Rest in Peace Blackie


Blackie was a real happy cat. RIP my dear angel.

I wanted to write a short note about how you came into our lives.  Pierre has been auditing and running a drill with his PCs, as a part of the drill PIerre drove us to the SPCA (the local Humane Society). This fluffy friendly back cat did catch my eye right aways, however I was concerned that we had already a senior white cat and I was wondering if they would get alone. A month later the black cat was still there in the shelter, I picked him up and he started purring in my lap and I just could not leave him there. It was this instant bond. We took him home the very same day. The shelter staff had named him Sir Fluffington The Third. Shortly we changed his name to Blackie.

He was extremely friendly to our senior cat. He was loving and kind. Kindness you have never seen.

He parted with me yesterday on February 1st , 2020 very unexpectedly. All happened in minutes and my heart told me something is wrong.  By the time I reached the ER Vet he was no longer responding . It was only 10 minutes ride. The ER Vet did attempt to revive him with CPR but was unsuccessful. It is a really bad time for me to lose my fluffy friend. My heart is so broken and beaten up. Everything is falling apart around me. I am trying to be strong but the sadness overwhelms me.

I love you so much. Thank you for being there for me. Rest in Peace.