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You have touched our lives in so many beautiful and meaningful ways.

Our hearts are so saddened by your loss and our thoughts are with you. Rest in peace.


ETHIER, Joseph and Elizabeth (Isabella) Bouquet Ethier

You have to dig well back into our nation’s early history when researching the ETHIER Family. They were among the earliest of the French settlers in New France; in what would become Quebec, Canada. These early generations were headed by the following ETHIER men:

1. Leonard Ethier Estie (2 versions of surname), born  about 1643 in St-Martial de Manot, Angouleme, Angoumois, France. He died 1689 in undetermined place.

Ile Jesus_Hochelaga2. His son Joseph Ethier Estier Etier Esthier (4 versions of surname), Birth 21 Jun 1688 in Lachenaie, L’Assomption, Quebec. Death 27 Aug 1741 in St-Francois-de-Sales, Ile-Jesus, Quebec. This appears to be the family’sImmigrant Ancestor and the Ile -Jesus is part of the Island of Montreal; then near the early village of Hochelaga, New France.

3. His son Paul Ethier Estier Estier Etier, birth 8 Mar 1730, in St-Francois-de-Sales, Ile-Jesus, Quebec. Death abt 15 May 1786 in St-Francois-de-Sales, Ile-Jesus, Quebec.

4. His son Francois Ethier Hetiez (yet another rendition of the surname). Birth est. 1766 in place undetermined, Quebec.

5.  His son Pierre Ethier. Birth 10 Aug 1790 in L’Assomption, Quebec  married Adelaide Sevigny LaFleur (1795 – ) and Pierre was born north of Montreal in what we know today as the Laurentides area.

6. Their son Joseph Ethier was born  3 Apr 1830 in Lachenaie, L’Assomption, Quebec and died 5 Jul 1907 in Westmeath, Renfrew County, Ontario.  We will follow his descendants in Westmeath Township.

Joseph Ethier and Elizabeth Isabella Bousquet
and Descendants

This Joseph is the first Ethier listed in Westmeath Township Records and the son of Pierre Ethier and Adelaide Sevigny LaFleur. He married his wife Elizabeth Isabelle “Lisa” Bousquet (b. abt 1830-1918) in Gower Point (LaPasse) in Westmeath Township. Two spellings Bousquet and Bouquet are found.

The Hickey (Ethier) family were French Roman Catholics from L’Assumption, northeast of Montreal on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, in Lower Canada (Quebec),  and took up farming in Westmeath Township on Lot 23, Conc. 6 EML. The family is first listed as Westmeath Township residents in the 1881 Census,  a listing showing Joseph (age 50) and Elizabeth (or Isabell) Bouquet (age 40), together with their oldest 2 sons, Joseph (21) and Louis (18). These four persons were born in Quebec. All the other children were born in Ontario. Edward Ethier and Joseph Ethier were both enumerated as landowners for the 1893 Municipal Election, for the Township of Westmeath.

The photographs used in this entry are courtesy of Ron Ethier, grandson of Peter Ethier and Catherine Anderson, and son of Wilfred Ethier and Irene Pappin.

The children of Joseph Ethier and Elizabeth Isabelle “Liza” Bousquet Ethier are:

  1. Amanda Ethier
  2. Joseph Ethier was born in Westmeath Township, Ontario.  He married at age 23 to (1) Susanne Marcotte (1856-1895) on June 1883, the daughter of Elie Marcotte and Margaret Glancey.   Joseph remarried, at age 36, to (2) Mary Louise Dupuis (1867-  ), in April 1896.  She was age 29, and the daughter of Maxime Dupuis and  Anne Kencheley, in Gower Point.
  3. Julia Ethier Ladouceur.  Julia died during the depths of WWII and her Will held a sizable inheritance for her three brothers: Peter, Edward and Louis. Ethier, Julia Ladouceur Bequeath.Julia Ether Ladouceur with Edward & Cecile Ethier
  4. Pierre “Peter” Ethier has occupation as labourer in early census records. This branch of the family continued to live in the Westmeath area. See details on his family below.
  5. Marie Albina “Bina” Louisa Ethier  (1856 – 1939). Born in L’assumption, Quebec. Bina married ___ Lalibertie, lived in Asterville, ON. and died in Westmeath Twp.Bina Ethier Lalibertie and grand-nephew John or Ron Ethier.
  6. Antoinette Ethier (1862 – 1883)
  7. Louis Ethier (1864 – 1943)
  8. Edward Ethier “Hickey” (1864 – 1943). Edward has occupation as a carpenter. See details on Edward’s family below.
  9. Alexina Ethier (1868-
  10. Elizabeth Ethier (1874-

The surname of HICKEY was initially used by the Ethier Family, as a form of Anglicization; to form an English pronunciation or substitution for a French name. Early records in Westmeath Township use the surname Hickey.

