Success Stories

Grade II Completion

C/S: Pierre Ethier, Class XII

“I have just completed an advance program and
consequently was able to see that I had attained the
EP of Grade II.

I had previously (at the Church) done pretty well on
all the Grade II processes and also the Joburg and
FPRD list 1, but still was not up to attesting to
Grade II.

This action has handled my inability to do that. I
looked at the four flows and I could honestly say that
I could see those for myself.

The auditing has been great – not always fun – but
always good at the end. Thank you for the great
auditing and Pierre for C/Sing and of course to Ron
for making all this possible.”



I exteriorize

Auditor: Pierre

“It is after 4PM. I am driving fast on the Highway because I’m really cutting it tight to be on time for work.

Oh No! the traffic on the highway is slowing down and further ahead even appears to have stopped!

Should I stay on, or quickly go three lines on the right for the exit?

Let’s find out! I exteriorize.

1 mile ahead, I perceive severe Enturbulation. There is a Man over the Railing of the overpass. He is clutching what must be a 5 years old girl (she is dressed in pink) and he is threatening to jump!

Horror! He throws the child down. It must be 50 feet!

Instantly, I mock up a gigantic hand and scoop the child just before she hits the pavement.

Ouch! an SUV just hit my hand.

I am suddenly back in my car, still shaken by the experience. The traffic hasnt moved.

I cut across three lanes of traffic to get off the highway and barely make it on time for work.

I take a break at 11 pm to watch the Evening News.

The child is safe in the hospital and without a broke bone. A witness says she saw an “angel breaking her fall”.

Another talks about her SUV “miraculously stopping” just before hitting “something” in front of the child.

Causing Miracles,… being called an Angel…: just an ordinary day for an OT…”




End of Endless Int R/D

C/S : Pierre

“I feel very good after having completed this rundown and see how my concerns and reservations about entering and leaving spaces and situations have inhibited my spiritual freedom. I feel I’ll do much better now. Thank you  for the excellent auditing. Thanks also to Pierre and LRH.”


Drug Rundown

C/S: Pierre

“On the Drug Rundown I feel unbothered by drugs I have done and there are no more past upsets from drugs. Another nice win was I gained a greater certainty of past lives. I feel good in general in the area of drugs and alcohol I have taken and don’t feel bad about the drugs I’ve done anymore.”


Grade 3 Completion

C/S: Pierre

I have just attested to completing Grade III. Of the previous grades, this one has been the fastest to do. It has been relatively calm to do.

If I get upset, it lasts very briefly, or I can go and spot the source of the upset. And I realize that if my reaction does not match the current situation, it is because I would be dramatizing something that was earlier!

That bank reaction is more real to me! I can see it. (In others too!)

Great auditing. Thanks to the one who made it all possible – LRH.”

Sustained affluence after L12



Dear Pierre,

I am noticing the spiritual benefits of L12. They are permanent gains which I will continue to enjoy in the months/years/decades ahead. Thank you.
I realized a few days ago that I am a degree more exterior that I have ever been this lifetime.
I very much want you to audit me on L10 and so complete a plan I conceived over 30 years ago to do all three L’s  covered from an affluence condition.
Kind regards,

Wins on L 11 Expanded

Reprinted from:

“A few months ago I went to the end of civilization and had a profound change of viewpoint. I will always remember and always cherish that trip to Endesh, the village in northern Tanzania. It gave my viewpoints in life a real shaking.

But that just isn’t enough.

A change like that is great, yes, but it just can’t beat looking at my own fundamental viewpoints, purposes and flaws. A real and systematic look at myself. To become a better person, to regain my self.

That just happened.

In less than a week I have gone through a significant change. I found a very basic flaw in my character that has diminished my potential since a very long time – a flaw that has gotten me into trouble almost daily. Sometimes it would result in just small daily issues, small road bumps. Occasionally it would give me more serious problems. And I just tackled this flaw.

If that wasn’t enough, I also had a look at a very fundamental purpose of mine in a whole new light. I discovered why I have the ambitions I have and why it sometimes makes me go in wrong directions or sometimes in no direction at all. I understand why I do what I do.

Now these, to me, are significant changes. And they have come from some serious soul searching.

I haven’t had Scientology auditing since 2006 (when I attested to OT 8). In the past week, one of the best trained auditors in the world, Piere Ethier has been staying in our house giving me something really powerful called L11 (List 11). Like me, Pierre has left the Church of Scientology and gives counseling outside the reach of the Scientology Thought Police. For a mere fraction of the price charged in the CoS, I have gotten more than I could ask for, more significant change than I hoped for. Truly inspiring stuff.”

“So I completed L11 Expanded today (a Scientology counseling action)

L11 + Expanded is the most precise action I have ever done. And with the most direct results. Freakin’ awesome.

I have for a while been searching for “my basic purpose” in life. Now guess what – that is irrelevant. It doesn’t fucking matter. My purpose is whatever I decide it to be. Here & Now.

And I used to be affected or wounded or hurt by others to make others guilty of hurting me. A dirty trick that affected my (and others’) daily life. That’s now gone.

Past matters not.
What exists is here & now.
And my intentions paint the future.

Pierre Ethier is easily the best auditor (counselor) I have ever had (out of some 40-50 up through the years).

If you are still in the Church of Scientology wondering if there is any hope outside, well I can tell you this; This right here is the real deal. You may instead wonder if there is any hope inside the church. I know my own answer to that question, and that is why I left.”


PC was glowing after session

Note that Pierre’s reputation as Flag’s best auditor is verified by David Graham who was C/S at Flag’s case cracking section at the time. He posted his story on ESMB under his nom de plume ” Mate”.

bb [ Terril Park]

This one is simply amazing. The pc was glowing after session. a truly remarkable result:


I have been in Scientology for over 25 years. During that time I trained to Class V Interned in Milan. I have never been on staff.  I have been a rather successful businessman and always had gains inScientology auditing and Rundowns until the year 2001, when for a reason that is a yet unclear to me, I was made to do 10 intensives of sec-check, mainly cleaning cleans, once spending 3 hours on a question that asked if I had been a member of the CIA, when I am an Italian  Citizen and my only trips to the United States have been to get auditing in Clearwater, Florida, at the Flag Land Base.  My auditors at Flag, when I told them I felt clean, were, while in session, intensely hostile to me. More than once when I was literally driven to despair and on the edge of bursting in a cry of despair, pursing what I felt was a false read, I was told by my Flag auditors, with contempt in their voice, to “knock it off”. and “fess off to the withold” I was made to redo Solo NOts all over again, when I felt there was nothing wrong with it. I was told that it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a blow or Ep of a process on that level unless I had a blowdown on each and every action. This is based on a confidential “Directive” blow anything written by David Miscavige that ”anyone who claims to get a blow or process EP on Solo NOTs without a full Blowdown is simply at the case level of “DUB-IN” and imagining things. When I politely queries that a non-LRH directive could not alter LRH written HCOBs, I was immediately routed to Ethics and told in unclear that questioning the validity of the writings of David Miscavige was in itself a suppressive act. I was sent back for more sec-checking. Each time I said I had an ARCX, a disagreement or even the few times I burst into tears, I was asked one question and one question only: “What withold has been missed”. I somehow managed to get through the wall of sec-checking and the redo of Solo NOTs, at a cost of more than 80,000 Euros, once I learned the valuable session that it is no longer safe to tell what one thinks in session, and the only other choice given to me by the Ethics officer, over unquestioning obedience was being declared a Supressive person and that each of my Scientology employees (more than a dozen of them) would be told to disconnect from a destructively as possible, the goal being apparently to make me bankrupt and destitute in the process. I redid OT VIII on the Freewinds. This was not a pleasant experience. Even the few times I was allowed to go on shore, I was being continually watched by my HCO Escort, in a manner that was reminiscent of the treatment given to Westerners when they visited and Iron Curtain country at the height of the Cold War..

I started to question within myself what level of Degradation Scientology had fell into…

In the 5 years since I “completed” OT VII and VIII for the second time, I found myself, for the first time in my life not doing well and in a state of apathy toward my life, my family and my business. The Church was no longer an answer. I went on the Internet, found the FreeZone and got a few sessions from a highly trained auditor. Though the sessions did not make me feeel worse, they did not resolve anything and I very soon sank into hopelessness.

I then found Pierre Ethier, an auditor who trained and interned at Flag as a Class XII auditor. Pierre Ethier was a legendary name at Flag in the 1980s and early 1990s, among us Italians (and among Mexicans and Spaniards as well, I am told). He had a reputed as the best auditor there was.

Not only did he audit the most hours of any auditor at Flag, every single pc who was ever audited by him had nothing but great wins and stories to tell.

I met Pierre at a sumptuous villa right on the shore of Lake Como. He did a short and to the point interview and then took 15 minutes to write what he said was a |
“tailor made program strictly based on the C/S Series”. The session was fantastic! It opened my eyes which had remained shut from years of suppression and out-tech! I was recognized and acknowledge for who I was.

That short 1/2 hour session was indeed TRUTH Revealed. I lost not only a huge mass from my shoulders, I feel 10 years younger. revitalized, bright. My future looks good again. It has been exactly one week since I had my session with Pierre, and I still feel great. For the first time in over 10 years, I found myself whistling just for the fun of it.

Pierre you have my eternal gratitude for what you have done. Of course my thanks to LRH, whose tech Pierre duplicated so well.



Significant change

A few months ago I went to the end of civilization and had a profound change of viewpoint. I will always remember and always cherish that trip to Endesh, the village in northern Tanzania. It gave my viewpoints in life a real shaking.

But that just isn’t enough.

A change like that is great, yes, but it just can’t beat looking at my own fundamental viewpoints, purposes and flaws. A real and systematic look at myself. To become a better person, to regain my self.

That just happened.

In less than a week I have gone through a significant change. I found a very basic flaw in my character that has diminished my potential since a very long time – a flaw that has gotten me into trouble almost daily. Sometimes it would result in just small daily issues, small road bumps. Occasionally it would give me more serious problems. And I just tackled this flaw.

If that wasn’t enough, I also had a look at a very fundamental purpose of mine in a whole new light. I discovered why I have the ambitions I have and why it sometimes makes me go in wrong directions or sometimes in no direction at all. I understand why I do what I do.

Now these, to me, are significant changes. And they have come from some serious soul searching.

I haven’t had Scientology auditing since 2006 (when I attested to OT 8). In the past week, one of the best trained auditors in the world, Piere Ethier has been  giving me something really powerful called L11 (List 11). Like me, Pierre has left the Church of Scientology and gives counseling outside the reach of the Scientology Thought Police. For a mere fraction of the price charged in the CoS, I have gotten more than I could ask for, more significant change than I hoped for. Truly inspiring stuff.

Success Story

First, I want to say that I value Pierre so much. He is a thetan of greatness, kindness, and many stories. I have been off the bridge for many years.
Pondering on what I could possibly handle in a weekend had me perplexed. But I knew I had to start somewhere. I thought maybe I was a lost cause.
It would seem that standardness of the tech is the cure.
Looking back over the weekend, it is now an amazement  of what I handled in just under 5 hours with Pierre.
Repaired, relieved, and certain, and looking forward to more.
For the first time in so long,  I am truly excited about doing my OT Levels and moving on up.
I now know for sure I am Clear.  This has been a very long time confusion for me, and I have attested and unattested several times.
I will not have to address the subject again.
I feel very fortunate.
Thank you Pierre (with lots of joy).

Success on OTVII

When Pierre asked if I would like to attest, I felt the burden of millions of years of enslavement finally lift from my shoulders. I am very excited to be me and only me. More than any other, I feel this level was a huge accomplishment for me because I have had OT abilities turning on. I am fascinated by the possibilities. I also feel a great satisfaction in that the level provided me an opportunity to help so many others.

I first became aware of Scientology in 1964. When I first read the DMSMH, it was a wakeup call. There was a way out. I was in college at the time but after I saw John McMasters (the first Clear) in Washington, DC at a seminar, I knew that I had to get involved. I dropped out of college and went to DC for processing and training. A couple years later I was in LA and became Clear 2866. Then I took a long break and got on with my life.

I went to Flag. The training and processing I received were great. But when I tried to get on the OT courses, I came up head to wall on my first block. Interestingly, it was not my case that was in question but that of my wife. She resented any changes the Church wanted her to make and I finally realized that I was not going to change her and concluded “why should I?” However, I was stuck. I sat in my hotel room for 3 weeks waiting for approval to continue but it became obvious I was not going to get it. That’s when I blew Flag.

I resolved to just purchase all the tapes and other materials I could get my hands on and spend the rest of my life studying Scientology. While purchasing books one of the sellers gave me a call. In chatting with him I learned of the Freezone where processing and training could be had outside the Church.

I was able to get a rebate on my unused monies in the CofS and then Ken Urquhart took me to OTV. It seemed that my wife was not a factor after all. Later I received the L’s from Pierre and did the OTVI course and then Pierre C/S’ed me through OTVII. It is interesting to note that I was able to take that refund which I had saved only to reach OTIII in the CofS and use it to pay for OTII through OTVII with the L’s thrown in as well.

It is now my intention to go to OT XV with Pierre. I look forward to what I know will be an exciting and very rewarding journey. My thanks to Ken Urquhart, and a very special thanks to Pierre Ethier. It is dedicated people like these two that keep Scientology working and there for the rest of us. It is comforting to know that there are Scientologists who still practice Standard Tech.


OT VIII Review

Dear Pierre,

I’m back in L.A. and noticing the results from the auditing you gave me. My wife told me that she noticed that I had no charge in my space. I notice that I laugh more now and am a lot more optimistic about the future. There are fewer stoops on my lines. I will start on a study schedule soon and am looking forward to starting up auditing again, which I will do after getting back from visiting my wife’s family over Christmas. I had a call from an old PC who wants me to start working with her and her husband on an admin scale. My friend also continues to be completely blown out after completing the Ls!
I gave your contact data to my brother, and he will contact you. My wife is excited about doing her L’s and starting on OT7 when you come here.
Someone today posted your write up about your Flag experience, and I read it. In that environment, the group is everything, and the individual nothing. Your account made it abundantly clear that if there is any single answer to surviving such a situation, it is keeping your own personal integrity in. If you can do that, you can land on your feet and do better than ever.
Again, thanks for everything, not just for the great sessions, but also for the generosity of your communications. The data that you give me and the questions that you answered were extremely helpful to me as well.


“My experience of the Superpower RD was fantastic. Do I have new “superpowers?” Of course not. Do I feel more serene, capable, and causative? Yes. I am always happy getting auditing from Pierre. The TR’s are truly incredible and always feel completely understood and duplicated. It also interesting to note this week some incredible professional opportunities was presented to me. Feeling more authentic as a human being and also more aware of both my individuality as well as connection to the vastness of life. Authenticity and Individuality. Thank you to LRH for his genius.


