Personal Enhancement & Stress Management Course

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About iSuperPower

With iSuperPower you can learn skills faster, retain knowledge longer, and apply your skills to real-world projects better.

iSuperPower was built based on experience of a Digital Schooling. Digital Learning embraces technology to its highest potential. Words like paperless, virtual, green, and social don’t just signify bandwagons to jump on; for us, they’re the not-so-distant future of education.

The driving principle of iSuperPower is to apply the right instructional delivery to the right learning objective, where and when you need it. We leverage from the real subject-matter-expert content to quickly enable you to achieve practical results.

Because we know there are as many types of users as there are learners, we also offer training options maximized for everyone from beginners to power users, including certification exam objectives.

6 comments on “Personal Enhancement & Stress Management Course

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  2. Well! I have sent you a message through WordPress to contact you for help and to propose you a deal, and in the same day I found this new post; so you have my deal! …

    From The Deepest Bottom Of My Heart: “MERCI” for your Generosity and Understanding To Both!

    You Very Well Verify The XIV Dalaï-Lama’s Modo: “Kindness”!

    It So Very Sweet To My “Theta Heart” to perceive this in your universe; can’t thanks you enough!

    Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony, Prosperity And Fun!

  3. In my emotion I have forgotten to ask you something: may I have it in french (your should have my e-mail address now), I know Pierre french tongue too… Infinite Love.

  4. Hi again!

    Just to tell you that even I didn’t start to apply the tools you provided yesterday, that I felt a VERY HUGE AFFLUENCE of dynamism in my body at awaking time that I didn’t have so much since months and could be more than a year! It is a “Highest Ever” since a while 🙂

    But how could it be as not yet started to apply your techniques? Lol

    Well, what I feel is that to know you possibly care, to know that I am no more alone, to know I could possibly count on your help when I will be able to help you in proportion of my expected increasing means, and knowing to be possibly connected in the “Theta Universe” with Nice, Kind, Intelligent Beings, looks to me to make a very difference.

    So, that was “the payment of my bill to you” for the present “ethics condition” of “Affluence” in Well Being 😉 dear you.

    Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony, Prosperity And Fun Always!

    From The Bottom Of My “Theta Heart”, Didier.

  5. ” 32+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ VERY VERY VERY HAPPY JUST RIGHT NOW! :D”

    This is what I have just written in my calendar! 🙂

    The “+” shows the importance of my feeling; the mumber at the beginning is just the number of signs after 😉

    What I could say is that is about, as already state, even just the realisation that you have provided help generously for a starting point so that then we could increase our havingness and then be able to return the flow to you, this makes you up to the common people in scientology, IMO. And this makes my heart Very Light too! So Very Thanks For That So Very Good Feeling.

    I have started to apply your process indeed now, but true it doesn’t so much indicate me cause looks to me that my Very Best Action Of Success in these last weeks, was to focus on my positive wishes, positives successes and so on, as the “Teaching Of Abraham” says through the mouth of Esther Hicks, and not to care about fears and stress.

    Despite this little correction, still IT GIVES ME FOR NOW A SO VERY GOOD FEELING THAT I COULD POSSIBLY COUNT ON YOU FOR FUTURE INTENSIVE HELP WHEN MY FINANCIAL HAVINGNESS WILL “MANIFEST” (professional auditing and trainings in scientology).


    Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony, Prosperity And Fun Always!

    From The Bottom Of My “Theta Heart”, Didier.

    • Hi again 🙂

      As listenning to the “Teaching of Abraham” from a recent workshop of Ester and Jerry Hicks, I have noticed the idea of “clogged pipes” (here the link toward an excert:

      For me, as I can understand it, what scientology does is mainly clearing these pipes in the most efficient and durable way when combined with training.

      Infinite Happiness Love Harmony Variety Prosperity And Fun Always!

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