Please do not contact us to discuss any practices that deviate from the Standard Scientology Technology. Please DO NOT contact us if you have been receiving auditing from the Ron’s Org , Trey Lotz and associates. Pierre Ethier supports only Standard Tech in its powerful original.

We will NOT respond any solicitations for copyrighted materials and/or illegal or unethical practices. Please address the corresponding copyright owners for such requests and exchanges.

 To contact us please  donate $200 for up to one hour phone consultation. (additional long distance charges may apply) . You can include a note  with your email and contact information. All donations  are gift in kind for the Scientology Research Library without conditions attached. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you ask for donations?

This is an opportunity to show your thankful appreciation for the advice you will receive, the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to yourself and you will benefit from your garatitude. It has been proven that individuals of good ethics have shown gratitude and provide exchange by donating to a good cause. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for Pierre’s time and to return his kindness.  Danations will help to cover the cost of the library, reaserch and to advance knowledge.  Gratitude express your appreciation and is really important because it serves a purpose. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. As a result, gratitude also helps you to connect to something larger than than yourself and will boost your power to advance. For the one who does not value their questions perhaps they either do not seek the answers or do not appreciate the answers.

Do you still audit?

Pierre Ethier is Case Supervising and supporting an exclusive and limited public, who maintain ethical standards and are working thoward  spiritual advancement. Pierre does not support other practices and discourage mixing practices. Pierre is case supervising, developing case by case specific programs and case assessments.

Pierre makes any recommendations and discuss further arrangements only after a case assessment to Preclears truly dedicated to spiritual advancement . 

Can you share the list of the  trained Class XIIs who have attested?

The Class XII training  is a complex training including internships, courses , obtaining additional knowledge  based on confidential case studies , video tape evaluations , practical evaluations and attesting as LRH has designed it.

Below is the list of the trained Class XII to successful attest.  There are fraudulent claims by people who have not been trained or have not attested.  The names of the auditors personally trained by LRH are well documented in the Apollo Crew List and other documents. When it comes to certifications and credentials , believe only factual evidence and records , not fraudulent claims.

The original 8 Class XIIs that were trained by LRH are listed in the following link:

The list of all Class XIIs that were ever made was compiled in 1998:

Do you travel to provide on site auditing?

No. Pierre Ethier no longer travels, his time currently is predominantly dedicated to research. His travels are related only to completion of ongoing cycles. 

Can you recommend auditors in my area?

No. It has proven that in order to recommend an auditor Pierre has to consistently oversee his/hers practice , training and ethical standards. On other hand for every Preclear there are case specific requirements that have to be addressed. Some auditors who are good auditing the lower bridge , might lack training on the upper bridge. For the above reasons any recommendations can be done only after a thorough assessment of the  auditor and additional case assessment of the Preclear , along with consistent Case Supervision.

I am in a need of repair due to bad auditing. Any recommendations?

Often this kind of situation is related to some sort of ethics situation. On one hand the poor choice of auditor shows  low perceptions. It was your responsibility to choose wisely and verify your auditor’s claims and credentials versus actual objective outcomes of his practice. (Reference: Dishonesty cuts persons reach HCO Bulletin 1 May 1985 “Honesty and Case Gain”: .

You will have to deal with your personal ethics in order improve your ability to make wise decisions. On other hand auditors that mislead or defraud about  their credentials are out ethics. One example is the delivery of the Ls. Most of the fixes for the Ls are in the C/S materials. This is why the role of the C/S is vital and auditor needs advanced training that has been typically provided at Flag.

I was getting auditing in the Church. I am considering auditing in the Free field. Would I be able to get my folders?

This is a question that you should be directing to the Church.

Do you respond anonymous correspondence?

No. Anonymous exchange is an indication of some sort of ethics situation. Perhaps you should consider resolving it first.

Do you provide assistance with requests for refunds from the Church of Scientology?


Do you distribute copyrighted materials?

Absolutely not, despite of rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz and his associates.

What about delivery of the Ls in the Free Field?

Rumors and innuendos from Trey Lotz, Perry Sheppard and their associates, using Pierre’s name as a reference and claiming that Pierre has trained them to deliver the Ls are untrue. We also had been told by Trey’s PCs that for about 2 years after having no communication with Pierre , Trey was misleading them that Pierre has been C/Sing for him  and was using Pierre’s name without his permission providing inaccurate references.

Pierre did attempt to train Trey Lotz on L11 , Trey committed gross auditing errors , refused correction and never sent a video for evaluation. Trey Lotz never attested nor completed Ls training with Pierre. Trey Lotz is a field auditor, never worked in an advanced organization and has mostly experience auditing the Lower Bridge . It is a well known fact that as a field auditor Trey was forbidden (per Church Policy) to audit any Upper Level Rundowns and OT Levels. Trey lacked the discipline  and the training to audit under the supervision of a C/S and lacked experience  to address the complexity of the Upper Bridge. When Trey Lotz promotes 40 000 hours on the chair , this means that his experience is overwhelmingly  in the Lower Bridge, which is not as complex as the Upper Bridge. L11 was designed by LRH to be delivered in a week , however Trey Lotz was chronically delivering it on numerous occasions in a duration of 4 months on many occasions to OUT ETHICS PCs . This information is also broadly documented on the internet in various public releases by Trey’s PCs. Additional out tech was present in Trey’s delivery and Pierre wish NO association with Trey Lotz.

