to the leg of a falcon  if they were to find a free land. One day a falcon sent by Asparouh flew into Huba’s room and she and Bayan quickly started plotting their escape. While they were looking for a place to cross the Danube River, Khazar pursuers spotted them and rushed toward them. Trying to find a ford, Huba let the falcon free. She tied a white thread to its leg and handed it to her brother. Just as the bird was about to take off, an enemy arrow hit Bayan and his blood stained the white thread. The falcon with red and white thread was carrying a message leading their road to freedom.

While Huba and Bayan managed to reach the newly discovered by Asparouh great land(present day Bulgaria), they were both mortally wounded. Asparouh was devastated and  rushed toward his dying brother and sister but he could not save them. After their death the Khan Asparouh ( The Khan of Bulgaria) decorated his solders with amulets of white and blood red  yarn to always remind the price to unity and freedom. This happened around the first of March and started a new tradition in Bulgaria that survived throughout the centuries. On the first of March people in Bulgaria wear white and red amulets to signify their freedom and prosperity.

What is Greatness?

The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not.
And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue.
For the one who can achieve this, there is abundant hope.
For those who cannot, there is only sorrow, hatred and despair. And these are not the things of which greatness or sanity or happiness are made.
A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate.
There are those who appoint one their executioners. Sometimes for the sake of safety of others it is necessary to act. But it is not necessary also to hate them.
To do one’s task without becoming furious at others who seek to prevent one is a mark of greatness – and sanity.
And only then can one be happy.
Seeking to achieve any single desirable quality in life is a noble thing. The one most difficult – and most necessary to achieve – is to love one’s fellows despite all invitations to do otherwise.
If there is any saintly quality, it is not to forgive. “Forgiveness” accepts the badness of the act. There is no reason to accept it. Further, one has to label the act as bad to forgive it. “Forgiveness” is a much lower level action and is rather censorious.
Lafayette Ron Hubbard

On numerous occasions Pierre has been pressed to accept abuse and the badness of the acts of EVIL and GREED by other individuals and corrupt PR artists. I want to reiterate: ” “Forgiveness” accepts the badness of the act. There is no reason to accept it.”


Blast from the past

“There is another group, I’d like to make a comment on. These are pc’s outside the CofS and who want to continue with their Scientology auditing. When I was an FSO Case Cracking C/S, there was one auditor who in
the years I c/sed for him, never had a red tag, only had one cramming from me as I recall, whose pc’s after session exam statements were better than many others success stories, who was multi-lingual and always in

After my time, he became a Class XII. He left the SO after a dispute over his wife and is in the field. On
his website he gives a fantastic FES summary on Lisa McPherson’s folders. This is a must see. His name is Pierre Ethier and can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/pro/class12/ .

Disclaimer: I am not his agent and I have had no contact with Pierre since 1988.”

Threat of VIOLENCE received (Scientology fairgame 101)

Yesterday Pierre received a threat by an individual who pretends to be associated with anonymous.

This individual wants to make anonymous look bad and to provoke animosity between people advocating against the deception and the corrupt practices of the Church of Scientology.

Our advice is to direct your efforts to those who lie on the stand , cheat , deceive people , steal and promote unethical practices. GREED  and EVIL has been their motivator.

Last time Aida Thomas and her PC- Michelle Butcher- Sterling were trashing Pierre , me and my child on various forums spreading wild rumors and insults pretending to be members of anonymous collective. Both are practicing Scientology deceptions and changing their story as they see it fit to their personal agendas. I wish them well! I also wish them to change for the better . I also wish that they both find more worthy direction of their efforts instead of being fixated to smear my family and trying to scare my teen child. I hope they will start helping people instead of attempting to destroy families .

Catherine Ethier


From an0nch4nn3r@hushmail.com Thu Feb 26 02:20:00 2015
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by mta1005.rog.mail.gq1.yahoo.com with SMTPS; Thu, 26 Feb 2015 02:20:03 +0000
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Sobject line: teh tech


Feb 25 at 9:20 PM

Why interships are so vital for the auditor delivering the L

Written by Site Admin ( The author is not Pierre Ethier)

Below is a summary of concerns raised by Karen De La Carriere in regard to the lack of proper auditor training for delivery of the Ls in the independent field. IFA / APIS did not provide me with a response and did not address their certification scheme shortcomings in the light of the issues raised below. I want to thank Karen for raising the concerns below and to thank her for taking the safety of the PCs at heart. It requires an impressive amount of dedication in studies and perfection of your own techniques to master the proper delivery of the Ls. It is even more impressive the amount of care  about the well being of the PC  that motivated auditors like Karen to master their tech.

