Positive change

caterina-ethierAre we attracting what we want in life? Do you know what you want? Individuals often do not take the time to focus on abundance. So often they really focus on the next material thing like the bigger car or the bigger house. More money , more toys and more stuff. Or  some individuals focus on less. Less work or less weight. As the individuals work on improving themselves they eventually find themselves able to attract their wants and needs as a living magnet. It is more important than ever to actually define what you want in order to attract the right crowd and energize your environment. And again it has come the time to learn from the lessons in the past, re-define more clearly our goals to truly reconnect with the fine spiritual dimensions.

More than anything Pierre’s work has been about helping people to shift to thriving, from just surviving. Not all challenges can be overcome with knowledge alone as sometimes individuals need help when the going gets tough.

Also, personal support, guidance and counseling is about more than overcoming challenges. For many it is about making the shift from good to great. This is why after refining his goals, Pierre has stated to carefully rebuilding his communication network and associations. The aim  is to focus into helping the able to become more able.

This is why Pierre has shifted his approach in development of personal and business networks to balance accountability, learning , planned actions based on careful examinations and screening  with the expectation of positive life reflection. Pierre has build resilience while dealing with all inherited challenges in the field . He wish no part of any venture promoting and favoring insanity and evil doing.

7 comments on “Positive change

  1. Thank you to Pierre Ethier for Him that He is Source for Beings as L.Ron Hubbard….. With the inspiration of both and myself, I aspire toward more knowledge and ability and for others and in the knowledge of this world and universe as forthcoming and comparable as it is to the nature of a Being and the Truth. From within and without any existence, I am in my own unit of time and timelessness, the moment and moments of forever. There must always be the fullness of data available on any subject that allows for the completeness of the being as to observe, speculate and conclude and demonstrate sanity. Then, there is the good that is within, and not having to have, the necessity to be evil, which good has existed in the first place before the beginning of time, as infinitely creative and causative life beings, who have the definite goals of the advancement and enhancement of each of the beings of life.

    • Just have recieved this quote:

      There is not something you’re supposed to do. There’s not something that you should do. There is only that which you are inspired to do. And how do you get inspired except by the contrast? It’s the life experience that gives you the idea of the desire, and then as you focus upon the desire, the Energy flows.
      Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on April 14, 1998
      Our Love,

      Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)”

      Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony, Prosperity And Fun Always!

      From the bottom of my “Theta-Heart”,

      • Note:

        Indeed, I am still in dubdts concerning the need of caring about the past to have florishing present and future lifes.

        But, just right now, while writing, I am realising as you state, Pierre’s Éthier Admin, that instead having to experience “contrasts”, especially rude ones, it could be much more efficient and relax, to just inspect/face one’s own past and “others” pasts, to take all the lessons, so that we no more feel the need to “experience contrasts” but only joyable experiences.

        And yes, having conscious access to any past and even “present” and “futures” (in terms of existing intention from any of Us), should help to very very accuratly set our own goal For The Best Of The Dynamics; IMO.

        Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony, Prosperity And Fun Always!

        From the bottom of my “Theta-Heart”,

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  3. Hi again! Dear Pierre’s Admin 🙂

    I am here again because I get a SO HIGH GOOD FEELING! A “HIGHEST EVER” kind of Good Feeling: it was like if I didn’t “pay back” you by sharing you my “win”, my body chest would blow out! Because of too much emotions! Lol

    Indeed, while reading your initial post, I took back my own Admin Scale and worked back on it, alining the “Green Tech” with “Abraham Teaching” of focucing exclusively on our wishes.

    The trick is that just thinking to my “goals”, “objectives” and “programs” of my now updated Admin Scale, just blows my heart through the ceiling! Lol

    As per “Abraham teaching”, this should consitute a “Very Good Indicator” (as said in scientology 😉 ).

    Can’t wait to see any possible results of 🙂

    So thanks for your i.p. which has brought me back the decision to care back of my Admin Scale (and clarified too when and why, scientological techniques should help my own “Dynamics” 🙂 ).

    Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony, Prosperity And Fun Always!

    From the bottom of my “Theta-Heart”,

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