Re: Devid Mayo crossing over


32aeff6b00000578-0-image-a-30_1459870415650David Mayo RIP  He was my hero from my very early days through to my own declare just after Davids  I had completed the FEBC at Flag at the time of the takeover 81-82 It was like an overnight thing Returned to Saint Hill and made Commanding Officer

Davids declare was a terrible nightmare  should have been a wake up call to leave at once but  with children in Study Tech school and husband on staff (he was also writing up the out tech and out admin) I stuck around to be traumatised some more

I tried the SO1 line and tried to reach LRH and refused all illegal orders (they were all illegal)I sent several telexes and reports a day so obviously I was RPFed despite the “stats” in affluence all departments  However that was nothing comp\ared to David and other high ranking tech and admin people in the US

i can so relate to Davids trauma and hope his quiet life in NZ brought him much peace He posted some beautiful spiritual stuff quite recently which so reflected his deep kindness and truth

He is so sorely missed

To remember those early days of the AAC in Santa Barbara and our own delivery in the UK with Steve Bisby (also passed) delivering Nots and OT levels and me and my husband delivering the lower bridge was a time of hope and freedom despite the PIs at our door and the court cases

He led the way and we  owe it to his memory to overcome our personal differences and show each other support kindness and respect and recognise a lot  of us are traumatised by

Miscavidge so require a bit of kindness

We have had some great opportunities in the last 20 years to unite in technical excellence with Pierre Ethier let us not waste time attacking one another the bad guy is Miscavidge