A wolf in sheep’s clothing


A wolf in sheep’s clothing has been trying to destroy our family doing the bidding of the Church and financially buying out corrupt alliances. Be sure this wolf will scream very laud seeing this mirror picture of thyself! The wolf did spread many lies and misrepresentations to start quarrels.

This wolf has carried out numerous character assassination attacks. The attacks were carried out maliciously by publishing defamatory libelous  matters without lawful justification or excuse and only meant to injure the reputation of  my family by exposing us to hatred, contempt and ridicule that was designed to insult us.  In addition this was coupled with threats, phone calls, emails and physical stalking. This should be labeled with what it truly is. This is criminal!

3 comments on “A wolf in sheep’s clothing

  1. I mind: How ethic people can be effet of any devil people? And: How OTs could not as-is any false purpose, bad intention in the universes of said “others” and makes it vanish even before anything could happen? These questions bother me since long.

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