Help me spread more good and achievement in 2017


As the year comes to a close, I am more committed than ever to fostering understanding, compassion and powerful achievement in the world.

I have also come to realize that I can’t do it without you. If you are looking for a reason to help me spread the true application of Scientology technology: the science of a meaningful life and personal improvement? Here is a great one:

Because the World Needs More Kindness and Connection!

I share your hopes for more peace and empathy in the world. Kindness is a universal language that blind men see and deaf men hear. If I have to talk about the amazing human abilities I would talk first about human kindness. It separates us from the rest of living things. It exposes our spirit and gives us the means to prevail. If people around us base every action on a conscious kindness our world will be beautiful and our lives will be fulfilled with meaning. If the mankind wasn’t so busy being greedy or power hungry or ego-driven, they would have more time to devote to being more kind.

The end of the year marks the time for clearing the slower energies of the past and preparing for a new cycle of growth. It is a time of awakening and recommitting to life as spiritual beings full of new energy and warmth. It is time again to celebrate of being spiritually rejuvenated and resurrected in a new spiritual realm allowing ourselves the reckoning of better deeds.

The completion of one cycle and going into the next is a sign representing energy, drive, initiative and motivation. I feel rejuvenated with a restlessness and an openness to change and new experiences. Now’s a perfect time to reflect on relationship to life and I invite everyone to revisit what brings your personal and spiritual fulfillment.

No matter what are your challenges, you can look at your life in new ways and this will support you to grow closer to your higher self. Empower yourself with the postulates of spiritual growth and change by learning from adversity.

I wish you an inspiring, productive and meaningful new chapter in your life’s journey.

Pierre Ethier


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