Pierre “Peter” Ethier (Hickey) and Catherine “Cassie” Anderson
and Decsendants

Catherine Anderson & Peter Ethier

Pierre “PETER” Ethier, son of Joseph Ethier and Isabelle Bouquet, would married Catherine “Cassie” Anderson (1882-  ), a local Westmeath girl and the daughter of John T. Anderson and Eliza Armstrong.

PETER HICKEY would work for the prominent Fraser family, a business of lumbering and farming, and was remembered for his devotion with a stipend in W.H.A. Fraser’s Last Will and Testament.

Peter Ethier and his grandchildren: John Ethier, Donny Daly, Ron Ethier, Peter Ethier, Ryan Ethier, Billy Daly, Lorraine Daly in front.

The children of Peter Ethier (1877-  ) m. Cassie Anderson (1882 –   ) were:

  1. Wilfred Ethier (1903 –  ) m. Irene Pappin, daughter of Sam Pappin and Bridget Ryan, and farmed on the Ethier homestead on Rapid Road at the Ottawa shoreline, at the eastern end of the Bromley Line, (commonly called Swamp Road by the old-timers).Wilfred Ethier & Irene Pappin

Wilfred Ethier with his 3-horse hitch on the binder  at harvest time.

The white farmhouse with the surrounding veranda, was later owned by Wilfred’s daughter Isabel and her husband Guy Drapeau. The children of Wilfred and Irene Ethier are:

i.  Isabel Ethier m. Guy Drapeau, Drapeau,Guy & Isobel Ethier

ii.  John Ethier m. Barb Hennessy,

iii. Helen Ethier  m. ___ Gervais,

iv.  Ron Ethier  m. Gail Hennessy,

v.  Ryan Ethier m. Susan ___,

vi  Bernie Ethier m. (1)Patsy Harkins & (2) Sharon ___.

vii.  Patricia Ethier m. Luke Faught.  Ethier, Patricia Mary Faught

2.  Hector Ethier (1905 -1983) m. “Kitty” Fraser and lived in Copper Cliff, ON.

3.  Irene Ethier ( 1906 –    )  m. Dennis Pappin. They also live in Copper Cliff, ON.

4.  Geneva Ethier Kenny, Geneva Ethier ( 1908- 1984) m. Dyer Kenny and farmed on the Gore Line, just northeast of the Village of Westmeath.  See KENNY entry 

5.  Emmett Ethier (1910 -1914)

 Lorne DuManoir

6.  Dorothy Ethier m. William “Bill” Daly and lived in Ottawa, ON.

7.  Julia Ethier DuManoir, Mary Julia Ethier  m. Lorne DuManoir.  He served in the Canadian forces in WWII. See DUMANOIR entry.

1913-14 Westmeath Team – Photo taken at Campbell’s Bay Que. Team Standing Back Row L to R:  Joe Cecile, J. Alfred Dunn, Horace Ross, Norman Reid-Mgr., Alex Hickey, Eric Ross, Billie Carlson, Lorne St. Denis, Fred Lacriox, Fans Sitting Front Row L to R:  Ned Nesbitt, Dr. Gardiner, Alex Laderoute, Joe Retty, Louis Hickey

Many of the Ethier boys were skilled hockey players and played for Westmeath Teams.

Edward Ethier (Hickey) and Celina Dupuy (Dupuis)
and Descendants

Edward, son of Joseph Ethier and Isabelle Bouquet, has the first usage of “Hickey” used  in the records. Edward m. Celina Dupuy in Gower Point in July of 1892. Dupuy may be a misspelling of Dupuis in the early records.

The children of Eward Ethier  (1866-  ) m. Celina Dupuis  (1871-  ) were:

1.  Alexander  Ethier (  -1993), in Carleton, ON.,  m. ____ and ran a barber shop. Their children all stayed in Westmeath Township and they were:

i.   Joseph Edward Ethier (1917-2002) m.  Vera Gervais  Ethier, Joseph Edward. Their children are: Murray Ethier; Michael Ethier m. Madelaine __; Raymond Ethier m. Leona___; and Ralph Ethier m. Tammy___

ii.     Laurette Ethier m. Emard Couturier

 Emmett Ethier

iii.   Vivian Ethier (1922-2006) m. Jack Gilchrist  Gilchrist, Vivian Ethier. Their children are: Ronald Gilchrist m. Sherry__; John Gilchrist m. June___; Raymond Gilchrist m. Maria ___; Connie Gilchrist m. Larry Lacroix; Pam Gilchrist m. Terry Yashinskie; Stephen Gilchrist m. Cathy___; Kevin Gilchrist m. Val___; Susan Gilchrist m. David Lessard, Jane Gilchrist m. Kenny Latandresse; Cindy Gilchrist m. Dave LaRiviere.

