The Church of Scientology snooping for Tech. Reviews (Humor)

The Church of Scientology is apparently a fan of Pierre’s Technical Reviews. We have documented a recent visit from the Church groupies below:

Date: 13.07.2013

Time: 23:39:46 ( Moscow time zone)


United States


Los Angeles

URL visited:…



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In Response to EVIL – another story of abuse

Catherine Ethier

Open letter by Catherine Ethier

My husband, Pierre Ethier was for 20 years Sea Org staff working at almost no pay as a Scientology Counselor . He has been the auditor to many Celebrities. There are over 5000 people in his counseling list and he had achieved the top training levels at the Church of Scientology. For 20 years my husband was working 110 hours a week as a slave at almost no pay while the Church of Scientology was profiting from his services at the rate of $1000 per hour from parishioners.  Pierre was dedicated into kindness and helping people.

My husband left the Church of Scientology after he was coerced to provide loans to parishioners for services at the Church of Scientology and coerced otherwise to  provide money directly to the Church of Scientology. Those  were funds needed for his medical treatment and funds vital for a necessary follow up surgery after an accident.

While on staff at the Church my husband  was in an accident that caused him a severe injury. He was hit by a drunk taxi driver . My husband spent many days in coma , his leg was ripped apart and surgically reconstructed. He was told he will never walk again. He walked but the loans he generously gave to  the Church parishioners for their own spiritual benefit to purchase services at the Church of Scientology were never repaid. There were no money left for his medical treatment , he could not afford to pay for a required follow up surgery and this resulted in a DISABILITY FOR LIFE. For his kindness my husband had to cope with disability for life and was consistently ridiculed by associates of the Church, their allies and the manipulated by them crowds. There were numerous character assassination attacks on my husband which were carried out maliciously by publishing defamatory libelous  matters without lawful justification or excuse and only meant to injure the reputation of my husband and my family by exposing us to hatred, contempt and ridicule that was designed to insult us. This is criminal!

Also while working as a staff in the Church my husband sustained injuries and severe life threatening conditions. The last one I personally witnessed was treated by Dr. Minkoff ( also involved in the Lisa McPherson‘s case). My husband was instructed by the MLO ( The Medical Officer at the Church) that the Church is not maintaining workers compensation insurance for their own employees and will not cover the treatment needed even if he was going to die. Workers compensation coverage for employees is mandatory regulatory requirement to cover employee treatment for injuries on the job. We have kept silent about this kind of abuse for many years now just to be abused even more by what appears to be people manipulated by the Church of Scientology or ruthless corrupt individuals who have inherited the poisoned culture from that environment. 

My husband came out of  the Church of Scientology broke and with disability! ( In actual fact I took him out of the Church of Scientology!) He never begged for money like some of the abusers dedicated to insult him. He did not beg for money even if he desperately needed funds for his medical surgery. In retrospect I recall one of our constant and very vocal abusers  begging for donations for legal expenses to get out of trouble generated by mischief and crime. Another shameless group of  evil abusers wanted to profit from getting the home of  my disabled child and leaving us homeless. This out of EVIL and GREED. Not only that Pierre did not beg for money, but he has many times reached the unexpected , he is productive , active and generously donates time and efforts for betterment of others.

In addition there were constant attacks to our marriage. Recently a  marriage wrecker  again made a lot of noise promoting the Church of Scientology enemy line: “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”   Along with the smearing of my disabled child wolfs in sheep`s clothing have partnered  into what has become a professional home and marriage wrecking. This EVIL  line sounds very familiar because in actual fact it closely resembles the line of Barbro Wennberg . Barbro Wennberg is a staff at the Church of Scientology who aimed to split our family writing on my husband’s folder an order: “dump the bi*ch”. Let me tell you more about Barbro. Barbro was for  two days caretaker of Lisa McPherson. Along with others she  kept Lisa  confined in a hotel room and  did not take her to the hospital ( Link1  , Link2 , Link 3Link 4) when needed. Lisa McPherson as you all know died.

Preaching family destruction is EVIL! Promoting family disconnection is EVIL! It takes some real EVIL to split a family.

There has been a continuous internet drama generated by few unbalanced individuals for many years now who were trying hard to enforce  the Church of Scientology enemy lines  with fabricated postings (which were often fraudulently contributed to me) ,  “snippets”, other exerts out of context , “telepathic mind reading” realizations, alterations, misrepresentations, doctored offensive images, name calling and other assertions that are only their own abusive fabrications, fraudulent impersonations and delusions. I have kept silent about this EVIL. There were also individuals who fraudulently were claiming to know me and my husband and to speak on our behalf in order to instigate conflicts or boost their own self promotion with misrepresentations. Be aware that nothing of this fraudulent propaganda targeted to victimize us it to be believed. 

I have been frequently fraudulently copied/pasted in hostile write ups and monologues when the authors generated wild rumors which shall not be believed.  This generated hatred is primary distorted within the lenses of the authors own fabrications coupled with lots of DRAMA ! I get more attention than many celebrities in their respective fields. I get more attention than the Church because the Church is to big of a spoon for their mouths. Seems that some are very upset that the Church agents are unwelcome to my site but naturally they can feel free to entertain them on theirs.

Now that I spoke out , the wolfs in sheep`s clothing will be the more vocal and will make another drama, fabricate some more untrue statements , abuse me and my family some more. That is all they are about. Make no mistake.

The good people will now understand that they have been manipulated into repeating the Church of Scientology agenda and will find out that the animosity serves no purpose.

I have come to forgive you for what you have done to me , to my child and to my family.

I wish you well.

Catherine Ethier


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