Church of Scientology Juvenile Smear of My Family, Fair Game and Google Wars

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I have been researching the Church of Scientology smear campaigns The Church have been heavily manipulating  various attention seekers, people with no education and no jobs , users and abusers. Last year one of the Church Informants claims to have spent over $30 000 to fair game me and my family with the intention to unfairly profit by getting the home of my family and putting my disabled child homeless on the street. After this EVIL her FreeZone auditor congratulated the EVIL deeds and promoted this EVIL as a success. Shame!

Honorable people care about other people and  help the homeless with food and shelter. Do not be surprised by EVIL campaigns by informants of the Church of Scientology with the only goal to get children homeless on the street.

With the donations to the Church were actually financed smear shills , smear  web pages and paid smear google advertisements to fair game my family. This is how my presence became triple on google search . In addition the Church Shills were snooping on my blogs in conjunction with the Church Informants.

Catherine Ethier



The Church of Scientology’s Supremacy over the search term “Scientology” on Google

UPDATED 20 Mar 2002 ORIGINAL 12 Feb 2002

FINAL UPDATE? 8 Apr 2002: A Google search for Scientology now turns up astonishing results–a balanced representation of what is actually out there on the net, ranked by popularity. It appears that whatever remaining issues may remain, the substantive central issue–whether this search engine accurately represents web content–is at least for the moment resolved. The rest of this page should, therefore, be considered, if not obsolete, at least partially superseded by events.

23 Mar 2002: Yahoo! Directory on Scientology Opposing Views noted for linking to this page, which is odd, considering that they deleted their link to although they have, so far, escaped scrutiny for doing so. Interestingly, this only appears to have disappeared for the search term “Scientology” itself. On a search for “Operation Clambake” it shows up first.

Evening 22 Mar 2002: Kady O’Malley comments on How Ava Paquette Hoodwinked Google.

Morning 22 Mar 2002: itself takes over with more coverage of the news events, including the replacement of in a search for “Scientology” on Google. It should be noted that only the link itself has been replaced. Other URLs on the list from Scientology legal beagle Ava Paquette remain missing. As an amusing aside, there’s already a song called “Ava Gram” by Subgenius slackrockers El Queso or “Enturbulator 009” about the habitual DMCA abuse of Scientology lawyer Ava Paquette.

Evening 21 Mar 2002: gives a full news update on the events of today and yesterday.

21 Mar 2002: Slashdot weighs in. Shortly thereafter, so does, a German geek webzine fairly similar to Slashdot. Note: I have been corrected that is, in fact, a publication of the German newsmagazine “Computer und Technik” Comments on its removal from the Google search engine.

FLASH: This Usenet post from Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster of, indicates that Google has removed links from its search engine based on a DMCA notification from the cult of Scientology. If true, this has huge repercussions for the entire Internet–sites will disappear from the Google search engine based upon a mere allegation that they MIGHT be infringing–in other words, based upon the mere opinion of a copyright holder. In light of AOL’s recent smash victory in which it was proven that the DMCA provided it immunity, Google’s decision seems bizarre, and even suicidal. Note that these Scientology allegations are nothing new. This cult has been shopping their laundry list of bogus allegations around to anyone who would listen for years. They have never to date filed an infringement suit, although they have had years to do so. The obvious reason for this is that contains no infringing content.

QUICK AND DIRTY LINK LIST: A few links to the developing story concerning the disappearance of from Google. Scientology conspiracy? Google revenge? Inadvertent fallout from overzealous supporters of the site? Only Google knows. Comments
Kuro5hin thread
Daily Rotten article
Microcontent article on “Google Bombs”
Slashdot subthread on “Search Engine Payola”
Search for “Scientology Google search” on Google Groups (some but not all ongoing Usenet threads)

UPDATE: 20 March 2002: For some reason, some time between 02:55 PM EST and 07:25 PM EST yesterday, entirely disappeared from a Google search for Scientology. There are a variety of reasons this could have happened. could simply have been down at the exact moment Google spidered it. (However, it was up as late as 02:55 PM and was also up at 07:25 PM EST when I noticed its disappearance from the engine.) While other explanations are more suspicious, there’s no reason yet to assume foul play. It could merely be an ironic quirk of fate that this has happened right now; but if it isn’t, it will certainly be noted widely.

UPDATE: 6 March 2002. This update is to take note of some major changes in what I was reporting, as well as to clarify a few things that have resulted in misunderstanding. For the past week or so, the major situation I had been commenting on has changed. is at #4 on a Google search for Scientology. Another development is that the Scientology directory on the Open Directory Project is now listed as “This category needs an editor,” indicating that for reasons I can not elaborate on, Scientologist editor andir is no longer editor of that category, or for that matter others for which she was previously listed.

These constitute rather major changes in the data reported below, which may become of only historical interest in the future. The second part of this update is to correct a few areas where I was vague. One of these was in seeming to blame the Open Directory Project for this situation. I should have mentioned several mitigating factors. One of them is that even when no critical sites were in the first page of results, due to Google’s connection to the ODP, categories containing the search term were listed immediately above the search results, one of those categories being the Opposing Views category on Scientology. Another is that to the extent ODP influenced the PageRank of critical pages at all, that influence was positive. It was not my intention to suggest that either ODP, Google, or both, were somehow colluding with Scientology to give inflated rankings, nor to object to reasonable rankings like being the first search result. Finally, these results apply only to the use of the single search term “Scientology” by itself. Even a relatively clueless search engine strategy like typing natural language questions into Google defeats all this very expensive spam. Try Should I join Scientology? or Is Scientology a cult? and you get almost entirely critical pages as results. (I’m aware Scientology could easily use these ideas in new spam attempts, but frankly I like the idea of them adding a rant denying being a cult to all their pages.)

In conclusion, Scientology is of course not the only entity using these strategies. As this Slashdot post shows, the porn industry uses tactics similar to Scientology’s. While I suspected this might be the case, this revealed a similarly sophisticated strategy (as separated from a lot of the blatant spam that bounces off Google’s well-designed search engine).

12 Feb 2002: This page was created to examine the reasons for Scientology’s high placement in so many search engines despite its egregious unpopularity and highly popular sites opposed to this cult, such as Operation Clambake (also known as and Ron Newman’s The Church of Scientology vs. the Net page. I created the page to discuss the interesting results one gets on Google on a search using “Scientology” as a search term.

Google is, of course, the king of all search engines, so it is with Google that I am primarily concerned, although the interaction between Google and the Open Directory Project is also interesting. The Open Directory Project is a Yahoo!-like hierarchically-organized directory which is widely mirrored by a variety of ISPs. The mirrors themselves are usually highly ranked in Google search results, so links from ODP tend to increase ranking.

