Scientology Paradox

Definition of a Whistleblower (from the American Heritage Dictionary): One who reveals wrongdoing within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority in the hope of reforming it.

I have worked for and with the Church of Scientology for over two decades, assuming various posts and eventually reaching the Highest training level (Class XII) achieved by only a handful few. During that time I was able to experience first hand the numerous paradoxes and conflicts within. The same organization has been professing the highest possible humanitarian goals and has truly helped, at least for a time, many to achieve better lives. Yet in far too many documented cases, it has sought to enslave others through Mental and Emotional Manipulations or been guilty of Human Rights Violations..


To explain the Scientology paradox, it is vital to distinguish its three components:

  1. Scientology, according to the very first recorded mention of it on November 28th 1951 (lecture titled: The Chart of Attitudes) “is a route: it is the study of science or the study of truth or the study of knowledge”.

The reason I undertook that study was to help myself and others achieve greater abilities, develop more fully our potential and to reach higher levels of Spirituality. Many years ago, I established the firm postulate that no individual or Organization will ever be able to stray me away from those goals. Nearly 15 years after my departure from the Church of Scientology, those goals are more present than ever in both my life and my daily activities.

  1. L.Ron Hubbard , the individual (1911-1986). An important distinction is required here between it and “L. Ron Hubbard. the Trademark”..

L. Ron Hubbard the individual is of course a Man (not deity, hence by definition prone, at least in some form, to some of the imperfections of humankind) born in 1911 and deceased in 1986.

“L. Ron Hubbard, the trademark” is that trademark owned by the “Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), a FOR PROFIT organization (and acknowledged as such by the IRS) who is led by three non-scientologists Special directors. (It main figure head being Meade Emory, a non-scientologist who was the IRS High Commissioner for many years. The Church of Scientology DOES NOT CONTROL CST, but rather the opposite. The Trademarks, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Dianetics are controlled by them and the Church of Scientology has agreed to not appoint or remove any of its Senior Management structure without their approval. Note that the President of CST (a Scientologist) has no true power and that only its non-scientologist board of Directors has. Some have even argued that due to the direct links between CST’s directors and the American Government, that the Church of Scientology had actually fallen under the control of Big Brother…

L. Ron Hubbard Library is fictitious name officially registered by CST. In other words an alias. L. Ron Hubbard Library is found as the final signatory and authority in all current Church of Scientology documents, revisions of LRH originals and their publication, and new directives. Therefore anything revised after 1986, no matter how contradictory to the original philosophy of Scientology and to LRH (the individual) writings and recordings can be freely stamped “L. Ron Hubbard” as its author since it is legally defensible (as absurd it may be in the mind of most people).

So this leaves us with two new paradoxes.

A) L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology may not necessarily 100% of the time be in full harmony

B) L. Ron Hubbard library has legal license to authorize the complete re-writing or editing of the works of L. Ron Hubbard (the individual), even if those were to satisfy somebody else’s pernicious agenda. It can therefore, at its whim, grant the right to appose the name L.Ron Hubbard to any perversion of the original technology or of its original intent.

  1. The Organization: currently known as the Church of Scientology and including the Sea Organization and its numerous affiliates. Legally the Church of Scientology is accountable to no one but its leadership. It’s Supreme leader is accountable to one but himself. By its very design the Church of Scientology has no provisions of any kind for any “Checks and Balances” since by Policy it is assumed that it is exempt from ever doing any wrong and that its leader is by definition infallible. (This is amply covered in the Organizational Executive Course Volumes). There has not been a single instance in Human History of an Organization without Checks and Balances, not eventually sinking into complete corruption. Corruption is like Cancer, if left untreated, it will lead to the death of the organism. The Church of Scientology ‘s actions are based upon the dictate of a self-appointed clique. This is not opinion but fact. The only legal defense to justify the take over of current Management of the Church in 1986 is a Will signed by L. Ron Hubbard the hours before his death, when it is doubtful from the amount of medication found in his body at death time that he would have been conscious or been able to sign the document in a full conscious state on his last day. After 20 years the same clique is intact, in spite of wholesale lower statistics and no evidence of stable expansion. (It lists of completions as published in Advance and Source Magazines, shows it is still falling seriously short of earlier levels). That clique per its own public admission is able to rewrote policy and does not tolerate any attempt to correct it or challenge it. It has ruthlessly declared a Suppressive Person anyone challenging their orders or anyone attempting to correct them, no matter how they contravened LRH own policies or how destructive their actions may be. It is almost trivial, under those circumstances to demonstrate that the philosophy of Scientology and the Church of Scientology as it is being operated today, are virtually in complete contradiction one from the other.

In Summary one cannot truly judge Scientology, or the philosophy of what stands for through the actions of the Church or even to a lesser degree to its author.

Whatever reprehensible actions the Church may be currently doing is generally the product of aberrant behaviour by its leaders, and is not necessarily due to a fault in the design of the philosophy.

