Diantetics and Scientology Research Project


Pierre Ethier has spent many years in Dianetics and Scientology Research dedicated to documenting the technology research for supporting the standard tech application processing and preserving the Scientology Spiritual Technology in its powerful original. His efforts include sustaining of a full line of research materials on Dianetics and Applied Scientology in their unaltered original, including many undocumented contributions.

Currently our Research Library includes Full Runs of all major Scientology Publications as they were originally mailed:

Publications and magazines:

  • Dianetic auditor bulletins ,
  • Professional auditor bulletins “PABS” ,
  •  Journal of Scientology ,
  • Certainty ,
  • Ability “Washington” ,
  • Auditor ,
  • Advance,
  •  Source ,
  • Celebrity and many others.

Other non-sectioned publications:

  • The Aberree
  • Dianotes
  • Dianews
  • ARC Light
  • CADA Journals and Bulletins
  • Free Spirit
  • Bristol Dianetic Review and many others

Full First Editions of books and booklets from the 1950-es, both by L.Ron Hubbard and other Dianeticists and scientologist. (the list is very long).

Large quantity of original Reels to Reels from the 1950-es by both L. Ron Hubbard and his followers and dissenters, and scores of published original materials.

Have rare, historical or significant books or materials? Why not make them available for research and beyond?

Pierre Ethier welcomes gifts of materials and monetary donations for research materials from individuals or groups. All materials must be legally obtained without exception. Please contact us if you kindly want to contribute rare, historical books or other materials that you want to make available for technology research for enhancing and preserving standard tech applications. Where possible we will attempt to add the materials into our Research Library based on criteria that apply to the selection of our library materials. It is understood that gifts are freely given without conditions attached.

All donations will be considered as Donations of Gifts-In-Kind. You also can make voluntary donation via PayPal.


It is understood that gifts are freely given without conditions attached.

Pierre has been compiling a Scientology Research library purchasing many rare materials in order to preserve the tech. and to use the materials for research and as a practical reference for standard processing. This project has been heavily sabotaged in the the past, however it came to produce extraordinary good results despite the counter intention and many road blocks. Now the fruits of the hard work have become evident.

Recently we have been approached by benefactors who offered some help for this project. I am happy to see that despite of the many who just want to consume resources without fair exchange, there are some kind people who  actually want to contribute and further help for the development of the Scientology Research Library by sending gifts-in-kind donating materials and monetary resources. I am happy to see that true kindness and care for others is still out there.

Thank you for your gifts-in-kind and your contributions.

True kindness is still out there.

What makes great people are the simple acts of kindness.

2 comments on “Diantetics and Scientology Research Project

  1. So Very Thanks Pierre For Your Responsibility To Secure Our Spiritual Future! What you do is VERY valuable for All of Us.

    Infinite Love Happiness Harmony Variety Prosperity And Fun For Ever And For Now!

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