It should be noted that this situation is worsened by the fact that the ODP directory related to Scientology is run by a Scientologist, while the ODP directory relating to Scientology opponents remains without an editor. ODP routinely refuses applications for editors of the directory, and some have accused them of round-filing user submissions, while every new Scientology-owned site is added immediately and without oversight. When sites critical of Scientology are added, it is often after a long delay, if the site is added at all. Despite numerous submissions to the ODP in the last three months, almost none have been added. This problem is also detailed on this thread on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

Google prides itself on its PageRank™ technology, which while largely proprietary, in the words of its creators “relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value.” Google continues, stating: “In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages ‘important.'”

Unfortunately, in the case of this particular search term, the Church of Scientology, a large corporate entity, has figured out how to exploit this to their advantage by having large quantities of domains that are packed heavily with links to each other. Figure 1, generated by the VisIT software, is a stark illustration of this.

Fig 1. Search term “Scientology” using only Google

As you can see, Scientology-owned pages exclusively and exhaustively point to other Scientology-owned pages. Some, such as, are little more than highly-linked link lists whose sole purpose is to point to other Scientology-owned pages which themselves link to exactscientology. Whois information for the vast majority of these indicate identical registrations such as this one for Therefore, Scientology-associated pages appear to be more highly ranked than critical pages, which appear to exist as islands, sparsely connected to each other.

The rankings are not representative of how broadly Scientology critical pages are linked. These search results checking links to and using the link: operand on Google indicate that despite comparable numbers of links, the search rankings vary widely. The links to are almost exclusively from other Scientology owned pages, such as and thousands of nearly identical template-generated “spam pages.” In this case, in Google‘s language, the “uniquely democratic nature” of page ranking depends on how much money you have to buy duplicative domain registrations.

To be fair to Google, this effort by Scientology has been quite costly, involving huge numbers of domain registrations and the creation of a vast network of incestuously linked pages. Figure 1A shows this in more detail.

Fig 1A. More detailed view using search term “Scientology” with search engine Google

Looking at this in even more detail, one sees that outside the most obvious “core” Scientology sites, a galaxy of smaller domains also points to and its sister sites, while Scientology-critical sites largely sit by themselves. While they are linked from other sites, those links do not add up to the sheer bulk of the incestuous network of links which creates Scientology’s illusion of relevance–even though most of those links are, effectively, the result of Scientology linking to itself. Where critical pages do link to each other, the links are not effectively reciprocated.

The same general scheme prevails on the Open Directory Project, although with a slightly different focus, as Figure 2 shows.

Fig 2. Search term “Scientology” using only

Figure 2A takes a closer look at the trend.

Fig 2A.More detailed view using search term “Scientology” with search tool

Using both Google and the Open Directory Project as sources, the picture is complete.

Fig 3. Search term “Scientology” using Google and

Fig 3A. More detailed view using search term “Scientology” with Google and

Taking a closer look at this, we have the final result: sitting atop a vast pyramid of links to and from it, boosting its ranking on search engines as well as the rankings of its sister sites, all owned by the same entity, yet appearing in the “uniquely democratic” ranking system as if they have been elected number one by universal acclaim, although the vast majority of this ranking is generated by what amounts to linking to itself.

While the Church of Scientology is merely one of thousands of entities attempting to manipulate its rankings in Google and other search engines, unlike the others, Scientology has managed effectively to subvert the PageRank™ technology and elect itself supreme.

It doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable for to be the first hit on a search for “Scientology”, but for it and sister sites to be the bulk of the search results is getting ridiculous. As a closing note, I should note that this analysis focuses almost exclusively on the “voting” aspect of the PageRank™ technology and that other factors play a highly important role in page ranking, including relevance of content and how often and prominently the search term is mentioned on the page.

Note: All images on this page generated by the VisIT software created by the Beckman Institute for the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

 reprinted from:

The Church of Scientology snooping for Tech. Reviews (Humor)

The Church of Scientology is apparently a fan of Pierre’s Technical Reviews. We have documented a recent visit from the Church groupies below:

Date: 13.07.2013

Time: 23:39:46 ( Moscow time zone)


United States


Los Angeles

URL visited:…



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Celebrities ( Humor)

Few mementos taken on 4th of July

Note: We also use our mementos with the fancies of celebrities in our blog no matter how jealous and evil are the bad mouths of the Wolfs in Sheep’s Clothing who are viscous bashing and spread lies shaming only the product of  their own auditors . 🙂 . There is a lot of space for greedy , jealous and evil bashers in the Baobab’s forest next lifetime.


Strongly recommended to the Wolfs in Sheep’s Clothing and bashers

Good Black Cat Mojo Spell ( Humor)


  The Good  Black Cat Mojo brings magical and spiritual powers. It has been thought that the black cat helps enhance  telepathical connections and reads. The  Good Black Cat Mojo is the antinomian lucky black cat of the African-American sporting and gambling world. This black cat does double-duty as a representative of the black arts (including the granting of invisibility and the return of lost love) and as a bringer of  other lucks.

Here is what our Lucky Black Cat Mojo brought to us on 4th of July : We jiggled between some auditing, meeting some friends, Gathering some information, watching some watchers with our invisible powers and other lucks.

Our Good Black Cat Mojo wish you tons of luck and good fortune 🙂

Viva Pan Am Games – Expect the Unexpected

What is the Two-Year Countdown?
TO2015, together with its corporate, government and municipal partners, is celebrating its two-year countdown on July 10, 2013—exactly 730 days until the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games officially open.

On July 10, the Games footprint will be alive with Pan Am spirit!

Pan Am Games Vision

A life-affecting experience

  • Attract the best athletes
  • Build reliable operations and services
  • Celebrate Pan American culture and performance
  • Ensure an entertaining spectator experience
  • Integrate the Parapan American Games into the overall Games plan

Transforming Communities

  • Inspire children to participate in sport
  • Engage local communities to embrace the Games as their own
  • Celebrate and involve Toronto’s multicultural population
  • Connect the Pan American region through summits, conferences and workshops
  • Leave a Games legacy of sustainable excellence

Delivering on commitments

  • Build all Games infrastructure on time, on budget and in scope
  • Create a Toronto 2015 brand that inspires involvement
  • Enhance the outstanding legacy of previous Pan American Games hosts
  • Generate Games business revenue in excess of $150 million

Setting a benchmark

  • Delivering the best-ever experience for all athletes and participants

Pan Am Games Cultural Values


We celebrate the opportunity to be here. Inspire and be positive about what is possible. Dream Big. Have fun and affect those around you.


Toronto 2015 is much more than just a job. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to positively affect a community, leave a legacy and grow in the process.


We make commitments and deliver. Hold yourself and others to this standard. Build trust by being reliable, trustworthy, and act with integrity


We have high social IQ. Bring out the best in those around you. Build respectful and authentic partnerships. Reach out to be inclusive and be passionate.