The current situation is that untrained auditors deliver  while PR-ing their business practice with “success stories” and no case gain. On the background are their failed cases spiritually broken, hopeless and desperate. There were instances of   corrupt practices sabotaging the PC ‘s spiritual case. Those practices led to botched Ls and/or extended the delivery time cycle for practitioner’s financial profit to four or even ten times beyond the normal Ls delivery cycle. It is unethical for a trainee to use the PC as a “cash cow” while charging excessive hourly rates. For example the average standardly delivered L12 should take not more than 25 hours delivered in a week.  L11 should be delivered in a week and L10 takes 2-3 weeks.  This is based on case average statistics of over 5000 cases. A warning sign of improper processing of L12 would be if you have received it  in over 4 months period in 130 hours. The Ls are very powerful processing and are designed by LRH to be delivered on an intensive daily schedule in order to produce a successful case gain. The pricing for the Ls is recommended to be based on a flat fee for the whole completed cycle.  It is definitely NOT recommended to get one session a week and if your auditor can not accommodate you in his schedule or shortchange you with  advice  that is against your best interest, this should be a warning sign. One session a week or less on  the Ls is a violation of C/S Series #1. How trustworthy is a testimonial from an individual who is trying to promote their own business with violations of the basic auditing rules that LRH established himself. LRH has designed L11 and L12 to be delivered in about a week and L10 to be delivered in about 3 weeks.

An example of abuse comes to my mind , when a PC was forced to bare the cost of living out of town for 4 months and “completed” L12 in 130 hours paying to a junior class auditor more than what he would of paid in the Church of Scientology for a Class XII auditing.  Normally  this cycle should of taken less than  a week and in 95% of the cases takes less than 2 intensives.

I strongly believe that auditors who really care about their PCs will undergo the proper training, including internships, studies and drills as described by Karen. The independent field needs to adhere to higher standards to KSW.

December 21, 2011

Karen De La Carriere: ….[name omitted ] ….. “never had any Ls training. He certainly did not have the very complex and unique training of Class X, XI and Class XII. There is an enormous study of LRH CSed folders and special testsn to understand why LRH CSed that way. ” ….[name omitted ] ….” never came anywhere near this section of the training.”

Karen De La Carriere : “ The Ls are like a Ferrari. Most people can drive one up to 100mph but the minute you get into 150 mph, when things so wrong, they go terribly wrong. The Ls are high performance spiritual work that require expert handling by qualified Ls auditors. This requires interneships and not done by reading ‘hat write ups”.”

Karen De La Carriere : “When something goes wrong …either in a high performance vehicle or intense spiritual work ~~ the results can be catastrophic if one does not know how to recover from trouble. Lisa Mcpherson, 3 weeks after L-11 (see the image on the web of her proudly displaying her L-11 Cert and smiling) went Type III, taking off her clothes and walking naked on Fort harrison Avenue. This is an example of how badly it can backfire.”

Karen De La Carriere : “What we are discussing is an expanded range, that which can boost you so high spiritually and take you into the lofty heights of heaven can also backfire in the other direction and send you into hell.”

Karen De La Carriere: “ I will never participate in any action that does not guarantee the safety and well being of pcs. Only knowing, training and understanding the length an breadth of the procedures and their remedies can give the results LRH intended for these rundowns.”

Karen De La Carriere : “One example of how Interneships are so vital is that the AUDITING STYLE of Ls auditing is different. You have to un-do all the TRs 1-4 you have ever learned all your life and learn “TR L10 style” It is designed to impact the case differe…ntly. This needs to be drilled and drilled and drilled on video and one has to watch one’ own videos day after day, month after month til one has perfected one’s performance and til it is second nature. There is nothing in the field in current set ups that can even come near approximating Ls training. Each interneship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. But the pc is the beneficiary and is now in safe hands. The safety and guaranteed stability of the pc is the primary importance here. To hell with any other consideration than the PC and the PC’s benefit.”