iv.  Emmett Ethier m. Shirley ___,  Emmett served with distinction in the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in WWII. Ethier,Emmett, Doc.Canadian Paratrooper,

v.  Frank Ethier m. Claire Dupuis (1929-2006) Ethier, Claire Dupuis.  Their children are: Paul Ethier m. Huguette ___; Suzanne Ethier m. Wayne Scobie; Cathy Ethier m. Iveson Mulligan; Bernard Ethier m. Debbie__; Duane Ethier m. Marie ___; Chris Ethier m. Eileen__.

vi.  Earl Ethier (1929-2009)  Ethier, Earl Obituary m. Joan Buelow,

vii.   Lillis Ethier m. Vern Couturier

Louis Maxine Ethier

2. Louis Maxine Ethier (1894 – 1917). On 9 June 1917, at age: 23, in La Coulette, France, Louis Maxime Ethier was killed in action in WWI. He served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force  and is buried in France.

3. Barbara Ethier (1897-1988) m. Dan Laderoute. See LADEROUTE entry.

Barbara Ethier Laderoute


4.  Joseph Ethier Jr. (1895-1984)  m. Stella Shea, and  lived in North Bay. They adopted sister Eva’s son Rolly.

5.  Maxime Hector Ethier (1902-1903). Died in infancy.

6.  Joseph Denis Ethier (1904-1994)

7.  Joseph Venant Ethier  (1906-1920) lived in Tweed, Ont.

8.  Joseph Laurent “Lawrence” Ethier  (1908-2000) m. (1)  M. Louise Chevalier at age 28 in June  1936 and (2) Vera M Gervais (1920-2006). Their children are:

i.   Alda Ethier m. (1) Earl O’Brien and (2) George Sniderham

ii.  Dillon Ethier

iii.  Merlin Ethier

iv.   Denzil Ethier

v.   Carl Ethier m. Marjorie ___

vi.  Arlene Ethier m. Victor Lacroix

vii. Gwen Ethier

viii. Philip Ethier

ix.  Melvin Ethier

9.  Marie Anne “Eva” Ethier (1910-2001) m. Leslie James Stratton (1909 – 1987) Children are: Wayne, Wendy, Joanne.

The Church of Scientology shall Face the Truth!

What is that the Church of Scientology does not want you to know ?

In 2005 Robert Dam was excommunicated by the Church of Scientology for publishing articles related to the abuses and coercion in the Church Of Scientology. One of the articles was written by Pierre Ethier and included a number of details from PUBLIC sources like  court cases and media releases about unacceptable , out-ethics and sometimes criminal behavior by staff and parishioners endorsed by the Church and the Church Ethics Officers. Michelle Butcher – Sterling  ( Emma) came to publicly admit that this article was the first critical thing about Scientology she did read on the internet. She eventually claims to have left the Church and is criticizing it to date. She also launched the ESMB – one controversial board that Michelle claims to have been dedicated to expose the crimes of the Church. One would of though Michelle would of been grateful for life but NO! She is still using the corrupt bullying practices she learned at the Church of Scientology.

In the above article there was a small mention about Pierre’s personal situation that prompted him to leave the Church after he was left for DEAD by  “his comrades” and Flag MLO who was trying to coerce Pierre that in condition of severe infection sustained while working at the Church , he is not to be seeking medical attention because his employer (The Church of Scientology – FSO) would be unwilling to pay his medical expenses as per employment contract and because the Church does not maintain workers compensation insurance. I have witnessed this conversation first hand! Believe me , it was not hard to convince a man who is delirious , running a fever of 41 degrees C, shaking and can not properly rationalize that HE HAS TO DIE to save few pennies for the Church of  Scientology. At the time Pierre was full time  staff at FSO  and for over 20 years he was living on $30/ week or less working for the Church excessive work hours (over 110 hours a week). The Church of Scientology however was paid by parishioners for Pierre’s services  and profited at the rate of up to $1000 per hour. The Church of Scientology was to take care for Pierre’s medical experiences , however the Church would not. I was able to convince Pierre to see a doctor and thankfully to the quick administration of antibiotic Pierre survived.

