Ron’s Journal 68 LRH : “Disconnection is canceled”

(27:35 minutes) LRH : “Disconnection is canceled as a relief for those suffering family oppression and is not longer required SP orders and the person has to handle. The fairgame law was canceled”

(39:04 minutes) OT VII and OT VIII
(39:57 minutes) LRH: ”Actually I am not mad at anybody. It sort of goes against the grain to have to engage in some sort of warfare in which I have no personal interest. I finally have figured it out that all of these cases , these psychiatric cases and so forth that kept coming our way that all were butchered up it would be a jolly good thing if we put an end to that type of activity, because it would make our work enormously easier. But I am not mad at anybody, now we have an Ethics system and actually I am not very happy with pushing my friends around. There are too many bad hats in the world! And forgive me , forgive me if anyone was pushed around too hard or has had his own rights violated. The real thing we have to guard against is becoming ourselves intolerant to others freedom to believe. We do have a parallel in the early Christians. And the early Christians had a difficult time because they spoke of Human Rights, Love and Spiritual Freedom just as we do…..”

(43:13 minutes) LRH: “ Just because is happening to us is no reason we should to do it to others, ever”

Ron’s Journal 1968


“This is a lecture by L. Ron Hubbard, it’s title is Ron’s Journal 68. It is 52 minutes long, copyright 1969 by L. Ron Hubbard, all world performance rights reserved. This recording has been re recorded by the Scientology Publications Organization. Now, here is Ron with some of the members of the Sea Organization.

Thunder, lightening and rain…..

The world needs Scientology, the year 1968 was full of storms, it was a fitting example of man’s lack of skill, politics, internal relations, personal understanding and tolerance. The physical sciences are advancing into a world where humanities have lagged behind. In 1968 was a great example of it. However, in the world of Scientology in 1968 we had many wins. This was the year when the Scientologists pitched in, this was the year when you began to help me carry the load, from which I thank you from the bottom of my heart. So, Hello, You beautiful people. I have not been amongst you physically for a while, but I’ve been with you in spirit.

And, You have done well, our orgs, our staffs, our Scientologists are doing very well indeed. More self determined, more confident and more free. And, Thank you for all you’ve done in 1968, and all you are doing now. You are making the world a better place to live in. In 1968, there were many advances, Technical, Organizational. Possibly the biggest advance was the development of Class VIII auditing. I don’t think this advance was understood by many. Unfortunately it was given out as the answer to out Tech, actually only a few cases were ever discovered. Forgive me for invalidating good auditors, they did not deserve to have it stated that their tech was out.After a very few out-tech incidences  were found it was discovered that in-tech was the real order of the day. Really every auditor was really doing his tech as well as he had been taught. So, Thank You and as I say, forgive the way it was announced, it was not a polite thing to do.Class VIII as many have since discovered was a brand new break through. Not a cure. One hundred percent gains became attainable in minimal time. 100% with Class VIII meant 100%. By simplifying the application of Scientology processing, I was able to teach auditors at a high level how to do what only I had been able to do with case supervision before that. This new system of simplified communication and procedure brought more gains faster. It reduced review necessities. It sent cases souring and it placed in every Org a safe guard against technical difficulties. Class VIII was a very great advance, it was a new look in auditing.This was the primary tech developement of 1968. It was quite marvelous, really, the way we got the Class VIIIs in, got them trained, got them back to their Orgs. There was a lot of humor and good will in all this. Sea Org members posed the pictures you saw in the ‘auditor’, there wasn’t a Class VIII in the lot.The class VIIIs from Orgs were all down below studying like mad and we couldn’t disturb them to get ‘the auditor’ pictures. Very amusing really. Afterwards I said to myself, when I make Ron’s Journal 68, I’ll have to tell people these weren’t Class VIII students, but members of the Sea Org. We don’t deal in deception.You may have missed the line that said it was posed. The Sea Org too has changed  in 1968, it was formed originally to be rough and tough but Scientologists don’t naturally hold such an image. In 1968 the Sea Org became a ‘good will’ activity and an efficient administrative arm of Scientology. The Sea Org as you know runs the Advanced Orgsanizations and is the custodian of the ‘Clear’ and ‘OT’ processing materials. The Sea Org’s going along fine, it now has five ships, these are great guys, the tops. The hero’s of 1968 were the Scientology Guardians Offices, The Guardian MarySue, the deputy Guardian Jane Kember who has now been appointed Guardian and all the Assistant Guardians around the world, one in each Org began to handle attacks on Scientology and safeguard Orgs across the world. They made terrific progress, you are all indebted to them and so is mankind,more than they’ll ever know. And, speaking of MarySue,I’d like to give you as any fond Father would, a bit of family news. MarySue is still beautiful, she’s a very able being and she works very hard for you, as I’m sure you all know. Diana is her lovely golden haired self,she still plays the piano, she serves now as Commodore’s staff no 1 and keeps Communications flying. Quentin has just gotten his Class 6, the first one to come all the way up in the Sea Org. Suzette is a happy Messenger and Arther is the youngest and very proud to be the Commodore’s bowman.Katie, my oldest daughter is OT 6, Class 6 and works in the LA Org as does my Grandson, Lance.