The Sad Fate of Lisa McPherson

EVIL AND GREED are the motivations for public attacks on Pierre

Below I have included fresh harassment posts forwarding the CoS enemy lines based on exchanges by Aida Thomas and Trey Lotz, Both targeted to instigate attacks on Pierre by omissions.  I wish them both well! I also wish that both Aida and Trey move on with their life. They both admit in public to have been keeping track on what Pierre is doing while telling fabrications and claiming the  opposite in front of weak minded people they both manipulate to do their dirty work and bidding of viscous attacks. One example about targeted harassment is that right after publishing this note Pierre received threats by email.

Another example is that Trey Lotz below posted comments that  clearly indicate that Trey keeps track on Pierre and who Pierre has trained on the Ls as well as on Pierre’s personal activities. How is this any of Trey’s business and why Trey keeps spreading rumors about Pierre ? Simple answer is that this is Trey’s covert way to instigate attacks on Pierre and fraudulently to portray himself as the “good guy”. This is Scientology fairgame 101. Do not be mistaken about the real intentions as to why those rumors are put on public lines in places where Pierre can not respond! People need to see through it!

I have always hoped that both ( Trey and Aida) can do much better than purposefully forward the church enemy lines. I am also hoping they both  move onto greener pastures! Aida Thomas somehow feels entitled to receive a copy of Pierre’s personal notes about the Ls despite her gross out ethics and consistent attacks spreading fabrications and insults about Pierre, his family and his child. She also sent a foul language KR full of profanities and insults to Pierre wife’s non-Scientology work. Somehow after years of harassing my family, Aida still feels entitled to parasitically use Pierre’s work for her own profit.   When confronted about her own out ethics and how creepy this is , Aida keeps using brainwashed “friends” of hers to dead agent the truth. Aida’s consistent attacks on Pierre are excused with her telling that either “this was so long ago” and deceiving people portraying herself as a victim when she in actual fact is the aggressor posting insults on Pierre on ongoing basis  in various public forums. One fresh example below from February 20 , 2015. Aida’s modus operandi or or so called operational routine is to use her ” friends” or fraudulent puppet accounts to press buttons and generate hostilities on a targeted individual ( in this case Pierre). If you dare to respond to Aida, she will keep smearing and dragging your name into the mud back channel so you can’t even respond.

Trey Lotz on his site operated by spreading the ” convenient” truths and using his brainwashed PCs to viciously attack a targeted individual. Trey Lotz on his site keeps insisting to have been trained by Pierre omitting the fact that he started training and flunked. If one was a doctor and flunked on his exams , hospitals would not allow him to do surgeries. In the FreeZone however anything goes. This including Treys self promoting himself using Pierre’s name with this type of deception and deliberate omissions. One omission of Trey’s was that he was delivering the Ls without the supervision of a C/S . This is very important as some of the fixes are in the C/S materials. Trey also omits that he started training on L11 which he chronically delivered in duration of 4 months when one week is the standard and besides all technical issues he was charging more than what one would normally pay if the Ls was delivered in the Church. For the unsuspected victims let me tell you some truths: that Trey Lotz’s integrity is rather money and greed motivated as he omits to mention that he also made and agreement with Pierre to charge flat fee for the L which is 1/10 ( one tenth ) of the COS price instead of bleeding the PCs for money during his training. Trey has also taken the liberty to spread suggestive enemy lines on Pierre.

As Trey Lotz says below that Pierre has spend a lot of time compiling the materials on the Ls , then how come Trey Lotz threw under the carpet his integrity and his agreements with Pierre and feels justified to use parasitically Pierre’s personal notes for business purpose and to make profit? I view Trey Lotz as a parasite! The very same way Trey Lotz parasitically was using Pierre for free C/S-ing his numerous session and was parasitically using Pierre’s name to market his business by misleading his PCs that they were C/Sed by Pierre when they were not C/Sed at all after Trey’s refusal to correct his tech . Where was Trey’s integrity to pay a fair exchange for Pierre’s time and expenses instead of taking unfair advantage of Pierre who worked like a slave for 20 years at the Church? Trey’s own words claiming that he has a knowledge as to who is Pierre training on the Ls. This is a very interesting statement! Why would Trey Lotz track who is Pierre training and what is Trey’s obsession with Pierre’s personal affairs?