Couple of years prior the Church of Scientology had drained Pierre’s personal financials and coerced him to provide loans to parishioners for services at the Church that were never repaid. Those were funds needed for Pierre’s follow up surgery after a severe accident that happened while he was on staff at the Church. During the accident Pierre’s leg was ripped apart and surgically reconstructed , he spent many days in coma and was told by the doctors he will never walk again. He walked and was coerced  to work immediately after his release from the hospital in an abusive about 110 hours a week work schedule for the sole profit of the Church of Scientology.  As a result for not having the funds for a follow up surgery Pierre end up with a physical disability for life.

One would think that the Church of Scientology is practicing what they are preaching. Well that is not the case! What does the Scientologists code of Honor has to say?  #1 says: ” Never desert a comrade in need , danger or trouble”.  I witnessed the “comrades” at FSO leaving Pierre for dead and caring for nothing but themselves! Not a news here.

After Pierre was left for dead by his ” comrades “ he eventually reconsidered his further associations with the Church, the lack of moral values and lack of care for others and this prompted him for leaving. On leaving the Church officers attempted to break our marriage and ordered Pierre to disconnect me.

But the story did not end up here. After Pierre spoke up about the abuse he had endured by the Church of Scientology an organized campaign was launched to dead agent him and to fairgame his family.  A number of gullible FreeZoners and Ex-Scientologists along with PIs and OSA agents were used to repeat the Church of Scientology fabrications and enemy lines. Smear was fabricated and spread around the internet, including some wild rumors clearly to consistently attack Pierre’s physical disability by contempt and ridicule going into stalking and criminal harassment.

In other words for his kindness to help parishioners obtain services at the Church , Pierre end up to have to cope with physical disability for life and consistent harassment by the very same people he helped .

Pierre also had to cope with the constant attacks of  FreeZoners and Ex-Scientologists used by the Church of Scientology to fair game him or  who were simply implanted with EVIL intentions by questionable GREEDY FreeZone Practicioners. Some attackers were also greedy opportunists and even covertly conspired with the Church of Scientology is an attempt  to profit by getting our home for their own profit and putting our disabled child homeless.

I have personally witnessed all the above events and there is much more to tell about the consistent attempts for family disconnection and an order by the Church ” Ethics” officer to split our marriage. ( to be continued)


Spiritual Abundance – Finding Your Spiritual Sense of Purpose

Most Scientologists, Ex-Scientologists and people in between are pursuing happiness, but in all the wrong places; and they are not finding it.

 Never has the world had so much, yet been so  wretched and miserable. Depression, unhappiness, confusion, frustration, unfulfilled hopes and failed dreams, intense dissatisfaction, emptiness, haplessness and suffering. Most are pursuing happiness, but in all the wrong places!—and they are not finding it. Vast new frontiers of expanding scientific knowledge have not brought the expected enjoyment , neither have the efficient devices, which were supposed to bring people more leisure time to “enjoy themselves.” Instead, mental illness, drug addiction, despair, suicide, alcoholism, self-pity, and other forms of escapism—and general discontent with life seem to sink in everywhere.

It seems that most have also failed terribly in knowing about real abundant living. Many  are taught to feel guilty if they enjoy themselves—if they are happy! So many believe  they have to suppress joy and happiness.

Many have no concept that truly represents fullness, richness, pleasures and overflowing with plenty, both physically and spiritually. They have no thought that boundless energy is available to them if they will but tap it. The true road to happiness is to overcome the spirit of fear and to embrace the power of love, and of a sound mind”  This is not about how to tap the better “inner you.” It is not about practicing “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” positive thinking derived from human strength. In the long run, these are not worth much. On their own, people fall short, and ultimately fail in the most crucial aspects of life. They are powerless to defeat weaknesses and faults—and to triumph in the end. Enormous inner strength and power will flow into and through you, if you take advantage of the access life offers you.


Have you stood by a powerful river, watching the current? I have many times. A big river carries tremendous power and force. Personal spiritual power flows like a river, and produces mightily in those who have it. It radiates out of one, and brings love, faith, joy and peace. This power will help you meet challenges, defeat enemies, conquer fear and reflect cheerfulness. It will bring wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and drive anger, bitterness and anxiety away. It will replace discouragement with energy and hope. It will bring zeal to accomplish and remove confusion and indifference. It will take shattered dreams and shriveled feelings, and expand them to new horizons—and bring an expectation of success. It will take stress and turn it to productivity and fulfilling accomplishment.


