Events and Views (reprinted archive)


Below is the unedited version of an article Pierre published many years ago. The article was written based on the events back then.

Since that time many years have passed and Pierre had refused juicy offers for corrupt alliances and rejected to partner with corrupt individuals for large profits. Pierre refused to compromise with the quality of delivery, refused to abandon Preclears in need and refused  to cave in  Preclears with altered  processing for profits. Pierre wanted to make the bridge accessible to people who truly follow the path to spiritual achievements , enlightenment and spiritual freedom.

Since then every project of good will that Pierre started has been heavily sabotaged by covert operations and viscous attacks using altered exerts of the article where the sections related to the Corporate Church were conveniently removed to make the Church look somewhat better than their unauthorized off-shoots  There is only one entity that will strip this article from its very essence  and remove any mention about the Church. This would be only done by the agents of the Church itself in order to manipulate people while using stooges who have sold out to infiltrate the free field with the enemy line.

Be aware about impersonations and altered fraudulent  distributions and hidden agendas. Our ultimate wish is to deal with individuals of higher spiritual quality that will produce better experiences in our and your lives. Further  our views will evolve based on better and positive experiences. Practical attacks, name calling, hostility , physical threats and stalking are  attributes  of organized manipulations. Often impostors act on behalf of the Corporate Church to cave in the fools in the crowd.

 Some organizations and unauthorized offshoots of the Church have resorted into resembling the corruption and low ethics because their members somehow need to stay in the familiar environment have been accustomed – an environment of abuse , ridiculing and humiliating others , violating others rights where their PR leaders assert the line that only they have rights and in their view  others don’t have any rights. So those groups feel justified to abuse others, abuse  families and children while raving angrily in variety of internet groups and promoting violence. (easily to spot the BPC and that their case is un-flat as well as their false claims for case gains) . 

Altering the article below of its subject and essence is  nothing else but promoting the enemy line to serve an agenda for improper purpose, fraud and hate crimes. 


Reprinted old article

© Copyright 2008. This article is protected under the terms of the Public Participation Act.

FreeZone and CoS Whistleblower

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Definition of a Whistleblower: (from the American Heritage Dictionary) One who reveals wrongdoing within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority in the hope of reforming it.

I have worked for and with the Church of Scientology for over two decades, assuming various posts and eventually reaching the Highest training level (Class XII) achieved by only a handfull few. During that time I was able to experience first hand the numerous paradoxes and conflicts within. The same organization has been professing the highest possible humanitarian goals and has provingly helped, at least for a time, many to achieve better lives. Yet in far too many documented cases, it has sought to enslave others through Mental and Emotional Manipulations or been guilty of Human Rights Violations.


To explain the Scientology paradox, it is vital to distinguish its three components:
1-Scientology, according to the very first recorded mention of it on November 28th 1951 (lecture titled: The Chart of Attitudes) “is a route: it is the study of science or the study of truth or the study of knowledge”.

The reason I undertook that study was to help myself and others achive greater abilities, develop more fully our potential and to reach higher levels of Spirituality. Many years ago, I established the firm postulate that no individual or Organization will ever ever be able to stray me away from those goals. Nearly 15 years after my departure from the Church of Scientology, those goals are more present than ever in both my life and my daily activities.

2- L.Ron Hubbard , the individual (1911-1986). An important distinction is required here between it and “L. Ron Hubbard. the Trademark”..

L. Ron Hubbard the individual is of course a Man (not deity, hence by definition prone, at least in some form, to some of the imperfections of humankind) born in 1911 and deceased in 1986.
“L. Ron Hubbard, the trademark” is that trademark owned by the “Church of Spiritual Technology (CST),  a FOR PROFIT  organization (and acknowledged as such by the IRS) who is led by three non-scientologists Special directors. (It main figure head being Meade Emory, a non-scientologust who was the IRS High Comissioner for many years. The Church of Scientology DOES NOT CONTROL CST, but rather the opposite. The Trademaks, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Dianetics are controlled by them and the Church of Scientology has agreed to not appoint or remove any of its Senior Management structure without their approval. Note that the President of CST (a Scientologist) has no true power and that only its non-scientologist board of Directors has. Some have even argued that due to the direct links between CST’s directors  and the American Government, that the Church of Scientology had actually fallen under the control of Big Brother…
L. Ron Hubbard Library is ficitious name officially registered by CST. In other words an alias. L. Ron hubbard Library is found as the final signatory and authority in all current Church of Scientology documents, revisions of LRH originals and their publication, and new directives. Therefore anything revised after 1986, no matter how contradictory to the original philosophy of Scientology and to LRH (the individual) writings and recordings can be freely stamped “L. Ron Hubbard” as its author since it is legally defensible (as absurd it may be in the mind of most people).