In order to silence some truths Trey Lotz PCs have viciously attacked and fairgamed Pierre  and his family. I am talking this not just spreading mere insults on the internet but legal threats on Pierre and his family, extortion , stalking and criminal harassment in partnership with the CoS ! This is to prove my point about the product of Trey Lotz – his PCs are not spiritually fulfilled stable and serene completing  L11 with Trey , but instead plotting to cause evil to family of 3 people with attempting to profit by taking the home of a disabled child and leaving 3 people homeless on the street. This is Trey’s UGLY and EVIL product!

After many years in silence I decided that from now on I will PUBLISH the information about all manipulations , attacks and constant insults!

Wall of Shame
Fairgame 1o1

Trey Lotz and Aida Thomas busy with forwarding Church of Scientology enemy lines, fabrications to create conflicts and upsets. Below you will see how both ( Aida and Trey) third party Pierre behind his back.









This following is a response by Pierre Ethier which was originally published in 2012:

Do you distribute copyrighted materials?

Absolutely not, despite of rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates.

What about delivery of the Ls in the Free Field?

Rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz, Perry Sheppard and their associates, using Pierre’s name as a reference and fraudulently claiming that Pierre has trained them to deliver the Ls are untrue

The Ls are designed to be delivered by Flag trained Class XIIs. There is a huge difference between a Flag trained auditor and a field auditor. Below is a Quote by Karen De La Carierre , Class XII C/S: 

“I soon discovered that a “Field Class VIII” did not mean a Flag Class VIII. And so I re-did all my internships and then trained up to Class XII…”

Rumors that Pierre has trained Trey Lotz to deliver the Ls are also untrue.  Pierre did attempt to train Trey Lotz on L11 , Trey committed gross auditing errors , refused correction and never sent a video for evaluation, yet made many unreasonable demands. Trey Lotz never attested nor completed Ls training with Pierre. Trey Lotz is a field auditor, never worked in an advanced organization and has mostly experience auditing the Lower Bridge . It is a well known fact that as a field auditor Trey was forbidden per Church Policy to audit any Upper Level Rundowns and OT Levels. He lacked the discipline  and the training to audit under the supervision of a C/S and lacked experience  to address the complexity of the Upper Bridge . There is vital information for the Ls in the C/S materials and for an auditor with no experience in the Upper Bridge to deliver the Ls without a C/S is reckless. In addition many of the  references related to the Ls are in the Class X , Class XI and Class XII materials and Trey is only Class VIII. When Trey Lotz promotes 40 000 hours on the chair , this means that his experience is overwhelmingly  in the Lower Bridge, which is not as complex as the Upper Bridge. L11 was designed by LRH to be delivered in a week , however Trey Lotz was chronically delivering it on numerous occasions in a duration of 4 months. This information is also broadly documented on the internet in various public releases by Trey’s PCs. Additional out tech was present in Trey’s delivery andPierre wish NO association with Trey Lotz.

A number of Trey Lotz PCs have viciously attacked Pierre and his family on Trey’s behalf , this including attacking Pierre’s child due to his disability or making  other vicious and cruel threats. The very same Trey’s PCs also carried out vast smear campaigns about Pierre and claimed to have  made fraudulent reports to the Church and various government agencies . A PC of Trey claims to have partnered with the Church in attacking Pierre to uphold Trey’s financial interests , claimed to have paid $30 000 to investigate Pierre in order to ruin his auditing practice and take Pierre’s home with intention of unfairly profiting and putting his disabled child homeless. The very same Trey’s PC published on the internet Pierre’s bank account and other clearly private information like phone numbers. Her  invitation  to harass Pierre. This was an organized effort of associates of Trey Lotz in a partnership with the Church to silence and dead agent Pierre in order prevent him from spiritual progress. This evil plot eventually fired back on the conspirators.   Such a behavior is practically shameless and  it is sad to see such  EVIL outcome has been produced by a practitioner out ofGREED! EVIL is a poor product! We hope that one day the above people will realize that seeking to destroy people of good will (like Pierre) is NOT the road to spiritual enlightenment. This also applies to their enablers and associates. In all cases these PCs were prized and socially rewarded  by Trey Lotz despite of their EVIL  behavior seeking to destroy a person of good will. Good people who had voiced private concerns directly to Trey Lotz , had been also threatened and harassed by the very same PCs.