I have been so busy enjoying my wins and my life after my NOTs Review, that only now am I writing this belated success. Prior to my Review, I was concerned and introverted by some of the situations I have to face daily in my life and in my job. Since then, the exact opposite is true. Not a week goes by, without manifesting my increased skills and ability that just makes things go right. My heartfelt thanks go to my Case Supervisor, Class XII Pierre Ethier, and to my auditor. I have been so busy playing bigger and bigger games that I had overlooked thanking them appropriately until now. Through the years, I had actually become the adverse effect of a few unscrupulous business men. I had done several thousands of hours of unguided Solo NOTs auditing and was slowly going nowhere. Prior to my Review, I had experienced some wins and even a few occasional Floating TAs, but there was no change in my chronic conditions and in my life problems. Since then, as the months fly by, my gains each day appear completely stable. My games are each month bigger and bigger. I derive great satisfaction from it, and from a true return of my powers. It is even fun to watch those who acted until now Suppressively getting tired of failures and shrinking, and starting to change their ways. Needless to say there are significant material and monetary rewards as well…

My review was nothing but a complete standard application of the tech per the C/S Series. It blew any false datum I ever heard that incorrectly states that NOTs is either inflexible, robotic or does not address what someone needs and wants. A completely tailored NOTs approach cracked my case in hours. NOTs is actually the most flexible Technology in existence and can be made to very precisely tailor any case and anyone. Not only is my case cracked but my chronic breathing disorder is gone!!! In the hands of a true expert, NOTs, a Technology much maligned because of its obvious misapplication, actually perform miracles when done correctly by someone who is a true expert.

I will never be thankful enough.




Pierre Ethier has NOT trained Trey Lotz and has NOT provided Ls materials to Trey Lotz! Pierre has NO connection with Trey!

Note from admin

Pierre Ethier does not endorse any groups , associations and independent auditors. Pierre Ethier DOES NOT endorse the delivery of the Ls by other auditors or trainees. Please be warned that there were multiple instances when auditors have been fraudulently claiming that Pierre Ethier is C/S-ing their practice and on few occasions have been fraudulently charging the PC under a false pretence.

Pierre Ethier DOES NOT endorse the delivery of the Ls by other auditors or trainees, this specifically apply to TREY LOTZ whom Pierre Ethier never actually trained on L12 nor L10 after too many flubs,and insisting on auditing pcs that were clearly not setup, (ignoring FLUNKS and explicit interdiction from Pierre as the C/S), in addition to Trey refusal to correct on L11 and on chronically missing witholds on his pcs. Trey Lotz has NOT completed & attested training and is NOT certified by Pierre Ethier to deliver the Ls . According to Trey Lotz he informed his public that Pierre is not C/Sing for him. Karen de La Carriere has confirmed that she has never C/Sed for Trey Lotz nor trained him on the Ls. She has not provided him any Ls materials either.

Pierre Ethier does not engage in the distribution of copyrighted materials, despite of roomers and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates.

Related link.


Field auditors affiliated with the Corporate Church of Scientology deliver auditing up to Clear and typically have NO EXPERIENCE in delivering upper levels .Field auditors refer their PC to the Orgs for 15% FSM commission which they receive for services purchased by the PC from the Church. A field auditor usually comes out in the free field with no experience auditing beyond Clear and lacks the discipline to audit under C/S..

Flag only rundowns (which Pierre studied and delivered – e.g. Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive ) address variety of handlings like money and spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other. The Ls , Flag Only Rundowns [Delivered at Flag Only] , NOTs [Delivered only in Advanced Organizations / Sea Orgs] , Power and Superpower require advanced auditor skills and trained C/S. The above rundowns should not be delivered without the supervision of a trained C/S. C/S training is required as some of the handlings are in the C/S materials. The authentic Flag Only Rundowns materials have not been released in the Free Field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still audit?

Pierre Ethier  is supporting an exclusive and limited circle of public, who maintain ethical standards and are dedicated to standard tech and spiritual advancement. Pierre does not support other practices and discourage mixing practices. Pierre accepts new public only after a case assessment.

Pierre makes any recommendations and discuss further arrangements only after a thorough case assessment with the one who have shown to be truly dedicated to spiritual advancement . 

Can you share the list of the trained Class XIIs?

Below is the list of the trained Class XII.  There are fraudulent claims by people who have not been trained or have not attested.  The names of the auditors personally trained by LRH are well documented in the Apollo Crew List and other documents. The original 8 Class XIIs that were trained by LRH are listed in the following link:

The list of all Class XIIs that were ever made was compiled in 1998:

Do you travel to provide onsite auditing?

Pierre Ethier no longer travels, his time currently is predominantly dedicated to research. His travels are related only to completion of ongoing cycles.

Can you recommend auditors in my area?

It has proven that in order to recommend an auditor Pierre has to consistently oversee his/hers practice , training and ethical standards. On other hand for every Preclear there are case specific requirements that have to be addressed. Some auditors who are good auditing the lower bridge , might lack training on the upper bridge. For the above reasons any recommendations can be done only after a thorough assessment of the  auditor and additional case assessment of the Preclear , along with consistent Case Supervision.

I am in a need of repair due to bad auditing. Any recommendations?

Often this kind of situation is related to some sort of ethics situation. On one hand the poor choice of auditor shows  low perceptions. It was your responsibility to choose wisely and verify your auditor’s claims and credentials versus actual objective outcomes of his practice. (Reference: Dishonesty cuts persons reach HCO Bulletin 1 May 1985 “Honesty and Case Gain”: .

You will have to deal with your personal ethics in order improve your ability to make wise decisions. On other hand auditors that mislead or defraud about  their credentials are out ethics. One example is the delivery of the Ls. Most of the fixes for the Ls are in the C/S materials. This is why the role of the C/S is vital and auditor needs advanced training that has been typically provided at Flag.

I was getting auditing in the Church. I am considering auditing in the Free field. Would I be able to get my folders?

This is a question that you should be directing to the Church.

Do you respond anonymous correspondence?

No. Anonymous exchange is an indication of some sort of ethics situation. Perhaps you should consider resolving it first.

Do you provide assistance with requests for refunds from the Church of Scientology?


Do you distribute copyrighted materials?

Absolutely not, despite of rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates.

What about delivery of the Ls in the Free Field?

The Ls are designed to be delivered by Flag trained Class XIIs. There is a huge difference between a Flag trained auditor and a field auditor. Below is a Quote by Karen De La Carierre , Class XII C/S: 

“I soon discovered that a “Field Class VIII” did not mean a Flag Class VIII. And so I re-did all my internships and then trained up to Class XII…”

Rumors that Pierre has trained Trey Lotz to deliver the Ls are also untrue.  Pierre did attempt to train Trey Lotz on L11 , Trey committed gross auditing errors , refused correction and never sent a video for evaluation, yet made many unreasonable demands. Trey Lotz never attested nor completed Ls training with Pierre. Trey Lotz is a field auditor, never worked in an advanced organization and has mostly experience auditing the Lower Bridge . It is a well known fact that as a field auditor Trey was forbidden per Church Policy to audit any Upper Level Rundowns and OT Levels. He lacked the discipline  and the training to audit under the supervision of a C/S and lacked experience  to address the complexity of the Upper Bridge . There is vital information for the Ls in the C/S materials and for an auditor with no experience in the Upper Bridge to deliver the Ls without a C/S is reckless. In addition many of the  references related to the Ls are in the Class X , Class XI and Class XII materials and Trey is only Class VIII. When Trey Lotz promotes 40 000 hours on the chair , this means that his experience is overwhelmingly  in the Lower Bridge, which is not as complex as the Upper Bridge. L11 was designed by LRH to be delivered in a week , however Trey Lotz was chronically delivering it on numerous occasions in a duration of 4 months. This information is also broadly documented on the internet in various public releases by Trey’s PCs. Additional out tech was present in Trey’s delivery and Pierre wish NO association with Trey Lotz.

A number of Trey Lotz PCs have viciously attacked Pierre and his family on Trey’s behalf , this including attacking Pierre’s child due to his disability or making  other vicious and cruel threats. The very same Trey’s PCs also carried out vast smear campaigns about Pierre and claimed to have  made fraudulent reports to the Church and various government agencies . A PC of Trey claims to have partnered with the Church in attacking Pierre to uphold Trey’s financial interests , claimed to have paid $30 000 to investigate Pierre in order to ruin his auditing practice and take Pierre’s home with intention of unfairly profiting and putting his disabled child homeless, published on the internet Pierre’s bank account and private phone numbers with an invitation  to harass Pierre. This was an organized effort of associates of Trey Lotz in a partnership with the Church to silence and dead agent Pierre in order prevent him from auditing. This evil plot eventually fired back on them.   Such a behavior is practically shameless and  it is sad to see such  EVIL outcome has been produced by a practitioner out of GREEDEVIL is a poor product! We hope that one day the above people will realize that seeking to destroy people of good will (like Pierre) is NOT the road to spiritual enlightenment. This also applies to their enablers and associates. In all cases these PCs were prized and socially rewarded  by Trey Lotz despite of their EVIL  behavior seeking to destroy a person of good will. Good people who had voiced private concerns directly to Trey Lotz , had been also threatened by the very same PCs.

 Trey Lotz NEVER made any advanced payments to Pierre to book or schedule his time and to cover Pierre’s time and expenses with a fair exchange . Rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates in that regard are also untrue.  Pierre who spent 20 years in the Sea Org at almost no pay , had covered out of his own pocket many advanced and initial expenses , as well as ongoing expenses related Trey, who had spent his time as a field auditor at the rate of  around $160 000/ year. (based on Trey’s own reports to IRS  for tax exemption 2004 ,2001 – this is exactly like the Church- merely mentioning the facts here! Also  based on Trey Lotz own boosting to have delivered 4000 hours of Ls auditing which amounts to 2500 hours in the last two years or $250 000 per year just from the Ls where around $100 000/year seem to have been unreported to IRS) In one year period alone Pierre provided to Trey in excess of 300 hours unpaid services. 

Below is a quote by LRH that explains that the Upper Bridge should not be misused. This applies for the Ls , OT Levels , Flag Only Rundowns, NOTs and other Upper Bridge actions.

“The lower levels of Scientology are quite innocent. Only the upper grades could be harmful if misused and these are only placed in the hands of experts” L. Ron Hubbard in “ Is Scientology Dangerous”




All information contained, written and/or supplied shall be deemed to be without prejudice and is intended only for general education use.

Click here for a summary of concerns about delivery of the Ls in the FreeZone/ Independent field by Karen De La Carriere

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Why interships are so vital for the auditor delivering the Ls

Below is a summary of concerns raised by Karen De La Carriere in regard to the lack of proper auditor training for delivery of the Ls in the independent field. I want to thank Karen for raising this concern and taking the safety of the PCs at heart.

I strongly believe that auditors who really care about their PCs will undergo the proper training, including internships, studies and drills as described by Karen. The independent field needs to adhere to higher standards.

December 21, 2011

Karen De La Carriere: ….[name omitted ] ….. “never had any Ls training. He certainly did not have the very complex and unique training of Class X, XI and Class XII. There is an enormous study of LRH CSed folders and special testsn to understand why LRH CSed that way. ” ….[name omitted ] ….” never came anywhere near this section of the training.”

Karen De La Carriere : “ The Ls are like a Ferrari. Most people can drive one up to 100mph but the minute you get into 150 mph, when things so wrong, they go terribly wrong. The Ls are high performance spiritual work that require expert handling by qualified Ls auditors. This requires interneships and not done by reading ‘hat write ups”.”

Karen De La Carriere : “When something goes wrong …either in a high performance vehicle or intense spiritual work ~~ the results can be catastrophic if one does not know how to recover from trouble. Lisa Mcpherson, 3 weeks after L-11 (see the image on the web o…f her proudly displaying her L-11 Cert and smiling) went Type III, taking off her clothes and walking naked on Fort harrison Avenue. This is an example of how badly it can backfire.”

Karen De La Carriere : “What we are discussing is an expanded range, that which can boost you so high spiritually and take you into the lofty heights of heaven can also backfire in the other direction and send you into hell.”

Karen De La Carriere: “ I will never participate in any action that does not guarantee the safety and well being of pcs. Only knowing, training and understanding the length an breadth of the procedures and their remedies can give the results LRH intended for these rundowns.”

Karen De La Carriere : “One example of how Interneships are so vital is that the AUDITING STYLE of Ls auditing is different. You have to un-do all the TRs 1-4 you have ever learned all your life and learn “TR L10 style” It is designed to impact the case differe…ntly. This needs to be drilled and drilled and drilled on video and one has to watch one’ own videos day after day, month after month til one has perfected one’s performance and til it is second nature. There is nothing in the field in current set ups that can even come near approximating Ls training. Each interneship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. But the pc is the beneficiary and is now in safe hands. The safety and guaranteed stability of the pc is the primary importance here. To hell with any other consideration than the PC and the PC’s benefit.”

The Sad Fate of Lisa McPherson


Lisa McPherson

If the full Lisa McPherson story can teach us something, it is not so much what can happen if someone applies a Technology harmfully, but rather what happens when a group of otherwise well-meaning people becomes the adverse effect of a self-appointed Elite whose goal has solely become to maintain their Power through Terror.


I have limited my study of the McPherson case to first hand reports, namely from Interviews and Hearings conducted by the Florida State Attorneys, subpoenaed records and “daily watch reports” that are publicly available. I have read them in their entirety.

The most crucial piece of evidence (Lisa’s Pc’s folders) is lacking due to having been reportedly “lost”. If Lisa’s folders had indeed been lost in what turns out to be one of the most high profile case in the entire Church History, RTC would have ordered a literal army of Sea Org members and even public to work around the clock for an entire week, if needed. Such a loss would have never been accepted if RTC had been at the unwilling end of it. Therefore the fact that Lisa’s folder loss was anything but deliberate and calculated is by far the most plausible explanation.
While I have not been involved with that case nor possess any first hand knowledge of what took place on her last day, my thorough knowledge of Scientology Technology and Procedures and great familiarity with that type of case condition (which I have been called dozens of times to handle personally as one of the very few experienced Introspection Rundown Specialists on the planet), allows me to make a surprising number of conclusions with the data that is available. Further I know all technical personnel involved very well.

THE “WHO” (according to RTC)

Only a Class XII is fully capable of grasping the irony of Web sites dedicated to Lisa McPherson showing her holding her L-11 Certificate signed by Peter Buttery and by David Gellie.

In Scientologese, the Who is the Individual or individuals found to be responsible for any situation adversely affecting the Church.

