About L11

 A non Flag-and non interned Class IV  has broadly claimed he had “the Only original L11 Rundown from LRH himself including a step long deleted by bad people”. He had distributed yet another squirrel write up of L11 and will sure get in deep  trouble when someone is smart enough to ask for “evidence” about his fraudulent claims. Altered or improperly run rundowns, lack of set ups can make the PC sink or spin or simply can bring the PC in the La-La -Land of insanity . Lisa McPherson’s case comes to mind as one example of the devastating results. (  background update – Lisa died at Flag in 1995 right after completing L11 – this is 3 years after Pierre has left Flag)
L-11 has NEVER BEEN REVISED since 1971. In 1975 L11 Expanded was compiled based on cases and research done on L11 in 1971 and 1972, because public paying $25,000 started to object to the price when they had had less than 6 hours of auditing before attesting.  A few additional steps can be done in case of unresolving “Hidden standards” or case conditions, but a properly setup PC is unlikely to need anything beyond the basic steps.