 Trey Lotz NEVER made any advanced payments to Pierre to book or schedule his time and to cover Pierre’s time and expenses with a fair exchange . Rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates in that regard are also untrue.  Pierre who spent 20 years in the Sea Org at almost no pay , had covered out of his own pocket many advanced and initial expenses , as well as ongoing expenses related Trey, who had spent his time as a field auditor at the rate of  around $160 000/ year. (based on Trey’s own reports to IRS  for tax exemption 2004 ,2009 , other– not paying taxes for paid services is an operation set up to function like the Church- merely mentioning the facts here! Also  based on Trey Lotz own boosting to have delivered 4000 hours of Ls auditing which amounts to 2500 hours in the last two years or $250 000 per year just from the Ls where around $100 000/year seem to have been unreported to IRS) In one year period alone Pierre provided to Trey in excess of 300 hours unpaid services. Despite that fact Trey went ahead with to spread rumors about Pierre and had the arrogance to insist that Pierre have to serve his practice as a slave ( at NO PAY!).

Pierre Ethier also had NO knowledge and has NO association with the intimidating “agreement” used by Trey Lotz on his Preclears , where Preclears seem to have been asked to contract themselves out of legal rights. ( Link to the document as published by Trey’s PCs) . Pierre Ethier does NOT approve practices based on intimidation and disprove this supressive document that could potentially prevent a Preclear from spiritual gains.  .

Below is a quote by LRH that explains that the Upper Bridge should not be misused. This applies for the Ls , OT Levels , Flag Only Rundowns, NOTs and other Upper Bridge actions.

“The lower levels of Scientology are quite innocent. Only the upper grades could be harmful if misused and these are only placed in the hands of experts” L. Ron Hubbard in “ Is Scientology Dangerous”


What about the role of the Case Supervisor ( C/S) in upper level rundowns?

Field auditors affiliated with the Corporate Church of Scientology deliver auditing up to Clear and typically have NO EXPERIENCE in delivering upper levels. Field auditors refer their PC to the Orgs for 15% FSM commission which they receive for services purchased by the PC from the Church. A field auditor usually comes out in the free field with no experience auditing beyond Clear and lacks the discipline to audit under C/S..

Flag only rundowns (which Pierre studied and delivered – e.g. Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive ) address variety of handlings like money and spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other. The Ls , Flag Only Rundowns [Delivered at Flag Only] , NOTs [Delivered only in Advanced Organizations / Sea Orgs] , Power and Superpower require advanced auditor skills and trained C/S. The above rundowns should not be delivered without the supervision of a trained C/S. C/S training is required as some of the handlings are in the C/S materials. The authentic Flag Only Rundowns materials have not been released in the Free Field

The C/S series came out in 1970-es. Any claims that one has been trained as a C/S before that are untrue! “Dishonesty cuts persons reach” and fraudulent claims are only motivated by GREED. One must be pretty desperate to lie and deliberately mislead about their training and attests.

EXCAL: What it is : Want to take you own case for a SPIN? All you have to loose is your sanity!

EXCAL is short for EXCALIBUR, A NON-LRH and PSEUDO-SCIENTOLOGY procedure invented by Bill Robertson with the assistance of Ulrich Kramer in the mid 1980s.

Claims were made that it was “telepathically communicated by LRH” in spite of its complete disregard of the C/S Series, repeated admonitions to transgress the auditor code (evaluations) and its invention of unusual solutions to address PTS phenomenon. It advocates the mixing of Dianetics and Scientology techniques, one of the most fundamental LRH “NO-NO” about auditing.

(See my article on the DISTINCTION between TELEPATHY and MENTAL TELEGRAPHY: two entirely different phenomena.)

It is characterized by leading questions, and indoctrinating/evaluating a being to handle snags in running its procedure. It is loosely inspired by NOTs and most of its workable “breakthroughs” were already written within the original NOTS Series.

A number of professional Excalibur practitioners have been taught/indoctrinated to Black PR NOTs and Solo NOTs and to make false claims about its alleged “non-workability” and to spread scary tales of Death and Destruction about NOTs, when in fact NOTs is frequently misunderstood and even more often misapplied and incompetently done, especially in the FZ, where there are currently only two people (myself and another auditor) who have ever audited in a NOTs HGC or been trained by a properly trained NOTs C/S. (Robertson never trained on NOTs and never was a NOTs Auditor. Ulrich Kramer, Excalibur co-author, who is better known under the pseudonym of L. Kin was not a Classed auditor but a SHSBC Supervisor. He eventually disagreed with Robertson’s ideas and abandoned him to start his own independent practice based on personal ideas and his “disagreements with Hubbard”).