The main trouble in making this talk to you, you here today, is the fact that there’s actually  too much news. I ….. too much has been happening, ah, 1968 ah into 1969, it’s been a fantastic period of time, constant, continuous advance. Early in 1968 we announced a humanitarian objective and this is why I was keen to make this talk for you, because this is where you can help.The humanitarian objective is to make  a safe enviroment in which the 4th dynamic engram can be audited out. By engram we mean the mental block that prevents peace and tolerance.By 4th dynamic we mean that impulse to survive as mankind instead of just individuals. Obviously we must do this. An auditing session where Scientology processing is administered cannot be continually disturbed or held in a noisy mis-emotional place. Therefore the upsets and conflicts and intolerance of the planet would prevent or slow progress in trying to audit the world, that’s obvious.So we have a humanitarian objective to make a safe environment in which the 4th dynamic engram can be audited. Therefore you, and we and all of us have a responsibility. You cannot live sanely in a world which nations behave like criminals to their peoples and toward each other.In a world where pressure groups stamp out all rights in order to advance their own. Only to small extent, to some small extent does the individual have any rights or justice.Therefore by defending the individual or group against injustice and oppression and by advancing the cause of human rights, great progress can be made toward the humanitarian objective, and you can help it’s easier than it looks.Ask your local Org about Gung-Ho groups. There is a Policy letter 31st of January 1969 about the humanitarian objectives which shows how this group works, it is an exciting program. So, that’s our major Public program for 1969 it’s called the Gung-Ho Groups.

Now in 1967, the fact that only a handful of people opposed Scientology was much expanded in 1968, we learned a great deal more about this and we learned the Organizations through which they operate. We learned what organizations they use, and these are the psychiatric front organizations, that’s usually called mental health groups of one type or another, which are in every country in the world, which makes it very international.Now, what these fellows are trying to do, apparently, is degrade the west, and if they degrade the west far enough, of course the west can be conquered. That’s fairly obvious to them. So, we come along and they ah,they don’t know what to make out of us. Except it becomes obvious to them, that we er help people and improve people and give people hope, and this cuts straight across any program involved with degrading the west. Well, that being the case then, the natural thing to do to handle this situation and the one thing we have to do to handle this situation, is to make the west more capable of defending itself, make it more efficient, make it more able to handle it’s problems and less likely to become involved in war. War is actually the result of incompetant governments. Now for Public statement, what we’re trying to do then, is to revitalize the west. Now you should score that down as the statement which should be made in over and over again.

What is Scientology Organizations trying to do, they are trying to revitalize the west. And, how are they trying to revitalize the west? Well, they are trying to revitalize the west, by putting forward and insisting upon human rights. The west cannot be revitalized without human rights. And, the biggest abuse of human rights which exists today is of course the psychiatric violations of human rights and their abuse to patients. Now, this is our job, because we are getting increasing numbers of people who have been messed up by psychiatry in institutions and some very, very ugly stories, not a few, but, many, many, many coming through onto our lines, now, to such a degree, that it is no exaggeration to say that they run psychiatric death camps. I know that sounds very rabble rouse, but, the truth of the matter is there are death camps, they have people in for instance as voluntary patients, ah,they hurt them, they mess them up, they fill them full of drugs, they smash them down with 50,000 volts, they tear their brains up, they actually use an instrument which is an ice pick, to do this and the people only live for a very short time. And, when they are treated in this way, and if they don’t die at once, which many of them do of course. But, after the fellow has gone in as a voluntary patient, they won’t let him out. And they do other nasty things, like sterilize him,castrate him, mess him up. Sexual, ah, perversions, that sort of thing with their patients. And that sort of thing and this is coming through to us to such an extent, that it is a wonder that some of these governments don’t object to murder. Ah, that sort of is interesting to me that er certain areas don’t seem to object to this murder.And they seem to find out that we have a dirty fingernail, but therefore we’re very bad, but the psychiatrist murders people outright and forth rightly and er, he’s ok. So, figure it out, it tells you that er, that society is pretty far gone.

