Joy Villa continues her star turn as Scientology’s sudden celebrity

Joy Villa continues her star turn as Scientology’s sudden celebrity. In this photo, she’s with her “stylish friends,” she says. On the left in the photo is a man named Zoltan Torteli, and more about him in a moment. But on the right, well that’s Arthur Ehrlich. You might remember him from a photo his mother posted when she said she was sending him away to Scientology’s Sea Org at only 16. But he didn’t go after all. And he’s popped up from time to time on various Scientology accounts. When we see him, we remember Aaron Smith-Levin breaking down on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath as he talked about losing his twin brother, Collin. Arthur is Collin’s son, and he has no contact with his uncle, Aaron. We can’t help wondering if Joy Villa has any clue about this at all.


Here’s another shot of Zoltan Torteli, with his certificates for the L10, L11, and L12 Rundowns. According to a 2010 price list, L10 costs a minimum of $42,000 in auditing (and can cost much more), and L11 and L12 cost minimums of $23,250 in auditing each. That’s at least $88,500 and probably much more just for auditing, plus the many weeks of accommodation at the Flag Land Base and numerous other costs for security interrogations, etc.


From Tony Ortega’s Blog