Excalibur does give results, in particular at the beginning, because it incorporates (thought quite inexpertly) elements from the Book of Case Remedies and for that reason will be found to produce the most dramatic results on either failed or misrun NOTs pcs. Just like the original KSW says, when results are obtained through the misapplication of the tech, it simply means that the tech principles that were still being applied correctly are responsible for the results, NOT that the unusual solutions that were dreamed up are meant to supplant known and existing Tech.

I make this statement after repairing dozens of Excalibur cases, and studying the entirety of attested Robertson originals that he wrote in his personal views of the Tech.

For anyone offended, by the above, my apologies.

Again, it is entirely plausible for people to get great wins when they started to get Excalibur.

The problem will be one in the longer run, just like whenever unusual solutions are being applied.

This is based on decades of experience and the study of over 10 000 cases.

I am further saying that applying expertly the C/S Series and Book of Case Remedies the way they were meant to be applied would result in even greater and often faster results than any unusual solution ever could. Better yet, it will lead to long-term stability and greater self-determism.

See the little known “HCOB 26 October 1975 – Failed Cases”, which gives the exact “In-tech” rundown for handling failed and snarled up cases.

Pierre Ethier

Class XII


EXCAL: Was es ist

EXCAL ist die Abkürzung für EXCALIBUR, EIN NICHT-LRH und PSEUDO-SCIENTOLOGY Verfahren, das Mitte der 1980er Jahre von Bill Robertson unter Mithilfe von Ulrich Kramer erfunden worden ist.

Es wurde behauptet, dass Excalibur „telepathisch von LRH übertragen“ worden wäre, und dies trotz seiner vollständigen Missachtung der Fallüberwachungsserien, trotz seiner wiederholten Aufforderungen, den Auditorenkodex zu brechen (Bewertungen), und trotz seiner Erfindungen ungewöhnlicher Lösungen, um PTS Phänomene anzusprechen. Es befürwortet die Vermischung von Dianetics- und Scientology-Techniken, eine der grundlegendsten „NEIN-NEIN“-Regeln für Auditing von LRH.

(Siehe dazu meinen Artikel über den „UNTERSCHIED von TELEPATHIE und MENTALER TELEGRAFIE: zwei grundsätzlich verschiedene Phänomene“.)

Excalibur zeichnet sich durch Suggestivfragen sowie durch Belehren bzw. Bewerten eines Wesens aus, das Schwierigkeiten beim Laufen seines Prozesses bewältigen soll. Es ist vage inspiriert von NOTs, und die meisten seiner funktionierenden „Durchbrüche“ wurden bereits in den ursprünglichen NOTs Serien vorgestellt.

Einige, die Excalibur beruflich praktizieren, wurden belehrt bzw. indoktriniert, über NOTs und Solo NOTs Schwarze PR und falsche Behauptungen hinsichtlich seiner angeblichen „Nicht-Funktionalität“ zu verbreiten, und sie erzählen schaurige Märchen über Tod und Zerstörung. Doch tatsächlich wird NOTs häufig missverstanden und sogar noch häufiger falsch und unvollständig angewendet, insbesondere in der Freien Zone. Dort gibt es aber derzeit nur zwei Personen (ich selbst und ein anderer Auditor), die jemals in einem NOTs HGC auditiert haben oder mit Unterstützung eines ordentlich ausgebildeten NOTs Fallüberwachers trainiert worden sind. (Robertson wurde niemals für NOTs ausgebildet und war niemals ein NOTs Auditor. Ulrich Kramer, Excalibur Co-Autor, der besser bekannt ist unter dem Pseudonym L. Kin, war kein klassifizierter Auditor, sondern Kursleiter für den SHSBC. Er stimmte schließlich mit den Ideen Robertsons nicht mehr überein und verließ ihn, um eine eigene, unabhängige Praktik zu beginnen, die auf persönlichen Ideen und seinen „Meinungsverschiedenheiten mit Hubbard“ basiert.

