Which way is up?

Scientologists back in comm

Upside Down Church

In today’s age of electronic communication, the Church of Scientology is one of the few organisations that still insist on writing letters to its parishioners. Because policy says so. It’s almost a given that if Ron were around today, this policy of writing letters would have been replaced with one that was more in keeping with currently accepted communication methods.

This, in addition to the deluge of promo being sent out by the Church – 80% of which probably lands up in the garbage or recycle bags and bins. Someone even reported receiving a postcard inviting their 2 year-old  to join the Sea Org. And this kid also receives their own copy of the Impact Magazine!

But this letter was just too good to pass up. The poor writer was probably (a) totally out of PT  (b) exhausted or (c) just didn’t care anymore and was on auto-pilot at the…

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