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While some have been spreading rumors about Pierre, this has been proven to be non- constructive and very destructive to others. It is true that Pierre had been a subject to viscous attacks where out ethics individuals have been fabricating lies and attacking Pierre out of GREED. Their fabrications and manipulations had been very TOXIC and targeted. All Pierre needs is LOVE, your positive postulates and meaningful messages.

Please do not contact us to discuss any practices that deviate from the Standard Scientology Technology. Please DO NOT contact us if you have been receiving auditing from the Ron’s Org , Trey Lotz and associates. Pierre Ethier supports only Standard Tech in its powerful original.

We will NOT respond any solicitations for copyrighted materials and/or illegal or unethical practices. Please address the corresponding copyright owners for such requests and exchanges.

To initiate contact with us please  donate $200. All donations  are gift in kind for the Scientology Research Library without conditions attached.  ( additional charges may apply , e.g. long distance phone calls)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you ask for donations?

This is an opportunity to show your thankful appreciation, the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to yourself and you will benefit from your garatitude. It has been proven that individuals of good ethics have shown gratitude and provide exchange by donating to a good cause. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for Pierre’s time and to return his kindness.  Danations will help to cover the cost of the library, reaserch and to advance knowledge.  Gratitude express your appreciation and is really important because it serves a purpose. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. As a result, gratitude also helps you to connect to something larger than than yourself and will boost your power to advance.

For the one who does not value their questions perhaps they either do not seek the answers or do not appreciate the answers.

Can you share the list of the  trained Class XIIs who have attested?

The Class XII training  is a complex training including internships, courses , obtaining additional knowledge  based on confidential case studies , video tape evaluations , practical evaluations and attesting as LRH has designed it.

Below is the list of the trained Class XII to successful attest.  There are fraudulent claims by people who have not been trained or have not attested.  The names of the auditors personally trained by LRH are well documented in the Apollo Crew List and other documents. When it comes to certifications and credentials , believe only factual evidence and records , not fraudulent claims.

The original 8 Class XIIs that were trained by LRH are listed in the following link:

The list of all Class XIIs that were ever made was compiled in 1998:

Do you travel to provide on site auditing?

No. Pierre Ethier no longer travels, his time currently is predominantly dedicated to research. His travels are related only to completion of ongoing cycles. 

Can you recommend auditors in my area?

No. It has proven that in order to recommend an auditor Pierre has to consistently oversee his/hers practice , training and ethical standards. On other hand for every Preclear there are case specific requirements that have to be addressed. Some auditors who are good auditing the lower bridge , might lack training on the upper bridge. For the above reasons any recommendations can be done only after a thorough assessment of the  auditor and additional case assessment of the Preclear , along with consistent Case Supervision.

I am in a need of repair due to bad auditing. Any recommendations?

Often this kind of situation is related to some sort of ethics situation. On one hand the poor choice of auditor shows  low perceptions. It was your responsibility to choose wisely and verify your auditor’s claims and credentials versus actual objective outcomes of his practice. (Reference: Dishonesty cuts persons reach HCO Bulletin 1 May 1985 “Honesty and Case Gain”: .

You will have to deal with your personal ethics in order improve your ability to make wise decisions. On other hand auditors that mislead or defraud about  their credentials are out ethics. One example is the delivery of the Ls. Most of the fixes for the Ls are in the C/S materials. This is why the role of the C/S is vital and auditor needs advanced training that has been typically provided at Flag.

I was getting auditing in the Church. I am considering auditing in the Free field. Would I be able to get my folders?

This is a question that you should be directing to the Church.

Do you respond anonymous correspondence?

No. Anonymous exchange is an indication of some sort of ethics situation. Perhaps you should consider resolving it first.

Do you provide assistance with requests for refunds from the Church of Scientology?


Do you distribute copyrighted materials?

Absolutely not, despite of rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates.

What about delivery of the Ls in the Free Field?

Rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz, Perry Sheppard and their associates, using Pierre’s name as a reference and claiming that Pierre has trained them to deliver the Ls are untrue.


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