IFA Kha Khan Status

Kha Khan Status

Pierre Ethier

Lafayette Ron Hubbard issued a Policy Letter on the 1st of September 1965 entitled “Ethics Protection”

Here is a quote from this Policy letter:

“When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report. In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan. That’s what producing, high-statistic staff members are – Kha-Khans. They can get away with murder without a blink from Ethics…. And Ethics must recognize a Kha-Khan when it sees one – and tear up the bad report chits on the person with a yawn.”

One individual whom the IFA feels is deserving of that title is Pierre Ethier Class XII Auditor and C/S , Keeper of Tech and Tech Flub Catch officer for the IFA.

Pierre climbed his way up the technical bridge whilst at Flag, despite enormous counter intention, to become one of the most highly trained and productive auditors at Flag. When Flag became untenable under the new regime Pierre left and continued his work in the field as a Freezone Auditor and Case Supervisor.

Pierre has audited a record number of hours and cases and has cracked more cases than anyone else

In the Freezone and possibly at Flag when he was there also.

Pierre continues to audit, c/s and crack cases that have been stalled for years.

Pierre is totally unreasonable when it comes to standard tech. He is uncompromising and applies the tenets of the Policy Letter, “Keeping Scientology Working” to the letter.

If anyone is entitled to the status, Kha Khan, then it is Pierre Ethier. Pierre should rightly have been awarded this status at Flag many years ago.

Therefore, as a result of his high and continued production and his exemplary accomplishments in the field despite all odds, the IFA is pleased to assign Pierre, as the IFA’s Keeper of Tech and Flub Tech Officer, the status of Kha Khan with all the privileges attached hereto.

Approved and issued by the Exec Council for the ED IFA.

Michael Moore
International Freezone Association Inc

http://international freezone.net/pierre.shtml

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