So this leaves us with two new paradoxes.

A) L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology may not necessarily 100% of the time be in full harmony

B) L. Ron Hubbard library has legal license to authorize the complete re-writing  or editing of the works of L. Ron Hubbard (the individual), even if those were to satisfy somebody else’s pernicious agenda. It can therefore, at its whim, grant the right to appose the name L.Ron Hubbard to any perversion of the original technology or of its original intent.

3- The Organization: currently known as the Church of Scientology and including the Sea Organization and its numerous affiliates.  Legally the Church of Scientology is accountable to no one but its leadership. It’s Supreme leader is accountable to one but himself. By its very design the Church of Scientology has no provisions of any kind for any “Checks and Balances” since by Policy it is assumed that it is exempt from ever doing any wrong and that its leader is by definition infallible. (This is amply covered in the Organizational Executive Course  Volumes). There has not been a single instance in Human History of an Organization without Checks and Balances, not eventually sinking into complete corruption. Corruption is like Cancer, if left untreated, it will lead to the death of the organism. The Church of Scientology ‘s actions are based upon the dictate of a self-appointed clique. This is not opinion but fact. The only legal defense to justify the take over of current Management of the Church in 1986 is a Will signed by L. Ron Hubbard the hours before his death, when it is doubtful from the amount of medication found in his body at death time that he would have been conscious or been able to sign the document in a full conscious state on his last day. After 20 years the same clique is intact, in spite of wholesale lower statistics and no evidence of stable expansion. (It lists of completions as published in Advance and Source Magazines, shows it is still falling seriously short of earlier levels). That clique per its own public admission is able to rewrote policy and does not tolerate any attempt to correct it or challenge it. It has ruthlessly declared a Supressive Person anyone challenging their orders or anyone attempting to correct them, no matter how they contravened LRH own policies or how destructive their actions may be. It is almost trivial, under those circumstances to demonstrate that the philosphy of Scientology and the Church of Scientology as it is being operated today, are virtually in complete contradiction one from the other.

In Summary one cannot truly judge Scientology, or the philosophy of what stands for through the actions of the Church or even to a lesser degree to its author.

Whathever reprehensible actions the Church may be currently doing is generally the product of aberrant behaviour by its leaders, and is not necessarily due to a fault in the design of the philosophy.

Something remains workable because it is so or can be demnonstarted to be valid. The actual biographical details or shortcomings of its designer do not necessarily invalidate the workability of something, especially when supported by experience and logic.

From the  3 March 1952 lecture: “Introduction to Scientology”  “Out of  Scientology you could formulate, …a very fine type of “thought warfare” which you could use enslave people utterly”
My statement is therefore that Scientology correctly applied by someone with a clean heart will help people. Perverted or used by people with ulterior motives and it will trap or enslave them.


THE FREEZONE IS DEFINED AS THE LOOSE (ANARCHISTIC) ASSOCIATION OF PEOPLE APPLYING (with various degrees of alteration) the technologies originally developped by L. Ron Hubbard while disavowing the Church of Scientology and its leadership.

The FREEZONE is the ANTI-THESIS of HUBBARD HCOPL “KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING”, and by actual observation the more points 1-10 of that policy an individual violates the more likely and higher he/she is likely to climb and gain status there.

The Free Zone is chracterized by an avoidance of discipline (in particular self-displine) in any form, Explosions of Criticism and Natter at the drop of a hat against anyone who fail to agree with one’s wild ideas about how they should invent new technology or make the current one unworkable.

The closest analogy to the Free Zone are the street gangs of a large Metropolis like Los Angeles. These gangs are extremely territorial, They atatck each other continuously and they view as nothing being enough of moral turpitude to forward their own perceived agenda of “Survival”.Many of teh Free Zone Gangs openly endorse cyberterrorism toward those who dare “blow the whistle on their unethical actyivities”.

