Spiritual Abundance – Finding Your Spiritual Sense of Purpose

Most Scientologists, Ex-Scientologists and people in between are pursuing happiness, but in all the wrong places; and they are not finding it.

 Never has the world had so much, yet been so  wretched and miserable. Depression, unhappiness, confusion, frustration, unfulfilled hopes and failed dreams, intense dissatisfaction, emptiness, haplessness and suffering. Most are pursuing happiness, but in all the wrong places!—and they are not finding it. Vast new frontiers of expanding scientific knowledge have not brought the expected enjoyment , neither have the efficient devices, which were supposed to bring people more leisure time to “enjoy themselves.” Instead, mental illness, drug addiction, despair, suicide, alcoholism, self-pity, and other forms of escapism—and general discontent with life seem to sink in everywhere.

It seems that most have also failed terribly in knowing about real abundant living. Many  are taught to feel guilty if they enjoy themselves—if they are happy! So many believe  they have to suppress joy and happiness.

Many have no concept that truly represents fullness, richness, pleasures and overflowing with plenty, both physically and spiritually. They have no thought that boundless energy is available to them if they will but tap it. The true road to happiness is to overcome the spirit of fear and to embrace the power of love, and of a sound mind”  This is not about how to tap the better “inner you.” It is not about practicing “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” positive thinking derived from human strength. In the long run, these are not worth much. On their own, people fall short, and ultimately fail in the most crucial aspects of life. They are powerless to defeat weaknesses and faults—and to triumph in the end. Enormous inner strength and power will flow into and through you, if you take advantage of the access life offers you.


Have you stood by a powerful river, watching the current? I have many times. A big river carries tremendous power and force. Personal spiritual power flows like a river, and produces mightily in those who have it. It radiates out of one, and brings love, faith, joy and peace. This power will help you meet challenges, defeat enemies, conquer fear and reflect cheerfulness. It will bring wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and drive anger, bitterness and anxiety away. It will replace discouragement with energy and hope. It will bring zeal to accomplish and remove confusion and indifference. It will take shattered dreams and shriveled feelings, and expand them to new horizons—and bring an expectation of success. It will take stress and turn it to productivity and fulfilling accomplishment.


If you come and ask for help in time of need and look for the real answers and knowledge  this can flow strength and it is life-changing. Knowledge of thyself can  bring you the truly good things of life. How sad that the lives of so many are so completely empty—so utterly devoid of joy, happiness and abundance. Many try drugs, fall into immoral lifestyles, pursue the wrong kind of entertainment, commit crimes, and otherwise get into trouble, simply because they are bored. They do not know they can have lives filled with purpose. This lack of  true goals is so unnecessary—so far from what is intended for every human being.

The vitality and abundance—and pure joyful happiness—that can be yours is closer than you think. But you must recognize that life’s offers in an entirely new and different way. This also means periodically accepting correction, which can sometimes cut deeply. But the open mind seeks to grow at every opportunity. And receiving correction is also directly connected to happiness. Of course, no one naturally enjoys correction, but yielding to it produces a positive experience. So, if even correction can bring happiness, just think of the joy that will come from practicing the many other aspects of Scientology Technology. Self-interest will be replaced with an interest in others. You will want to humble yourself and value the lives of others, more than your own opinions—your own needs. You will feel good will and cheerfulness in your heart. You will want to smile, lead a life of vigour and reflect calm while standing in the eye of a storm.

You can find the meaning and purpose in a confused, disagreeing, unhappy world! And knowing you are doing this will bring its own happiness and satisfaction. Confidence will flow from this, but not self-confidence.

You will not find yourself constantly carping, griping, moaning and complaining about life’s endless “injustices.” You will not want to speak evil of others, but will want to lift them up, rather than pull or put them down. You will be able to conquer loneliness. And this will generate a never-before-realized strength and boldness that will literally drive your life!  Expand and evolve to give more to those you love. When you care about people around you  life is magical.

Enjoy life with the spirit of abundance by finding your spiritual sense of purpose.