A number of Trey Lotz’s OUT ETHICS PCs have viciously attacked Pierre on Trey’s behalf , this including attacking Pierre’s child due to his disability or making  other vicious and cruel threats. The very same OUT ETHICS PCs of Trey Lotz also carried out a vast smear campaign targeting Pierre and claimed to have  made fraudulent reports to the Church and various government agencies in order to cause trouble with the purpose to take down this article . An OUT ETHICS PC of Trey Lotz promoted to have partnered with the Church in attacking Pierre to uphold Trey’s financial interests , she claimed to have paid $30 000 for a ” noisy” investigation of Pierre in order to ruin his reputation and auditing practice. This was done with an EVIL PURPOSE in attempt to profit by making Pierre’s family  homeless. The very same Trey’s PC published on the internet Pierre’s bank account and other clearly private information like phone numbers. Her  invitation was to harass Pierre. This was an organized effort of associates of Trey Lotz to harm Pierre, however this evil plot eventually fired back on the conspirators.   Such a behavior is practically shameless and  it is sad to see such  EVIL outcome has been produced by a practitioner  like Trey out of GREED! EVIL is a poor product! 

Pierre Ethier also had NO knowledge and has NO association with the intimidating “agreement” used by Trey Lotz on his Preclears . Preclears seem to have been pressured to contract themselves out of legal rights. This contract is nothing but an agreement between Trey and his PCs to harass  others and snitch as informants on Trey’s behalf.  Pierre Ethier does NOT approve practices based on intimidation and disprove this supressive actions which prevent Preclears from spiritual gains.  

Trey’s PCs enter into a legal agreement with Trey to partner against  anyone who disagrees with Trey and act evil, cunning and manipulative manner. This is OUT-ETHICS and “WHEN ETHICS IS OUT , TECH DOES NOT GO IN!”. PCs like this who agree to snitch , lie and cheat are OUT ETHICS! PCs who have agreed to commit OUT ETHICS can not expect  SPIRITUAL GAINS! PCs need to address the OUT ETHIC in their situation and the EVIL they have committed! Plotting the next EVIL and making the “greater good” the next excuse for OUT ETHICS is the real problem! LRH explains that “out-ethics mushroomingup” …” can usually be traced to one or more auditors who miss withholds, either by their own out-tech or mutual ruds.’ The remedy for auditors who go in mutual out-ruds with the PC is:

“© 1978, 1980 L. Ron Hubbard Library.All Rights Reserved.
HCO POLICY LETTER OF 28 NOVEMBER 1978 (Also issued as an HCOB 28 Nov. 78)
As one of the most destructive things an auditor can do is miss a withhold on a pc,and as missing a withhold stems exactly from being inexpert, out-metering, out-TRs or mutual out-ruds, and as pcs and staff can blow and cause a great deal of trouble when withholds have been missed in Sec Checking or Confessionals, the penalty for missing a withhold on a pc is as follows:Comm Ev, and if found guilty, suspension of certificates until retrained.

Below is a quote by LRH that explains that the Upper Bridge should not be misused. This applies for the Ls , OT Levels , Flag Only Rundowns, NOTs and other Upper Bridge actions.

“The lower levels of Scientology are quite innocent. Only the upper grades could be harmful if misused and these are only placed in the hands of experts” L. Ron Hubbard in “ Is Scientology Dangerous”


What about the role of the Case Supervisor ( C/S) in upper level rundowns?

Field auditors affiliated with the Corporate Church of Scientology deliver auditing up to Clear and typically have NO EXPERIENCE in delivering upper levels. Field auditors refer their PC to the Orgs for 15% FSM commission which they receive for services purchased by the PC from the Church. A field auditor usually comes out in the free field with no experience auditing beyond Clear and lacks the discipline to audit under C/S..

Flag only rundowns (which Pierre studied and delivered – e.g. Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive ) address variety of handlings like money and spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other. The Ls , Flag Only Rundowns [Delivered at Flag Only] , NOTs [Delivered only in Advanced Organizations / Sea Orgs] , Power and Superpower require advanced auditor skills and trained C/S. The above rundowns should not be delivered without the supervision of a trained C/S. C/S training is required as some of the handlings are in the C/S materials. The authentic Flag Only Rundowns materials have not been released in the Free Field

The C/S series came out in 1970-es. Any claims that one has been trained as a C/S before 1970 are untrue! “Dishonesty cuts persons reach” and fraudulent claims are only motivated by GREED. One must be pretty desperate to lie and deliberately mislead about their training and attests. 



WARNING: At the behest of the Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA) a cowardly individual has been sending emails of an illegal and hateful nature while seeking to attribute them to Pierre. The warped and perverted communications impersonating me are using the email address

In most cases they contain significantly altered and embellished private communications, designed to upset and enturbulate people, so that they will be distracted from their mission of repairing cases that have been messed up through botched and reckless counseling.


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