Wall of shame – trushing other victims of abuse has a toxic effect

For many years an anonymous poster on ESMB who goes by the handle of Veda has been trashing Pierre with toxic personal attacks which showed so much hatred that I honestly was scared for my personal physical safety and the safety of my family. I have been told that Gerry Armstrong posts under Veda. I have no idea who this is.
I do not know what an ex-Sea Org slave had done to Veda,  Gerry Armstrong or whoever this is , to anger him/ her to this extend. Trashing the victims of abuse is not looking good. It is toxic to his/hers own quality of life.
I met Gerry Armstrong couple of years ago during at an anti-scientology conference in Toronto. Small build with wondering eyes, Gerry was sitting across the hotel lobby. Gerry remained distant and did not approach us and why would he? I am thinking that if he  had something to say he could of done so  in person. One should take the opportunities as they present to actually speak to people and embrace differances with compassion and undertsanding.
I wish you well, Gerry Armstrong.