The unfortunate individuals found to be the who by RTC were both Class XIIs, who C/Sed and audited Lisa through her “L-11 completion” , a mere 3 weeks before her Psychotic Break, They were promptly ordered “PERMANENTLY OFF Tech Lines” by RTC. They are currently working, the former as a janitor, the later as a Bus Driver and are explicitly forbidden to be transferred out of their menial jobs unless so ordered by RTC. “They may never hold a Technical Post again”

It is said that in a confidential Memo a Senior Management individual stated: “They caused Lisa McPherson to die, so they deserve the same fate as Auditors.” So they are considered “dead” as Auditors and as long as they pledge allegiance to the Mother Church they will be forbidden to ever audit again. Their long tracks of several decades of dedicated service and Technical accomplishments, some of it directly under LRH, was according to RTC, the only thing that prevent their savage expulsion, prosecution or an imaginative way to degrade and humiliate them further THE “HOW”

The irony of Lisa holding her L11 Certificate, all smiling is that L11 was originally designed to resolve and prevent the very condition she soon after fell in, This can only be fully appreciated by someone who has done the Class XI course.

Shortly after completing L11, Lisa was put on a lengthy O/W write up that went on for weeks, and without getting any corrective sessions in spite of her bad indicators increasing.
O/W write-ups are a routinely short term action to be done as part of a condition handling. One spends hours writing O/W Write-ups, not days or weeks.
Making someone spend weeks on it, is merely an invitation for the pc to chew on bank and to Introvert, as the individual is continually made to look inwards at his guilt feelings without any direction or guidance. Severe Introversion and feelings of guilt is very evident in her write up.
It used to be routine to send a person to the examiner after each O/W write-up, to ensure they feel good. This apparently is no longer being done at Flag. Apparently the deep guilt someone or introversion someone may feel after a mishandled or overrun O/W write is no longer a concern in COS any longer, but on the contrary, expected to occur.
Unfortunately such offbeat Ethics Handlings (which are actually not part of Scientology technology, contrarily to the teachings of RTC who claim otherwise) have become common place in the current COS. These are not the product of LRH tech, but are solely RTC own brand of Tech alteration, based on the case Manifestations of its promoters and their frantic desire to maintain their power.. (It is a technical fact that people will instinctively seek to program others for the very action that they themselves need).
The Current Bridge as currently promoted by RTC has degenerated in nothing else than a Huge and Monstrous Grade 2 (Overt and Withold Technology) where Dianetics, Clear and OT levels has become mere interruptions and side-trips on the overall program.


According to Scientology Technology, an illness (covered in the Assist Bulletins) or even a psychotic Break (covered in the Introspection Rundown Bulletin are both preceded by a “predisposition” and a “precipitation”.
A predisposition is defined as a susceptibility or propensity for something. It is what makes the mind liable or likely to be affected by some particular thing. Being tired, living in an invalidative environment, recent flagrant auditing errors, are examples of predisposition By precipitation is meant the occurrence of an incident where what was being predisposed now comes to fruition.

In the case of an illness it is generally the incident that brings about the infection. In the case of a psychotic break, it is the moment of introversion where the person actually looses control.
One sees this type of phenomenon in the expression: “The straw that broke the camel back”.
Adding straws, one after the other is the predisposition. The actual straw that breaks the camel’s back is the precipitation.
In the case of Lisa McPherson, it looks like a virtual certainty for all available data that L-11 was the predisposition. L11 is designed to resolve and even prevent the very condition in which she sank! In addition there are a number of originations that are telltale signs of specific unflat L11 steps . During the early days of her “non-sequitur talk”: she was in actual fact talking directly out of restimulated and unflat L11 steps. This is an expected phenomenon. It is possible for the well trained individual to sieve through the apparent babble of natter, screams or “non-sequitur talk” to track down the root cause of the condition.
It is actually the first step done by an auditor in the introspection rundown. By making the “correct indication”, it is entirely possible, as I have done it dozens of times, to miraculously turn off the insane babble and restore, at least temporarily and slightly sanity to the individual.
The offbeat O/W Write up was the precipitation. This is completely obvious from a number of her comments and actions.
In the actual psychotic Break Episode, she says he needs help. She should have been red tagged right then and there, as she obviously had immediate BPC on her current action (O/W write ups and most likely others as well) By going through her pc folders and recent reports and write up, an indication should have been made to her. This should have been made within hours of the Psychotic Break, not days later. This was never done.


If a trained Class XII examines some of her “early non-sense” he can actually see that it actually makes perfect sense and give vital clue as to what is wrong, even though she didn’t know it.

  1. On the 18th (the psychotic Break episode), she says she needs help
  2. Once in isolation she says the following things (meaningless babble to the average person, but extremely meaningful a Class XI auditor in the light of the fact she only recently did L-11)

“I created time 3 billion years ago and now I am dramatizing it since than.”
This is a Clear indication of a specific unflat L-11 step meant to handle the key dramatization on the whole track in a case.
“I am LRH and I didn’t confront it because I didn’t confront that power.”
This is an identity or valence problem, a typical sign of a list error on L-11 as some lists will give exact valences. There is an unblown Valence/Identity.
Her statement: “I can’t confront force. I am dramatizing it.”
More signs of Unflat L-11 which is meant to handle the key aberration on a case.
“I was 1.1. What my chronic tone level is.”
This is a Clear sign of introversion, and guilt, which became quite apparent on her O/W Write up.
“I disseminated my mother, but she didn’t get handled. As I didn’t confront force.”

Either a wrong item from L-11 or from Ethics or she is PTS to her Mother. (in which case she should have handled it
” I need my auditor…”
“Needing auditing is the typical manifestation of auditing error, most specifically out-lists which cause the most
case deterioration on a case.
I need to confront my mom.
PTS to her Mother (among other things).
Next report : “You have to follow the light as Light is life”.
This is a textbook Whole Track Implant description.
A Key implant on the case is one of the key steps of L-11. This is yet another indicator that her L11 was botched.


Sadly, RTC policy toward the prevention of disaffection and dissent has been to instill a regime of Terror.

This was originally done through assignment to the RPF and expulsion from the Church.

As time went on, cruel and long lasting cruel and humiliating punishment became the norm.

People who work at the Flag land Base and have joined the Sea Org, have typically donated all their assets to the Church and are already working in excess of 60 hours a week for little or no pay. In cases of “Down statistics” and emergencies” hours grow even longer and what little benefit one would get even becomes smaller. Deprivation of Food, sleep, and privacy, cancellation of right to meet one’s spouse or underage children are among the first penalties enforced to all group members..

Already hardened by these harsh conditions, the RPF has slowly become, through the years, in many aspects, an actual improvement over the average condition a Sea Org member, to the point that a the threat of an RPF assignment is no longer carry the weight that it once did.

RTC answer has been to remove from the group of unfortunates who work for them in a state more akin to slavery than ever prison would offer the only asset they still possess: their Dignity and their Integrity.

Dignity is removed by broad publication of unilateral findings against an individual. Whereas Scientology Policy dictates a sort of Justice Hearing or Court called a Committee of Evidence, those are very seldom done. Justice being served by pronouncing people based on evidence the individual has not be allowed to confront or dispute. In other words the Accuser, Judge, Jury and Executioner is one and the same individual or group of individuals. In RTC vision of “Justice” the Accusation, Judgement and Sentencing are now performed as a single step and in most cases no appeal is possible.

There seems to be no limit to RTC’s imagination in creating new forms of Torments calculated to degrade and debase the individual receiving their brand of Justice.

New posts with degraded titles get created and the people are assigned to it. People are forced to make public confessions eerily reminiscent of the Stalinist Purges, Marriage are ordered broken, children in actual fact become wards of Church and are raised in a manner entirely consistent with Germany’s infamous “Hitler’s Youths. of the 1930s”

Therefore the prime motivation of most staff, though none would dare admitting it, in an organization where merely having such thoughts is a punishable act, is to “AVOID DRAWING RTC’s NOTICE”.

This eerie duplication of George Orwell’ “Thought Police” comes as a result of RTC’s obsession with implementing the “False Purpose Rundown Technology” at every level and its widespread and frequent use.


The False Purpose Rundown seeks not only confessions of any “reprehensible acts”, but will demand the admission of any and all negative or critical thoughts about the Church Leadership and Policies. The idea is to nip any such disagreements in the bud, by inferring that any disagreement with the current Leadership or Policies is an Overt and that it can only exist in the presence of unrevealed “crimes” against the Church. For that purpose the word crime has been redefined in Scientology to no longer mean such things as Murder and Rape, but rather “omissions” and “failures to take all the necessary actions” that would have been required to prevent any downfall or “lowering of statistics” within the Church. The fact that in most cases, the downfalls and down statistics could only have been prevented by someone with the psychic abilities to foretell the Future as in “20/20 Hindsight” is of no concern to RTC.
To the experienced staff member the only way to salvage oneself is by “Not disagreeing” with anything and to not even form within his mind even the shadow of a Doubt.
The end result is “utter robotism”. Creative thought has become so suppressed and even “Dangerous” that individuals no longer dare making them.. LRH amply describes the characteristics of Robotism in the Expanded Dianetics Materials and a Number of other Bulletins.
People suffering from Robotism and Slaves share a lot in common. Both will avoid taking responsibility and can no longer think clearly. they can no longer confront the environment that surrounds them and they instinctively tend to ignore or “forget” their prior knowledge. They will disregard any moral choices or “common sense” but rather adhere to “safe” if unprodictive protocols. They have isolated themselves from the painful and terrifying environment by allowing circuitry to take over.
By understanding the above, one can now clearly undeerstand the actions of people who were either trained in some way in the medical field, or should have known that they should be “doing something” more.


The first thing that should have been done when the C/S and Snr C/S heard of Lisa’s psychotic reaction, would have been to do an “Folder Error Summary” of her applicable recent auditing. This would have taken at most a few hours.

Then an auditor with the correct training Level and experienced with the Introspection Rundown and L-11 should have made the right indication to Lisa McPherson, wether she could be put on the meter or not, until some type of relief took place.

When I left the in 1992, I was the only auditor fully trained in both Rundowns. It is quite likely with all auditors having been put shortly after, onto “Golden age of Tech training”, that by the time Lisa needed it, there was still no auditor qualified to do both Rundowns.

A small note in a one of the report, actually indicates the true viewpoint of all people involved. It should have been to care for the person in front of them, to truly help her.
Unfortunately the note said that that the purpose of “Watching” Lisa was to take care (or prevent) a Flap. This is the sordid true purpose that Sea Org have degenerated to.

Staff no longer wishes to Help people of make them free as their prime Purpose. Preventing flaps (Flaps are a virtual guarantee that RTC would descend on those it pronounced guilty with all the expected savagery of a sharpened guillotine) are now considered the paramount desire of Staff members.
Individuals exhibiting the symptoms described above are clearly PTS themselves.

PTS individuals make mistakes. It seems to have never dawned on RTC that by creating the dangerous environment they have, that previously flubless auditors have now lost their skills and would make major blunders in Lisa McPherson’s case.

The invention of the “Golden Age of Tech” is just another unusual solution to handle auditors who flub due to their exposure to a dangerous (suppressive) environment. De-PTSing them would have been the answer, but it would also mean loosing control.

The most easily controlled people are PTS. Robotism is merely a manifestation of PTSness.

This is no coincidence that countless battered spouses will neither complain nor leave their partner. They are utterly PTS and hence utterly controlled.

Robots are the perfect example of something that is utterly controlled.

Therefore, RTC share a far greater responsibility than David Gellie and Peter Buttery in causing Lisa’s condition. David and Peter’s error was primarily to become PTS and ignoring it. (RTC made that handling impossible).


In Lisa McPherson case, a number of inept watchers are being brought one after the other into her room. Many show very little ARC for Lisa (it takes truly exceptional TRs to show genuine affinity to a person in that condition- something one cannot expect from anybody but a veteran auditor.
These watchers became a major source of disruption for Lisa. She became increasingly violent with them, and it is obvious in some reports that some of them felt animosity toward her. Of interest is that the only person with whom Lisa never became violent was the only one who showed great ARC. Paradoxically, it was the youngest and less experienced of all watchers, a 17 year old girl called Heather.
Unfortunately the concept of 8C has become perverted over the years. 8c simply means smooth and effective control.
Dianetics 55 clearly demonstrates that 8C can only really exist in the presence of ARC.
In fact it is a key component of the Two Key interacting Triangles in Scientology ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication) and KRC (Knowledge, Responsibility, Control).
Unfortunately in the Sea Org , 8C has become all too often synonym with coerced or manipulative control, which a perversion of the term. There continual reports of doing 8C on Lisa which in this context simply means to force her to do something.
According to an early report, Lisa had trouble swallowing. As time went on, she would either refuse or reject any food.
The answer of the watchers were to force feed her (not with a syringe but with the crude medieval method of shoving it into her mouth.
A PTS Type III individual sees suppressives everywhere. How can a person in that condition react, when faced with people who attempt some sort of violence (force feeding, prevented from leaving or from pacing). The watchers soon became, as far as Lisa was concerned,active Suppressives in the present time environment. On that standpoint alone, one could not expect anything, but severe deterioration to take place.
AS far as Lisa case was concerned, New “Present Time Suppressives” had been added to her environment. and it became that much more unsafe.
LRH states that the ultimate result of Suppression is Death. Therefore from the point the coercive environment in which Lisa lived became firmly established, her fate was sealed.
It does not require a PhD in Medicine to conclude that a person who has trouble swallowing has either some disease or infection or at the very least requires immediate Medical attention. Wouldn’t any normal, or even uneducated parent seeing their child in that state, not seek instant medical attention? Even any Dog lover would have rushed his pet to the Vet if he had exhibited Lisa’s symptoms.
In addition to the disruption caused by low ARC people and a continual change of watchers (each watcher inevitably sees the watch as a penalty as she must endure significant hardship without any compensation).
Typically watchers are assigned to people who are doing lower condition and therefore are already in some form of “Robotic state” Obviously a person who holds an unrealistically long watch (16 hours will start to show impatience, lack of alertness),

This can only result in harming the person being watched.

Sleeping in the company of the psychotic is yet another form of disruption. Since one is completely vulnerable when he sleeps, the person who is deeply PTS will perceive anyone, especially a stranger as threat and a reason to remain awake. Making watchers sleep with a person in a psychotic is a complete Violation of all LRH materials on the Subject of PTS and Psychotics.

The watchers have the false data, that as long as they do not verbally talk to the person, other forms of communication is OK. This is invented Technology and is contrary to all LRH data on Psychotics.

