Personal Self and Enterprise Relationships

catherine_ethierRejuvenating real business integrity values for team work and producing outstanding results. Restoring trust and honesty to the work and study environment remedy toxic environments with a set of integrity values and address compliance with current anti-bulling legislation.

Bullying has become an increasing problem. Victims of bullying have suffered spiritual anguish, bodily injury and even death at the hands of their tormentors. Bullying can leave a harmful and long-lasting mark on its victims. It can leave painful emotional  scarring and a lifelong struggle with self-esteem. Bullying can therefore impair the ability of a victim to contribute meaningfully to society and to function normally in the victim’s family environment.

Bullies suffer as well, since bullying may be indicative of deeper  emotional problems. Individuals who bully more frequently experience psychological problems later on, such as aggressive tendencies. Bullies often display the same types of behaviour in their work environment and are found to be more likely to harass co-workers or commit spousal, child or senior abuse. Studies have shown that bullies are far more likely to engage in delinquent behaviour and are more likely than those who do not to commit offences as adults.

Bullying also creates a poisoned atmosphere among persons who observe the bullying of others. For example, the occurrence of bullying can intimidate observers, lead observers to excuse, accommodate or even encourage the bully or, worst of all, lead them to try bullying themselves. The negative cost of bullying to society at large is therefore considerable.

A safe, inclusive and neutering environment is critical to achieve success. Individuals must develop the proper techniques to be confident in knowing and become free from harassment, violence, intolerance and intimidation, all of which are forms of bullying. Bullying is particularly odious since its victims are often less able to defend themselves. The proper self confidence techniques, raising self awareness and self value, boosting rationalisation and recovery from traumatic incidents can lead to a happier life.

Behaviours that were once thought unacceptable such as lying, cheating and covering up mistakes have become quite common in today’s corporate environment. Couple this with increased substance abuse problems, interpersonal conflicts, low morale and there is no doubt that this drives the need to rejuvenate the basic moral values necessary to create unsurpassed business integrity. Utilising the principles of ethical choices, especially when faced with tough decisions helps the individual to achieve spiritually enhanced lifestyle. Changing attitudes, conduct and the ability to solve problems is the key to success to influence others on their path to honest and ethical choices and thereby increase the productivity and viability on a personal and enterprise level.


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