We focus on outcomes, not activities. Spend your time on the things that matter most. You have 5 years to make it happen.

Note: This is disability friendly web site.

Be a fan of Dignity

Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games reaches one-year countdown

Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games reaches one-year countdown milestone

Provincial Chef de Missions selected as teams begin qualifying process

July 8, 2013 (Vancouver, BC) –The 2014 Games Organizing Committee, together with the Province of British Columbia, athletes, volunteers and community partners are celebrating the one-year countdown to the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games taking place in Vancouver from July 8 to 12, 2014.  The 2014 Games will be the largest Special Olympics games held in Canada with the addition of three new sports, and an anticipated 2,000 athletes, coaches and officials from across the country gathering for the competition.

At the one-year milestone, the Chefs de Mission for each province and territory have now been selected to lead their respective teams in 2014. Across the country, qualifying provincial games are being held this summer to select teams for the 11 sports to be featured at the 2014 Games. Athletes will be competing in athletics, basketball, bocce, five- and ten-pin bowling, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball and swimming

“Canada’s 2014 Special Olympics Games promise to be an extraordinary experience for Canada athletes with intellectual disabilities and an exciting display of top-level competition and sport,” said Cathy Priestner Allinger, Chair of the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games.  “These will be the largest Special Olympics Canada Summer Games ever held and we are most grateful for the support we have received so far, particularly from the Province of British Columbia.”

“The Special Olympics movement and its athletes are an important reminder that sport has an incredible capacity to build communities, strengthen individuals and break through barriers,” said the Honourable Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, Province of British Columbia. “On behalf of the Province of British Columbia, we are pleased to support these games and look forward to welcoming these tremendous athletes from across Canada to our province.”

The Province of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has committed $300,000 to the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games.

Note: This is disability friendly web site

In response to EVIL

Open letter:

Catherine Ethier

My quote of the day:

“Being mentally challenged is a disability but being EVIL is a choice!”

In response to Michelle Butcher – Sterling who wrote: “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”

Preaching family destruction is EVIL! Promoting family disconnection is EVIL! It takes some real EVIL to split a family.

In regard to your continuous drama for many years now, I will reiterate that no one has ever been authorized to speak on my behalf , I have NEVER made any postings on your site. Although I am very flattered by your keen interest toward me  ( I recall one time when you, Michelle called me “a public figure” in a letter you wrote to your ISP), I want to firmly note that your own postings (which you often contribute to me) , your “snipplets”, other exerts out of context , “telepathic mind reading” realizations, alterations, misrepresentations and other assertions are only your personal fabrications and that of the members of your group.

 Thank you for generating traffic to my site. It has been  noted!

I wish you well Michelle and always.


Note: Why Michelle Butcher (Ryan)- Sterling  is actually afraid to exchange 5 minutes direct communication with me but would spend couple of years in speculations and fabrications whining on various boards and plain misrepresenting matters of fact. For example Michelle’s claim that ” I have sent lawyers after her” is untrue.  I have NEVER hired a lawyer , in fact the lawyer’s letter sent to Michelle was from her business partner and ended with the phrase : “thank you for your business”. I was not sent a copy of it. Michelle went on and on and on by claiming that I have been “threatening her with lawyers” , “DMCA take down threat …” , ” Extortion” and so on fabrications. This is simply untrue! I  have asked Michelle to stop fairgaming my child and remove false fabrications about a MINOR disabled kid. Michelle if you have any questions would of been fair to ask me, not to whine a drama to the various manipulated members of your board. How can this DRAMA went on for so long? Michelle, not even a word of what you are saying is to be believed! Daily drama, lies and fabrications! Come on people , give me a break ! This amount of drama for being asked to remove the smear about a disabled child ?

Michelle wrote “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”  – this is the Church of Scientology enemy line. Along with smearing disabled children, Michelle and Aida have partnered into what becomes a professional home and marriage wrecking. Michelle’s EVIL  line sounds very familiar. In actual fact it closely resembles the line of Barbro Wennberg . Barbro Wennberg is a staff at the Church of Scientology who aimed to split our family writing on my husband’s folder an order: “dump the bi*ch“. Let me tell you more about Barbro. Barbro was for  two days caretaker of Lisa McPherson. Along with others she  kept Lisa  confined in a hotel room and  did not take her to the hospital ( Link1  , Link2 , Link 3, Link 4) when needed. Lisa McPherson as you all know died.

My husband was 20 years Sea Org staff working at no pay as an auditor. My husband left the Church of Scientology after he was coerced to provide loans to parishioners for services at the Church of Scientology and coerced otherwise to  provide money directly to the Church. Those  were funds needed for his medical treatment and funds vital for a necessary follow up surgery. While on staff at the Church my husband  was in an accident that caused him a severe injury. He was hit by a drunk taxi driver . My husband spent several days in coma , his leg was surgically reconstructed and he was told he will never walk again. He walked but the loans he generously gave to parishioners for their benefit were never repaid, there were no money left for his medical treatment , he could not afford to pay for a required follow up surgery and this resulted in a DISABILITY FOR LIFE. For his kindness my husband had to cope with disability for life and was consistently ridiculed by associates of the Church, their allies and the manipulated by them crowds. There were numerous character assassination attacks carried out maliciously by publishing defamatory libelous  matters without lawful justification or excuse and only meant to injure the reputation of my husband and my family by exposing us to hatred, contempt and ridicule that was designed to insult us. This is criminal!

Also while working as a staff in the Church my husband sustained injuries and severe life threatening conditions. The last one I personally witnessed was treated by Dr. Minkoff ( also involved in the Lisa McPherson’s case). My husband was instructed by the MLO that the Church is not maintaining workers compensation insurance for their own employees and will not cover the treatment even if he was going to die. Workers compensation coverage for employees is mandatory regulatory requirement to cover employee treatment for injuries on the job. We have kept silent about this kind of abuse for many years now just to be abused even more.

You can make another drama, fabricate some more untrue statements , abuse me and my family some more. That is all you are about. I don’t care! More traffic to my site! Thank you.

enc. Copy of my server logs. Michelle Butcher / Ryan – Sterling is my best promoter:


My site stats went up thanks to Michelle. In addition the site visitors kept reading and reading. Very well done Michelle!


My response to the FreeZone PR Terril Park who has been calling me names:

 I would rather be a “Crazy Bi*ch”, than an EVIL Witch hosting as a FreeZone Party Special Guest of honor well known to her alleged  child molester and a FZ Class VIII ( refer to video below)  . Couple of years prior to hosting ” the matador” on her FreeZone party, Aida had told me that this FZ Class VIII is a “s*x pervert” .  Her own words. Few years after she went on to promote and PR the ” matador”  and FZ Class VIII who according to Aida was a harmful pervert. I would rather sound “crazy” than willingly to throw under the carpet corrupt practices, cover up  abuse and fairgame of children.

