About Pierre

Pierre Ethier was trained in the Church of Scientology up to Class XII Auditor, and audited at FSO for 17 years. Between 1981 and 1992, Pierre Ethier was Flag top auditor every single year.

Pierre Ethier spent over 20 years as a staff member of the Church of Scientology studying the religious technology and helping people through religious counseling. Staff members of the Church are volunteer Ministers, who work full time on a charitable volunteer basis without a pay. After his departure from the Church in 1992, Pierre builds a very successful IT career dating back from the beginning of the internet era with the start up of the second largest ISP in the province of Quebec. Pierre holds a number of current prestigious professional certifications in the IT field.

Pierre Ethier is an applied Scientology auditor who, among other rundowns, mastered the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original. Pierre studied and delivered numerous of the so called Flag Only Rundowns, including the Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive, address variety of handlings like spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other.

The L Rundowns are based on an important research breakthrough  and furthering the understanding in the field spirituality and the mind.  The L Rundowns can be a beautiful experience of massive increases in affinity for others. The L Rundowns address every dynamic and go deeper into the case level resolving hesitations, evil purposes, address the main areas of irrationality that introvert a being or lesser his/her power. The receiving of the L Rundowns can lead to easing aberrations and also can lead to a new life and a new viewpoint of spiritual and mental rationality. One can eliminate fundamental aberrations and can increase certainty, stability and control, even in the face of the worse adversity. Pierre speaks fluently English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Pierre Ethier has been providing advanced Spiritual Counselling to people seeking to become more able by strictly applying what has been demonstrated to work and helps people attain self-fulfilment to lead more successful and happier lives. As people go closer to the Advanced Spiritual levels and find increased joy in life, their lives are affected for the better.

Pierre Ethier writes: “Being a Class XII does not merely mean trained to audit the Ls as some misguided people who got hold of part the Ls and started auditing them might think. Being an authentic Class XII is many light years beyond that.”

The partial list of PCs Pierre Ethier has audited and published by the Church of Scientology consists of roughly 3500 people. It is by no means the complete list of the over 5000 people Pierre has audited at Flag. With virtually no exception he enjoyed auditing each of those people. Pierre is going over the list and recalling the gains and life changing improvements. His ultimate desire is for each of these people to reach happiness and spiritual Freedom, whether they achieve it in the Church of Scientology or in another.

A lot of those names have not been on Flag completion list for a very long time. Each and everyone should be told that


Anyone can move forward from whatever point they have been stopped, betrayed or given arbitrary actions that were not designed to help them.


Note: The L Rundowns , Flag Only Rundowns [Historically delivered at Flag Only] , NOTs [Historically delivered only in Advanced Organizations / Sea Organizations] , Power and Superpower require advanced auditor skills and trained C/S. The above rundowns should not be delivered without the supervision of a trained C/S as some of the handlings are in the C/S materials. The authentic Flag Only Rundowns materials have not been released in the Free Field.


About Pierre Ethier from the people who have known him the best, up close and personally:

“Pierre is charismatic, articulate, fun, and energetic. He exudes confidence and has great integrity, believes in honesty over little white lies, and compassion over cynicism. He brings passion to everything he does and to the people around him. He is naturally gifted and intelligent individual with an engaging personality.”

“Pierre Ethier is professional, very busy, very successful, unique, unfinished, fabulously flawed, perfectly imperfect, outgoing and very loyal. He has genuine taste for the finer things in life. He is passionate about passion in life”.

“Pierre is a versatile individual who can conform to just about any situation. He loves learning, traveling, theatre and music. Pierre is competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another. He is open minded and non-judgmental. He cares about people.”

“Pierre has a fondness for all the natural beauty of the great outdoors and loves to explore what Mother Nature has to offer. He is an individual with a passion about his favourite museums, art galleries and traveling abroad. Pierre loves spending a tranquil afternoon at a picturesque chateau / winery and also he appreciates the art of true fine dining with the whole culinary experience in a luxurious setting in addition to some stimulating conversation. Pierre is giving back to his community as often as possible and brings social value with the results of his professional work.”