Activities practiced by the Freezone include False Representation (for example auditors who claim to deliver the Ls Rundowns with 100% LRH original, when in fact they are not trained, posess only 5% of the materials and use the wrong techniques to run whatever they have). The result is typically quickie Rundowns run in less than 20% of the time they should have and a full 20% of spun in cases from those misrun rundowns. Those spun in cases are typically swept under the rug, and often threatened with blackmail, should they ever dare talk against. Having not a shred of decency these FREEZONE auditor will prevent the release of the pc folders to anyone lest the atrocity of what they did be discovered and use all forms of threats and character assassination on any auditor that might be competent enough to repair them. All of it to ensure that their technical overts for whcih they never took responsibility arer never discovered.

Blackmail is another FREEZONE FAVORITE. Typically the FREEZONE practitioner who has too many failed case will threaten with character assination anyone who dare expose his own malpractice and more shockingly, the extreme complacence they have about having failed cases and sweeping them under the rug. In some cases, teh FREEZONE practitioner, once he has bled his client for all he got, will drop him or her liek aq hot potato and ignore the cries of teh pc he messed up, even when the individual screams for help. In the very worst cases this has resulted in death or suicide. In this way, the Free Zone can be even worse than the Church, because the Church has at least resources. The average FREEZONE practitioner lives on a day to day basis and struggles every week to make ends meet.

Authority is a Huge Button in the Free Zone. Therefore anyone demonstrating knowledge and skill (or training) becomes a prime target for criticism until he agrees with any and all ideas thrown at him even when they are garanteed to make a workable technology unworkable.

The Free Zone rejects anyone who disagree with their mainstream ideas. The mainstream ideas of the Free Zone consist of Anarchy (the rejection of any and all rules, including Standard Terms and Conditions set by internet Providers), Character assasination of anyone they hapen to dislike (See LRH Taped Laecture “WHY PEOPLE DON’T LIKE YOU” for an explanation of the phenomenon), spreading LIBEL on anyone who they perceive as “Not one of their own”, and the FULL ENDORSEMENT and PRACTICE OF THE FAIR GAME LAW to anyone they view as an outsider of thi little Gang.

THE FAIR GAME LAW is define as the activities a group is authorized to take toward someone it has labelled as “persona non grata”. The FAIR GAME LAW, grants individuals the right to take any and all actions to take their opponent down. It specifically includes: 1-LYING to the person 2-LYING about the person. 3-Fabrication wild and vicious tales about the person. 4-Joining forces with groups opposed to the ideals of one’s own group to seek to destroy the person. (i.e. joining groups that are anti Scientology and anti Hubbard Tech to attack teh individual. 5-Advocating the supression of Human Rights of that individual (i.e denying freedom of Speech, Freedom of religion,…) 6- Falsely impersonating that individual 7- Spreading disreputable and false rumopurs about the person as far and as wide as possible 8- Wilfully violating the codes they advocate believe in (such as the auditor code, the Code of a Scientologist, or the Code of Honor) when dealing with the person. 9- Accusing the person of crimes he did not commit or trying to frame the person for crimes done by the other party.

The Free Zone was founded by a psychotic individual who was prone to Hallucination, kept hearing voices, especially what he claimed was Hubbard giving all forms of alleged technical instructions that contradicted the very basics of Standard Tech. The same FREEZONE founder repeatedly saw alien Invaders on every street corner and developped over two dozen “OT levels” that were exclusively dealing over those “Aliens from Andromeda” and “Markabians” who had infiltrated both the Church and the US Government, along with the World top Banks. (This is fully documented) He spent the last 5 years of his life hiding in Paris, France, convinced he was being stalked by CIA agents and Evil outer space aliens.

Therefore the FreeZone has often catered to the Psychotic, the hate Monger and those wishing to make themselves and others crazy by inventeing unworkable offshots of a workable technology, or recklessly misapplying what is workable for reasons of lazyness and making a quick buck.

Recently that same Free Zone has declared me FAIR GAME. They have applied each so far, each of the steps 1-9 above, describing what the FAIR GAME LAW is.

The FREEZONE claim to be made of Scientologists, and to be defenders of Free Speech and the technology developped by L. Ron Hubbard, yet they have posted repeated public statemenst that until I join their Squirelly Gang-like and unethical agenda of hatred and spreading vicious lies, that they will associate with anyone,even those who seek the destroy the very technology they claim believing in, as long as they can get revenge on me for comitting the ULTIMATE CRIME: DISAGREEING WITH THEM.

As can be expected they make loud claims of my being identical to the CHurch without realizing they and their FAIR GAME, are doing exactly that. The FREEZONE is a carbon copy of all Evils found in the Church, except it is run through Anarchy instead of Fascism.