Terril Park is incapable to properly duplicate and any statements of his on my behalf are grossly distorted and unauthorized. We have received correspondence from a financial sponsor of his claiming to have ” hijacked his email” ( her own words) and using his email address and accounts. I will be more than happy to provide a copy upon request.


23028234293 24.06.2013 21:46:09 United States Nevada Las Vegas…
23028234294 24.06.2013 21:46:00 United States Nevada Las Vegas
23028234295 24.06.2013 21:45:54 United States Nevada Las Vegas…

Keeps coming , no kidding:

28.06.2013 11:52:37 United States Nevada Las Vegas
28.06.2013 11:52:35 United States Nevada Las Vegas

Interesting data logs:

27.06.2013 13:09:37 United States Florida Zephyrhills…
27.06.2013 05:07:22 United States Florida Zephyrhills…
27.06.2013 05:22:41 United States Florida Pinellas Park…

The Church A-E keeps checking:

28.06.2013 22:15:51 United States Florida Zephyrhills…
29.06.2013 22:41:19 United States Florida Zephyrhills…

But hey , here is a fixated person:

01.07.2013 16:45:28 Australia Victoria Melbourne…
29.06.2013 18:04:53 Australia Victoria Melbourne…
29.06.2013 13:43:21 Australia Victoria Melbourne…
29.06.2013 05:48:58 Australia Victoria Melbourne…
29.06.2013 05:48:58 Australia Victoria Melbourne…

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Freedoms and Human Rights

Freedom of association is a fundamental civil right, closely linked to the freedoms of expression and assembly, that is protected by all Human Rights international instruments, including article 20 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

What is the purpose of Freedom of Association?

It is a prerequisite for the development of NGO’s (including NGO’s promoting Human Rights), political parties and other groups, more generally, for a flourishing civil society. As such, Freedom of association constitutes an important indicator of the level of free thinking toward the democratic development. The right to associate facilitates and favours debates and plurality in a society, and association have an important role to fulfill as relays between citizens.

What does Freedom of Association cover?   

Freedom of Association does not only cover the right to join, to create or to quite any association, organization or company, regardless of its legal form; it also requires that the others refrains from interfering in the activities of associations and favours the development of an environment that is conducive to Freedom of association.

To be truly free , you should respect the freedoms of others.

Happy Canada Day 2013 – ” A day of unity , a day of coming together as families and as a nation”

I as a French-Canadian take massive amount of pride in both nations and on this day being the 1st July Canada Day I wish all my fellow Canadian friends HAPPY CANADA DAY!


Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867, in Canada), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.

Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the name was changed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day observances take place throughout Canada as well as by Canadians internationally.

La fête du Canada (en anglais : Canada Day ; aussi appelée fête de la Confédération, fête de la Confédération canadienne, jour de la Confédération, fête nationale du Canada, ou jour du Dominion) est la fête nationale du Canada. Elle est célébrée le 1er juillet. Elle commémore la création de la Confédération canadienne par l’Acte de l’Amérique du Nord britannique, qui prit effet le 1er juillet 1867. Ce jour de congé fut établi en 1879 et était nommé le jour de la Confédération, puis fut ensuite renommé le jour du Dominion. Il fut changé après le rapatriement de la Constitution du Canada le 27 octobre 1982. Il concerne toutes les institutions fédérales. Des spectacles sont alors présentés, suivis d’un feu d’artifice.

1983 SP Declare List ( OT VII and OT VIII)

BENNETT, Wayne Cl VI, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
CORYDON, Bent Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
DAROESMAN, Peggy Clear #500, OT-VII
DAVIDSON, Mike OT-VII, Mission officer
DILLARD, Ty Cl VIII, OT-VII, Mission Holder
DUNLEAVY, Tony Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, c/s 5 & 7
ERLICH, Dennis OT-VII, NOTs, Senior Flag Cramming Officer
GARCIA, Roberto OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder (Mexico)
GREENE, Doran Cl VI, OT-VII, NOTs, L-10
GREENE, Peter Cl VI, OT-VII, NOTs, L-10
HILL, Don Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
KEMP, Pam Cl IX, OT-VII, Mission Holder
KEMP, Ray Cl VI, OT-VII, Mission Holder
MARTIN, Ernie Cl VI, OT-VII ? ( Promotes as Cl VIII ? and Kha Khan ?)
MORRIS, Felice Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs auditor
McFARLANE, Darby S. OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
PERGUSON, Nat Cl IV, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
PRICE, Marvin Cl VI, OT-VII, NOTs, L-11, L-12, Mission Holder
ROGEN, Peter OT-VII, NOTs, L-10
ROWER, Howard Cl VI, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
SAMUELS, Martin Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
SPICKLER, Phil Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
STOKES, Dean Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
VIEN, Enid Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
WALTER, Alan Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder
WIMBUSH, Kingsley Cl VIII, OT-VII, NOTs, Mission Holder

Source:  ARS  possibly Bill DeCarle ? : “At the time there were only 19 people on the planet who had completed the Class XII Auditor course. Check the above list. You will find 11 of those 19 had *already* been declared. That’s over half!”

Note: list compiled by SPBill and not verified by Pierre.


Humor Rundown

Now you can take advantage of the famous Humor Rundown which includes Head Rundown , Water Rundown , Quatro Rundown, Double or Nothing Rundown and After Super Power Rundown. The EP of each Rundown is documented below. I want to thank all contributors. The Humor Rundown will void a significant gap in the field practice.


Head Rundown ( Special thanks to Anons)

Water Rundown

Water Rundown

Quatro Rundown

Quatro Rundown

Double or Nothing Rundown

Double or Nothing Rundown


After Super Power Rundown

Very special thanks to Michelle Butcher – Sterling for creating back links and increasing our Google ratings.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing


A wolf in sheep’s clothing has been trying to destroy our family doing the bidding of the Church and financially buying out corrupt alliances. Be sure this wolf will scream very laud seeing this mirror picture of thyself! The wolf did spread many lies and misrepresentations to start quarrels.

This wolf has carried out numerous character assassination attacks. The attacks were carried out maliciously by publishing defamatory libelous  matters without lawful justification or excuse and only meant to injure the reputation of  my family by exposing us to hatred, contempt and ridicule that was designed to insult us.  In addition this was coupled with threats, phone calls, emails and physical stalking. This should be labeled with what it truly is. This is criminal!

