Early Scientology materials

A mini-trove of early Scientology materials has some gems for us today

We’ve written a couple of fun stories about Rebecca McKee McCaffrey, who most recently regaled us with some sketchy stories about growing up as a teenager in Scientology. Since then, she’s been going through her family’s files, and we want to thank her for sending us some interesting items from Scientology’s heyday.

One of them was a photo of young L. Ron Hubbard that Hubbard’s daughter, Katie Gillespie, sent to Rebecca’s mother, Elaine. According to the note that Katie sent, the photo was taken a month before Hubbard turned 17.

That would put it at February 1928 when Ron was a junior at Helena High School in Montana, after spending the previous summer in Asia with his mom, and seeing his dad in Guam. (For a review of Hubbard’s high school years, see our previous story which for the first time revealed his mediocre school grades.)

Three months after this photo was taken, in May 1928, Hubbard got into some kind of altercation at the school and then left Helena before the end of the school year, making his way back to Washington and then on a ship to Guam to see his parents again.

Rebecca also included a 1963 pamphlet, “Introducing Scientology,” which contained some actual Scientology exercises that we thought you’d have some fun doing. Take a look…

Act Younger

Sitting somewhere near the center of the room, close your eyes and ‘contact’ the two upper corners of the room behind you. Then, holding those corners, sit still and don’t think. Remain interested only in those two corners. You can do this for two minutes (minimum) or two hours always with benefit. No matter what happens, simply hold the corners and don’t think. You can do this daily. It will make you act younger.

Feel Freer

Pick out two similar objects. Then find as many differences between them as possible. Now pick out two objects and see where they are in relation to each other and your body. Use these steps over and over. You will feel freer.

Better Your Memory

Go over this list many times, each time answering its questions:

Recall a time which really seems real to you.
Recall a time when you were in good communication with someone.
Recall a time when you agreed to something.
Recall a time when you liked somebody.
Recall a time when someone agreed with you.
Recall a time when someone was communicating easily to you.
Recall a time when somebody liked you.

Use this list many times. If Exercise One disturbed you, use this list. If you are tired or confused, use it. This exercise can be done for hours.

Republished from Tony Ortega’s blog