This is based on a misunderstanding of the original bulletins that deal with the subject.
One keeps absolute silence around a person in the middle of a psychotic break episode. This is the actual incident where the psychotic break manifest itself. This is not the whole duration of the isolation period! The reason for the silence is that on a normal person the incident is a lock, but on the psychotic this incident is actually an engram and anything uttered will become part of its content and a command to be later dramatized.
In the book “The Creation of Human Ability”there is an utterly silent process. One get a pc to comply with a non verbal command.
This process is seldom run, as it is not part of any standard Rundown or grade, though I have run it on a number of people, including Flag public.
A typical manifestation occurring during the process is the person becoming upset by the auditor utter lack of verbal communication. This eventually blows off, as the process is brought to its rightful conclusion (EP).
This clearly illustrates the fact that any individual in a prolonged condition where is being denied verbal communication can find the episode to be rather unsettling.

Technically, one could argue that the “process of No Verbal Communication” is an actual New case action or process undertaken on a case which needs to complete incomplete cycles, not start new ones.
How would YOU feel, if a group of people would forcibly bring you into a poorly lighted room and would maintain utter silence in your presence, answering any verbal queries through sign language with their insincere smiles. You would most probably think that they feel you have gone mad and that you are being treated like a complete loon.

Indeed this type of actions have been used around the world to unsettle people or even make them feel crazy when they were sane, For the one who has already lost his Mind, one may put the person beyond the reach of any type of help.

If I would expect anything to occur in the presence of these factors (disruptive or indifferent watchers, artificial silence, denial of freedom of movement, it is simply the restimulation of incidents on the tracks about being confined or incarcerated (or in other words: being tapped) There many such incidents on the track. Being trapped is not only one of the key buttons of the bank, but a prolonged enforced confinement could even develop into out-Int phenomenon or restimulation The only person who keeps bringing up suggestion to do something different is Heather, a 17 year old girl. This is ignored.


The regime of terror instilled by RTC ruthless reinterpretation of Scientology Tech and Policy has created an organization of robots and automatons.
The only thing RTC has truly achieved is in recent years in gaining blind loyalty from a horde of unthinking individuals.
Even a Medically trained Doctor (Laura Arrunada) took no action on the numerous and flagrant physical ailments symptoms when they seemed completely obvious to the eye of an untrained teenager (Heather).

Most of the other “watchers” appear more concerned about their own problems and only see Lisa as a ” DEV-T (unwanted) particle”. When one realizes the impossible hours, work and demands put on those people for little or no compensation, one can actually understand their behavior, even if one doesn’t condone it.
It is not the misapplication of Scientology that killed Lisa, but rather the blatant refusal to utilize any one of many elements that forms the vast array of available technology by people who have been trained to no longer form self-determined thoughts.
Except for one person, Heather, everyone involved was more interested in pleasing RTC by “preventing a Flap” than helping the person who was begging for help in front of their very eyes.

Pierre Ethier

Class XII



Related article: Vendetta

  • Black Dianetics and/or reverse processing is often done on the person in an effort to cave him/her in. Black Dianetics is used in the free field by auditors who apply processes sourced by the Church to cave in others or to produce fanatic followers. Typically those auditors never been trained to provide the specific level , lack major data from the rundowns. Their unsuspected subjects rave in euphoria but then constantly get stuck on irrelevant issues, enterbualate and get upset easily. Those kind of people become restimulated, simply unstable and easily manipulated. This is how one produce EVIL, promote EVIL and talk mostly about EVIL doing.
  • When an individual continues to vocalize or write about disagreements with Black PR treatment or anything else about evil practices he/she is being subjected to, a partnership of allies will publish mean-spirited propaganda about that individual. That propaganda inevitably contains the fruits of the personal and private communication and the private life of the targeted individual directed into a smear campaign. Seldom is it done with chapter-and-verse, literal detail which could make the opressor legally accountable. Instead, it is done through a sophisticated and complex propaganda methodology. It requires the development of a dark and evil mindset to create this sort of propaganda.
  •  Ralph Hilton had published an open letter as a part of a Black PR campaign to spread the enemy line around the web. Now over a five years later a crowd of stooges related to the Church are glorifying  Hilton’s full admission of having personal attitude problems , re-stimulation and acting out of EVIL. Ralph Hilton wrote: “I attacked you in return – yes it was evil purposes in restimulation and I know that I woke them up to do it.” It is very wrong to do others in. It is wrong to orchestrate attacks out of your own evil. It is even more wrong to freely advertise your evil intentions like it is something that makes you stand out with promoting your evil and appealing to manipulate the crowd of haters to join you in doing evil to others. Evil remains evil , no matter what shape and form it takes. There is no excuse for evil doing! Be aware that very sadly evil propagates to your associates and allies.

It is time to say ” Enough is Enough” of your evil!

We do not want your evil in our lives!

Dianetics Research


More on Dianetics and Scientology Research Project

We have acquired materials from several hitherto undiscovered cache. This is an acquisition of very rare, most of them one of a kind and the only copies of  unpublished technical and historical materials from the dawn of Dianetics & ScientologyThe Independent field of Scientology goes back to 1951.

The official publications of the Church of Scientology give very little information about the early 1950′s. The history of Dianetics possibly begins in the 1920s. In April 1950, Hubbard and several others established the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation in Elizabeth, New Jersey to coordinate work related for the forthcoming publication of Dianetics.

More information about Dianetics early years:


As you all know for many years Pierre Ethier has given free advice, interpretation and references on various standard tech. matters for the personal benefits and advancement of countless Scientologists. On many occasions Pierre had provided free C/Sing and free Programming. Thus donating his time , effort and expertise solely to help others advance.

Pierre has been compiling a Scientology Research library purchasing many rare materials in order to preserve the tech. and to use the materials for research and as a practical reference for standard processing. This project has been heavily sabotaged in the the past, however it came to produce extraordinary good results despite the counter intention and many road blocks. Now the fruits of the hard work have become evident.

Recently we have been approached by benefactors who offered some help for this project. I am happy to see that despite of the many who just want to consume resources without fair exchange, there are some kind people who  actually want to contribute and further help for the development of the Scientology Research Library by sending gifts-in-kind donating materials and monetary resources. I am happy to see that true kindness and care for others is still out there.

Thank you for your gifts-in-kind and your contributions.

True kindness is still out there.

What makes great people are the simple acts of kindness.

Have rare, historical or significant books or materials? Why not make them available for research and beyond?

Pierre Ethier welcomes gifts of materials and monetary donations for research materials from individuals or groups. All materials must be legally obtained without exception. Please contact us if you kindly want to contribute rare, historical books or other materials that you want to make available for technology research for enhancing and preserving standard tech applications. Where possible we will attempt to add the materials into our Research Library based on criteria that apply to the selection of our library materials. It is understood that gifts are freely given without conditions attached

All donations will be considered as Donations of Gifts-In-Kind. You also can make voluntary donation via PayPal.


The Church Of Scientology is reading our blog

Below is an exert from our access logs showing that staff or public at the Church of Scientology were reading our blog with great interest. Recently we also received correspondence that while at Flag a public come to listen with great interest our youtube channel which resulted in a true wakening experience. A Pretorian also recommends our blog for making the transition from the Taliban of suppression and money greedy environment into the Free World toward the true Way of Happiness. What are they reading? Our logs show the greatest interests is directed to the article with facts about OT VIII and Beyond.


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Praetorian and Freedom ( The True Way to Happiness )

Re blogged from:

Frik Blaauw – Praetorian

Posted on March 4, 2014 by 

Frik & Elma Blaauw


I was alerted to this blog by an email I received a month and a half ago.

So, there I was – perfectly unhappy with my Church and it’s policies, but thinking I was the only nut around who thought so. I must have an overt on it . . . .

So, I read this site, and Debbie Cooke’s letter. And I blew as much charge as to be gained from a full OT intensive!  I am not nuts!!  I am perfectly sane – and there is a whole world of Scientologists who have identical views to mine on the CoS.

My wife Elma and I officially resigned from the Church of Scientology last week – having had our eyes finally opened after five years of being in disagreement and then doubt with our observations of the church’s management.

Debbie Cooke’s letter was the final straw – and since then I have read many, many similar letters by previously very high ranking members in the church. I can recommend this blog:

To quote Pierre:
Does it strike you as odd that 38 out of 50 staff members from the last organization that L. Ron Hubbard personally ran himself in St Hill, England (known as “Old Saint Hill”) have been declared “suppressive persons” by David Miscavige and kicked out of Scientology forever? LRH said 2 1/2 percent of the population is suppressive. But according to David Miscavige, demonstrated by his own actual statistics, 76% of the population is suppressive. I used to wonder why so many senior Scientologists got declared.

Resignation of Frik & Elma Blaauw

I, Frik Blaauw, don’t wonder anymore.

Every single person alive who could possibly utter “that is not what Ron said to me personally”, or who wrote up Ron’s notes, has been declared. And so that DM can alter the tech – as he has done already.

I have created the rank of SP – Scientology Praetorian – to those who have left voluntary, and to those declared by the real suppressives, and who will now fight to regain our technology as bequeathed to us by LRH and recognizing him as the only Source of that tech. And I pin this medal on the 18 plus named above in their honour.

They are my heroes.

To those who find that hiding behind nom de plumes be the best current course of action – I can only tell you of the great liberating release of coming out of the closet – so to speak! As is your situation – as is it. It’s great to be free as a result of doing that!

Disconnection? Having the full realisation of being around for some 76 trillion years or so with a fair share of siblings, parents, children and friends, this lifetime’s brief moment in my future is only of consequence if it is to be wasted being the effect of other’s cause.

I reached out to Scientology a decade and a half ago as I too desired to see a new world – sane, without war, criminality. And that means having one’s attention on the future. Not the past.

Finding out what David Miscavige and his cohorts have been doing, and the damages done across the world is there. Fact. Having all that attention on it is wasteful, my friends. Above all that – way above – is the thanks I have of that which LRH gave me and you! And in this brief moment we have been betrayed, yes. So what. So what. Compared to some incidents on my track, this betrayal’s effect is small.

So, my fellow Scientology Praetorians – SPs – let’s get busy and build a better world.

Frik Blaauw

(Praetorian definition  – Shorter Oxford English Dictionary p 1561:  B. 2 b. One of a company whose function or interest is to defend an established power or system.)

Celebrities ( Humor)

Few mementos taken on 4th of July

Note: We also use our mementos with the fancies of celebrities in our blog no matter how jealous and evil are the bad mouths of the Wolfs in Sheep’s Clothing who are viscous bashing and spread lies shaming only the product of  their own auditors . 🙂 . There is a lot of space for greedy , jealous and evil bashers in the Baobab’s forest next lifetime.


Strongly recommended to the Wolfs in Sheep’s Clothing and bashers

Viva Pan Am Games – Expect the Unexpected

What is the Two-Year Countdown?
TO2015, together with its corporate, government and municipal partners, is celebrating its two-year countdown on July 10, 2013—exactly 730 days until the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games officially open.

On July 10, the Games footprint will be alive with Pan Am spirit!

Pan Am Games Vision

A life-affecting experience

  • Attract the best athletes
  • Build reliable operations and services
  • Celebrate Pan American culture and performance
  • Ensure an entertaining spectator experience
  • Integrate the Parapan American Games into the overall Games plan

Transforming Communities

  • Inspire children to participate in sport
  • Engage local communities to embrace the Games as their own
  • Celebrate and involve Toronto’s multicultural population
  • Connect the Pan American region through summits, conferences and workshops
  • Leave a Games legacy of sustainable excellence

Delivering on commitments

  • Build all Games infrastructure on time, on budget and in scope
  • Create a Toronto 2015 brand that inspires involvement
  • Enhance the outstanding legacy of previous Pan American Games hosts
  • Generate Games business revenue in excess of $150 million

Setting a benchmark

  • Delivering the best-ever experience for all athletes and participants

Pan Am Games Cultural Values


We celebrate the opportunity to be here. Inspire and be positive about what is possible. Dream Big. Have fun and affect those around you.


Toronto 2015 is much more than just a job. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to positively affect a community, leave a legacy and grow in the process.


We make commitments and deliver. Hold yourself and others to this standard. Build trust by being reliable, trustworthy, and act with integrity


We have high social IQ. Bring out the best in those around you. Build respectful and authentic partnerships. Reach out to be inclusive and be passionate.


We focus on outcomes, not activities. Spend your time on the things that matter most. You have 5 years to make it happen.

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Be a fan of Dignity

Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games reaches one-year countdown

Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games reaches one-year countdown milestone

Provincial Chef de Missions selected as teams begin qualifying process

July 8, 2013 (Vancouver, BC) –The 2014 Games Organizing Committee, together with the Province of British Columbia, athletes, volunteers and community partners are celebrating the one-year countdown to the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games taking place in Vancouver from July 8 to 12, 2014.  The 2014 Games will be the largest Special Olympics games held in Canada with the addition of three new sports, and an anticipated 2,000 athletes, coaches and officials from across the country gathering for the competition.

At the one-year milestone, the Chefs de Mission for each province and territory have now been selected to lead their respective teams in 2014. Across the country, qualifying provincial games are being held this summer to select teams for the 11 sports to be featured at the 2014 Games. Athletes will be competing in athletics, basketball, bocce, five- and ten-pin bowling, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball and swimming

“Canada’s 2014 Special Olympics Games promise to be an extraordinary experience for Canada athletes with intellectual disabilities and an exciting display of top-level competition and sport,” said Cathy Priestner Allinger, Chair of the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games.  “These will be the largest Special Olympics Canada Summer Games ever held and we are most grateful for the support we have received so far, particularly from the Province of British Columbia.”

“The Special Olympics movement and its athletes are an important reminder that sport has an incredible capacity to build communities, strengthen individuals and break through barriers,” said the Honourable Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, Province of British Columbia. “On behalf of the Province of British Columbia, we are pleased to support these games and look forward to welcoming these tremendous athletes from across Canada to our province.”

The Province of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has committed $300,000 to the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games.

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Powerful and vibrant success story

Powerful and vibrant success story:
Hey Pierre:

I am sending you a success story on our Ls Review, as promised. It’s a bit different, as success stories go.  But like you once said,
it’s not about what is said; it’s about going out and doing and living life.

So my success story is ATTACHED as a music  file. I worked on this recording while on my review and finished the final mix last night. (after completing our review)  So what better way for me to say THANK YOU to you and to LRH than to CREATE.

I hope you enjoy it.

But most important of all, it’s my success story, coming to you with thanks and appreciation.




Few months later of consistent and sustained success:

Hey Pierre:

I am just writing to say Hi:

I do hope you are happy and well, flourishing and prospering.

I had dinner with [******] tonight and we got to talking about you. It seems that we agreed that your were an amazing, wonderful being. So I thought I might share that with you as well.

I am doing very well after our sessions together. Thank you for that.

I am looking forward to my next cycle with you, of course. It’s my postulate.

