Humanitarian Initiatives

Bridging spirituality and social action

Pierre Ethier believes that people of all nationalities, faiths and traditions should seek to promote international friendship, understanding and global harmony. He has dedicated his life to advancing the ideas of numerous internationally renowned initiatives which have united people from many cultures and walks of life to work for more fulfilling world. Along with counseling athletes for achieving better Olympic results, Pierre supports the World Harmony Run  through over 100 nations around the globe.

Pierre Ethier’s spiritual practice has brought him to the simplest ways to evolve beyond ego through acts of kindness. He enjoys helping where people are most in need.

Pierre Ethier participates in Cover Toronto Blanket Drive. This is an initiative that includes donating blankets and other warm items to be distributed to homeless people on the streets of Toronto.

Pierre Ethier is providing counselling to people in distress and other difficult situations.







Pierre’s humanitarian work focuses on three core areas of development:

  •           Personal development – commitment to our own healing and empowerment
  •           Spiritual enlightenment – awakening and living from the highest, widest, and deepest dimension of our being
  •           Social transformation – integrating spiritual realization with the global movement for global change

        Pierre Ethier supports the volunteer initiatives of Daily Bread Food Bank. 600 volunteers are helping out on the long weekends to meet the Thanksgiving fundraising goal of $400,000 and 400,000 pounds of food for the needy.

Pierre Ethier promotes the creation of positive change by providing individuals with the opportunity to become effective and joyful contributors within their communities. He supports a number of initiatives related to social action projects that provide people with the opportunity to transform themselves by contributing to the well-being of others.


Pierre Ethier supports the International Red Cross Movement – the world’s largest disaster preparedness and response network. Regardless of the type or scale of a disaster, the Canadian Red Cross can help you and your community prepare, respond and recover.  The Red Cross has agreements with over a thousand municipalities and eight provinces and territories across Canada. The Canadian Red Cross is a registered charity and not part of the Canadian government.

When disaster strikes, public safety is paramount. However, the response can quickly deplete a community’s resources. Pierre Ethier supports Canadian Red Cross work in collaboration with local authorities and other agencies to address the immediate needs of those affected.  Pierre works with emergency social services in Shelter and Reception Centre Management.

Pierre supports the Red Cross Disaster Centers within the Emergency Social Services Unit which provides:

  •        Family reunification: The chaos and confusion that accompany emergencies and natural disasters can separate families when they need each other most. Pierre helps people re-establish contact with immediate family members after separation and helps them overcome the traumatic events
  •       Personal services: Personal Services offers emotional support and personal counselling to people with needs created or aggravated by a disaster.


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