So anyway, what we’re trying to do then is, we’re trying to revitalize western society. Well, the Gung-Ho program, this actually will re kindle the purposes and ambitions of individuals in Public, er, if run off according to er policy letters in the way it is covered. And the, the general er, attack line is along the lines of human rights, human rights. Now, I’ll give you a clue now, how this is handled. Somebody comes up to you, he’s a hostile person, he’s hostile to Scientology and he says to you. He says eh, Scientology mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa…. and you say “Why are you against human rights?”And er, then if you know anything about human rights,like the declaration of human rights, United Nations, that sort of thing, you know something about this subject, you just follow it right straight up. Total attack! In other words you don’t defend Scientology, you just simply attack along this line of human rights. Somebody else comes along hostile, he says something to you about this, or he says something in press, or in a group or something like this, ah, and ah something about treatment or something in Scientology and you should come back at him ” Why are you in favor of psychiatric death camps, why are you in favor of psychiatric brutality to human beings?” And er just let him try to handle that ball.And use these two things.

Now, the Gung-Ho group and it’s activities will revitalize the west. Our technology of course can’t help but do that. It is only fought by people who are trying to degrade the west. And in your general activities when somebody asks you or speaks to you nicely about Scientology, why of course tell him  er or her.But the hostile person, the hostile press line, ah, for instance a newspaper writes an article on the subject of how bad Scientology is, well any Scientologist reading it at once writes to the newspaper “Why are you in favor of psychiatric death camps, why are you criticizing Scientology, why are you in favor of psychiatric death camps?” and we will make some progress on this. Now, actually what will happen, what will happen really is each time Scientology is attacked, we will build into the society, if all of you do this. We’ll build into the society an actual stimulus response mechanism.Er, ah,whereas an attack on Scientology is ah is actually an attack on human rights and a person making such an attack is in favor of psychiatric death camps and er if this is the way you handle this and handle it consistently, even though you get bored with it and want something else to, something else to shoot them with.This will produce a fantastic effect.

If now you are to, eh, get in touch with any er persons of political, ah, lawyers, bar associations, civil rights organizations, er anything like that, or individuals who are very important politically or who own newspapers, and you push forward a campaign in favor of human rights, and you push this campaign forward and hammer it and pound it through and object like mad to the biggest loophole they have right now on this subject, and the biggest loophole they have is psychiatric escapement of human rights. I don’t think you realize it but, in most any country of the west at this particular time, er any person can be picked up and er just on the say so of a psychiatrist or without any say so at all and at once thrown into one of these sanitariums and he can be hurt, injured, obliterated, given amnesia, de-personalized, erm battered about and in actual fact killed.This is er, the biggest and most flagrant violation of human rights on the planet today and it is very germane to us because we’ve got to clean up their mess one of these days. So we should do something about putting it down. Now, these are the chaps that have been fighting us for nineteen years and they are getting it back hot. By the way, we’re having a fantastically, erm, violent effect upon er these organizations, they are in a sweat.To be crude about it, they are so worried, that in one of their largest front groups er the ah, PRO er fellow in charge of public relations went into a complete psychotic break just on the thought, that he might possibly be questioned er, by a Scientologist.And er, he didn’t even have to think that, he went in just on the subject of Scientology, they are just starting to go into complete psychotic breaks. It shows you that we’re lying across a very hot line and er this is er, these are the two buttons which are repeated er by other organizations and these are the two buttons that our enemies cannot stand, and, and, about which we can immediately, directly do something and these are of course, human rights and psychiatric death camps.

You know the whole trouble with this talk is I just have so much to tell you. I just have so much to tell you. I haven’t really got time to tell you any part of it.Ah, you gave us, gave me for the first time er, in 68 such a tremendous hand out in the world that events started to move with great rapidity. You don’t recognize your power actually. The public is overwhelmingly in favor of human rights and overwhelmingly against psychiatric activities and er your fighting on the side of the majority. Your not the minority and across the world you are very strong and have made a fantastic and terrific impact.It’s made Governments do some silly things to us, but er also, it has made them back down and back up with great er terror in most cases. There’s so much good news, there’s so much good news, that er, one can hardly er begin to list it. Er, on the subject of government we er had a resounding win. Over the FDA, you may remember, when these er characters from the FDA came smashing into the Washington Organization, seized all of our E- Meters, erhm broke up confessionals, drawn guns, all that sort of thing, turns out now they weren’t Federal Marshals, they were Baltimore Longshoremen. Very interesting. Anyway, we won and the court opinion on the matter was very favorable to us. It er found out we were  a religion without any doubt at all and found out that er, er we were in the right. And er, this means that the Scientology in the United States has no current attack in progress of any kind what so ever. I cross my fingers when I say that, but you can handle it when it occurs.

