Brief Summary of my Career as a Class XII

pierre_ethierAfter a shaky start, I eventually rose through the ranks and became Flag Top producing auditor and held that title undisputed for many years.
I spent 4 years in the Class IV HGC, auditing the world’s most difficult cases, including people who come to Flag having received over 20 intensives of “No results” in the field and looking forward to getting their first win and their first cognition in Auditing.

I became an expert at the Case Cracker Rundown and acquired the utter unshakeable conviction that “There are No Failed Cases” and that a properly trained C/S and auditor will resolve 100% of the cases when applying the Tech correctly. I delivered Clear Checks and in spite of the confusion and numerous revisions about Clear Checks, Dianetics Clear Intensive, Clear Certainty Rundowns through the years, I am satisfied that to this day, that I have neither allowed someone to attest Clear who wasn’t or failed to acknowledge someone who had made it.

I eventually went through the OT levels. Sheer determination, not luck was the reason that I made it. Unless an auditor is flubless, has continually good results and can routinely pass the continual checks made with his auditing and submit passing Videotaped sessions, he will simply not be allowed to progress up the Bridge. Not only that, but one must take arrangements to get the required auditing as absolutely nobody is going to offer you to get up the bridge and do it for you..

After completing OT III and IV, I went onto NOTS training, I was eventually transferred to the NOTs HGC and audited thousands of cases at that level. I then went onto Solo NOTS and with the formation an HGC for Solo NOTS only, was transferred there.

In the mean time, I was made to do a plethora of specialist courses along with their Internships. The only way, someone could move on up the bridge was by doing all the Tech Course and all the Internships.

Among the more Interesting courses I did: the very lengthy and extensive AO review Auditor Course, seldom done by anyone, which deals with the entirety of the Clearing Materials ( a great deal more than any Clearing Course student would be required to go through), OT III, the Upper OT levels and contains data by LRH that are not part of any other course even the Class VIII materials.

It is a sad fact that a few untrained individuals, who have not even read the materials in that course have elected themselves as “Supreme Authorities” on the Subject of Clear and OT III in the FZ. When I tried to inform them they did not have all the data, I was invariably told that they preferred to deny the existence of any LRH materials that had not been leaked to the FZ, calling what I knew, even if written or spoken by LRH, to be a “Hidden Data Line”

Another fascinating course I did was the “New Vitality Rundown”.

Contrarily to statements made by uninformed people in Ron’s org, the last set of Public Technical Lectures made by LRH was made in November 1975 in Daytona Beach, Florida to all Flag Auditors on what was called at the Time “The Special Rundown”.

The course, which I did directly under the Supervision of the Snr C/S Flag Land base has the 22 LRH lectures Series from late 1975 for its core. I was pleasantly surprised when I listened in their Introduction that I was listening to a Master, not a Copy and therefore no editing of any kind had been made, including a number of passages, where LRH suddenly paused, after having made a statement with political or other unsavory ramifications, would say loudly to a messenger :”You will have to cut that off, boy!”.

I spent several years in the Solo NOTS review HGC. Once there, I started doing the Solo NOTS EP Checks, as I could do them in all required languages but one and they wanted to strictly limit the exposure to the confidential EP of Solo NOTs (which is not shown to Solo NOTS pre-OTs). I did 95% of the Solo NOTS EP checks for the following 3 years.

Since Solo NOTs completions count for a huge amount of the FSO Statistics and that traditionally in Scientology there is an incredible push to get sthe stats as High as possible before 2PM on Thursday, I would have seldom something else to do but Solo NOTS EP checks on Thursdays between 11AM and 2PM. I had the entire FSO and Flag Land Base Senior Executive structure flocking around me like a bunch of groupies for the last hour, as my actions would frequently dictate whether they were upstat or downstat for that week.

This further cemented my repute as Flag Top auditor as in 3 years, contrairily to all others who had done them, I never flubbed one of those checks (flubbing would have been a virtual garantee to fail to attest the person before 2PM). and that I became utterly impervious to the Huge amount of expectation and demands that were put on my shoulders.

I even managed to do high hours on my own Solo NOTS, being the only full time Sea Org Auditor to earn a special pin for doing 25 hours Solo in a week (This was on top of doing 45-50 hours on public and other Staff member duties).

I managed to complete Solo NOTS to its true EP and became Solo NOTS completion #801. I would have been Number #800, but I was bumped so they could give that Number to a Celebrity.

As the release of OT VIII neared, a new HGC was formed for OT VII completions only and I was transferred there, auditing now Solo NOTs completions exclusively.

Then a new project came to get 5 Solo NOTS Review Auditors to become 100% flubless sec-checkers.

Flubless sec-checkers are not merely people who are good at doing Confessionals. Confessional Technology encompasses the all fundamental auditing technique and all five styles of auditing. A flubless Sec Checker is a Flubless auditor Period. The standard and ante were raised to unimaginable levels, as Senior management expected only chronic perfection as the only acceptable standard.

I was the first auditor to pass. The Snr C/S FSO was a distant second. Then one by one the remaining four. Even RTC had not managed to get any of their personnel to pass before the first two people in our group. Part of the unique materials provided for the course was the ONLY VIDEO session of LRH auditing with both TRS and Metering being observable. I saw the video over 100 times until the time my auditing skill became undistinguishable.

In 1989 I finally completed the Saint Hill Special briefing Course. This is no small feat, as I had never been on full time study. The course is so long. In fact, I have never heard of anyone else completing the course on a part time basis and still working in the Sea Org. I spent so many days off, meal breaks, listening to tapes or going through the check sheet that only Tone 40 determination made me successfully go through.

Shortly after, I found myself, doing full time training, for the first time in my life, on the Class VIII course.

Then the Class X, XI, XII course and Internships, which I completed in short order.

Alain Kartuzinski, a Class XII C/S who was for a long time one of the Snr C/Ses at the Flag Service Org, used to call me “The King” when referring to me as an auditor, perhaps because I had in a way become to Scientology auditing what Elvis became for Rock and Roll.

I am not complaining about “mistreatment” while in the Sea Org. Though I would have more than enough legitimate reasons to complain, I view my experiences, both good and bad as important experiences. I have fully outgrown any desire or need at complaining, retribution or any type of hate mongering

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