Mit Excalibur kann man, insbesondere zu Beginn, Resultate erhalten, weil es (obschon schlecht gelehrt) Elemente aus dem Buch der Fallabhilfen („Book of Case Remedies“) integriert. Und aus diesem Grund wird man feststellen, dass es an fehlgeschlagenen oder falsch gelaufenen NOTs PCs überaus dramatische Ergebnisse produzieren wird. Es ist ganz genau so, wie es im ursprünglichen KSW (Keeping Scientology Working, „Die Funktionsfähigkeit von Scientology erhalten“) steht: Wenn man trotz falscher Anwendung der Technologie Resultate erzielt, so bedeutet das einfach, dass jene Prinzipien der Tech, die noch immer korrekt angewendet worden sind, für diese Resultate verantwortlich sind. Es bedeutet aber NICHT, dass die ungewöhnlichen Lösungen, die erträumt worden sind, die bekannte und existierende Tech verdrängen sollten.

Ich tätige diese Aussagen, nachdem ich Dutzende von Excalibur Fällen repariert, und die Gesamtheit der beglaubigten Robertson Originale studiert habe, die er aus seiner persönlichen Sichtweise der Tech geschrieben hat.

Bei jedem, der durch das oben Gesagte gekränkt wurde, möchte ich mich entschuldigen.

Nochmals gesagt: es ist völlig plausibel, wenn Leute nach dem Start von Excalibur großartige Gewinne haben.

Das Problem ergibt sich erst im Laufe der Zeit, so wie immer, wenn ungewöhnliche Lösungen angewendet werden.

Das alles basiert auf jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung sowie dem Studium von über 10 000 Fällen.

Und ich sage darüber hinaus, dass sobald die CS-Serien und das Buch der Fallabhilfen in der Weise, wie sie gedacht sind, fachkundig angewendet werden, dies sogar in noch besseren und oft rascheren Ergebnissen resultieren würde, als es jede ungewöhnliche Lösung je könnte. Besser noch, es wird zu einer langfristigen Stabilität und größeren Selbstbestimmung führen.

Siehe das wenig bekannte “HCOB 26. Oktober 1975 – Fehlgeschlagene Fälle”, das den exakten „In-Tech“-Rundown zur Lösung von fehlgeschlagenen und verworrenen Fällen beschreibt.

Pierre Ethier

Class XII

Scientology loses another soldier

Scientologists back in comm



In the early hours of yesterday morning the 1st of Feb 2015 Gavin Slender passed away after losing a battle to brain cancer.

Our sincere condolences go to his family and his wife Maria.

Gavin was a long battling soldier of Scientology for over 35 years.

Those who should most appropriately pay tribute to him will not do so on this forum.  It is hoped that a proper and fitting memorial will be held by the friends he had in the church but many here knew Gavin and remember him fondly – and it is thus important we pay our respects.

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Practice What You Preach?

“I found a the following post from Michelle Sterling ( Emma ) where she admits to have benefited from Life Repair:Life Repair Auditing -I did life repair auditing both as a PC and auditor.Done properly it can produce really good changes in the PC. Getting through the word clearing on the Scn C/S1 was the worst thing :(”

No more comments on my side.Just a reminder  about inconsistencies in her practices. How do you want me to believe that Michelle Butcher Sterling is opposing Scientology?

Catherine Ethier

Michelle -Sterling -Life-Repair


Here Michelle’s admission that Pierre’s articles helped her leave the abuse at the Church of Scientology. She has not been very kind and thankful for the help.

Emma-the first critical thing

Self expression

The most curious and useful thing to realize is that one never knows the impression one is creating on other people. One may often guess pretty accurately whether it is good, bad, or indifferent—some people render it unnecessary for one to guess, they practically inform one—but that is not what I mean. I mean much more than that. I mean that one has one’s self no mental picture corresponding to the mental picture which one’s personality leaves in the minds of one’s friends. Has it ever struck you that there is a mysterious individual going around, walking the streets, calling at houses for tea, chatting, laughing, grumbling, arguing, and that all your friends know him and have long since added him up and come to a definite conclusion about him—without saying more than a chance, cautious word to you; and that that person is you? Supposing that you came into adrawing-room where you were having tea, do you think you would recognize yourself as an individuality? I think not. You would be apt to say to yourself, as guests do when disturbed in drawing-rooms by other guests: “Who’s this chap? Seems rather queer, I hope he won’t be a bore.” And your first telling would be slightly hostile. Why, even when you meet yourself in an unsuspected mirror in the very clothes that you have put on that very day and that you know by heart, you are almost always shocked by the realization that you are you. And now and then, when you have gone to the glass to arrange your hair in the full sobriety of early morning, have you not looked on an absolute stranger, and has not that stranger piqued your curiosity? And if it is thus with precise external details of form, colour, and movement, what may it not be with the vague complex effect of the mental and moral individuality?