Anyway lots of love and good music, my friend.




Paul Haggis

The New Yorker magazine has featured an article on Oscar-winning screenwriter and London, Ont., native Paul Haggis, who had a high-profile split from Scientology.

On August 19, 2009, Tommy Davis, the chief spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, received a letter from the film director and screenwriter Paul Haggis. “For ten months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego,” Haggis wrote. Before the 2008 elections, a staff member at Scientology’s San Diego church had signed its name to an online petition supporting Proposition 8, which asserted that the State of California should sanction marriage only “between a man and a woman.” The proposition passed. As Haggis saw it, the San Diego church’s “public sponsorship of Proposition 8, which succeeded in taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California—rights that were granted them by the Supreme Court of our state—is a stain on the integrity of our organization and a stain on us personally. Our public association with that hate-filled legislation shames us.” Haggis wrote, “Silence is consent, Tommy. I refuse to consent.” He concluded, “I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.”

Haggis was prominent in both Scientology and Hollywood, two communities that often converge. Although he is less famous than certain other Scientologists, such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, he had been in the organization for nearly thirty-five years. Haggis wrote the screenplay for “Million Dollar Baby,” which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2004, and he wrote and directed “Crash,” which won Best Picture the next year—the only time in Academy history that that has happened.


A traumatic incident is one that may involve exposure to catastrophic events, severe injury or a personal loss (emotional and physical). Individuals can reduce the risk of experiencing stress associated with a traumatic incident by utilizing simple methods to recognize, monitor, and maintain healthy state at the time of traumatic event and following such experiences.

Symptoms of Stress

Individuals may experience physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral symptoms of stress. Some people experience these reactions immediately at the scene of exposure, while for others symptoms may occur weeks or months later.

Physical symptoms

Individuals experiencing any of the following symptoms should seek IMMEDIATE medical attention:

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Severe pain
  • Symptoms of shock (shallow breathing, rapid or weak pulse, nausea, shivering, pale and moist skin, mental confusion, and dilated pupils)

Individuals may also experience the following physical symptoms. If these symptoms occur over time or become severe, workers should seek medical attention. Additional physical symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Profuse sweating
  • Thirst
  • Headaches
  • Visual difficulties
  • Clenching of jaw
  • Nonspecific aches and pains

Cognitive symptoms

If these symptoms occur on the scene of an incident individuals may not be able to stay clearly focused to maintain their own safety or to rescue injured victims. Affected individuals may experience momentary cognitive symptoms; however, if symptoms are chronic or interfere with daily activities, the affected individuals should seek medical attention and counselling. These symptoms include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Heightened or lowered alertness
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor problem solving
  • Difficulty identifying familiar objects or people
  • Memory problems
  • Nightmares

Emotional symptoms

Strong emotions are ordinary reactions to a traumatic or extraordinary situation. Individuals should seek also counselling support if  the following emotional symptoms or distress emerge:

  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Denial
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Irritability
  • Loss of emotional control
  • Depression
  • Sense of failure
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Blaming others or self
  • Severe panic (rare)

Behavioral symptoms

As a result of a traumatic incident, Individual may notice the following behavioral changes in themselves or associates:

  • Intense anger
  • Withdrawal
  • Emotional outburst
  • Temporary loss or increase of appetite
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Inability to rest, pacing
  • Change in sexual functioning

Recommendations to Monitor and Maintain Healthy Emotional State

Individuals affected by traumatic incidents need to take ownership and to maintain the constant vigilance they need for their  well being and must be able to stay focused  in the dynamic, changing  environment. Often people do not recognize the need to take care of themselves and to monitor their own emotional and physical health.  The following guidelines contain simple methods for individuals affected by traumatic incidents.

Take control over yourself and your environment

  • Be conscious of those around you. Individuals who are exhausted, stressed, or even temporarily distracted may place themselves and others at risk.
  • Take frequent rest breaks if necessary.  Mental fatigue, particularly over long shift your risk of  accidents and injury.

Maintain adequate nutrition and rest

  • Eat and sleep regularly. Maintain as normal a schedule as possible.
  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water and juices.
  • Try to eat a variety of foods and increase your intake of complex carbohydrates (for example, breads and muffins made with whole grains, granola bars).
  • Whenever possible, take breaks and getaways.

Monitor mental and emotional state

  • Recognize and accept what you cannot change
  • Talk to people when YOU feel like it. You decide when you want to discuss your experience. Talking about an event may be reliving it. Choose your own comfort level.
  • If you have access to counselling  support, use it!
  • Recurring thoughts, dreams, or flashbacks are normal—do not try to fight them. They will decrease over time.
  • Communicate with your loved ones as frequently as possible.

Recommendations to Maintain Health Following the Incident

Over time your impressions and understanding of their experience will change. This process is different for everyone. No matter what the event or an individual’s reaction to it, you can follow some basic steps that will help  adjust to the experience:

  • Reach out—people really do care.
  • Reconnect with family, spiritual, and community supports.
  • Consider keeping a journal.
  • Do not make any big life decisions.
  • Make as many daily decisions as possible to give yourself a feeling of control over your life.
  • Spend time with others or alone doing the things you enjoy to refresh and recharge yourself.
  • Be aware that you may feel particularly fearful for your family. This is normal and will pass in time.
  • Remember that “getting back to normal” takes time. Gradually work back into your routine. Let others carry more weight for a while at home and at work.
  • Be aware that recovery is not a straight path but a matter of two steps forward and one back. You will make progress.
  • Appreciate a sense of humor in yourself and others. It is okay to laugh again.
  •  This is a time for patience, understanding, and communication.
  • Avoid use of drugs or alcohol. You do not need to complicate your situation with a substance abuse problem.
  • Get plenty of rest and normal exercise. Eat well-balanced, regular meals.
  • Get counselling

Personal Enhancement & Stress Management Course

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About iSuperPower

With iSuperPower you can learn skills faster, retain knowledge longer, and apply your skills to real-world projects better.

iSuperPower was built based on experience of a Digital Schooling. Digital Learning embraces technology to its highest potential. Words like paperless, virtual, green, and social don’t just signify bandwagons to jump on; for us, they’re the not-so-distant future of education.

The driving principle of iSuperPower is to apply the right instructional delivery to the right learning objective, where and when you need it. We leverage from the real subject-matter-expert content to quickly enable you to achieve practical results.

Because we know there are as many types of users as there are learners, we also offer training options maximized for everyone from beginners to power users, including certification exam objectives.

Positive change

caterina-ethierAre we attracting what we want in life? Do you know what you want? Individuals often do not take the time to focus on abundance. So often they really focus on the next material thing like the bigger car or the bigger house. More money , more toys and more stuff. Or  some individuals focus on less. Less work or less weight. As the individuals work on improving themselves they eventually find themselves able to attract their wants and needs as a living magnet. It is more important than ever to actually define what you want in order to attract the right crowd and energize your environment. And again it has come the time to learn from the lessons in the past, re-define more clearly our goals to truly reconnect with the fine spiritual dimensions.

More than anything Pierre’s work has been about helping people to shift to thriving, from just surviving. Not all challenges can be overcome with knowledge alone as sometimes individuals need help when the going gets tough.

Also, personal support, guidance and counseling is about more than overcoming challenges. For many it is about making the shift from good to great. This is why after refining his goals, Pierre has stated to carefully rebuilding his communication network and associations. The aim  is to focus into helping the able to become more able.

This is why Pierre has shifted his approach in development of personal and business networks to balance accountability, learning , planned actions based on careful examinations and screening  with the expectation of positive life reflection. Pierre has build resilience while dealing with all inherited challenges in the field . He wish no part of any venture promoting and favoring insanity and evil doing.

“And I am strong enough to carry myself and others, even when they can’t carry themselves.”

“My father spent his years fighting his size, wishing he was smaller, weaker, less of a giant. He was taught to hate his body, and he was ashamed of the amount of space he took up. But he passed his strength to me, and I won’t squander my inheritance. I will not let myself be diminished.

I am my father’s daughter. I too am a giant, built of strength and flesh. And I am strong enough to carry myself and others, even when they can’t carry themselves.


Blast from the past


Pierre Ethier in the Sea Org around 1982.

Having discovered Scientology in Montreal in early 1973, and experienced life altering changes in my introductory services, I decided to join staff full time, and put my studies indefinitely on hold.

The organization became prosperous and expanded by leaps and bounds, thanks to an FEBC trained Executive Director and to my effective activities running Division 6 (New Public into the org).

The organization eventually moved to the main street, a mere one block away from what was the busiest intersection in the country.

I was made in charge of Davison 1 (HCO) supervising Communication and “Ethics” and doing recruitment myself.

In just over 6 months, the organization more than doubled in size and personnel. The best staff were hired during that period. In 1992, I felt a great sense of pride when I discovered than the entire Senior Executive structure and the 6 oldest staff members in Montreal org were all people that I had either personally hired or introduced to Scientology in the 1970s.

I eventually fell out of favour with the Executives running Montreal org in 1975, and it was agreed that I would complete my 2 1/2 year contract working under the Executive Director in Quebec City (a 4 hour drive from Montreal), in exchange for one of their staff who wanted to be transferred.

The Executive Director made me his assistant, and essentially allowed me the full run of the Org, merely filling in reports and acting as the contact person with the Flag Liaison office, so that he could pursue other activities and training.

I had a “different understanding” of Ethics than my Superiors at Montreal and those at the Flag Liaison office wanted.

To them, Ethics was “Harsh”, absolutely punitive and degrading in its application, and you had to go through Hell to get through it. Ethics to them was something meant to be as unpleasant as an amputation performed without anaesthetics.

I differed in that viewpoint (and still do), in that Ethics was merely a tool to get the job done and the application of Ethics should be an activity where “Everybody Wins”.

Degradation, torments and humiliation seem in my eyes to be merely relics belonging to Medieval History and are largely Whole-Track Dramatizations, not a component of a Science of Life that boasts to be on par with the man’s Highest Technological Achievements. In my Technical view someone who thinks and act like Ethics is something savage, harsh, unreasonable and even cruel, not only demonstrate a clear need to have his Evil Purposes (and Rockslams) on the subject of Help addressed, but is a serious candidate for receiving a GF40 (earlier practices assessment), as he is clearly confused between some earlier humanoid practices and that of Scientology.

Looking back at it, Quebec City of the 1970s is one of the few places in Scientology where Ethics was applied in a Benign and Benevolent Manner.

The result: High Stats and Morale. No blows, no cries, no grief. Staff so happy being there that each and everyone instinctively disseminates and recruits whenever he steps out of the org for an errand, a meal or taking the bus. Staff not fighting with each other to “get their own stat up”, but sincerely cooperating one with the other with their foremost interest being expanding the Org and the broad Dissemination of Scientology. Almost no more PTS Type A situations to handle as entire families are on lines getting Services and drilling each others. Body routers were frequently being recalled from passing hand outs on the street, because unexpected high inflows of interested public would just walk in. The Number of Well Done Auditing Hours in the Staff HGC was competing with those from the Public HGC…


Pierre Ethier in the Sea Org around 1982.

Coming soon : Seminars about Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier , Class XII


Skype ID : CommChannel

We are preparing Skype Seminars about “Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier, Class XII”.

For pre-registration and submission of interesting topics and questions please contact our relationship management coordinator at with SEMINAR on the subject line. Limited number of participants. There is NO CHARGE for participants. Seminars are delivered in French and English.

Skype ID: “CommChannel” an advanced spiritual guidance network for people who are dedicated to spiritual advancement and improvement.

The group is facilitated by Pierre Ethier – a Scientology Class XII auditor who over 4 decades has been providing advanced Spiritual Counselling to people seeking to become more able by strictly applying what has been demonstrated to work and helps people attain self-fulfillment to lead more successful and happier lives. As people go closer to the Advanced Spiritual levels and find increased joy in life, their lives are affected for the better.

The Advanced Scientology Rundowns are based on an important breakthrough research and understanding in the field spirituality and the mind. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns can be a beautiful experience of massive increases in affinity for others. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns address every dynamic and go deeper into the case level resolving hesitations, evil purposes, address the main areas of irrationality that introvert a being or lesser his/her power. The receiving the Advanced Rundowns lead in easing aberrations and also can lead to a new life and a new viewpoint of spiritual and mental rationality. One can eliminate fundamental aberrations and can increase certainty, stability and control, even in the face of the worse adversity.

Pierre Ethier is an applied Scientology auditor who, among other rundowns, mastered the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original. For over a decade Pierre Ethier was acknowledged as the best auditor on the Planet and he was recipient of the Top Auditor of the Year Award every single year. Pierre studied and delivered numerous of the so called Flag Only Rundowns, including the Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive , address variety of handlings like spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other.


Happy Orthodox Easter

HPIM2004Orthodox Christians celebrate Pascha according to the Easter date in the Julian calendar. Pascha is the most important event in the church calendar in the Orthodox Church. Many Orthodox Christians attend church liturgies during the Holy Week that leads up to Easter Sunday. The Easter Sunday church liturgy is joyous as it celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, as told in the Christian bible.

The period before Easter, known as Lent, is also a time of strict fasting. Orthodox Christians observe this fasting ritual before celebrating Easter Sunday with a feast, where meat and dairy products can be eaten again. Another tr

adition observed in Orthodox Christian churches is the blessing of food baskets. The baskets are usually filled with bread, cheese, meat, eggs, butter, salt, and other types of food used for Paschal celebrations.

One of the most common questions Orthodox Christians are asked is, why Orthodox Christians don’t celebrate Easter/Holy Pascha with everyone else?



Often, those asking are Orthodox Christians who know that some years we do have the same Easter observance, others we don’t, so why don’t we celebrate the feast of feasts of the Christian year with other Christians?

The answer to the question is found in two areas of human life that are among the least popular — mathematics and history.
Clearly, for both Western and Eastern Orthodox Christians, the date of the feast differs from year to year. That’s because we use a different calculus for determining the date. So here is where most people say, “OK, I get it, you differ, I guess you have your reasons.” But those who are not math-phobic press on to ask why we have a different calculus, and how the calculus is different for East and West.

These names, dates and events are not quite in a galaxy far, far away, but to many it seems that way. Quartodecimians, Nicea I, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Rome, Athanasius, Constantine, 325, for starters, only serve to either glaze over the eyes or scramble the brain. Unless some of those names and dates bring out the response, “That was in ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ “ Dan Brown’s novel is not a reliable or recommended source for this question.HPIM2006 The best place to start is with what Christians have in common when it comes to Easter/Holy Pascha, which puts the difference in the date of the celebration in its proper perspective. All of us celebrate on a Sunday, the first day of the week, since that is when the gospels tell us Christ rose from the dead. This itself was a disputed issue resolved at the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

The alternative was a date that occurred on a different day every year, and that day was the date of Passover according to the lunar calendar followed by the Jewish people at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Subsequent modifications to the Jewish calendar resulted in the Council of Nicea decreeing that the calculation of the date of Pascha and of Passover were independent of each other. Sunday is the day on which the resurrection occurred, and as the first day it is understood by Christians as the beginning of the New Creation, the day without end, the eighth day.