Something remains workable because it is so or can be demonstrated to be valid. The actual biographical details or shortcomings of its designer do not necessarily invalidate the workability of something, especially when supported by experience and logic.

From the 3 March 1952 lecture: “Introduction to Scientology” “Out of Scientology you could formulate, …a very fine type of “thought warfare” which you could use enslave people utterly”

My statement is therefore that the philosophy of Scientology correctly applied by someone in a benign way will routinely help people reach greater self-determinism, awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Perverted or used by people with ulterior motives and it will trap or enslave people.

2 comments on “Scientology Paradox

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  2. This, my dear friend, is my very own perception of reality after my many years in Scientology too.

    I have observed further, that that which you describe in paradox b) 1. is , if you look carefully an exact duplicate of what Big Brother is doing to our constitutions… our government policies.
    I mean that that this lot self-appointed themselves the leaders, covertly, is true both of SCN and of Governments.
    (They infiltrated and highjacked both in the same way, and teh parallels are many and they betray the facts some of these parallells I will try to cover here).

    Then they had enough power to change the policies and again that applied to Scn materials and Government Policies as constitutions etc alike.
    Then whether in Scn or in Governments world over they come down on any one that points this out- that policy is changing quite against its own senior policy not to change. Scientology is a paradox, and Democratic Goverments are a paradox. That is, these guys are rewriting policy from a position that is illegal. They enter in at the top and change the unchangeable, the very tenets we agreed to, which made us members of either Scn or a nation. We never agreed to these changes and they are criminal, exactly antithetic to the original policies and their goals, and they are not in the interests of us, who are the people such policies were originally written to protect. The change of policies, is not innocent, it is carried out precisely to harm and imprison and render us all slaves,and less able to be self determined, whereas the original policies aimed at the most self determined freedom possible, for all, the new policies aim at the least self determinism for all, in the name of some fancied evil.
    LRH warned us against this is many places. below I include a link of the excerpt of R J 67, where LRH tells already in 1967 what the governments were doing, that we now all have confirmed, 46years later.)

    (He, LRH, was a whistleblower!)

    They persecute and execute absolutely anyone that counters or exposes this. They persecute and prosecute ruthlessly.
    Both in Scn and in Governments and even across Governments now.

    They also seem to have endless powers in the legal system, whereby their criminal actions, however exposed, are never checked and no one is ever officially accused, much less charged with anything, again, whether it be factual suppressive acts in Scientology, or factual suppressive acts against mankind in the world out there (we, as scientology know they work out as the same thing) and we see therefore outside of scientology, today, things like the exposure of war crimes, of mass surveillance, going undeterred, and the whistleblowers running like criminals (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden…), imprisoned like criminals and even tortured (Braddley/Chelsea Manning) and killed, convicted to execution without a trial, before the eyes of mankind… (Bin Laden etc) just like that.
    These crimes of the first degree, which harm hordes of people, and so do teh greatest harm across all areas of life, go unchecked, and those that fight to free man, and for the welfare of all, anywhere, now and into the endless future, are STOPPED.

    It is that acute awareness of what is going on that makes me want to support Julian Assange in whatever I can, for he started the ball rolling in awakening the world to what was is going on, with a platform to expose safely what is going on, thus protecting and encouraging whistle blowing, and now you, I wish to support you in any way I can, for you are the only one that has come forward, not with some idiotic exposure of Scn with some lesser intention, like many have, but with full understanding of what is going on, and with the genuine intention to defend LRH’s goal in whatever way you can, (that of a new state of consciousness, where we could not, ever again, be subject of oppression whatsoever, whatever its form, a dream so masterfully crafted, and so sublimely achieved that it begs, total awe and a loyal commitment to protect and propagate, there is no doubt) and you are exposing yourself to tell us the truth of Scn as it is, and at the same time, applying the tech of Scn as pure as you can as much as you can.

    I am immensely grateful for your work and for your being there. Thank you from the heart. There really are no words to express this gratitude. This is of an indescribable magnitude. This is beautiful.

    The world is an awful lot less bleak because of you.

    Love, Katia Leitao

    PS: note the data on Journal yes, but also below, note LRH’s description of Criminality/insanity. How what do they do exactly. You will see who is stopping you, Julian, Braddley and so on, even LRH, in his own words alreday inteh 50’s, and you see comming forwrad, teh US military, ad the US Government, but we know who and what exactly is going on behind that, as LRH taught us long ago.

    I adre say I used to know LRH back then. I have been killed twice since for being a Scientologist, this is my 4th lifetime as such.
    I am very certain that we have been infiltrated since the early years, and that today Scn, and everything and everyone else, are owned by the same people.

    I don’t fear death. For here I am again, no big deal, I know I just pop back again and again. I am concerned for the agonising future of all…

    let me know how I can help, if I can at all. It is painful to be so conscious and to do nothing at all of consequence…

    Best, Katia

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