If you come and ask for help in time of need and look for the real answers and knowledge  this can flow strength and it is life-changing. Knowledge of thyself can  bring you the truly good things of life. How sad that the lives of so many are so completely empty—so utterly devoid of joy, happiness and abundance. Many try drugs, fall into immoral lifestyles, pursue the wrong kind of entertainment, commit crimes, and otherwise get into trouble, simply because they are bored. They do not know they can have lives filled with purpose. This lack of  true goals is so unnecessary—so far from what is intended for every human being.

The vitality and abundance—and pure joyful happiness—that can be yours is closer than you think. But you must recognize that life’s offers in an entirely new and different way. This also means periodically accepting correction, which can sometimes cut deeply. But the open mind seeks to grow at every opportunity. And receiving correction is also directly connected to happiness. Of course, no one naturally enjoys correction, but yielding to it produces a positive experience. So, if even correction can bring happiness, just think of the joy that will come from practicing the many other aspects of Scientology Technology. Self-interest will be replaced with an interest in others. You will want to humble yourself and value the lives of others, more than your own opinions—your own needs. You will feel good will and cheerfulness in your heart. You will want to smile, lead a life of vigour and reflect calm while standing in the eye of a storm.

You can find the meaning and purpose in a confused, disagreeing, unhappy world! And knowing you are doing this will bring its own happiness and satisfaction. Confidence will flow from this, but not self-confidence.

You will not find yourself constantly carping, griping, moaning and complaining about life’s endless “injustices.” You will not want to speak evil of others, but will want to lift them up, rather than pull or put them down. You will be able to conquer loneliness. And this will generate a never-before-realized strength and boldness that will literally drive your life!  Expand and evolve to give more to those you love. When you care about people around you  life is magical.

Enjoy life with the spirit of abundance by finding your spiritual sense of purpose.



Consistent harassment by informants of the Church of Scientology has given unexpected results. An informant of the Church of Scientology had placed an ad in a FreeZone group and later on have claimed to have employed an assistant to make fraudulent reports to various government agencies in order to harass me and my family. As a result my taxes were reassessed but the result was not what this EVIL person was hoping for. It came out that I have overpaid my taxes and I received a juicy payback check from the taxman. My overpayment was returned with interest.

Public records also show that the same Church informant had been in trouble with the IRS for not paying taxes.


P.S. FreeZoners please keep consistent with your rules not to be bitching at success stories!

The informants of the Church also shamelessly claimed that their goal is to get my family , including my disabled child homeless.




“Just after I finished writing you and was putting the letter in the envelope Mary came down from the Torre and said, ‘Something terrible has happened to Willie.’ I went out and found Willie with both his right legs broken: one at the hip, the other below the knee. A car must have run over him or somebody hit him with a club. He had come all the way home on the two feet of one side. It was a multiple compound fracture with much dirt in the wound and fragments protruding. But he purred and seemed sure that I could fix it.

I had René get a bowl of milk for him and René held him and caressed him and Willie was drinking the milk while I shot him through the head. I don’t think he could have suffered and the nerves had been crushed so his legs had not begun to really hurt. Monstruo wished to shoot him for me, but I could not delegate the responsibility or leave a chance of Will knowing anybody was killing him…

Have had to shoot people but never anyone I knew and loved for eleven years. Nor anyone that purred with two broken legs.

Church of Scientology Juvenile Smear of My Family, Fair Game and Google Wars

Stay tuned .

I have been researching the Church of Scientology smear campaigns The Church have been heavily manipulating  various attention seekers, people with no education and no jobs , users and abusers. Last year one of the Church Informants claims to have spent over $30 000 to fair game me and my family with the intention to unfairly profit by getting the home of my family and putting my disabled child homeless on the street. After this EVIL her FreeZone auditor congratulated the EVIL deeds and promoted this EVIL as a success. Shame!

Honorable people care about other people and  help the homeless with food and shelter. Do not be surprised by EVIL campaigns by informants of the Church of Scientology with the only goal to get children homeless on the street.

With the donations to the Church were actually financed smear shills , smear  web pages and paid smear google advertisements to fair game my family. This is how my presence became triple on google search . In addition the Church Shills were snooping on my blogs in conjunction with the Church Informants.

Catherine Ethier



The Church of Scientology’s Supremacy over the search term “Scientology” on Google

UPDATED 20 Mar 2002 ORIGINAL 12 Feb 2002

FINAL UPDATE? 8 Apr 2002: A Google search for Scientology now turns up astonishing results–a balanced representation of what is actually out there on the net, ranked by popularity. It appears that whatever remaining issues may remain, the substantive central issue–whether this search engine accurately represents web content–is at least for the moment resolved. The rest of this page should, therefore, be considered, if not obsolete, at least partially superseded by events.

