Pierre_Ethier-Scientology-Class-XIIThe Church of Scientology promotes Hatred, Discrimination and vilification of anyone who has the guts to expose it to the light of Truth.

All I have done so far is to communicate publicly for them to knock off their Evil ways and to cooperate in ethical and honest ways to promote the spiritual Freedom of individuals. All my communications addressed to the Church and its agents and puppets so far, have fallen on deaf ears.

It is costing them their shirt: Church membership has dwindled by 60% in the past 10 years alone. Their Magazines (Auditor, Advance,Source, Freewinds) betray the true numbers. One has merely to compare the statistics of completions and the names to discover some disturbing facts:

1- The Number of Completions to Major Levels and Rundowns is on a continuous decline, which contradict the generalities and soaring graphs with no scale nor reference points published at events. The events themselves are largely boycotted by its public, which has prompted Senior Management to hire busloads of Extras (non scientologists generic actors) to give the illusion of attendance. Virtually every photo of a crowd at events is photoshopped to multiply its size. It has become so gross that in some cases even a casual observer can discover it on his own.

Doctored promo: Headless man appears 3 times, once with no head, ghostly woman also 3 times and once without a head, the people top right corner and far right are actually proportionately smaller, like hobbits, and the female with the red top is there twice

2- The organizations are almost entirely deserted.  Except for a few large organizations, most Class IV Org around the world have less than a dozen staff. Some of the same organizations had upward of 100 staff in the late 1970s.

3- When David Miscavige high-jacked Scientology resources to defend himself in a copy of Freedom Magazine 2 years ago, the following points could be observed. For each mention of L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige name was mentioned three times. Nowhere was there a mention of the TRUE statistics of Scientology; CLEARS AND OTs (because these statistics are dreadfully low and on a steady decline).The only statistics mentioned were the number of square feet and value of Real Estate Property under the Church control. It clearly shows that the Church is primarily interested in the acquisition of wealth.Nowhere does Spiritual Freedom come in the equation any more.

It has been well documented that acquisition of Real Estate property is meant to be distraction for the few remaining faithfuls, to hide the horrible truth that the Church of Scientology is on a toboggan ride toward the bottom.

4- The number of defectors from the Church of Scientology now surpasses its membership  Over 30,000 people have been declared suppressives since RTC came into being in 1982. This is twice as many active Scientologists in good standing within the Church worldwide.

Doctored promo: The woman at the bottom left of the blue circle is standing next to an 8 foot tall black man is there twice

In Scientology every statistic of its Management is now false to protect against the Church worst fear: the discovery of truth by its members: that its leadership is corrupted to the core (David Miscavige denying food and rest to his juniors, but extorting the Sea Org underpaid staff to buy him a $100,000 motorcycle and finance a life of luxury while some Sea Org staff live in conditions more appalling than those found in the poorest countries on Earth). This is why the Church has abandoned LRH ideas of making each org  “saint Hill size” and has “ideal orgs” instead. Saint Hill size is based in numbers. Ideal org is based on opinion and fudginga few meaningless stats. All one has to do is look at the pictures of those ideal orgs in action: they are quiet like morgues and the course rooms are empty.

Stress and invalidation of preclears and Pre-OTs has grown exponentially over the years. Life expectancy for an Upper Level Scientologist on Church lines is now below 57 years.

The Ls are about to become an extinct technology at Flag.Last year the FSO lost two Class XII C/S to cancer (A Kartuzinsky and Richard Reiss). There are only 9 Class XII remaining at Flag and most of them are already Senior Citizens . The Ls are now being mistaught and run differently than the way L Ron Hubaard taught it to the original Class XIIs. They are now run “Miscavige style” and their failure ratio is now 50%. (prior to my departing in 1992, any Class XII with less than 95% success ratio was removed from auditing and sent on a retrain)

The Church actually amuse me whenever they promote the most aberrant fabrications about me or others that they are unable to blackmail because the only one dirty with crimes is the Church itself.The Church typically recruits renegades with a long history of betrayal and people who are according to their own records insane and unfit for services. I have studied enough pc folders of those GO or OSA puppets cases in the past to know it. The Church hires in lieu of journalists, people so aberrated and crazy that the only uniform they should wear is a straight-jacket.

I recognize the recent frenzy of attacks by OSA and the Church for what it is: the death throws of a wild Beast that has been mortally wounded by the black PR that has backfired upon themselves from decades of lies, deceptions and unethical acts and a list of defectors twice as long as its current membership.

One would think that those running the Church would grown a brain or have a sudden attack of sanity and try to reform the Church, but everything including quality of Services seems to be getting worse every year.

One of the lies promoted by the Church is that I keep desperately searching for PCs to audit. Thanks to the great stupidity and incompetence of OSA and the zombies that now abound on Church staff, I am literally besieged by inquiries from traumatized and disgruntled public of the Church. I just cannot find the time to look for new public. I even had to hire a secretary just to address the load.

Their pc complaints are multiple: Gross Auditor code violations: evaluation, Invalidation, squirrel procedures not written in any HCOB but ordered by the failed auditor who now runs the Church (David Micavige was expelled from his Class IV internship at  Saint Hill in the 1970s for gross Auditor code violations and reports of physically assaulting the pc in the session). Registrars and executives pillaging the accounts of public to get book sales and earn a 15% commission. Denigration of the state of Clear,etc.