Success in Collaboration


Please pass this relatively “minor” success story to Pierre. I am qualifying the success I will now write about as “minor” as I do not look in the physical universe for proof of gains. My gains are what I am certain of, firstly in my own universe. It is a bonus if these gains manifest themselves in other universes.
Yesterday Pierre and I addressed a “problem”. This problem was perfectly fine and related to a business relationship and a strong difference of approach between me and a business associate I had entered in a business commitment with.
A couple of months ago I wrote an email to this business associate with an extensive business proposal. When I did not hear back for a month, I forwarded the email to the business executive who is the person’s direct senior. I basically intended to bypass this person as he did not want to be in communication.
Pierre and I briefly addressed this “problem” in session  and quickly moved on.
Yesterday I received an email from this business executive with a copy to his junior associate. He wanted his subordinate to arrange a conference call for next week between us all. The last time this business executive allowed live phone contact was over a year ago. The only other communication with him were some short generic emails with no substantial business commitments I received in the first quarter of this year.
Coincidence? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
If this phone call works out as I want it to, I will immediately receive close to $20 000 for a completed business engagement.
Kind regards,

Life after L 12


Dear Pierre,

 Thank you for the great L12 auditing.
I am enjoying the spiritual stability and peace the rundown has allowed me gain.
Life goes on with the various mixes of turmoil and calm while I feel a spiritual stability I previously partially experienced but now enjoy more completely.
I am looking forward to my next cycle.
Kind regards,

Paul Haggis

The New Yorker magazine has featured an article on Oscar-winning screenwriter and London, Ont., native Paul Haggis, who had a high-profile split from Scientology.

On August 19, 2009, Tommy Davis, the chief spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, received a letter from the film director and screenwriter Paul Haggis. “For ten months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego,” Haggis wrote. Before the 2008 elections, a staff member at Scientology’s San Diego church had signed its name to an online petition supporting Proposition 8, which asserted that the State of California should sanction marriage only “between a man and a woman.” The proposition passed. As Haggis saw it, the San Diego church’s “public sponsorship of Proposition 8, which succeeded in taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California—rights that were granted them by the Supreme Court of our state—is a stain on the integrity of our organization and a stain on us personally. Our public association with that hate-filled legislation shames us.” Haggis wrote, “Silence is consent, Tommy. I refuse to consent.” He concluded, “I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.”

Haggis was prominent in both Scientology and Hollywood, two communities that often converge. Although he is less famous than certain other Scientologists, such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, he had been in the organization for nearly thirty-five years. Haggis wrote the screenplay for “Million Dollar Baby,” which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2004, and he wrote and directed “Crash,” which won Best Picture the next year—the only time in Academy history that that has happened.


A traumatic incident is one that may involve exposure to catastrophic events, severe injury or a personal loss (emotional and physical). Individuals can reduce the risk of experiencing stress associated with a traumatic incident by utilizing simple methods to recognize, monitor, and maintain healthy state at the time of traumatic event and following such experiences.

Symptoms of Stress

Individuals may experience physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral symptoms of stress. Some people experience these reactions immediately at the scene of exposure, while for others symptoms may occur weeks or months later.

Physical symptoms

Individuals experiencing any of the following symptoms should seek IMMEDIATE medical attention:

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Severe pain
  • Symptoms of shock (shallow breathing, rapid or weak pulse, nausea, shivering, pale and moist skin, mental confusion, and dilated pupils)

Individuals may also experience the following physical symptoms. If these symptoms occur over time or become severe, workers should seek medical attention. Additional physical symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Profuse sweating
  • Thirst
  • Headaches
  • Visual difficulties
  • Clenching of jaw
  • Nonspecific aches and pains

Cognitive symptoms

If these symptoms occur on the scene of an incident individuals may not be able to stay clearly focused to maintain their own safety or to rescue injured victims. Affected individuals may experience momentary cognitive symptoms; however, if symptoms are chronic or interfere with daily activities, the affected individuals should seek medical attention and counselling. These symptoms include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Heightened or lowered alertness
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor problem solving
  • Difficulty identifying familiar objects or people
  • Memory problems
  • Nightmares

Emotional symptoms

Strong emotions are ordinary reactions to a traumatic or extraordinary situation. Individuals should seek also counselling support if  the following emotional symptoms or distress emerge:

  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Denial
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Irritability
  • Loss of emotional control
  • Depression
  • Sense of failure
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Blaming others or self
  • Severe panic (rare)

Behavioral symptoms

As a result of a traumatic incident, Individual may notice the following behavioral changes in themselves or associates:

  • Intense anger
  • Withdrawal
  • Emotional outburst
  • Temporary loss or increase of appetite
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Inability to rest, pacing
  • Change in sexual functioning

Recommendations to Monitor and Maintain Healthy Emotional State

Individuals affected by traumatic incidents need to take ownership and to maintain the constant vigilance they need for their  well being and must be able to stay focused  in the dynamic, changing  environment. Often people do not recognize the need to take care of themselves and to monitor their own emotional and physical health.  The following guidelines contain simple methods for individuals affected by traumatic incidents.

Take control over yourself and your environment

  • Be conscious of those around you. Individuals who are exhausted, stressed, or even temporarily distracted may place themselves and others at risk.
  • Take frequent rest breaks if necessary.  Mental fatigue, particularly over long shift your risk of  accidents and injury.

Maintain adequate nutrition and rest

  • Eat and sleep regularly. Maintain as normal a schedule as possible.
  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water and juices.
  • Try to eat a variety of foods and increase your intake of complex carbohydrates (for example, breads and muffins made with whole grains, granola bars).
  • Whenever possible, take breaks and getaways.

Monitor mental and emotional state

  • Recognize and accept what you cannot change
  • Talk to people when YOU feel like it. You decide when you want to discuss your experience. Talking about an event may be reliving it. Choose your own comfort level.
  • If you have access to counselling  support, use it!
  • Recurring thoughts, dreams, or flashbacks are normal—do not try to fight them. They will decrease over time.
  • Communicate with your loved ones as frequently as possible.

Recommendations to Maintain Health Following the Incident

Over time your impressions and understanding of their experience will change. This process is different for everyone. No matter what the event or an individual’s reaction to it, you can follow some basic steps that will help  adjust to the experience:

  • Reach out—people really do care.
  • Reconnect with family, spiritual, and community supports.
  • Consider keeping a journal.
  • Do not make any big life decisions.
  • Make as many daily decisions as possible to give yourself a feeling of control over your life.
  • Spend time with others or alone doing the things you enjoy to refresh and recharge yourself.
  • Be aware that you may feel particularly fearful for your family. This is normal and will pass in time.
  • Remember that “getting back to normal” takes time. Gradually work back into your routine. Let others carry more weight for a while at home and at work.
  • Be aware that recovery is not a straight path but a matter of two steps forward and one back. You will make progress.
  • Appreciate a sense of humor in yourself and others. It is okay to laugh again.
  •  This is a time for patience, understanding, and communication.
  • Avoid use of drugs or alcohol. You do not need to complicate your situation with a substance abuse problem.
  • Get plenty of rest and normal exercise. Eat well-balanced, regular meals.
  • Get counselling

Personal Enhancement & Stress Management Course

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About iSuperPower

With iSuperPower you can learn skills faster, retain knowledge longer, and apply your skills to real-world projects better.

iSuperPower was built based on experience of a Digital Schooling. Digital Learning embraces technology to its highest potential. Words like paperless, virtual, green, and social don’t just signify bandwagons to jump on; for us, they’re the not-so-distant future of education.

