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  2. I’m relieved to hear of your good qualities Pierre and that you came to the aide of people in need. Would you mind sharing the names of those you just spoke of? It’s not something that we “all” know about and since the Freezone has at least one part of it that allegedly shuns and shames you now, it would be to our best interests to know the actual names of the child molester or the psych med helper, etc. ? And , in fact, the names of those whom you refer to as Freezone, since at one time Freezone was one big family, albeit not a happy one due to the disagreements as to what professionalism meant when it came to practicing Scientology. It would be an error, IMO, to leave the names off now, as you have said you already spoke them out loud. I would not wish to recommend anyone to them and I do recommendations frequently enough to be concerned about this matter. Thank You.

    • Thank You. Each time I followed such an advice as you stated, the FZ PR Terril PArk and his friends would launch a Black PR campaign agsinst me that dwarfs the ones launched by the Church. Terril Park, the self appointed FZ PR lunatic blindly supports those people and is currently spouting one vicious lie after another behind my back. He ensures he talks agsint me only in forums that he prohibits me to participate in or to read.
      Every one that does criminal acts in the Freezone is Terril friend and has his unconditional support.

      Right now Terril PArk defamatory comments and those of his friends include false propaganda that: 1- that I am an alcoholic, when the fact is that I was hit by a drunk driver 20 years ago that caused permanent damage to my legs and I have not wished to take even a small glass of hard liquor since. I will consume at most when invited to do so part of a single beer every 2 or 3 months. i have never liked alcohol. I have not had a drop of alcohol for the past 18 months and terril Park and his friends keep calling me a drunk when their favorite auditor is a self-confessed alcoholic. 2- blatant lies and fabrication about my marriage 3- Vicious fabrications designed to create a conflict between karen de la Carriere and I, when we only have respect of r each other 4- lie about my refusing to train and correct when those attacking me are the one who REFUSED any correction and I CORRECTLY REFUSED TO TRAIN THEM OVER UNDONE CRAMMING CO|rRECTION, especially when their goofs included GROSS AUDITING ERRORS. Thier errors (if you still call them error); USING NOTS comamnds on lower case pcs, Inventing rundowns but calling them LRH rundowns,claiming to be Class VIIIs when they never studied beyond Class IV.Leaving pc over-restimulated and claiming they did no errors. Pc having a psychotic break or pc comitting suicidce MID INTENSIVE and the auditor being adamant of having done no errors when tghe auditing is full of GAEs. Terril Park and his gang blindly supports those people. His only criteria to judge an auditor is the number of succes stories they manufacture. Terril Park sees nothing wrong with an auditor still promoting a success story of a pc who susequentlyy committing suicide leaving a note calling their auditor a CRIMINAL. (the auditor is one of Terril most recommended auditor)
      A member of his gang is so obsessed with me that they OBSESSIVELY WANTS TO STOP ME AT ANT AND ALL COSTS. They visit my web pages several times a day and read and re-read continually anything I write to find a way to pervert it re-invent its meaning and attack me with slanderous vitriol in Forums where they forbid me to attend and anyone daring to defend me will be expelled and attacked.

      So those people I talk about are more vicious and perverse than David Miscavige himself and willing to go even further than David Miscavige himself to seek revenge.

      I’d say anyone that supports Terril Park and fails to recognize him for the lunatic that he is, is likely to be a bad apple. terril PArk himself was recently boasting that he felt that NOTs was UNNECESSARY and based on false technology, as win from his recent auditing.

      • Well, that was more than I bargained for, but thank you very much for the data. I am familiar with Terril Park from days of old when I first found the FZ. Could you please identify the Auditor Terril is using that you referred to as an alcholic? As I said, I would not want to be recommending people to anyone that has their case in restim and unhandled. Thanks so much for this information.

  3. . . .
    WHO the fuck is Terril Park – I didn’t find him on the internet, just some complaints – so WHERE do I find him . . . ?
    From my experience as a detective – why not check with the CIA-paylist – he’s probably a plant . . . ?
    But from counting your ortographic misses, you seem to be pretty upset about that guy . . . ? (I do not dare use the word PTS)
    HOW can we help you Pierre – to get this scene fully cleared up ?
    I want to thank also “nojokin8” for asking very good questions on this.
    Also I stumbled into “Free Zone Survivors Association” – WHO is that ? They judge about everybody without explaining WHO they are ? Are they a secretely paid for service from the government ???

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