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Frik & Elma Blaauw


I was alerted to this blog by an email I received a month and a half ago.

So, there I was – perfectly unhappy with my Church and it’s policies, but thinking I was the only nut around who thought so. I must have an overt on it . . . .

So, I read this site, and Debbie Cooke’s letter. And I blew as much charge as to be gained from a full OT intensive!  I am not nuts!!  I am perfectly sane – and there is a whole world of Scientologists who have identical views to mine on the CoS.

My wife Elma and I officially resigned from the Church of Scientology last week – having had our eyes finally opened after five years of being in disagreement and then doubt with our observations of the church’s management.

Debbie Cooke’s letter was the final straw – and since then I have read many, many similar letters by previously very high ranking members in the church. I can recommend this blog:

To quote Pierre:
Does it strike you as odd that 38 out of 50 staff members from the last organization that L. Ron Hubbard personally ran himself in St Hill, England (known as “Old Saint Hill”) have been declared “suppressive persons” by David Miscavige and kicked out of Scientology forever? LRH said 2 1/2 percent of the population is suppressive. But according to David Miscavige, demonstrated by his own actual statistics, 76% of the population is suppressive. I used to wonder why so many senior Scientologists got declared.

Resignation of Frik & Elma Blaauw

I, Frik Blaauw, don’t wonder anymore.

Every single person alive who could possibly utter “that is not what Ron said to me personally”, or who wrote up Ron’s notes, has been declared. And so that DM can alter the tech – as he has done already.

I have created the rank of SP – Scientology Praetorian – to those who have left voluntary, and to those declared by the real suppressives, and who will now fight to regain our technology as bequeathed to us by LRH and recognizing him as the only Source of that tech. And I pin this medal on the 18 plus named above in their honour.

They are my heroes.

To those who find that hiding behind nom de plumes be the best current course of action – I can only tell you of the great liberating release of coming out of the closet – so to speak! As is your situation – as is it. It’s great to be free as a result of doing that!

Disconnection? Having the full realisation of being around for some 76 trillion years or so with a fair share of siblings, parents, children and friends, this lifetime’s brief moment in my future is only of consequence if it is to be wasted being the effect of other’s cause.

I reached out to Scientology a decade and a half ago as I too desired to see a new world – sane, without war, criminality. And that means having one’s attention on the future. Not the past.

Finding out what David Miscavige and his cohorts have been doing, and the damages done across the world is there. Fact. Having all that attention on it is wasteful, my friends. Above all that – way above – is the thanks I have of that which LRH gave me and you! And in this brief moment we have been betrayed, yes. So what. So what. Compared to some incidents on my track, this betrayal’s effect is small.

So, my fellow Scientology Praetorians – SPs – let’s get busy and build a better world.

Frik Blaauw

(Praetorian definition  – Shorter Oxford English Dictionary p 1561:  B. 2 b. One of a company whose function or interest is to defend an established power or system.)