The driving principle of iSuperPower is to apply the right instructional delivery to the right learning objective, where and when you need it. We leverage from the real subject-matter-expert content to quickly enable you to achieve practical results.

Because we know there are as many types of users as there are learners, we also offer training options maximized for everyone from beginners to power users, including certification exam objectives.

Positive change

caterina-ethierAre we attracting what we want in life? Do you know what you want? Individuals often do not take the time to focus on abundance. So often they really focus on the next material thing like the bigger car or the bigger house. More money , more toys and more stuff. Or  some individuals focus on less. Less work or less weight. As the individuals work on improving themselves they eventually find themselves able to attract their wants and needs as a living magnet. It is more important than ever to actually define what you want in order to attract the right crowd and energize your environment. And again it has come the time to learn from the lessons in the past, re-define more clearly our goals to truly reconnect with the fine spiritual dimensions.

More than anything Pierre’s work has been about helping people to shift to thriving, from just surviving. Not all challenges can be overcome with knowledge alone as sometimes individuals need help when the going gets tough.

Also, personal support, guidance and counseling is about more than overcoming challenges. For many it is about making the shift from good to great. This is why after refining his goals, Pierre has stated to carefully rebuilding his communication network and associations. The aim  is to focus into helping the able to become more able.

This is why Pierre has shifted his approach in development of personal and business networks to balance accountability, learning , planned actions based on careful examinations and screening  with the expectation of positive life reflection. Pierre has build resilience while dealing with all inherited challenges in the field . He wish no part of any venture promoting and favoring insanity and evil doing.

Is Shelly Miscavige missing?

Shelly Miscavige is the wife of David Miscavige. It seems that she has not been seen for the last six years. A defector allegedly has stated that she is being held a prisoner on a Scientology property where she is guarded, and interrogated, day and night.


In Response to EVIL – another story of abuse

Catherine Ethier

Open letter by Catherine Ethier

My husband, Pierre Ethier was for 20 years Sea Org staff working at almost no pay as a Scientology Counselor . He has been the auditor to many Celebrities. There are over 5000 people in his counseling list and he had achieved the top training levels at the Church of Scientology. For 20 years my husband was working 110 hours a week as a slave at almost no pay while the Church of Scientology was profiting from his services at the rate of $1000 per hour from parishioners.  Pierre was dedicated into kindness and helping people.

My husband left the Church of Scientology after he was coerced to provide loans to parishioners for services at the Church of Scientology and coerced otherwise to  provide money directly to the Church of Scientology. Those  were funds needed for his medical treatment and funds vital for a necessary follow up surgery after an accident.

While on staff at the Church my husband  was in an accident that caused him a severe injury. He was hit by a drunk taxi driver . My husband spent many days in coma , his leg was ripped apart and surgically reconstructed. He was told he will never walk again. He walked but the loans he generously gave to  the Church parishioners for their own spiritual benefit to purchase services at the Church of Scientology were never repaid. There were no money left for his medical treatment , he could not afford to pay for a required follow up surgery and this resulted in a DISABILITY FOR LIFE. For his kindness my husband had to cope with disability for life and was consistently ridiculed by associates of the Church, their allies and the manipulated by them crowds. There were numerous character assassination attacks on my husband which were carried out maliciously by publishing defamatory libelous  matters without lawful justification or excuse and only meant to injure the reputation of my husband and my family by exposing us to hatred, contempt and ridicule that was designed to insult us. This is criminal!

Also while working as a staff in the Church my husband sustained injuries and severe life threatening conditions. The last one I personally witnessed was treated by Dr. Minkoff ( also involved in the Lisa McPherson‘s case). My husband was instructed by the MLO ( The Medical Officer at the Church) that the Church is not maintaining workers compensation insurance for their own employees and will not cover the treatment needed even if he was going to die. Workers compensation coverage for employees is mandatory regulatory requirement to cover employee treatment for injuries on the job. We have kept silent about this kind of abuse for many years now just to be abused even more by what appears to be people manipulated by the Church of Scientology or ruthless corrupt individuals who have inherited the poisoned culture from that environment. 

My husband came out of  the Church of Scientology broke and with disability! ( In actual fact I took him out of the Church of Scientology!) He never begged for money like some of the abusers dedicated to insult him. He did not beg for money even if he desperately needed funds for his medical surgery. In retrospect I recall one of our constant and very vocal abusers  begging for donations for legal expenses to get out of trouble generated by mischief and crime. Another shameless group of  evil abusers wanted to profit from getting the home of  my disabled child and leaving us homeless. This out of EVIL and GREED. Not only that Pierre did not beg for money, but he has many times reached the unexpected , he is productive , active and generously donates time and efforts for betterment of others.

In addition there were constant attacks to our marriage. Recently a  marriage wrecker  again made a lot of noise promoting the Church of Scientology enemy line: “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”   Along with the smearing of my disabled child wolfs in sheep`s clothing have partnered  into what has become a professional home and marriage wrecking. This EVIL  line sounds very familiar because in actual fact it closely resembles the line of Barbro Wennberg . Barbro Wennberg is a staff at the Church of Scientology who aimed to split our family writing on my husband’s folder an order: “dump the bi*ch”. Let me tell you more about Barbro. Barbro was for  two days caretaker of Lisa McPherson. Along with others she  kept Lisa  confined in a hotel room and  did not take her to the hospital ( Link1  , Link2 , Link 3Link 4) when needed. Lisa McPherson as you all know died.

Preaching family destruction is EVIL! Promoting family disconnection is EVIL! It takes some real EVIL to split a family.

There has been a continuous internet drama generated by few unbalanced individuals for many years now who were trying hard to enforce  the Church of Scientology enemy lines  with fabricated postings (which were often fraudulently contributed to me) ,  “snippets”, other exerts out of context , “telepathic mind reading” realizations, alterations, misrepresentations, doctored offensive images, name calling and other assertions that are only their own abusive fabrications, fraudulent impersonations and delusions. I have kept silent about this EVIL. There were also individuals who fraudulently were claiming to know me and my husband and to speak on our behalf in order to instigate conflicts or boost their own self promotion with misrepresentations. Be aware that nothing of this fraudulent propaganda targeted to victimize us it to be believed. 