But the issue remained, how to calculate which Sunday, a task given to the Church in Alexandria, which was renowned for its astronomers. The astronomers of Alexandria came up with a table of cycles of 19 years upon which the date of Pascha was determined, factoring in the full moon after the vernal equinox. Those dates were calculated according to the Julian calendar used at the time. Later, the West adopted a table of cycles that had 84 years.

While all the Christian world initially shared one calendar and shared one date for the celebration, the change to the Gregorian calendar in the West in the late 16th century, and the continuing use of the Julian calendar in the East, resulted in an initial difference of 11 days between the two, a difference which is now 13 days. Further complicating this was the date on which the vernal equinox was established in the Alexandrian table, a fixed date that was recognized as inaccurate on a yearly basis, but established as a base line for calculations.

The decisions made at the Council of Nicea in 325 were made to guarantee a universal celebration of the greatest feast on the Christian calendar by all Christians. This goal is recognized today as one we need to recover. Steps in that direction were taken in 1997 at a meeting of representatives of the Christian Churches held in Aleppo, Syria.
Further discussions have been broached between the Roman Catholic Church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This year, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, covering most of the Holy Land, Cyprus and Jordan, will celebrate with their Orthodox brethren, and have requested papal approval to do this permanently.

More than any text or meeting, this provides a common witness and a great hope that all — Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians of all denominations — can celebrate the cause of our hope and the foundation of our faith together, with at least some of the unity for which Christ prayed before His arrest: that all may be one.

Constantly changing communication protocols in 21st century


Technology is changing how we communicate in our daily lives. The technical advancements vigorously influenced communication etiquette and lead to establishing of new rules. It caused a clash between our retro habits and the rapidly changing personal environment surrounding us.

So when interacting with others keep  in mind in mind to never jump to conclusions and create assumptions when it comes to unpublished communication protocols related to communication technology , speed of confirmation and response , as well as a time frame. A decade ago, faxing was standard, ICQ was a marvel and people thought call-waiting was rude. Today, we text at meetings, find phone calls intrusive and send e-mails to the guy in the next cubicle. As communications technology rapidly advances, social protocols can barely keep up.

E-mail occupies that space between the formality of a letter and the breeziness of a text message. There is certain expectation of privacy when communicating via emails and the public distribution and forwarding of private emails to others often leaves the taste of bitterness  and betrayal of trust. It is fair and wise to confirm with the originator if the email can be published or forwarded if you want to build a positive and constructive relationship flowing power of the two way communication.

Social media have much more relaxing restrictions and even most businesses now have Facebook pages. The professionalism approaching other must still reign. Consider LinkedIn connections like business cards; some will be useful, others you’ll forget. Google yourself once a month just to be sure “what happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”. Be aware about hate pages where failures express their own frustrations about others success just like the Boston Marathon bombers.

In a world where everyone is Google-able and smartphones can exchange info by touching, most people still find it useful in exchanging  business cards. Keep your card simple and  use your card wisely. Don’t clutter your card with every address, number, online profile, blog and website you have. Just the basics. The rest is online.

Chances are, these days you’ll get the quickest response to an e-mail or text message but to create more personable relationship always use the phone. Voice communication if useful to clear mis-communications based on the wrong assumptions. Never jump to conclusions about the state of mind of another person without personal confirmation. Research shows that voice spending on phone plans is on the decline, while text spending is up. But audible communication can still win out on efficiency, especially when dealing with multiple, complex or very personal matters. Voice is also good for discerning tone when emoticons don’t cut it. Sometimes If you must call it may be wise to send a warning e-mail and ask if it’s a good time to talk scheduling a conference call.

Face to face meetings are inevitable, and are especially important with clients. People still find it disrespectful if can’t stop tapping on your phone.

Unless you’re serving legal documents, faxing is practically offensive in its antiquity. It’s too uncertain where a document ended up and who else read it. However once serving legal documents by email should be considered stalking and not serious. According to the local police if a legal document is not send in the mail then it is highly questionable. If you must fax , check via email or phone if it was received.

Though texting and messaging offer speed, ease and the ability to get straight to the point, they often don’t offer a record of correspondence that comes with e-mail, and can feel too informal for business communication.  Keep in mind, though, that 90% of people under 30 will respond to a text message within an hour.

The use of letters beyond supermarket flyers, court  and legal documents, the odd passport application or bank statement, it’s all gone digital.

Voice mail is being driven into obsolescence by caller ID and text-based interaction. Recent research found that 20% of people rarely retrieve their messages. Until it completely disappears from the workplace, however, keep in mind that voice messages left on a cellphone are even less likely to be heard. No one wants to dial in just to hear “Hey, call me back.” Caller ID may be just enough. If you must leave a message, never natter on for longer than 30 seconds.


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Personal self and your business style

Dressing for the office sometimes takes quite a  thought and personal spiritual expression. Your style often can be personally empowering  and generates positive respectful connections in the group dynamic.

The personal lifestyles and personalities dictate the different ways of spiritual expression, influence  perceptions and business image  . To sort out what works for you, we recommend using the following flowchart to effortlessly discover your personal stylish expression in no time.



Updates in the conference site:

What: A gathering of like-minded individuals that care about the legacy of L Ron Hubbard and want to ensure that the materials he developed to help mankind are not lost to the evil men that believe themselves control the materials and seek to monopolize the tech.

Purpose: To brainstorm and inspire each other to be creative in bringing about Ron’s dream of a free planet where the depraved desires of a few cannot stop freedom us all. We wish to be generative of ideas and energy to make it safe to practice Independent or Protestant Scientology in the field, To make it possible to be free of harassment and suppression. Other than these items the conference is free of agenda and is largely created by the participants.We will get out of  it what we bring to it.

Location: Portland , US ( please email to  for details)





To attend or request more information about this event send email to or consult
Costs: We are attempting to cover costs to hold the conference in this magnificent facility – we are attempting to hold costs per person to less than $300. This would include conference fees sleeping room (double occupancy) for Friday night and Saturday night.UPDATE:The conference fees are $275/per person with double occupancy for the rooms.
If you book the room in advance (before 12 noon) Friday there is a 10% discount.
So with discount two people is $495.00For those that should attend but may needed financial assistance to attend, we will try to make that possible as well.Tentative Schedule :Fri 4pm – 7:30pm Conference check-in explore the space
7:30 PM – Cocktail reception. Meet and greet.
9:00 PM — Opening session – Orentation
10:00 PM – 11:00 Show and tell.
Relaxed conversation and breaking the ice in the recreation area.Sat
7:AM – 9:AM Breakfast buffet
9:00 – 12:00 pm Our journeys through Scientology. Sharing a personal experiences in a group setting.
12:00 PM – 1: PM LUNCH
1:00 PM – 2:PM Q&A with Pierre Ethier,  Class XII Auditor.  ( conference call , dial in )
3:00 PM – 7:PM (Open — suggestions welcome)
7:00 DINNERSun:
7:00 AM Spiritual and recreation  activities.
Scientology related groups break off sessions.
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM BRUNCH
Skiing and other recreation activities.
4:00 PM END OFF – Return to PDX.To attend or request more information about this event send email to
Inquire about a conference bridge as a dial up on a (Skype) conference call may be available.

John McMaster – The First Clear

Audio files:…0is%20Love.mp3…%20Freedom.mp3…rizing%202.mp3…cation%202.mp3…282%29%202.mp3…iew%20KPFK.mp3…eators%203.mp3…0Processes.mp3

Video file  1.4 GB:…Master%201.mp4

Coming soon : Seminars about Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier , Class XII


Skype ID : CommChannel

We are preparing Skype Seminars about “Scientology in the Free Field Q&A with Pierre Ethier, Class XII”.

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Skype ID: “CommChannel” an advanced spiritual guidance network for people who are dedicated to spiritual advancement and improvement.

The group is facilitated by Pierre Ethier – a Scientology Class XII auditor who over 4 decades has been providing advanced Spiritual Counselling to people seeking to become more able by strictly applying what has been demonstrated to work and helps people attain self-fulfilment to lead more successful and happier lives. As people go closer to the Advanced Spiritual levels and find increased joy in life, their lives are affected for the better.

The Advanced Scientology Rundowns are based on an important breakthrough research and understanding in the field spirituality and the mind. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns can be a beautiful experience of massive increases in affinity for others. The Advanced Scientology Rundowns address every dynamic and go deeper into the case level resolving hesitations, evil purposes, address the main areas of irrationality that introvert a being or lesser his/her power. The receiving the Advanced Rundowns lead in easing aberrations and also can lead to a new life and a new viewpoint of spiritual and mental rationality. One can eliminate fundamental aberrations and can increase certainty, stability and control, even in the face of the worse adversity.

Pierre Ethier is an applied Scientology auditor who, among other rundowns, mastered the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original. For over a decade Pierre Ethier was acknowledged as the best auditor on the Planet and he was recipient of the Top Auditor of the Year Award every single year. Pierre studied and delivered numerous of the so called Flag Only Rundowns, including the Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive , address variety of handlings like spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other.

About compassion

The Los Angeles Dodgers had two visits to the City of Hope. It is something magical to see the smiles that they bring to these patients and feel the compassion in their eyes .  Patients and Visitors enjoyed meeting the players, having their pictures taken with them, and receiving their autographs.

From Left to Right: Blake DeWitt, Rudy Law, Stephen J. Forman, M.D., broadcaster Charley Steiner, Tommy Davis, Fernando Valenzuela, Michael A. Friedman M.D., Tommy Lasorda, Andre Ethier, Brad Ausmus and Hiroki Kuroda.

I love this picture taken in the teen music room! The man on the microphone is Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. As you can see, the guys were having a great time during their jam session.

Left to Right: Matt Kemp, Janet Clayton, Ken Landreaux, Delwyn Young and James McDonald



L. Ron Hubbard, and even Psychiatry define Insanity as an Idee Fixe that dominate an individual so much that they become unable to act or think except through that fixed idea.

Out of the OT X materials, CHARACTER, comes the following definition: “Insanity is the adoption of a Single Stable Datum, at the exclusion of all others”.

The dramatization of Evil purposes, especially when it is being directed at people, starts with an act of Cowardice: the individual is unable/ unwilling to face the true source of his/her inner conflicts and seeks to put the entire blame on a target they feel will be “popular” and easily agreed upon by those with similar mental problems.  This is well explained in the Policies on “Sources of Troubles”, where a small percentage of people will obsessively seek to lay the entirety of their problems on an individual, book or group. Years of experiences both in and outside the Church conclusively demonstrate that those who blame others for their own condition always greatly exaggerate things and were always suffering from the issues they complain about long before they came across what they now label as the source of their problems.  In the data series, a policy called, “the Why is God” clearly explains that the answer to solving one’s own problem lie within oneself, not in blaming someone else.

A Wise and old Judge that frequently appears on TV has repeatedly observed: “It is easier to confront Anger than Pain”. In other words, when people face some inner suffering, some will try to find an innocent scapegoat to blame every evil on, just like the Jews in the Bible would cast the totality of the Sins and crime of their entire people on a Goat that had until then minded its own business and then cast it out to die in the desert.

It is Evil to seek to harm people of good will!

In my case I have helped over 5000 people, if I count only those I have audited. If I count those I have C/Sed, FES, debugged and given life-saving advice, I get another 5000. I have done a lot of voluntary work and helped thousands of others. After I left the Church, I have worked in coordination with Law Enforcement agencies to help bring criminals and abusers to Justice. I was personally praised by the authorities for my work. There is a continuous stream of people coming to see me for help, either in a professional capacity in my areas of expertise where I hold professional certifications and in my quality as a trained auditor and Case Supervisor. I have helped well over 15,000 people directly or indirectly.

The church of Scientology is well known to use Agents, Stooges and Dupes to promote its pernicious agenda. This sad group of Individual uniformly consist of slow or no case gains (based on actual changes in their life and behavior rather than their own assertions), and who are dramatizing a dark aspect of their case in the misguided and absurd hope that if they succeeded in destroying their target, their problem would suddenly disappear.

Because those individuals commit continuous Present Time overts, including constant manufacturing of lies, cherry picking a few facts while throwing away all others and spreading their vitriol as widely as their meager intellect allow them; their perceptions sink to a very low level. They misinterpret facts and invent absurdities causing them to continuously DEAD-AGENT themselves: their worse PR enemies are themselves. By actual analysis less than 2 1/2% of people reading their drivel view it as anything else than something belonging in the trash can.

This means that 97 -1/2% of people exposed to their drivel correctly recognize it as such.

For 10 years now, my unchanging experience with both the Church of Scientology and its offshoots, including the FreeZONE is that the more desperate their attacks against me, the more theta traffic comes on my lines, the more requests to audit or C/S I receive and the busier I get. I would have to spend thousands of dollars to get the amount of free publicity that those misguided souls give me for free.

A friend of mine, jokingly stated that if thing continue that way, that I ought to consider paying them FSM commissions!

Just like it says in the Anti-Social Personality bulletin says: these people try to burn the House, they end up flooding it instead. In my case: they try to destroy my repute. They mistakenly think they succeed in their eyes, but only their small group of fanatical followers (people that are criminals and a long track of lying, stealing and abusing others) agree. I would never consider auditing any of these individuals. All others either ignore or recognize obvious lies for what they are.

My final message to the misguided souls above is:

1- COMMUNICATION IS THE UNIVERSAL SOLVENT. If you have an issue with me, use private DIALOGUE to sort it out. Those who keep complaining about me, have never sent me an email, (except for one sending them to dozens of people and using it for 3P). Dialogue means: Two way communication of a private nature, not an endless stream of attacks and bait and switch or sending dozens of people emails on a private matter or spreading 3P or hatred as widely as possible. Otherwise, all you do is demonstrate, out-TRs of your own.

2- Be compassionate: I am compassionate, even toward those who have spread the most horrific and heinous of lies toward me, recognizing they each were dramatizing an unhandled area of their case and were the product of reckless and incompetent auditing, and therefore in great need of help.

3- Realize that the more of what you view as harmful lies against me and my family you publicly state, the worse you end up looking in the eyes of over 97% of people. You actually end up damaging the repute of the Church (if you defend the Church) or the Freezone/Independents. You end up promoting me. I therefore thank you for increasing my popularity and my business, though, you may be unworthy of my gratitude.