23 Mar 2002: Yahoo! Directory on Scientology Opposing Views noted for linking to this page, which is odd, considering that they deleted their link to although they have, so far, escaped scrutiny for doing so. Interestingly, this only appears to have disappeared for the search term “Scientology” itself. On a search for “Operation Clambake” it shows up first.

Evening 22 Mar 2002: Kady O’Malley comments on How Ava Paquette Hoodwinked Google.

Morning 22 Mar 2002: itself takes over with more coverage of the news events, including the replacement of in a search for “Scientology” on Google. It should be noted that only the link itself has been replaced. Other URLs on the list from Scientology legal beagle Ava Paquette remain missing. As an amusing aside, there’s already a song called “Ava Gram” by Subgenius slackrockers El Queso or “Enturbulator 009” about the habitual DMCA abuse of Scientology lawyer Ava Paquette.

Evening 21 Mar 2002: gives a full news update on the events of today and yesterday.

21 Mar 2002: Slashdot weighs in. Shortly thereafter, so does, a German geek webzine fairly similar to Slashdot. Note: I have been corrected that is, in fact, a publication of the German newsmagazine “Computer und Technik” Comments on its removal from the Google search engine.

FLASH: This Usenet post from Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster of, indicates that Google has removed links from its search engine based on a DMCA notification from the cult of Scientology. If true, this has huge repercussions for the entire Internet–sites will disappear from the Google search engine based upon a mere allegation that they MIGHT be infringing–in other words, based upon the mere opinion of a copyright holder. In light of AOL’s recent smash victory in which it was proven that the DMCA provided it immunity, Google’s decision seems bizarre, and even suicidal. Note that these Scientology allegations are nothing new. This cult has been shopping their laundry list of bogus allegations around to anyone who would listen for years. They have never to date filed an infringement suit, although they have had years to do so. The obvious reason for this is that contains no infringing content.

QUICK AND DIRTY LINK LIST: A few links to the developing story concerning the disappearance of from Google. Scientology conspiracy? Google revenge? Inadvertent fallout from overzealous supporters of the site? Only Google knows. Comments
Kuro5hin thread
Daily Rotten article
Microcontent article on “Google Bombs”
Slashdot subthread on “Search Engine Payola”
Search for “Scientology Google search” on Google Groups (some but not all ongoing Usenet threads)

UPDATE: 20 March 2002: For some reason, some time between 02:55 PM EST and 07:25 PM EST yesterday, entirely disappeared from a Google search for Scientology. There are a variety of reasons this could have happened. could simply have been down at the exact moment Google spidered it. (However, it was up as late as 02:55 PM and was also up at 07:25 PM EST when I noticed its disappearance from the engine.) While other explanations are more suspicious, there’s no reason yet to assume foul play. It could merely be an ironic quirk of fate that this has happened right now; but if it isn’t, it will certainly be noted widely.

UPDATE: 6 March 2002. This update is to take note of some major changes in what I was reporting, as well as to clarify a few things that have resulted in misunderstanding. For the past week or so, the major situation I had been commenting on has changed. is at #4 on a Google search for Scientology. Another development is that the Scientology directory on the Open Directory Project is now listed as “This category needs an editor,” indicating that for reasons I can not elaborate on, Scientologist editor andir is no longer editor of that category, or for that matter others for which she was previously listed.

These constitute rather major changes in the data reported below, which may become of only historical interest in the future. The second part of this update is to correct a few areas where I was vague. One of these was in seeming to blame the Open Directory Project for this situation. I should have mentioned several mitigating factors. One of them is that even when no critical sites were in the first page of results, due to Google’s connection to the ODP, categories containing the search term were listed immediately above the search results, one of those categories being the Opposing Views category on Scientology. Another is that to the extent ODP influenced the PageRank of critical pages at all, that influence was positive. It was not my intention to suggest that either ODP, Google, or both, were somehow colluding with Scientology to give inflated rankings, nor to object to reasonable rankings like being the first search result. Finally, these results apply only to the use of the single search term “Scientology” by itself. Even a relatively clueless search engine strategy like typing natural language questions into Google defeats all this very expensive spam. Try Should I join Scientology? or Is Scientology a cult? and you get almost entirely critical pages as results. (I’m aware Scientology could easily use these ideas in new spam attempts, but frankly I like the idea of them adding a rant denying being a cult to all their pages.)

In conclusion, Scientology is of course not the only entity using these strategies. As this Slashdot post shows, the porn industry uses tactics similar to Scientology’s. While I suspected this might be the case, this revealed a similarly sophisticated strategy (as separated from a lot of the blatant spam that bounces off Google’s well-designed search engine).