I have been frequently fraudulently copied/pasted in hostile write ups and monologues when the authors generated wild rumors which shall not be believed.  This generated hatred is primary distorted within the lenses of the authors own fabrications coupled with lots of DRAMA ! I get more attention than many celebrities in their respective fields. I get more attention than the Church because the Church is to big of a spoon for their mouths. Seems that some are very upset that the Church agents are unwelcome to my site but naturally they can feel free to entertain them on theirs.

Now that I spoke out , the wolfs in sheep`s clothing will be the more vocal and will make another drama, fabricate some more untrue statements , abuse me and my family some more. That is all they are about. Make no mistake.

The good people will now understand that they have been manipulated into repeating the Church of Scientology agenda and will find out that the animosity serves no purpose.

I have come to forgive you for what you have done to me , to my child and to my family.

I wish you well.

Catherine Ethier


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“And I am strong enough to carry myself and others, even when they can’t carry themselves.”

“My father spent his years fighting his size, wishing he was smaller, weaker, less of a giant. He was taught to hate his body, and he was ashamed of the amount of space he took up. But he passed his strength to me, and I won’t squander my inheritance. I will not let myself be diminished.

I am my father’s daughter. I too am a giant, built of strength and flesh. And I am strong enough to carry myself and others, even when they can’t carry themselves.





The Church of Scientology and their supporters seem to routinely  photoshop promo materials and other publications  meant to manipulate the public opinion. These questionable activities  have even expanded to an unique  brand of stalking by Church of Scientology associated paparazzi. One example that comes to my mind are the well known Squirrebusters following Ruthbun.

The promo materials of a recent event were doctored to make it look like there were more people in attendance and mislead the reader. The  Church of Scientology Portland celebrated the grand opening of their new home in the city’s historic downtown quarter.

Below are the pictures from the event.

The Church of Scientology Portland
This picture shows there are actually a line of trees behind the crowd where - in the Church's posted photo - a crowd of attendees had been doctored in

This picture shows there are actually a line of trees behind the crowd where – in the Church’s posted photo – a crowd of attendees had been doctored in

The other end of the crowd also seemed to have been photoshopped in as another attendee's pictures show more trees and an empty lot behind it

The other end of the crowd also seemed to have been photoshopped in as another attendee’s pictures show more trees and an empty lot behind it.

ScientologyThe crowd highlighted in red were those who were photoshopped in, left, and on the right, circled, what the reality was

Read more:



Portland ha inaugurato l’ennesimo Obitorio Ideale con la eccezionale presenza del leader Massimo: David Miscavige.

Sono stati letteralemente bloccati quattro isolati attorno all’edificio per fare in modo che David Mischiappa facesse il suo discorso in santa pace e che non venisse disturbato da eventuali dissidenti.

La Polizia di Portland a sostegno delle forze di OSA ha contribuito a garantire la sicurezza.

Mark Bunker non si è comunque lasciato intimidire ed ha cercato di tenerci informati, mentre Tony Ortega tramite il suo Blog ci faceva conoscere come procedevano le cose.

Scoprirete nel video che vi proponiamo di seguito quanto è accaduto.

C’era anche Jeff Hawkins alla manifestazione che ci ha fornito un video, purtroppo senza audio… ma siamo riusciti a ricostruire tramite il labbiale alcune parole che il Leader Massimo ha pronunciato e le abbiamo inserite….

Anche un’altra persona all’event richiedeva un Comitato di Evidenza per Miscavige…

Comm Ev DM photoNon è riuscito ad…

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Happy Orthodox Easter

HPIM2004Orthodox Christians celebrate Pascha according to the Easter date in the Julian calendar. Pascha is the most important event in the church calendar in the Orthodox Church. Many Orthodox Christians attend church liturgies during the Holy Week that leads up to Easter Sunday. The Easter Sunday church liturgy is joyous as it celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, as told in the Christian bible.

The period before Easter, known as Lent, is also a time of strict fasting. Orthodox Christians observe this fasting ritual before celebrating Easter Sunday with a feast, where meat and dairy products can be eaten again. Another tr

adition observed in Orthodox Christian churches is the blessing of food baskets. The baskets are usually filled with bread, cheese, meat, eggs, butter, salt, and other types of food used for Paschal celebrations.

One of the most common questions Orthodox Christians are asked is, why Orthodox Christians don’t celebrate Easter/Holy Pascha with everyone else?



Often, those asking are Orthodox Christians who know that some years we do have the same Easter observance, others we don’t, so why don’t we celebrate the feast of feasts of the Christian year with other Christians?

The answer to the question is found in two areas of human life that are among the least popular — mathematics and history.
Clearly, for both Western and Eastern Orthodox Christians, the date of the feast differs from year to year. That’s because we use a different calculus for determining the date. So here is where most people say, “OK, I get it, you differ, I guess you have your reasons.” But those who are not math-phobic press on to ask why we have a different calculus, and how the calculus is different for East and West.

These names, dates and events are not quite in a galaxy far, far away, but to many it seems that way. Quartodecimians, Nicea I, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Rome, Athanasius, Constantine, 325, for starters, only serve to either glaze over the eyes or scramble the brain. Unless some of those names and dates bring out the response, “That was in ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ “ Dan Brown’s novel is not a reliable or recommended source for this question.HPIM2006 The best place to start is with what Christians have in common when it comes to Easter/Holy Pascha, which puts the difference in the date of the celebration in its proper perspective. All of us celebrate on a Sunday, the first day of the week, since that is when the gospels tell us Christ rose from the dead. This itself was a disputed issue resolved at the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

The alternative was a date that occurred on a different day every year, and that day was the date of Passover according to the lunar calendar followed by the Jewish people at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Subsequent modifications to the Jewish calendar resulted in the Council of Nicea decreeing that the calculation of the date of Pascha and of Passover were independent of each other. Sunday is the day on which the resurrection occurred, and as the first day it is understood by Christians as the beginning of the New Creation, the day without end, the eighth day.

But the issue remained, how to calculate which Sunday, a task given to the Church in Alexandria, which was renowned for its astronomers. The astronomers of Alexandria came up with a table of cycles of 19 years upon which the date of Pascha was determined, factoring in the full moon after the vernal equinox. Those dates were calculated according to the Julian calendar used at the time. Later, the West adopted a table of cycles that had 84 years.

While all the Christian world initially shared one calendar and shared one date for the celebration, the change to the Gregorian calendar in the West in the late 16th century, and the continuing use of the Julian calendar in the East, resulted in an initial difference of 11 days between the two, a difference which is now 13 days. Further complicating this was the date on which the vernal equinox was established in the Alexandrian table, a fixed date that was recognized as inaccurate on a yearly basis, but established as a base line for calculations.

The decisions made at the Council of Nicea in 325 were made to guarantee a universal celebration of the greatest feast on the Christian calendar by all Christians. This goal is recognized today as one we need to recover. Steps in that direction were taken in 1997 at a meeting of representatives of the Christian Churches held in Aleppo, Syria.
Further discussions have been broached between the Roman Catholic Church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This year, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, covering most of the Holy Land, Cyprus and Jordan, will celebrate with their Orthodox brethren, and have requested papal approval to do this permanently.