ONE OF THOSE FREEZONE ADVOCATE, along with one of the self-appointed Free Zone authorities is now even falsely accusing me of making BOMB THREATS, while his “friend: was proudly acknowledging on another board that he is a Hate Monger, is avowed enemy of anyone who is Fat and boasting of taking pride in his own hatred.

The Free Zone can therefore be labelled a HATE GROUP, hence my formal disavowal of it

I HAVE NOW RESIGNED FROM IFA, after its senior Management ordered my suspension solely after I privately disagreed with their erroneous and OUT TECH assessment that I must apply Tech BEFORE ETHICS.

Communication from IFA top Level went so far as to tell me that I am to blame “FOR NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY” for recent attacks on myself, my wife and my family. Because of this disagreement, IFA has apparently sent an order to PUBLICLY SUSPEND ME. Notwithstanding my not violating the Ethical Conduct or rules, save for privately disagreeing.IFA IS NO LONGER A GROUP I CAN SUPPORT AND THE CLASS XIIs I AM IN COMMUNICATION WILL CONFIRM THAT UNTIL IT REFORMS WE WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER ENDORSING IFA and will view it as just another part of the “Free Zone.

Perhaps IFA will change. I do not know. I do not claim to have the ability to shine into rightness every group or individual I get in contact with, especially if one of more individuals show active counter-intention. It would be nice for my PR. Instead I decide to settle for plain honesty and reality: I can handle people, assuming it is worth the effort, probably better than anyone around. It does not mean I necessarily wish to invest my time doing it.

In fact IFA is now behaving a little like RTC toward anyone who will not share the views and technical ideas of its self appointed management.

Only the future will tell if IFA is likely to put their own Condition Order on me.. (They have done on others in the past and each time it resulted in ill will and further alienation in the Free Zone) .
If they do, they will have come full circle.

Recently a dispute originating from a Heinous and malicious false report spread by an IFA auditor using an IFA mailing list and contacts to dozens of parties that were not relevant, and in full alignment with the definition of HATRED and DEFAMATION per the legal definition, was left untouched as a matter by IFA.

Worse, a subsequent heinous posting by the same individual falsely accusing me of heinously posting against that person all over the Internet and portraying themselves as a Victim who in a Noble act asks for Peace and portrays me as the aggressor (the truth is that the individual and its friends have been making several dozens of heinous posts on me: the majority were deleted by the Providers a Violations of Terms and while I have not posted on any single message on any topic on any single Board for over 6 months), that blatant lie was publicly GLORIFIED VALIDATED BY at least one SENIOR IFA executive because the Auditor is a “good auditor” in spite of my presenting clear cut evidence of the falsehoods spread as well as a majority of recent failed cases and evidence of severe out-tech by that same auditor.

THAT public IFA open endorsment of the false report, though removed on its original board has since been propagated to dozens of other boards.The net result is that Free Zone Squirrels are having a field day, promoting that lie who bear a Senior IFA Executive resounding endorsement, where I am covertly chastised by IFA own Senior Management.

In other words, the technical advice’s, opinions and statements of a Flag TRAINED class XII auditor are effectively meaningless to IFA, if it does not align with the opinions or ideas fixe of its management.

Like Pontius Pilates, and most of the Free Zone, IFA washed its hands of the affair and some of its Executives would only insult me when they would state “we do not take sides”, acting just an old lady whom upon witnessing a cold blood murder and even getting splattered by the pulsating jugular of the victim on their own face would still doubt whether she witnessed any crime or any wrong doing at all and question who was the victim.IFA position is that it will not discipline any of its members even if they broke the law or the code of conduct they are meant to subscribe to because their purposes are “MORE IMPORTANT”. While any professional organization would not support defamation, IFA buries it head in the sand, and in fact covertly by its inaction allowed the venom to flourishI know of no Professional Guild, Association or Group in the world, that will ONLY ROBOTIC POLICY and fail to take action about what I recently witnessed.Worse IFA gave me all signs of agreeing with the slander and I in its communication just received shows the blame left at my own door. Now at the Whim of a single Senior Executive in IFA a member can be suspended. Breaking the Law of the Land is not enough of an offense. Neither is Violating the auditor code, But disagreeing privately with its management is such an offense…

In the CHurch of Scientology only L. Ron Hubbard (and now RTC) have such powers…

Somehow, IFA feel I should incur both expense and time handling someone who in my view can only be handled in a session. And the individual in question already has a large debt toward me. In other words, I am expected to compound their overt by granting them my time…

The individual in question shows acute signs of out-lists, wrong indications, Overts, out-rudiments and other case overwhelm, yet the IFA, ordered me to HANDLE at my own expense and time by merely doing some form of 2WC over the Phone over all the above manifestations

Which Tech is IFA proposing that I use??