12 Feb 2002: This page was created to examine the reasons for Scientology’s high placement in so many search engines despite its egregious unpopularity and highly popular sites opposed to this cult, such as Operation Clambake (also known as and Ron Newman’s The Church of Scientology vs. the Net page. I created the page to discuss the interesting results one gets on Google on a search using “Scientology” as a search term.

Google is, of course, the king of all search engines, so it is with Google that I am primarily concerned, although the interaction between Google and the Open Directory Project is also interesting. The Open Directory Project is a Yahoo!-like hierarchically-organized directory which is widely mirrored by a variety of ISPs. The mirrors themselves are usually highly ranked in Google search results, so links from ODP tend to increase ranking.

It should be noted that this situation is worsened by the fact that the ODP directory related to Scientology is run by a Scientologist, while the ODP directory relating to Scientology opponents remains without an editor. ODP routinely refuses applications for editors of the directory, and some have accused them of round-filing user submissions, while every new Scientology-owned site is added immediately and without oversight. When sites critical of Scientology are added, it is often after a long delay, if the site is added at all. Despite numerous submissions to the ODP in the last three months, almost none have been added. This problem is also detailed on this thread on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

Google prides itself on its PageRank™ technology, which while largely proprietary, in the words of its creators “relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value.” Google continues, stating: “In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages ‘important.'”

Unfortunately, in the case of this particular search term, the Church of Scientology, a large corporate entity, has figured out how to exploit this to their advantage by having large quantities of domains that are packed heavily with links to each other. Figure 1, generated by the VisIT software, is a stark illustration of this.

Fig 1. Search term “Scientology” using only Google

As you can see, Scientology-owned pages exclusively and exhaustively point to other Scientology-owned pages. Some, such as, are little more than highly-linked link lists whose sole purpose is to point to other Scientology-owned pages which themselves link to exactscientology. Whois information for the vast majority of these indicate identical registrations such as this one for Therefore, Scientology-associated pages appear to be more highly ranked than critical pages, which appear to exist as islands, sparsely connected to each other.

The rankings are not representative of how broadly Scientology critical pages are linked. These search results checking links to and using the link: operand on Google indicate that despite comparable numbers of links, the search rankings vary widely. The links to are almost exclusively from other Scientology owned pages, such as and thousands of nearly identical template-generated “spam pages.” In this case, in Google‘s language, the “uniquely democratic nature” of page ranking depends on how much money you have to buy duplicative domain registrations.

To be fair to Google, this effort by Scientology has been quite costly, involving huge numbers of domain registrations and the creation of a vast network of incestuously linked pages. Figure 1A shows this in more detail.

Fig 1A. More detailed view using search term “Scientology” with search engine Google

Looking at this in even more detail, one sees that outside the most obvious “core” Scientology sites, a galaxy of smaller domains also points to and its sister sites, while Scientology-critical sites largely sit by themselves. While they are linked from other sites, those links do not add up to the sheer bulk of the incestuous network of links which creates Scientology’s illusion of relevance–even though most of those links are, effectively, the result of Scientology linking to itself. Where critical pages do link to each other, the links are not effectively reciprocated.

The same general scheme prevails on the Open Directory Project, although with a slightly different focus, as Figure 2 shows.

Fig 2. Search term “Scientology” using only

Figure 2A takes a closer look at the trend.

Fig 2A.More detailed view using search term “Scientology” with search tool

Using both Google and the Open Directory Project as sources, the picture is complete.

Fig 3. Search term “Scientology” using Google and

Fig 3A. More detailed view using search term “Scientology” with Google and

Taking a closer look at this, we have the final result: sitting atop a vast pyramid of links to and from it, boosting its ranking on search engines as well as the rankings of its sister sites, all owned by the same entity, yet appearing in the “uniquely democratic” ranking system as if they have been elected number one by universal acclaim, although the vast majority of this ranking is generated by what amounts to linking to itself.

While the Church of Scientology is merely one of thousands of entities attempting to manipulate its rankings in Google and other search engines, unlike the others, Scientology has managed effectively to subvert the PageRank™ technology and elect itself supreme.

It doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable for to be the first hit on a search for “Scientology”, but for it and sister sites to be the bulk of the search results is getting ridiculous. As a closing note, I should note that this analysis focuses almost exclusively on the “voting” aspect of the PageRank™ technology and that other factors play a highly important role in page ranking, including relevance of content and how often and prominently the search term is mentioned on the page.