Michael Moore, President of IFA writes: Pierre climbed his way up the technical bridge whilst at Flag, despite enormous counter intention, to become one of the most highly trained and productive auditors at Flag. When Flag became untenable under the new regime Pierre left and continued his work in the field as a Freezone Auditor and Case Supervisor. Pierre has audited a record number of hours and cases and has cracked more cases than anyone else In the Freezone and possibly at Flag when he was there also. Pierre continues to audit, c/s and crack cases that have been stalled for years. Pierre is totally unreasonable when it comes to standard tech. He is uncompromising and applies the tenets of the Policy Letter, “Keeping Scientology Working” to the letter.

If anyone is entitled to the status, Kha Khan, then it is Pierre Ethier. Pierre should rightly have been awarded this status at Flag many years ago.”

F.D. on Facebook : “Hey, it was great-great-great meeting Pierre last night. Thank you again for bringing him out to see me. I’m glad the planets aligned, so to speak, that we were all in the same place at the same time. It was definitely a time to remember”

D. G. on Fecebook: ”I’ve heard many people say how great their auditing from Pierre was, I’ve never heard anyone complain about it.”

R. S. ‎on Facebook: “Pierre is a very highly trained auditor, he gets excellent results, his pcs rave and want more … “

T. S. on Facebook: “‎2 B a Cl Xll trained auditor (in the Church) I consider a super human feat..(with all that pressure and suppression going on) and his PCs are not suppressed as they are in the church. I recon they get 10 times the gains in the field by him now..”

J.K. on Facebook: “SINCE you audited me 1 year ago my wife said that the last year of our marriage has been a pleasure for her“

M.P. on Facebook: “Hi Pierre, nice to meet you, you are a legend in Scientology world. I’m following you in your travels.”

D.F. on Facebook: ” It was awesome meeting you, Pierre. I walked away enlightened by a true Elder Statesman”

P.C. on Facebook: “I am grateful to Pierre for standing up along with the Knowledge of the Truth even though among the few and making it possible again for, as always, to Play the Game Of Scientology Where Everyone Wins ! I know LRH is grateful to Him and Us for being constant and consistent in our purposes and goals along this path that He set out for us. And He is there and aware and communicating and operating ! Thank You !”

T.B. on Facebook: ” I love a man that walks his talk. You always say hat not hit. You are a trusted holder of the tech, not many are. As LRH states don’t acknowledge the barking dog, he will soon find something else to bark at. You are entrusted to bring the tech into a new day and new enlightenment and what you have stated above is doing that. We, the good are with you and uphold you. You may not hear us everyday but we are. Much strength to you my friend…we have a job to do. Your wife has much affinity to and with her also.”

 Michael Pattinson on Facebook: “Pierre I remember making your Class12 auditor and C/S Certs in 1976 at Flag and getting LRH to sign them.”

P. C. : “This is one of the proudest days of my Life to have Pierre Ethier be my friend on Facebook. Thanks to all on this level that are friends. Here’s to The Triumph Of Life !”

 R.M.: Hello Pierre, I want to thank you for all the info on your blog. It really has gotten me closer to confronting my own dynamics and wanting to go OT.  I am going to continue reading your blog and frankly feel safe doing so knowing you have done so much and have lot’s of experience with the tech.”

David Graham, Lead Flag C/S: ” I think at this point I should make a comment about the “Mecca of Technical Perfection”. About four or five of the auditors in the case cracking unit were very good, with probably Peirre Ethier the best. Then there were five or six who were competent but not in the same class. Then there were on average about ten or so, interns. Some of them were experienced outer org auditors at Flag to do their Flag internships to improve their skills. But then there were those who were Flag public who had been required to do Flag auditor training to improve their solo auditing ability, so they too were required to do Flag internships, and did their auditing in the case cracking unit, with limited skills. So even though the DofP did his best to assign PCs requiring expert skills, too frequently the assignments were a disaster and the PCs who were promised the best, just plain didn’t get it. So it was a Mecca in the sense that you might find technical perfection, if you were damned lucky. And many weren’t!”

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