I do not believe in any Tech developed in the Free Zone, but would gladly apply LRH tech instead.

LRH states that Tech will not go In if Ethics is Out.

LRH states that if you reward someone who is claiming heavy motivators but is committing Overts, you can trigger psychosis. (the person in question not only still owes me a large amount of money and claim I have pages of overts on them and their family but, per reports received is still actively propagating the same lies to whomever is willing to listen.

Yet IFA insist I disregard the above and follow the advice of someone who has studied less than 5% of the materials I have on the subject of Overts and Psychosis, and that I have SUCCESFULLY dealt with dozens of such cases while in the Church.


IFA insist I apply TECH only when I say Ethics is out and needed to be applied first

IFA says that I am an incompetent fool for not HANDLING the situation In other words IFA has effectively graded me along with Squirrels, unethical people, simple because I stated I did not want IFA to participate in my defamation. Look at those that were suspended by IFA: Squirrels, Unethical People, and now IFA puts me into that group. I call it wrongful dismissal. Do not worry, I do not intend to sue IFA.

In my view a group that has now started to act for its own sake has started on its way out. It is my firm belief that IFA is no longer in agreement with its original aims that were communicated to me. IFA has disappointed me.

I disagree with IFA. Their certification process is entirely useless where Friendship and PR are actually used instead of careful observation, the key criteria that should be used. IFA uses no Examination, no scrutiny of an auditor’s auditing, Instead it uses: “I know this guy: He is he great” or he is an old buddy of mine from Org X, Let certify him.

IFA personnel pompously attribute themselves all sort of grandiose titles, based on the OEC volumes but seem to not get much of a grasp that operating in the work a day world is not the same as the Robotic application of org Policy.

Don’t get me wrong, I view every single executive in IFA as a person of goodwill and so is the majority of its membership. It is the group which in my view seems to have gotten off the rails.

It regrets me to states that Neither I nor any Class XII will stand for IFA until it show some significant change and I until such a time will disavow any such group as one whose activities si much conflict with LRH’s own.

It is my opinion that IFA activities are misguided and NOT IN ALIGNMENT with what LRH would stand for. Misguided, NOT malicious.

Sadly this marks the end of an Era. I still will continue to befriend individuals whether they belong to IFA or not and will not let any of IFA non-sense from some of its executives come across freeing people, though there is a definite indication that IFA may invite people to boycott me, which makes me ponder what has become their true purpose??? It certainly cannot be to save the tech if they themselves start to lapse into squirelling…

The recent failures of IFA has led me and some fellow Class XIIs to start preparing a for True Organization , where unethical individuals are not allowed to harm others, where certification is based on hard work rather than PR and where exaggerated ideas are not permitted to harm people of good will because of someone misguided ideas.

Hence my PUBLIC DISAVOWAL of IFA, as the only reason IFA has suspended me is that I disagree with its leadership on a fundamental and Vital Tech Matter. Note that the suspension was only ordered AFTER I sent an email privately to a single senior Executive of IFA and no one else, meaning IFA has become a group ruled for and by the desire of its leadership and his/her out rudiments, rather than its charter

It is not the first time a Class XII is treated that way in the Free Zone. In the 1980s, they were all treated the way IFA treats me now.

Apparently a Class XII is viewed as a commodity only to be used as long as it align with its organization leaders views.

I do however, strongly encourage the Independent field, meaning people of good will applying Scientology, or other forms of compatible spiritual counseling, outside the confines and suppression of the CHURCH of SCIENTOLOGY.

As usual my weapon of Choice has been to Flourish and Prosper and let my loud mouth detractors, which now includes, apparently IFA itself, continue their own Solemn March towards the Gates of Hell…


5 weeks ago, I made a heart felt offer to all of XSO to use the ranch I am in the process of acquiring as Sanctuary or Safe Harbor, away from  all of Scientology, its ideas or those of Hubbard, if they so desired.  My repayment  for this genuine heart-felt offer, was to grotesquely distort what I think and what I do and invite hardcore activists to “treat me just like the Church”, and requesting discussion “only from those who already share their own views about Mental and Spiritual ideas.”