A man honestly tries to make a good impression. What is the result? The result merely is that his friends, in the privacy of their minds, set him down as a man who tries to make a good impression. If much depends on the result of a single interview, or a couple of interviews, a man may conceivably force another to accept an impression of himself which he would like to convey. But if the receiver of the impression is to have time at his disposal, then the giver of the impression may just as well sit down and put his hands in his pockets, for nothing that he can do will modify or influence in any way the impression that he will ultimately give. The real impress is, in the end, given unconsciously, not consciously; and further, it is received unconsciously, not consciously. It depends partly on both persons. And it is immutably fixed beforehand. There can be no final deception. Take the extreme case, that of the mother and her son. One hears that the son hoodwinks his mother. Not he! If he is cruel, neglectful, overbearing, she is perfectly aware of it. He does not deceive her, and she does not deceive herself. I have often thought: If a son could look into a mother’s heart, what an eye-opener he would have! “What!” he would cry. “This cold, impartial judgment, this keen vision for my faults, this implacable memory of little slights, and injustices, and callousnesses committed long ago, in the breast of my mother!” Yes, my friend, in the breast of your mother. The only difference between your mother and another person is that she takes you as you are, and loves you for what you are. She isn’t blind: do not imagine it.


The marvel is, not that people are such bad judges of character, but that they are such good judges, especially of what I may call fundamental character. The wiliest person cannot for ever conceal his fundamental character from the simplest. And people are very stern judges, too. Think of your best friends—are you oblivious of their defects? On the contrary, you are perhaps too conscious of them. When you summon them before your mind’s eye, it is no ideal creation that you see. When you meet them and talk to them you are constantly making reservations in their disfavour—unless, of course, you happen to be a schoolgirl gushing over like a fountain with enthusiasm. It is well, when one is judging a friend, to remember that he is judging you with the same godlike and superior impartiality. It is well to grasp the fact that you are going through life under the scrutiny of a band of acquaintances who are subject to very few illusions about you, whose views of you are, indeed, apt to be harsh and even cruel. Above all it is advisable to comprehend thoroughly that the things in your individuality which annoy your friends most are the things of which you are completely unconscious. It is not until years have passed that one begins to be able to form a dim idea of what one has looked like to one’s friends. At forty one goes back ten years, and one says sadly, but with a certain amusement: “I must have been pretty blatant then. I can see how I must have exasperated ’em. And yet I hadn’t the faintest notion of it at the time. My intentions were of the best. Only I didn’t know enough.” And one recollects some particularly crude action, and kicks one’s self…. Yes, that is all very well; and the enlightenment which has come with increasing age is exceedingly satisfactory. But you are forty now. What shall you be saying of yourself at fifty? Such reflections foster humility, and they foster also a reluctance, which it is impossible to praise too highly, to tread on other people’s toes.

A moment ago I used the phrase “fundamental character.” It is a reminiscence of Stevenson’s phrase “fundamental decency.” And it is the final test by which one judges one’s friends. “After all, he’s a decent fellow.” We must be able to use that formula concerning our friends. Kindliness of heart is not the greatest of human qualities—and its general effect on the progress of the world is not entirely beneficent—but it is the greatest of human qualities in friendship. It is the least dispensable quality. We come back to it with relief from more brilliant qualities. And it has the great advantage of always going with a broad mind. Narrow-minded people are never kind-hearted. You may be inclined to dispute this statement: please think it over; I am inclined to uphold it.

We can forgive the absence of any quality except kindliness of heart. And when a man lacks that, we blame him, we will not forgive him. This is, of course, scandalous. A man is born as he is born. And he can as easily add a cubit to his stature as add kindliness to his heart. The feat never has been done, and never will be done. And yet we blame those who have not kindliness. We have the incredible, insufferable, and odious audacity to blame them. We think of them as though they had nothing to do but go into a shop and buy kindliness. I hear you say that kindliness of heart can be “cultivated.” Well, I hate to have even the appearance of contradicting you, but it can only be cultivated in the botanical sense. You can’t cultivate violets on a nettle. A philosopher has enjoined us to suffer fools gladly. He had more usefully enjoined us to suffer ill-natured persons gladly…. I see that in a fit of absentmindedness I have strayed into the pulpit. I descend.

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