Bloody revengeful smear campaigns, what is their true nature?

What is behind the constant attacks on Pierre and smear campaigns?

The truth is that no one wakes in the morning with a plan to invite humiliation and torment, nor does anyone deserve it. Bullying may also be known as mobbing, abuse, social aggression, horizontal or lateral violence, victimization and social undermining. Bullying is usually seen as acts or verbal comments that could “mentally” hurt or socially isolate a person. Bullies do rationalize their actions with “the target made me do it,” but anecdotal evidence from witnesses refute this notion. If you look closely at the facts why would someone go over and over on various internet boards to third party Pierre and fraudulently spread false propaganda. It was said that a vicious liar would smear a good person so they would feel better about themselves.

The following are examples of bullying behaviours:

  • Social isolation
  • Rumours and third party
  • Personal attack of a person’s private life and/or personal attributes
  • Excessive or unjustified criticism
  • Over-monitoring of targeted individual
  • Verbal aggression or spreading aggressive posts , sometimes going as far as death threats
  • Withholding information •
  • Trivial faulting
  • Demeaning

Why Scientology produces bullies?

Characteristics of those who bully include low-self esteem, poor communication skills, unresolved issues from earlier in their life and the belief they have the right to inflict controlling and abusive behaviours onto others. They often bully to cover up their own insecurities and weaknesses. Those who bully have mental issues that have accumulated over time and are carried throughout their life. Bullying is growing phenomena between ex-scientologists and scientologists because the organization either ignored their behaviour or their out-ethics.

Bullying behaviour is all too typical of people who have been messed by careless programming, C/Sing and auditing. Out-ethics can be observed hundreds of times: false promises and being unable to confront BYPASSED CHARGE, look for answers, everywhere, but at the right place. The style of auditing by their previous auditor, nurtured that counter-survival habit and actually made them worse.
The  PC  will also develop an attachment and desire to protect the auditor who validated their Reactive Mind the most. Auditing will be perceived as a drug high and their actual problem would never get resolved.
While the basis for the Technology of the Ls, and other tech is very sound in itself, the entire infrastructure of the Corporate Church of Scientology has been designed for maximum profit, as its primary goal. This means there is no effort, at the very beginning of the spiritual journey, one is meant to take with Scientology, to educate someone in being altruistic, kind and to seek spiritual enlightenment as the primary goal. The stress is on rising as much money as possible. One is deliberately taught that selfishness and egoism are the primordial values. In other words, one can betray anyone to continue the bridge or accommodate the desires of one’s organization. What is betrayal or treason, if not the ultimate act of selfishness?  The lack of results with the tech comes down to personal ethics.
The very selfish behaviour is taught in the Church, and validated by some Ls auditors, who have viewed  auditing as a “business”, meaning that making money is the primary goal, like the purpose of any business is.

Out-ethics is the core  why those individuals have no results with the tech. “When ethics is out , tech does not go in”! However by ignoring this fact bullies feel justified to engage in personal attacks on good people.

Victims of bullying are typically honest, ethical, and pro-social survival. They have integrity! They often are in positions that involve helping others or whistle-blowers who report abuses.

This was exactly Pierre’s situation. Once he did blow the whistle on a bully, her energies got directed on revenge and not on helping people around her. In fact, Pierre did many things right and that’s why the bully got jealous of him. Bullies do target GOOD people!