Articles by Pierre Ethier 2004

About David Mayo
By Pierre Ethier, Canada

I KNOW RELATIVELY little about David Mayo first hand. David Mayo left Flag to become Senior CIS Int. when I was a struggling Class IV with hardly one-year experience in the Flag HGC.
He had the highest repute then. The case supervision I had from him and the video critiques and cramming I had from him were beyond reproach. He was still considered to be the best while he was Snr. CIS Int. He was the prime developer of NOTS. Back then, not a soul in the FSO [Flag Service Org.] had a problem with him, or his application of the Tech. Then came clashes with RTC and his refusal to yield to them, along with his departure.

His founding of a splinter group was highly despised by CSI [Church of Scientology Intemational] who undertook to apply Fair Game2 to him in the most vicious and unscrupulous way conceivable. Back at Flag, David Mayo was so thoroughly demonized
by a propaganda campaign from RTC that Satan himself would have been green with envy to have finally met his match in wickedness.

Altering reality

The NOTS materials and all issues written by David Mayo were completely revised, so that he could no longer claim any authorship. Several RTC missions were sent along with various issues labelling David Mayo a Squirrel and ordering 0/Ws, false data Stripping and Qual Corrective action on all auditors and staff who had served under him. Criticism of David Mayo were validated, disagreements with RTC were treated as Out-Ethics and with lower conditions. By repeating the same propaganda over and over, tech and Qual staff were “re-educated” into believing that David Mayo was the Epitome of Evil. Staff were made to disavow any affiliations they had had with him and disconnection letters. David Mayo was ridiculed. Staff who had been working extensively with him (i.e. who truly knew him) were particularly resistive to the program.

In the end David Mayo became the equivalent of the Devil in Scientology. This is still the current position of CSI and staff loyal to it. Judging by results I have had the opportunity of examining a great number of sessions audited and CISed by David Mayo since then (a number of them supervised by LRH himself), and the only thing that can be said is that David Mayo was highly respected by LRH and always did his job according to the Highest standard. He was never labelled a Squirrel until RTC did so in 1980.

The most major outpoint is that if he was such a squirrel, none of his programming on pes had to be reviewed, (except perhaps with a few exceptions), none of the thousands of pes he supervised had to be repaired because of the “Squirrel Handling”. LRH never spotted him as such, except when fed data fabricated by RTC. The vilification of David Mayo marks the point where Squirrelling was redefined as any departure from Tech, according to RTC self-defined “standards”. Since then the word Squirrel has become politicized (Politicize: Alter something solely based on or motivated by partisan or self-serving objectives).

David Mayo played a leading part in the “Scientology Reformation” – and was sorely punished for it. He had a hard time in his last days in the “Church” (there are stories of him being forced to run round his own private tree, while others similarly placed ran around a tree co=on to them all, and of his teeth, and general health being in very bad condition when he fmally left the Church. He formed the Advanced Ability Centre in California (???name of place**), and there were other advanced Ability Centres affiliated with him. He was involved in legal proceedings with the Church which went on for over ten years -they were determined to break him. In the end a secret agreement was made, and we presume that, like other similar secret agreements, among other things he agreed not to co-unicate in this area – so we hear nothing from him nowadays, but hope he is enjoying a well earned “retirement”.

*This article was written on the 30th. October 2003, on an Internet list in response to a request for data about David. 
*A person who was declared “Fair Game” could have anything done to them. Fair Game was written up as part of policy, cancelled at a later date to create a better image of Scientology, and probably continues to be practiced to this day both by the Church and The Freezone.


IN A TYPICAL AMATEURISH PR Move, RTC created “The Golden Age of Tech” (GAOT).
Calling the present Time a “Golden Age”, beside its extreme arrogance, shows a complete disregard for logic and common sense. It makes me wonder if the instigators ever graduated from Kindergarten in a normal school, or rather have lived inside of a bubble-world since the day they were born.

A Golden Age is always attributed in retrospect.

The Golden Age of Greece occurred over 2000 years ago. The Golden Age of Radio about 50,
The Golden Age of Jazz was in the 1930s. You can’t attribute to it the title of Golden Age until it is over, or you are merely guilty of wishful thinking. Nobody can predict a Golden Age. One can analyze it after the fact and possibly isolate the factors that contributed to it. Only someone suffering from hallucinatory cause predicts “Golden Ages”.

Also if today is the Golden Age, what about tomorrow? The Platinum Age? The Diamond
Age? Why not the Age of Vitamin B-12?2 More likely it is going to be something less desirable than a Golden Age. Golden Ages are always followed by a more decadent era. By attributing its current activities as a ‘Golden Age’ RTC has fully paved the way for a gigantic slump, when that Golden Age ends. Perhaps RTC thinks a Golden Age lasts forever. The third Reich was supposed to last a thousand years. It lasted less than 12. Nothing lasts forever.

The Golden Age of tech is CSI’s desperate measure to raise income.

Potential disaster

The OT levels above Eight, primarily because they are in the hands of a number of NCG [No
Case Gain) and PTS people, are essentially at this point for them a dead end. People are
deserting the Main organization in droves. Rather than finding out why, GAOT is a desperately attempting to stifle a mass exodus from the Church. With GAOT in place, Sec-Checking can be enforced on everyone and any “disaffected thought” or “disagreements” can be stamped out before they have the opportunity to burgeon3. It forces auditors (typically the brightest individuals in an organization) to submit to the whims and desires of their feeble minded managers.

The Church coffers have been significantly depleted by years of unwise management and
making enemies out of nearly every potential ally. Refunds have become such a burden that LRH policy is cast aside and replaced by a new one effectively making them ineffectual. The best and most experienced staff members have
been gotten rid of.