The numbers are multiplying  Thanks to the Publcity from the Church of Scientology itself. Who believes them? The Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Taliban have now more credibility that the Church of Scientology has remaining.

I certainly would not go out of my way to defend myself against the raving and insane fabrications of lunatics and mass murderers such as Charles Manson,Timothy McVeigh or Osama Bin Laden.In fact I would view personal attacks and parroting of the insane fabrication by these or their stooges,dupes or fans as a form of compliment, meaning that I must be doing something right to get such a degree of attention.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. described bigotry in the following quotation: “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”

My Life philosophy can be resumed in the following sentence:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Anyone who thinks that the Church of Scientology has not become an EVIL organization has either become mentally lobotomized or seeks to purposefully promote Evil because of the advantages he or she thinks it will afford him/her.

I have departed the Church of Scientology because by 1992,under its leadership it violated the core principles taught in the fundamentals of its philosophy of helping people and seeking to live with the truth.

I developed disagreement in the view that L. Ron Hubbard had reached a permanent state of Infallibility and could never err. (something by definition reserved only for Deity).

I developed disagreement in the fanatical application of the Scientology procedures,observing that I had a near 100% success rate and those under tight control of the Church had a success below 70% by the time I left and that this ratio has continue to go down since.

I decided that it was wrong for the Church to hide its corrupt activities and to keep on telling tell gross lies to its membership for the sole purpose of increasing the amount of Money controlled by its elite.

Therefore attempt to silence me (Church, Freezone,Independents) simply means that:

1- Those attacking me are deeply afraid. Criticism is defined by L. Ron Hubbard as the desire to Harm with a covert admission that one is incapable of actually doing so. Therefore after too many failures to harm someone of goodwill, the mind becomes psychotic and starts to dream the most frantic and absurd fabrications and soon starts to hallucinate believing in their own lies.

2- Those who propagate Hatred believe they have the right to violate the Human Rights of others if it threaten in their eyes the triumph of their ideology. (This is in itself  the definition of Extremism)

Anyone who departs from the Church by dissenting or embracing different beliefs and religious views than those taught by its current leadership is uniformly treated in the following manner

1. Classification:  People are divided into “us and them”. The Church (or fanatical opponent group like Freezone factions) views itself as the good guys no matter how Evilly they act and feel that attacks anyone who try to show them howto reform Evil.

2. Symbolization “When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups…”

3.Dehumanization “One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects, or diseases.” (squirrels) or ridiculing any handicap, old age etc.

4.Organization Attacks are always organized. Special groups or Specialists execute the pernicious agenda seeking to destroy the targeted individuals/group

5. Polarization “Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda…”

6. Preparation “Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity…” My disagreements with the Church are philosophical and religious in nature.

7.Extermination “It is ‘extermination’ because the perpetrators feel the target is a liability to the greater group or Dynamic and is viewed with deep Hatred. Ostracism, boycott and Isolation are merely the first stages before violence becomes justified in the eyes of the perpetrators because their victims are not truly human.”

8. Denial:The perpetrators… deny that they committed any crimes…” OSA (and its agents) and the Freezone are frequently accomplished liars.

9. Discrimination: Because of its dissenting views and the enactment of the previous steps, both the Church and its offshoots (Freezone/Independents) promote the FAIR GAME LAW and the spreading of calumnies and vilification toward dissenters.

10.Persecution:systematic mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals as a response to their religious beliefs or affiliations or lack thereof.

The Above 10 steps are known as the 10 Stages of Genocide.

It describes very precisely the tactics of the Church toward religious dissension.

Anyone who still promotes the ideals of the Church of Scientology in maligning its religious dissenters and/or who promotes Hatred toward those it dislikes or have physical disabilities,or belong to the “wrong ethnic group” should be labelled for what he or she is:  A GENOCIDE ADVOCATE.

Pierre Ethier

(c) 2013


  1. Well said. Of course it would be of interest to precisely define the form of genocide referred to. Genocide is not new and is a hidden aspect of the process of civilisation resultant from wilful intention also hidden.
    What do we call it when someone compromises their inner nature to the point that they knowingly and willingly become an embodiment of Evil? Can we distinguish between the actions and consequences of evil and the origin of Evil? Man can be Good or Evil.

  2. I am from Montreal (1567 Ducharme Ave, Outremont) I attended one of the original Dianetics courses at Elizabethtown New Jersey in 1950 (when I was 21) , later took the course in Washington DC in 1960, was excommunicated by Ron in the early sixties for “plagiarism” (I used his training methods in my Mathematics Courses at McGill VERY successfully.) Later Ron apologized, but I disagreed with his ethics procedures which were coming on line and disagreed with being told who I could communicate with. There was a meeting of ex-scientolgists in Montreal around 1970 where I met Jack Horner. I later took his course in Eductivism in the early 70s in LA. I have always been well aware of the utility of many scientologist processes — but cannot tolerate the “ethics” methods of the current leadership. I haven’t done much auditing for a long time but was recently trying to revive my Mark IV e-meter (unsuccessfully) to help a friend with some of his problems. Thus I came across your WordPress site and liked your approach to tech and your attitude toward ethics. I have no request to make of you, but would like to share with you my appreciation of your efforts to save what was good in scientology and your commitment to sound ethics. Warmly, Donald Kingsbury

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