4- Stop committing continuous PT Overts or you will end up worse than a pebble on a beach. Beware: this could start as early as next lifetime! You seem to have no idea whatsoever of what is addressed in OT X-XV and what you are making up your future to be. Are you truly certain of what to expect in the after-life? I know what to expect, I have been there after two near-death experiences at Flag.

Ignore my advice at your own peril If your intent is truly to harm me, then be prepared to eventually reach that unpleasant tone level called: TOTAL FAILURE.

Pierre Ethier





Anyone who has been deeply involved in Scientology, such as being on staff, the Sea Org or being part of delivering its services as an auditor, like I was, received continuous indoctrinations to make him/her accept all form of data without questioning it or even examining it.  To the outsider, such data, when accepted by the recipient is correctly labeled as Dogma.

Most of my peers, swallowed one Dogma after another without giving it a second thought. Being of a somewhat different nature, I never could accept a datum without understanding it first. I was often criticized for it, but realized from the start that my personal Integrity depended on believing only in what I choose to believe in on my own, not what I was merely ordered to.

Divergent and Splinter Groups were uniformly labeled as Suppressive, thought it was never explained how they were so. My questions about what they were, their activities and in which way they supposedly harmed people were never answered, except by the universal platitudes: “They teach junk”, “They are run by evil people with a discreditable past (or by perverts)” “They harm anyone they touch”.

I distinctively remember coming across the word AMPRINISTICS and finding it impossible to locate a definition. My efforts at truly clarifying its meaning were strongly discouraged. The only thing I needed to know is that it was a Suppressive group seeking to Harm Scientology and run by criminals.

It is only after I left the Church that I discovered (no thank to the Church of Scientology who has kept the issue hidden as it proved subsequently to be an embarrassment), what the word means or what it was.

AMPRINISTICS is a made up word by its creator Harold Thompson (1922-1994) , when he left the Church around 1964 to pursue his own ideas. He was joined by Jack Horner*, who used to be one of L. Ron Hubbard most trusted friends and Edgar Watson, one of the top auditors at the time.

*( Jack Horner was trusted enough for LRH to invite him to conduct by himself the 1st South African Advanced Clinical Course, as LRH had commitments elsewhere).

AMPRINISTICS is composed out of the words AMPLIATIVE (extending a simple concept) and PRINCIPLE (beginning/fundamental truth as basis of reasoning).

I do not have enough information to properly evaluate the merits or drawback of that philosophy, since I have not been able to get my hands-on works that explain its procedures in details. In 2001, his widow, Nancy Gould Thompson published a book: “Amprinistics : the simple truth : the first scientific psychology” / Harold Thompson.

Amprinistics uses ideas that are found in Certainty Processing, Rising Scale Processing and Concept Therapy/Processing from 1951-1953 and combines them with ideas from R6EW (1962-1964)  to seek to release sections of the Mind and specific aberrations.

The Advertisement of Amprinistics promotes it as a senior form of Scientology and is extremely enthusiastic about claims of results. How accurate were their claims? It is impossible to tell. The church, prompted by L. Ron Hubbard himself has gone out of its way to destroy that group, its principals and anything it published.

After a few years ,both Jack Horner and Edgar Watson left to start their own practices, no doubted prompted by the Intense Third partying campaign the Church instigated which had for avowed goal to get each of the founding members at each other’s throat.

L. Ron Hubbard got so ticked off about the group daring to use his ideas mixed with their own that he vowed the demise at any and all costs.

He started by writing an Executive Letter (the predecessor to LRHED) dated 27 September 1965 called AMPRINISTICS. That issue is now hard to find because it L. Ron Hubbard rhetoric and unproven assertions proved to be such an embarrassment, that the Church now denies its existence.

catherine-ethier-wife-of-pierre-ethier-plus-dreamsL. Ron Hubbard starts by making a big deal of them being all allegedly homosexuals, in spite of the accusations later in that same issue that one of them had indiscriminately fathered multiple children and abandoned their mothers. It merely reflects on Hubbard homophobia and consequently the Church of Scientology viewing Hubbard’s words as “scriptures” privately labeling all homosexuals as perverts and insane. They may something else in their PR, but I have read the pc folders of over 100 different Homosexuals and each of them was branded a pervert and insane by their case Supervisor. There were no exception.

Hubbard continues with his generalities calling them thieves and criminals but never once giving the slightest details even vague ones. He then goes on stating; “We don’t really want them any harm”.

Contradicting himself, Hubbard continues on the next page: “They are each Fair Game, can be sued or harassed…  Watson is a set-up for arrest as Homosexual. Any meeting held by them should be torn up. the names of people attending should be collected and they should be labeled SP, as they have left Scientology.(Now we have Hubbard clearly stating that if you leave or disagree with Scientology you are a Suppressive Person: something the Church of Scientology does with abandons, because L. Ron Hubbard says so)

Hubbard continues with his vitriol: “If any of them move in your area get them arrested or deported on whatever grounds”.


(1) Do not Mention the name Amprinistics in public, in our magazines or issues.

(2) Harass these persons in any possible way.

(3) Label publicly their ideas as Suppressive and designed to deny people case gains.

(4) Tear up any meeting held and get the names of those attending and issue SP orders and you’ll have a lot of rats.

L. Ron Hubbard 27 September 1965


Amprinistics, never amounted to anything bigger than a few hundred adherents and therefore never threatened the Church of Scientology income. The Church has never published any account of a single person being harmed by that practice. If they had found any, they would have published them in all their gore. Therefore the inescapable conclusion is that AMPRINISTICS never harmed anyone nor anything except L. Ron Hubbard’s pride.  Harold Thompson survived L. Ron Hubbard by 8 full years. In 2001, the Amprinistics Society was still active, making Hubbard’s forecast in 1965 that ” in a few months will never be heard of again” entirely inaccurate

Keep Scientology Working (KSW)




People who have been running Scientology have not always had the most Ethical of Intentions. In fact, those running it for the last three decades have had intentions that have nothing to do with the improvement of people or their reaching true enlightenment.

It is common place among the criminal to accuse others of what they are themselves doing and therefore hide (they think) their true misdeeds by labeling them as being the opposite of what they truly are.


The Golden Age of Tech is yet another example. it should have been called the Age of Darkness.


The primary objective of the Golden Age of Tech is to “wipe clean the slate of auditors” by cancelling any certificate ever obtained (even under L. Ron Hubbard himself) and ordering them to lengthy retrains where auditors will be re-educated in the application of auditing.

Compare it to the following definition:

A systematic effort to eliminate an individual’s former loyalties and beliefs and to substitute them for a new ideology. It is best achieved by isolating and/or disconnecting from any anyone with divergent ideas, the insistence on exacting regimens that are not to be challenged or questioned, strong social pressures and rewards for cooperation; physical and psychological punishments for noncooperation, including social ostracism and criticism, deprivation of food, sleep, and social contacts, bondage, and torture; and constant reinforcement.



The secondary objective of the Golden Age of Tech is to implant the unimpeachable datum that RTC is infallible in technical matters and that any technical edict it issues should never be questioned, under penalty of excommunication and eternal damnation.  This will prove vital in getting all auditors under the control of the Church to blindly accept radical transformations in definitions and the technology without even needing to publish new bulletins,and accepting any verbal Tech issued by RTC as “undisputable truth”.

Thus we have the definition of a Floating Needle being perverted and causing thousands of unnecessary overruns.

This we have the Fabulous Ls Rundowns have been completely transmogrified and now being run according to lower level styles and techniques instead of their own unique ones, and over 50% of recipients at Flag being greatly unhappy (or worse) with them.

Thus we have the invention of the datum that people auditing on Solo NOTs must learn “How to Kill and F/N” and disavow their wins in order to benefit the Church through statistics and/or income.

Thus we have people being audited for hours over ARCXs with the auditor purposefully ignoring them because of some arbitrary or false datum he has been indoctrinated in.


The tertiary objective of the Golden Age of tech are 1- to remove any call to judgment or understanding by auditors and replace it with inflexible rules and robotic protocols.


The quaternary objective is the adoption of the false datum that any auditor or Case Supervisor applying fanatically the Golden Age of tech procedures can not possibly err. The corollary of that false axiom is that any and all complaints or disagreements about the programming, auditing or C/Sing merely indicate undisclosed misdeeds by the complainant(s).

Since the creation of the Golden Age of Tech, over half of the Solo NOTS completion have either openly defected or quietly departed from the Church. and nearly as many OT VIIIs. Church membership has dwindled by 60%. LRH repute has been torn to shred in the Media and on Internet and the Church under its current leadership has done nothing whatsoever to stop that trend, but only preoccupying itself at “defending David Miscavige” whenever he was justly attacked and criticized for his crimes.


When the Golden Age of tech was announced in 1996, the “Discovery” by David Miscavige was that the “Blind had been leading the Blind”. Nothing was said about the inescapable facts that

1- RTC by definition was the one leading on technical matters, and therefore being “The Blind”

2- Being Blind in that context (having low perception) is entirely the product of hidden misdeeds and contra-survival acts.

3- Therefore, announcing that RTC was entirely responsible for the Technology being applied the way it was (wrongly), Scientology public were expected to continue to blindly trust the same group of thugs that David Miscavige was broadcasting as having betrayed its public.


Since the Advent of RTC, in the 1980s, the Church of Scientology has completely failed in its mission of “Keep Scientology Working”. It has focused almost exclusively at controlling people, typically through Terror and the destruction of anyone who “had other Fish to fry” (an expression that has come to mean doing or thinking anything that is not written in the new Tables of the Law written by RTC.  The Laws being:

1- Thou shalt not question nor doubt any rule or order issued by or on behalf or RTC, no matter how off-policy or destructive it may seem to be.

2- Thou shalt submit all of your dynamics under the control and orders of the Church and accept all directives to suppress one or more dynamics, including Divorce, Abortion or Disconnection without challenge or disobedience.

3- Thou shalt lie and deceive even under oath, if it benefit the Church without feeling there is the slightest wrong in doing so.

4- Thou shalt not save any money for yourself, your future or your children, but donate without examination everything you own to the Church. You will get into debt without any limitation as long as you keep being ordered to do so by a Church official.

5- Thou shall disconnect as destructively as possible from anyone who disagrees with the Church, the way it is being run or who criticizes any of its principals.

6- Thou shalt refuse to listen to any communication or examine any data that seek to prove or explain how you may have been lied to by the Church, declaring that anything unflattering about the Church or its principals is by definition entheta and a lie.

7- Thou shalt accept any orders to apply Scientology, its Tech or its Admin differently than you have learned if RTC orders it as they know better than anyone else.

8- Disavow or disconnect from your Father and Mother, sisters and brothers, spouse or children whenever  it is ordered to by an Ethics Officer.

9- Never doubt anything you are told at any Church Briefing or official publication, nor  ever try to confirm their accuracy. Use the Internet solely for purposes immediately related to your job and refuse to read anything about Scientology, the Church or any of its principals, as the Church of Scientology never lies to its members.

10- Only follow goals of yours that are directly and explicitly approved by the Church. Change your goals, the instant you are told by an Ethics Officer or other authorized Church personnel that they are wrong. Disregard the Code of Honor. It is only written for PR purposes.


Over the course of years an additional step has surreptitiously been added  to the 10 points of KSW:

Step 0 of KSW: Abandon the Technology, or least the bits that those in charge want discarded  to satisfy their political or financial interests. Hundreds of good Bulletins have been cancelled and never been replaced. Thousands of mental or spiritual breakthroughs been ignored or suppressed and parts of the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard been kept indefinitely storage, in order to maximize financial gain by the Church of Scientology.

The following links show by year an exhaustive and complete list of all Technical Issues published along with their current status (where they can be found, of if cancelled or suppressed).

As a rule all issues written by someone else than LRH have been cancelled, even if doing so caused knowledge or vital advice to be lost. For example: Bulletins about Triple Rudiments have never been replaced and as a result, almost every auditor in the field have been mis-running Triple or Quad Rudiments using wrong or out-tech commands.

Scores of detailed drills covering anything from Handling Audiences to auditing correctly every processes on the Grades or actual Case Remedies have been cancelled without ever being replaced.


Decades after the wholesale cancellation of hundreds of Drills, an Impostor, who is also a failed auditor and an acknowledged NO CASE GAIN and who shows NO CHANGE as a down stat administrator created something he calls the GOLDEN AGE OF TECH, largely plagiarizing earlier cancelled bulletins that were written by Class XIIs and other Highly trained individuals as ordered by L. Ron Hubbard. He falsely claimed authorship behind them, defaming earlier Class XIIs and Highly trained auditors who had complied with  LRH orders to create drills for every single occasion, lying in front of an audience of thousands claiming that LRH orders had never been complied with when they had.

Hundreds of bulletins gave vital technical advice and examples of application, but were cancelled without replacement nevertheless. This includes Bulletins on auditing  Autistic Children, The secret reason why OTs can cave in or act badly, dynamic assessments and many other subjects.

It is immutable policy in the Church of Scientology, to cancel every single bulletin or materials written by a person who has just fallen out of favor or been branded suppressive, even if no replacement or substation is made. As a result there are gaping holes in the training auditors and errors and mistakes that would have been easily avoided have been committed in the name of “Keep Scientology Working” when the slogan KEEP SCIENTOLOGY WORKING was merely a hypocritical front for people who had no interest in the betterment of others so that they could order the demonizing and vilifying anyone who dared disagreeing or thinking an independent unsanctioned thought.


Due to the large amount of work required to make such a list, it is being done,one year at a time.

The first year that has been compiled is the year 1969.


In 1976 a FLAG TAPE MASTER LIST was compiled and issued. It had a few omission, but was by far the most complete list ever published by the Church.

In the 1990s, the late Ken Ogger who gave himself for nickname “THE PILOT” published the most exhaustive list of LRH conferences ever made and sought to correct and add to it.

Using my own unique background as a Class XII and Sea Org Member on Tech lines at Flag for nearly 20 years and numerous contacts and sources of help, I have filled the holes in the Pilot lists and explained the current status of each lecture.

Since the advent of the Golden Age of Tech a number of lectures have been quietly buried and the very name and existence of those conferences been erased from scientology official teaching. The Church current position is that those lectures never existed, even though they exit in previous compilations. The Church has ordered destruction of those conferences by any of the faithful who still happen to own one.

For the year 1969 the Golden Age of Knowledge states that “No LRH lecture exists”, yet I was able to confirm by title and date 13 LRH lectures made that year.

Suppressive Groups





L. Ron Hubbard originally defined the concept of Suppressive Groups in a Policy Letter dated 29 June 1968 (Enrollment in Suppressive Groups).

He stated “SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS, are defined as those which seek to destroy Scientology or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or damaging their cases or which advocate the suppression of mankind”.