More than any text or meeting, this provides a common witness and a great hope that all — Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians of all denominations — can celebrate the cause of our hope and the foundation of our faith together, with at least some of the unity for which Christ prayed before His arrest: that all may be one.

Constantly changing communication protocols in 21st century


Technology is changing how we communicate in our daily lives. The technical advancements vigorously influenced communication etiquette and lead to establishing of new rules. It caused a clash between our retro habits and the rapidly changing personal environment surrounding us.

So when interacting with others keep  in mind in mind to never jump to conclusions and create assumptions when it comes to unpublished communication protocols related to communication technology , speed of confirmation and response , as well as a time frame. A decade ago, faxing was standard, ICQ was a marvel and people thought call-waiting was rude. Today, we text at meetings, find phone calls intrusive and send e-mails to the guy in the next cubicle. As communications technology rapidly advances, social protocols can barely keep up.

E-mail occupies that space between the formality of a letter and the breeziness of a text message. There is certain expectation of privacy when communicating via emails and the public distribution and forwarding of private emails to others often leaves the taste of bitterness  and betrayal of trust. It is fair and wise to confirm with the originator if the email can be published or forwarded if you want to build a positive and constructive relationship flowing power of the two way communication.

Social media have much more relaxing restrictions and even most businesses now have Facebook pages. The professionalism approaching other must still reign. Consider LinkedIn connections like business cards; some will be useful, others you’ll forget. Google yourself once a month just to be sure “what happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”. Be aware about hate pages where failures express their own frustrations about others success just like the Boston Marathon bombers.

In a world where everyone is Google-able and smartphones can exchange info by touching, most people still find it useful in exchanging  business cards. Keep your card simple and  use your card wisely. Don’t clutter your card with every address, number, online profile, blog and website you have. Just the basics. The rest is online.

Chances are, these days you’ll get the quickest response to an e-mail or text message but to create more personable relationship always use the phone. Voice communication if useful to clear mis-communications based on the wrong assumptions. Never jump to conclusions about the state of mind of another person without personal confirmation. Research shows that voice spending on phone plans is on the decline, while text spending is up. But audible communication can still win out on efficiency, especially when dealing with multiple, complex or very personal matters. Voice is also good for discerning tone when emoticons don’t cut it. Sometimes If you must call it may be wise to send a warning e-mail and ask if it’s a good time to talk scheduling a conference call.

Face to face meetings are inevitable, and are especially important with clients. People still find it disrespectful if can’t stop tapping on your phone.

Unless you’re serving legal documents, faxing is practically offensive in its antiquity. It’s too uncertain where a document ended up and who else read it. However once serving legal documents by email should be considered stalking and not serious. According to the local police if a legal document is not send in the mail then it is highly questionable. If you must fax , check via email or phone if it was received.

Though texting and messaging offer speed, ease and the ability to get straight to the point, they often don’t offer a record of correspondence that comes with e-mail, and can feel too informal for business communication.  Keep in mind, though, that 90% of people under 30 will respond to a text message within an hour.

The use of letters beyond supermarket flyers, court  and legal documents, the odd passport application or bank statement, it’s all gone digital.

Voice mail is being driven into obsolescence by caller ID and text-based interaction. Recent research found that 20% of people rarely retrieve their messages. Until it completely disappears from the workplace, however, keep in mind that voice messages left on a cellphone are even less likely to be heard. No one wants to dial in just to hear “Hey, call me back.” Caller ID may be just enough. If you must leave a message, never natter on for longer than 30 seconds.


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Personal self and your business style

Dressing for the office sometimes takes quite a  thought and personal spiritual expression. Your style often can be personally empowering  and generates positive respectful connections in the group dynamic.

The personal lifestyles and personalities dictate the different ways of spiritual expression, influence  perceptions and business image  . To sort out what works for you, we recommend using the following flowchart to effortlessly discover your personal stylish expression in no time.


Le Mystere des voix Bulgares

The voices of Bulgarian women are divine.  Bulgarian folk music stands out with incredible  vocal performances, in particular the layered, diaphonic harmonies along with an intricate multi-layering, and the timbre of the vibrato-free female Bulgarian voices. The Bulgarian folk performances preserve the unique traits of an ancient music, most notably the delivery from the diaphragm that restricted the vocal chords, enabling the production of the distinctive tones and drones beyond the traditional (read “western”) scale, as well as delivery techniques such as Melisma – the production of a single syllable of text in a range of notes or scale of quarter tones (to Western ears, a trance-like wailing reminiscent of Arabic chants or perhaps Flamenco), grace notes and trill, which punctuate the performances with a rarely experienced agility, grace and power.

Copy Cat Best Practices (Humor)


Thank you letter.

Thank you letter to Michelle Sterling and all ESMBers who became my Copy Cats. I have been frequently copied/pasted in their write ups and monologues when they generate wild rumors which shall not be believed.  All is old news distorted within the lenses of their own fabrications coupled with lots of DRAMA ! I get more attention than many celebrities in their respective fields. I get more attention than the COS because the COS is to big of a spoon for their mouths. Seems that some are very upset that the COS agents are unwelcome to my site but naturally they can feel free to entertain them on theirs. Sure make another huge traffic drama with petty wild derriere fixations!

The long term goal for ESMBers is to start properly to duplicate , which they hope to achieve within the next 30 years. I always postulate  speedy achievements.

I wish you well Michelle and as always many fascinating  achievements.


For extensive drama help see also the following links:

Link 1

Link 2

P.S Michelle , I have sincerely forgiven you now after you have admitted your selective memory lapses. Get some professional help. I wish you well. We all care and support each other after all…. and I love being right! Thank you for mentioning it. Felt really good!
Michelle Sterling wrote to me on FaceBook: “You are right. He’s not banned after all. I’d forgotten how he left. It’s all coming back to me now.”

XOXOXO & Hugs , Catherine

FB: Panda Termint “Insults? That’s kinda Last Resort isn’t it?”

FB: Panda Termint “Learn to converse without name calling and insults, that’ll do for today.” That’s a good one Panda, perhaps you can more broadly disseminate your message. We all shall care about each other.

Here is the story: Several years ago I asked my husband’s name to be removed from what appears to be COS owned smear web site. Along with that I asked to be removed an altered article contributed to my husband. Immediately the site owner wrote us that he/she will post the altered article elsewhere and so he/she did…. imagine where …. on ESMB.

Now I have been told many people got spammed with hate emails and doctored images of my husband. The very same contents, insults last resort and doctored images  are again distributed on ESMB. So if you get upset at spammers sending you juvenile unsolicited emails make sure you know where to look for them.