Advanced Technical Fellowship

The collaboration area for the Advanced Technical Fellowship can be accessed by authorized users at the following link:

There is $4,000 membership charge.

The visitors of the collaboration networking area will see the following notification ( image below) if they are not logged into their account . The  user must have a account and request authorization to access the technical collaboration area.

1. To request authorization please log into your wordpress account:

2. After you have logged into your WordPress account you can request access  by clicking on the “Request access” link when attempting to visit  while logged into your account:

In addition you will have to complete  the following form with verifiable details:

By requesting access you agree that all information from the private area is for your personal use only. You agree to not distribute the information and provide access to unauthorized users. You agree that you are not related to and/ or connected to the Church of Scientology and affiliated groups. You will not collect information to disrupt the group and for other improper use. All information supplied is deemed without prejudice and with no warranties. The following disclaimer applies: link to disclaimer of terms and conditions . The site does not solicits or distributes copyrighted materials.

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