However, in actual practice, the Church of Scientology (and Hubbard himself for that matter), has branded as Suppressives anyone who started a splinter or divergent group.




By actual record, the Church of Scientology declares as Suppressive:

1- Any splinter group, whatever were their motives or activities.

2- Any whistleblower or group denouncing illegal acts performed or ordered by the Church of Scientology or any of its principals.

3- Anyone refusing to comply with orders issued by the Church Elite, no matter how much these may contravene approved policy or the published aims of Scientology.

4- Anyone found to be applying Scientology, or a derivative of it without the official approval or without the paying of tithes to the Church of Scientology. Contrarily to any mainstream Church, unqualified and untrained people will make the assessment of such activities and uniformly find them to be bad and harmful without any real investigation or competence to do so..

5- Any organization whose principals are known by the Church of Scientology to be former members and that teaches anything of a mental, Spiritual or Religious nature, even when it has no real connection with Scientology nor seeks to compete with it.

6- Any group or Association that has copied ideas found in Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard writings and seek to apply them, without the official approval of the Church of Scientology and the payment of large amounts of royalties. This especially applies to any new Churches created in accordance with the laws of the land.

7- Any group of  individuals that seeks to challenge the activities of the Church of Scientology or its leaders, even when invoking the writings of L. Ron Hubbard and the original materials written by Hubbard in the 1950s, which the current Church of Scientology is very fond of calling scriptures.

A exhaustive and impartial analysis of top 50 splinter or dissenting group from the Church of Scientology reveals the following facts:




1- Each and every Splinter/Divergent group purported and sought to promote the ideas contained in Scientology and consistent with its philosophy. This includes the entirety of what is labeled as “FREEZONE” or Independent Field. Therefore far from suppressing Scientology, they uniformly tried to promote it. FACT: Splinter/Divergent Groups do not seek to suppress Scientology.

2- People who have claimed that a splinter Group or FREEZONE/Independent caused someone’s actual injury or Death are very few in number (less than 3%) and every instance dates from the 1990s or the 21st Century as a small clique of particularly unethical, poorly trained and ignorant individuals started to rule or influence the key factions of the Freezone/Independent Field . The majority of the assertions of actual harm or death in the Freezone/Independent Field are anonymously made and easily traceable to the Church of Scientology or its agents. Since the Church of Scientology is among the most DEAD-AGENTED organization on the planet (except in the blind eyes of its fanatical promoters and OSA agents/collaborators), the validity of those claims is very easy to dispute.

On the other hand, the number of people documented with claims that the Church of Scientology has caused injury or contributed directly to the death of people is in the high Hundreds, or perhaps in the thousands. All one has to do is use the Internet Search Engine or visit the detailed files contained thousands of different accounts, testimonies and News media stories in the Internet web sites that are dedicated to the denunciation of abuses by the Church of Scientology.


A statistical analysis and study of OTs remaining faithful to the Church reveal a truly scary trend: Life expectancy for them is a mere 57 years of age: that is 20 to 25 years below the national average for all but the poorest and under-developped countries on Earth. Active membership and participation in the Church of Scientology current activities ought to be labeled: “the 1001th way to die“.

Therefore, even giving reports exclusively written for the benefit of the Church of Scientology credibility, the ratio of people allegedly injured or killed by the Church of Scientology outnumbers the Splinter Groups/Freezone/Independents by over 300 to 1.

FACT: None of the Splinter/Divergent Groups has ever specialized in injuring or Killing persons.

3- As far as advocating the Suppression of Mankind, there is no evidence that any of the 500 groups listed on any list of Splinter or Divergent groups has ever advocated or encouraged such acts. On the other hand, the Church of Scientology has regularily promoted ideas described in the “ten stages of genocide” and frequently advocated that people be deprived or liberty or their Human rights should they happen to be blacklisted for whatever reason.

FACT: None of the Splinter/Divergent Groups has ever advocated the Suppression of Mankind.


4- While the results achieved by Splinter groups and Freezone factions tend to vary according to ideas and quality in their application, only a small handful of Independent practitioners (less than 5% – none of them being member of an organized group) has shown that they may be possibly labeled as “harmful”. Even that claim is in dispute.

The matter of damaging people’s cases is largely a subjective one.

What of the auditor who falsely validates the hallucinatory claims of a pc to please him/her? Is he truly damaging the case of the person?

What of the auditor who validates the pc who is convinced that he audits remotely and telepathically the world leaders, including President Obama?

Or how about the one who believes he/she gets daily instructions from the spiritual plane where LRH gives them daily advice on where to purchase anything from picnic foam plates to a large Plasma TV?

What of people attesting to OT8, OT48 or even  OT 1008?

Most of these people claim to be happy, though many of their peers tend to view them as delusional.

For each person pointing them up as “damaged cases”, there will be those who promote them as exemplary cases.

Merely making people happy with their state of case is a questionable criteria. A number of cases, by actual record, incompetently audited people can turn on some form of Psychosis and Deep Hatred after having been audited as a victim, when they were actually a chronic aggressor and abuser of the rights of others. If one was to audit an “Hitler type” personality, the latter may enjoy his newly gained abilities as a wonderful tool for more effectively committing genocide or  spread his hatred against those he feel should be destroyed.


Lastly, of supreme, but often neglected importance is whether the person’s case was already damaged by the Church of Scientology or its predecessors in the field of Mental and Spiritual practices.

In the vast majority of cases, it is simply impossible to ascertain. The Church of Scientology, typically blames its failed cases on Psychiatry and often invents newly discovered psychiatry related links to rationalize even the most justified of attacks on them.

Every case that has openly testified against a Freezone or Independent auditor for being abused, misaudited or otherwise mishandled, had done the exact same thing toward the Church of Scientology a number of years earlier.

Policies on Sources of Troubles written by L. Ron Hubbard describes responsible-for-condition cases as those insisting things such as some auditor or thing being “wholly responsible for the terrible condition I am in.” the same policy states that a “review of these cases show that they were in the same or worse condition long before auditing… and that their antagonism extends to anyone who seeks to help them”.

FACT: None of the Splinter/Divergent Groups has ever specialized in Damaging Cases. Damaged cases are nearly always attributable to many causes and the evidence supports that the Church of Scientology does far more toward Damaging people’s cases than any Splinter/Divergent group ever has.


The correct method of determining if someone’s case has been harmed by a practice is to confine oneself to the actions of the person (something that can be impartially examined) rather than the person feelings, beliefs or alleged character (something largely subjective)

The following questions should be examined and answered based on honest and thorough examination, while brushing away any and all bias and rumors:

1- Is the individual, according to the world at large, as opposed  to groups he/she is associated with (due to the likelihood of mutual out-rudiments) becoming a better person? By better person is meant someone who help others and who behave in accordance to a Moral Code such as the one written in the Way to Happiness. Because delusional or unethical individuals tend to PR themselves an actual thorough and independent examination of their activities is required.

2- Is the person more successful along their dynamics? (especially the first three)

3- What is the level of Communication of the person? Is it highly destructive toward selected individuals or are they focusing on constructive activities

4- Is the person a PR artist?

5- Are the friends or associates of the individual people of Good-Will, (even if they may have made mistakes), or people actually involved in, actually PR artists and/or con men due to their destructive activities? Who are their friends? Who are their enemies?

6- Are they hypocritically posing as “Free Independent” while covertly acting as Informant for the Church of Scientology (the one organization who has publicly vowed at trying to destroy all Independent Scientologist and practitioners). Are their enemies the same as the Church of Scientology?




Logic, in spite of the existence of the Data Series, is something largely unknown to Scientologists. The data Series written by L. Ron Hubbard were meant to complement the fundamentals of LOGIC. But most Scientologist (both within the Church and without) view it as a replacement, therefore they tend to act in a completely illogical manner.

Normal and ethical people often state that “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”.

Many people who have been indoctrinated by some of the false ideas taught within the Church of Scientology tend to stick to those false ideas long after they have left or even publicly disavowed any beliefs in that organization or even its philosophy and original ideas.

It is a typically action by the same kind of people to willy-nilly provide assistance to the Church of Scientology when it seeks to malign its enemies, by providing all manner of Black PR and lies against their common enemies.

In most cases, the providing of Black PR against their perceived or imaginary enemies, in forums carefully chosen because OSA and Church agents are known to frequent them is meticulously calculated to harm its target by teh typical weapons of choice of the coward: Lies, Blackmail and defamation.

The result, uncomforted by those who have a low ability to confront Evil or Reality, is that the individuals publicly attacking the Church of Scientology Enemies by using defamation, Blackmail and lies, have become de facto collaborators of the Church of Scientology and are treated as informants and reliable sources by that organization.

The net result is to weaken the target of their hatred (often an individual with limited resources or time to defend himself) and  strengthen the Church of Scientology (an organization documented to allocate unlimited resources toward the suppression of its enemies).

The only possible conclusion is that the individuals claiming to be enemies of the Church, yet actively aid the Church in its attacks of its enemies are either incredibly stupid, hypocritical or an unholy mixture of both.

Many of the EX-Scientologist boards starting with their owners and moderators act that way. The same goes with a number of Freezone/Independent Boards, in particular those controlled by the self appointed Freezone PRs, who know very well their board is infested by OSA agents and operatives, though they profess otherwise.

The only reason a board like ESMB has been allowed to continue to exist, in spite of it numerous violations of the law, and the vast resources and connections of the Church of Scientology (and its ability to get it shut it down any day it chooses to), is that it is viewed by OSA as an invaluable tool to malign its enemies and the eagerness of those who portray themselves as Victims of Scientology to do its own dirty work. And they do it for free!

Such Church allies can be created by incompetent or reckless Freezone/Independent auditors when they bypass the case of their pc and allow them to remain stuck in earlier bad and/or traumatic experiences at the hands of the Church of Scientology, yet attempt to audit them on Upper Levels or Rundowns. The resulting Blind fury or Hatred is typically targeted at anyone who may point out, especially correctly, the technical shortcomings of their auditor (the one largely responsible for restimulating the person).


SOED Flag ED 2830RB published on the 25 July 1992 is the last list of Suppressives published by the Church of Scientology. It proved to be such an embarrassment when it was leaked on the Internet, that the Church amended its policy of updating it and has since kept its ever-growing list of Declared Suppressive Persons, a secret.

All one has to do is look at the historical records of the history and development of Scientology or the names of LRH former close associates and confidantes to recognize a veritable “Who is Who” of the History of Scientology in that issue alone.

The Church of Scientology use blind zealots, fanatics and extremists such as those dedicating themselves at making Hatred web pages on imaginary enemies of the Church of Scientology, those stalking defectors to harass them and those who believe that spying on people of good-will to satisfy the pernicious agenda of OSA. The common denominator of all these people is a deep fear of the light of Truth and the exposing of their own crimes, lies and atrocities. That terror dominates their should so much that they become unable to recognize as an OUTPOINT (or illogic) the simple fact that anyone who sees 90% of one their former associates or comrades has all the attributes Paranoia. Paranoia is a condition largely created by having committed earlier a large number of harmful acts.

To summarize:

Labelling Splinter or Divergent Groups as Suppressive is based on lies and used as an expedient to rationalize the blatant disregard by the Church of Scientology for people rights to practice their own religion as they see fit or express their opinion.

True Suppressive Groups obviously do exist: The Nazis, Organized Crime, Al-Qaeda are a few of them, but they are never listed by the Church of Scientology in the lists of Enemies of Mankind, while their own defectors always are.

Declaring Splinter or Divergent groups as Suppressives is an entirely political tool whose main aim is to stamp out competition. Further it attempts to  maintain what is advertised as “the only road to Spiritual Freedom” and Spiritual redemption for Man as a Monopoly in the hands of a self-appointed Elite. That latter point is Ethically as reprehensible as can be, since its only possible result should it come to fruition is the Enslavement of Mankind.

Observation of the actual actions done by that Elite clearly indicates that the personal Aims of the Individuals that control that Elite have nothing to do with the purported Aims of Scientology nor its published Credo. On the contrary the aims of the Elite have mainly to do with the accumulation of wealth in the most expedient possible way (typically through the secret use of Slave labour, Sweat Shops and Intimidation) and in satisfying an insatiable thirst for Power over the souls that the Church of Scientology still controls.

The way to minimize the formation of Splinter Group is for the organization to remain open to the fruits of observation and to suggestions and to acknowledge people. Most Splinter Groups were created as a result of an unhandled upset or ARCX (Disagreement, Injustice, Invalidation). By keeping quality controls high and verifying that the proper standards and protocols are adhered to, results automatically follow and the demand for switching to wild unproven ideas will remain to a minimum. To utterly prevent the formation of Splinter or Divergent groups is simply impossible without adopting totalitarian measures and keeping a thought a police active.

If one is to be in the business of helping people achieve higher levels of self-determinism, one need to accept that fact. The Church of Scientology has become akin to a 1984 type Orwellian nightmare because it refused to understand that simple principle.

Pierre Ethier

Le Mystere des voix Bulgares

The voices of Bulgarian women are divine.  Bulgarian folk music stands out with incredible  vocal performances, in particular the layered, diaphonic harmonies along with an intricate multi-layering, and the timbre of the vibrato-free female Bulgarian voices. The Bulgarian folk performances preserve the unique traits of an ancient music, most notably the delivery from the diaphragm that restricted the vocal chords, enabling the production of the distinctive tones and drones beyond the traditional (read “western”) scale, as well as delivery techniques such as Melisma – the production of a single syllable of text in a range of notes or scale of quarter tones (to Western ears, a trance-like wailing reminiscent of Arabic chants or perhaps Flamenco), grace notes and trill, which punctuate the performances with a rarely experienced agility, grace and power.

The First Man in Space- In memory of Yuri Gagarin


Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (Russian: Ю́рий Алексе́евич Гага́рин; IPA: [ˈjʉrʲɪj ɐlʲɪˈksʲejɪvʲɪtɕ ɡɐˈɡarʲɪn]; 9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968) was aSoviet pilot and cosmonaut. He was the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961. Today he would of been 79 years old.

Aside from his short stature at 1.57 metres (5 ft 2 in), one of Gagarin’s most notable traits was his smile.Many commented on how Gagarin’s smile gained the attention of crowds on the frequent tours he did in the months after the Vostok 1 mission success.

Gagarin also garnered a reputation as an adept public figure. When he visited Manchester in the United Kingdom, it was pouring rain. However, Gagarin insisted that the car hood remain back so that the cheering crowds could catch a glimpse of him. Gagarin stated, “If all these people have turned out to welcome me and can stand in the rain, so can I.” Gagarin refused an umbrella and remained standing in his open-top Bentley so that the cheering crowds could still see him.

Sergei Korolev, one of the masterminds behind the early years of the Soviet space program, later said that Gagarin possessed a smile “that lit up the Cold War”.