This has left in place a small clique of List One RISers 4
First written to an Internet list 29 October 2003

This is merely a joke and a sarcasm: Some Vitamin B-12 pills contain only a few micrograms of that vitamin making the actual pure vitamin content by weight many times more expensive than pure Gold.
3 2. figurative: to grow or develop rapidly, flourish, World Book Dictionary.
4 RJS = rock slam, an e-meter needle movement, originally attributed to contact with an incident/item on the track called the Rock. RISer originally meant a person who had rock slams when audited. At a later time the rock slam was attributed to “evil intentions”. So the term came to indicate some one with evil intentions. It even came to be used as a term of abuse.  May 2004

Previous procedures OK

There was nothing wrong with the previous training line-up except for the fact that+determined beings had gradually been replaced by inept roboticized zombies.
RTC’s obsession for control is now paying its dividends. Thanks to their actions a Scientologist (in good standing with them that is) is no longer an enlightened individual who improves conditions around him, but a little automaton who believes everything he is being told within the Bubble-world created by RTC, is utterly devoid of any critical thoughts or disagreements, and contributes until all his resources are depleted
without expecting any return or compensation. He is satisfied that being “allowed” to
follow the path is enlightenment enough and is too busy following RTC orders to improve anything around him unless ordered to do so. LRH says it: Robots makes the worst teachers. They are complete strangers to the communication cycle (the most fundamental thing in auditing). An auditor with a fantastic Communication Cycle alone, no matter how flubby the rest of his auditing and technique will always get gains on
his pes.

In 1992, I myself heard with my own ears and saw with my own eyes, David Miscavige privately voicing his evil purposes for Scientology, its organizations, staff and for people. I did not need to have him on the meter to know that he was dramatizing a Rock Slam. This was a private conversation he was having with Marc Yager (IG Admin) and Mark Ingber (CO CMO INT) that I happened to have overheard. Since the whole of RTC audits over mutual out-ruds\ it is highly unlikely that he has cleaned up that area of his case yet. David Miscavige is a NCG. I have known him since 1976 and he has not changed. 0 Dropping Bodies2 and Auditing
Pierre Ethier, Canada

In Memory of Yvonne Gilham-Jentzch

[who died around 1977-78. Ed], one of the most delightful beings I have ever met and whom I had the pleasure to serve in her final days. I AM QUITE FAMILIAR with the subject of “Last Rites” in auditing. By Last Rites is meant the final auditing actions given to a dying pc. This term comes namely from the Christian religion, and has a
specific procedure.

As a Flag auditor I have given the “last rites” to perhaps 60 or 70 pes of all case levels from
virtually green all the way to OT VIII. Ray Mithoff C/Sed and programmed a number of
these actions. I have been privy to LRH C/Sed sessions and advices on the matter, which are covered nowhere else.

They agree among one another that certain things which normally should be handled in auditing (for example witholds ), are OK and need not be looked at, or handled in auditing.

2 “dropping the body” is a euphemism in Scientology similar to “passing over” and many other euphemisms
in ordinary speech in various parts of the world for dying. It goes back very early in Scientology history.

3 Originally sent to an Internet list on Sat, 08 Nov. 2003.
May 2004 /

What to do
The key idea is that once death is inevitable, one should make the pc comfortable and serene about it. Once one has run out any negative emotions, feelings, etc. associated with the coming body death, one guides the pc to complete what cycle of actions or pending affairs they have, so they will not be unnecessarily hung up in them after
they drop the body.

Typically, a lot of pain (from terminal diseases such as cancer) is present so Touch Assists and similar Assist processes are done daily. These are continued at least once daily even after the pc has lost visible coherence or awareness of his surroundings, in the final stages.

It may be best (particularly in the case of degenerative or debilitating illnesses), if the pc so desires, to seek an early relief and help the pc to drop the body at the earliest possible time.

The concept of Euthanasia is entirely foreign to this procedure. All forms of euthanasia are
accompanied by an act of violence, even when the person passes out “peacefully”. Administering drugs for that purpose is an example. Death will become a heavy and clouded engram and will not help someone with the transition to the other side. Generally simply telling someone to “end cycle” on this life or body does the trick. The person may still have things holding him up here (loved ones, possessions, incomplete goals, etc.), so it is of vital importance to get someone to complete any undelivered communication and all cycles of actions until they are concluded as fully as possible. It is a bit like the reverse of the process designed to bring a pc back after he has dropped the body or “gone” mid-session.
Sometimes the subject of exteriorization needs to be addressed, if the pc feels “unable
to exteriorize”. Generally it is not caused by “out-int”1 but BPC which will respond well to Prepchecking, Ruds, or similar unburdening type actions.

Disposal, assists to auditor
Once the person has died, for OTs, therecommended form of body disposal is by
cremation. The idea is that any body remains will have a tendency to draw the thetan’s attention, even after he picks up the next body. For that reason, donating organs is also to be frowned upon as these would tend to stick the thetan’s attention even further since they are still living. These recommendations are meant to apply to OTs, as people with cases much lower, generally are far too burdened to become aware of these factors.
As a last point, auditors and C/Ses having handled the case should be programmed to address any of their own loss suffered or restimulated.

The above is not based on my opinions, but solely on reading LRH C/Sed sessions and
advice. a lnt is an abbreviation for interiorization (being inside of one’s body). Int is an auditing rundown used sometimes when problems arise from a person exteriorising (usually in an auditing session) and out int would be when some error occurred when this run-down was given the person.