Their activities consisted of:



3- CLAIMING ONE’S VIEW ON A MATTER AS ONE THING, YET ACTING THE EXACT OPPOSITE (Some XSO members state Mental Superpowers dont exist, yet claim to have themselves Clairvoyance and Telepathic prowesses such that they can read my mind and my inner thoughts at a distance without ever  verbally communicating with me.


I think we all know a very Infamous organization who specialized in 1-4 above

Individuals only start becoming truly free from the bonds of a group that formerly kept them under its yoke, the day they stop instinctively following its mores. Until then, whether they realize it  or not, they will still be controlled to some degree by their former allegiance. – Unknown Author


The Free Zone is unregulated, much like the Wild West of 150 years ago. There are many well meaning and honest practitioners, but among them are hiding a few Snake Oil Merchants.There are however solutions and tips available to avoid its pitfalls. They are listed below, after the warnings.

1-  EXCAL (short for Excalibur) WHAT it is: Want to take you own case for a SPIN??  All you have to loose is your sanity. NOW AVAILABLE in GERMAN     Excal: Was ist es?

2- Ls delivered by untrained and incompetent people (typically Class IV or Vs who have not read half of the training materials, have a grossly incomplete list of commands with many alterations and who have no qualms about making blatant lies such as “I have the ONE TRUE L Originals” or that the Ls were altered in 1978 (whcih they most certainly wre NOT: The Ls were not changed one iota after 1972).

Each of these auditors who delivered Ls without training has openly rejected any of my offers (sometimes at no cost to them) to either train, drill or correct them. They only wanted to READ the materials (to pick and choose from them the bits they wanted to audit) , and never felt in the slighest way their public which they must view as hopeless boobs deserve an auditor who has drilled with a trained auditor or gotten any form of checkout, yet they Do the Ls on their unsuspecting public. They claim doing RDD (read it, Drill it, Do it) as is commonly done on the RPF or beginner co-audits, except that in this case the “DRILL it” setp is entirely omitted.

To hide their overt, they dream fantastic tales, and rewrite history, trying to make it appear the Ls were altered when they were not, or that they have the exclusivity of Knowledge about the Ls Rundowns, even when it squarely contradicts the testimony of the original LRH trained Class XIIs. Among the fabrications by these pretenders one find the peculiar ludicrous statements that the “Golden Age of Tech was instituted in 1978” in an attempt to discredit anyone who has kept up to date with the Tech while they lazily let themselves go badly out of date.   (The Golden Age of Tech was created in 1996) or they that “David Mayo is RTC Co-Founder”, when Mayo was never part of RTC, and anyone with an inkling of reality knows that the Snr C/S Int office has always been much lower on the Org Board than RTC, CMO Int and Even the Senior Executive Management.

They of course will keep very quiet about not having listened to the taped lecture of the LRH Briefing to Class XIIs in June 1971 (listened by all Class XIIs as part of their training), where LRH states that incompetently running the Ls will either seriously harm a case or shut entire areas of case, and can even “kill”. (LRH own words)

The one the thing they wont show you is their original pack, because instead of having LRH Red on white dated HCOBs, they only have black and white altered entirely rewritten undated issues with rewritten names (such as the Cause Rundown instead of L10), omitted commands and procedures. These materials were haphazardly put together by Russ Meadows, a disgraced Class XII, who was twice declared Suppressive by LRH in 1976 for false reporting and squirelling. In the early 1990s, Russ Meadows sold for thousands of dollars his “own L pack” to anyone, whether trained or not, provided they were gullible enough to dish out the money. Caved in from his overts, Russ Meadows has officially abandoned to believe in Scientology and is now a devout adept of another religion. Russ Meadows has repeatedly claimed having had “NO GAINS” from the Ls.

Still want to get the Ls by auditors who are Class IV or Vs yet pretend to be Class VIs and above and have no issues running Ls “a la Meadows”?

It is your funeral , not mine.  Auditors who misaudit the Ls are well know for adamantly refusing to ever release the folders to another auditor, effectively hi-jacking the case of all their public (much like the Church currently does) and making correction of out-tech or doing the next grade with anyone else, next to impossible.

Ignore my humble advice at your own peril:  DON’T SAY you were not warned.


Auditing Pitfalls: How to Avoid


How to Win as an Auditor or Independent Practitioner


TIPS ON SETTING UP A FIELD PRACTICE  (Valid for all auditors whether still affiliated with CoS or in the FZ)
Useful when when trying to straightening out  incompetent handling of Solo, Clear and OT Levels either done in the Church and by incompetent FZ auditors

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