Briefing 103 Copenhagen – The Code of Honor

2 comments on “Briefing 103 Copenhagen – The Code of Honor

  1. This type of judicial process is rather like the Star Trek characters known as “Cardassians”. On their planet the person is guilty at once. Sentence is already known. The trial is always about how the justice system established the guilt. One is required to confess. The whole process is arranged so this race can sleep safely knowing “justice” has prevailed. I sat on many Comm-Evs myself but was fortunate enough to be able to examine evidence and be fair in the findings and recommendations. I never allowed a senior exec to tell me what to do. This did make me a problem for them.

    Excellent lecture Pierre. Thanks

  2. Dear Pierre,

    I’m glad to realize that we came to the same conclusion regarding this second point of the Code Of Honour. I have even found a rule to avoid miss-allegiances: never joint or stay in a group which, in its daily base, violates the goals it claims. Like of the goal of the Church would be “Total Freedom”, so it couldn’t restrain churchgoers’ freedom, or if it is “Infinite ARC”, “Infinite KRC”, means Infinite Affinity and Infinite Responsibility, so it should demonstrate then in the daily behaviour. So do we find this in the Church?

    I am 100 % agree with you (if I have well understood you, dear Pierre) : it is not to the people who could change that we have to give our allegiance, nor an organization which could change too because of the people changes, but to higher principles we have found ethics in a long term duration and large range. But even so: conditions can change too and what was good in a specific time and place could no more fits then, and what was “ethic” at a time, could no longer be.

    I have found too for myself, but I’m not at all the only one, that The Creation Of Maximum Of Happiness, present and future, in the near area as in the largest range, is the Highest Goal We can have. It could be a good stable data to evaluate such situations.

    An other rules We need to keep in mind to avoid perversion: We should not say “the best for the greatest number of Dynamics”, but “the best for ALL the Dynamics”! Why? Because the first one allow to kill, to violate other freedom, while the second avoid these perversions, IMHO.

    Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony, Prosperity And Fun!

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