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Flag trained auditors

I have a lot of respect to Flag trained auditors who have gone through a very advanced training in order to deliver the upper levels. For the one who does not know , the Church of Scientology has issued a policy in the 80-es prohibiting the field auditors to deliver beyond Clear. One of the reasons is that the field auditors work is not overseen by a C/S


This means that a Field auditor is typically experienced in delivering the lower bridge where with no C/S. Certain Rundowns are delivered at Flag only , some are delivered at the Advanced Orgs. This also means that certain rundowns are truly mastered by Flag trained auditors only and require the supervision of a C/S. The higher level of expertise is extremely important when delivering the upper bridge and the Ls.

I hope that this will help you to understand that Flag trained auditors have advanced knowledge , vast expertise and capabilities to pin point the right areas the PC needs to be addressed. Karen De La Carriere , a Class XII and C/S mentions that:” Each interneship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. ” The was referring to the Ls training at FSO.

A certain Class VIII  and a field auditor often shows off  with the promo line that he trained to Class VIII in two years. The following statement sounds like a shameless degrade of the value of training: ” I bought all the basic books and read them cover to cover one week in late 1968……I got my Grades, did my Academy levels, volunteer audited in Hawaii, moved to LA, did the BC, volunteer audited at the AO and then started field auditing in 1970. By 1971 I was a Class VIII ”  Such boasting falls within the “high crime” of “Technical Degrades” (HCO POLICY LETTER OF 17 JUNE 1970 RB) and  even if this Class VIII auditor has been declared not once but twice , he still keeps boasting about his quickies. LRH: “Such actions as this gave us “quickie grades,” ARC broke the field and downgraded the Academy and SH courses. A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty will be activated…”

 It took me total 5 years ( 4 years full time university studies and a Thesis) to obtain my first Masters Degree. It took me  an additional of 4 years flawless practice to obtain my professional license.  This based on standard government requirements. In the wog world , for two years one can not obtain even an undergraduate degree and will be prohibited to practice in regulated professions. A PC on other hand deserves nothing less but the same standard of care. It has become a practice to often see auditors in the field with fraudulent claims for training and certifications. It is now up to the PC to make a wiser evaluation of the auditor they choose.

Auditors that respect themselves and their PCs shall get a proper training instead of advertising their incompetence and quickies. Would you allow a surgeon who studied only 2 years in a medical school to operate on you? I do not think so.

People who have fallen victim into various manipulations to do the bidding of EVIL individuals and to promote the church enemy lines hide a little secret. This secret it that they are dishonest! The reason of the low perceptions of those people and the inability to make rational conclusions resides in their little white lies! ”Dishonest people have withholds, and withholds stack up mass and bring about stupidity.



December 21, 2011

Karen De La Carriere: ….[name omitted ] ….. “never had any Ls training. He certainly did not have the very complex and unique training of Class X, XI and Class XII. There is an enormous study ofLRH CSed folders and special testsn to understand why LRH CSed that way. ” ….[name omitted ] ….” never came anywhere near this section of the training.”

Karen De La Carriere : “ The Ls are like a Ferrari. Most people can drive one up to 100mph but the minute you get into 150 mph, when things so wrong, they go terribly wrong. The Ls are high performance spiritual work that require expert handling by qualified Ls auditors. This requires interneships and not done by reading ‘hat write ups”.”

Karen De La Carriere : “When something goes wrong …either in a high performance vehicle or intense spiritual work ~~ the results can be catastrophic if one does not know how to recover from trouble. Lisa Mcpherson, 3 weeks after L-11 (see the image on the web of her proudly displaying her L-11 Cert and smiling) went Type III, taking off her clothes and walking naked on Fort harrison Avenue. This is an example of how badly it can backfire.”

Karen De La Carriere : “What we are discussing is an expanded range, that which can boost you so high spiritually and take you into the lofty heights of heaven can also backfire in the other direction and send you into hell.”

Karen De La Carriere: “ I will never participate in any action that does not guarantee the safety and well being of pcs. Only knowing, training and understanding the length an breadth of the procedures and their remedies can give the results LRH intended for these rundowns.”

Karen De La Carriere : “One example of how Interneships are so vital is that the AUDITING STYLE of Ls auditing is different. You have to un-do all the TRs 1-4 you have ever learned all your life and learn “TR L10 style” It is designed to impact the case differe…ntly. This needs to be drilled and drilled and drilled on video and one has to watch one’ own videos day after day, month after month til one has perfected one’s performance and til it is second nature. There is nothing in the field in current set ups that can even come near approximating Ls training. Each interneship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. But the pc is the beneficiary and is now in safe hands. The safety and guaranteed stability of the pc is the primary importance here. To hell with any other consideration than the PC and the PC’s benefit.”