Now another big piece of news was 1968 is the year that will go down as the year celebrities came into Scientology openly.We had many celebrities before but nothing like 1968, and in the first year of 1969 they’re still flooding in. Movie stars, the famous pop groups, wonderful writers, wonderful people and we were right there with the top, top Class VII auditing to give them. So, that was nice timing. Let me read to you here, er some of the er great international names who joined Scientology and benefited from it’s processes.

Clint Walker – movie actor.
Stephen Boyd – movie actor.
Al Mancini – The TV actor.
Court Steinburg – Sculptor.
Sammy Davis Jr. – the singer.
The People – the American pop group.
Darius Bruebeck, Dave Bruebecks son.
Gloria Swanson – the film star.
William Burrows – the famous author.
Mama Cass – of the famous Mamas and the Papas famous singing group.
Salvador Dali – the painter and sculptor.
Countess Gisella von Field – the South African.
Sir James and Lady Hort of New Zealand.
Baron von Gilderchrome of Denmark.
Sir Chandos Hoskins Abrihol, – the former UK diplomat.
Lady Jane Hoskins Arbrihol – Doctor and wife of the former UK diplomat.
Dean Reagan – the actor.
Tom Constantine – of the Greatful Dead rock group.
Dinah Christy -the actress.
Jim McCullen – the star of Bonanza.
The Beatles Manager.
Bobby Richards.
John Hammond.
Carmen Terra.
Robert Lipton
Lamont Johnson
Karen Black
Robert Barren – the TV Director.
Harlon Casvervo – the TV and movie Director.
Amanda Ambrose – the commedienne.
Nox Martin – the artist.
Leonard Cohen – the poet and folk singer.
Peter Casna- the TV and movie director.
Bob Betchner – the Director and folk singer.
Milton Caselois -the Director movie and theater.
Lloyd Greenburg – famous for his chamber music.
Keith Carnackie -the drummer.
The Orange Coloured Sky – the American pop group.
Alexandra Seloka – the sculptor.
Ram Rior – the pop singer and head of the Freedom group.
Ram Rior Brooke – the international company, founder and director.
Alan Crawford – the music publisher and joint managing director of a radio station.
Jerimiah Whitticker – a top British Society photographer.
Peter Elkington – the Canadian film Director.
Bob Halloway – the Director.
Helene Ireland – the actress.
Jo Kenyan- the Shakespear actor in Stratford.
The Demon – the pop group.
Milton Castalos – the film director.
Mariel Finiger – the concert pianist.
Yula Niece – the vogue model.
(Some of these spellings of names may be incorrect.)

These and many, many others, Doctors, MPs, the number grows daily. In other words celebrities are swinging over into Scientology.Each day actually, I get more er I get more and more data on this and I think it was just yesterday that er I heard that Stephen Boyd, who is er OT 6 now, was phoning Bridget Bardot over in Paris and telling her to get audited in short order.

The Press in 1968 began in some areas to become favorable to Scientology. Now this was because the public no longer believed enemy lies, and the enemy had gone too far. The enemy found out there was nothing wrong, er with us.And they themselves began to back up. The trend of improvement began in Melbourne with the inquery some years ago, but the press couldn’t find anything wrong with us and that made the lies they were fed by old vested interests just that, lies. So increasingly you will see better press. Thanks to Guardians Offices over the world and the Orgs that back them up and to your own efforts (tape sound). You probably read something about the reform code, ah, the reform code of Scientology, we sent out actually, I think ah, oh I don’t know the total international figure.I think in England alone it was a hundred thousand er mailings and er we received back anything that the er the people er thought should be corrected. And er, this resulted in the reform code in which the sec checks were canceled and all old folders on this have been burned.And, disconnection has been canceled as a relief to those suffering family oppression. It’s no longer required an SP orders and the person has to handle. The fair game law was canceled and the prohibition against writing own and recording ah, professional materials was made. And er, this was actually the extent of the reform code, the Public at large generally thought we were alright.We didn’t have to do anything more, but these were just the small items that they did say, so we released them as a reform code.

And here was another item of advance, ahh, the targets, the anatomy of of purposes, that’s er very interesting. But the purposes apparently have an anatomy and to get anything done you have to classify different types of targets. This is a considerable advance in a field that I don’t think anything has been done on. It improves computer technology and it certainly improves ones clarification of what one should do to get along. And, this by itself will make a considerable advance, there are policy lettters concerning targets and these are part of the Gung – Ho group policy letters and should be included with them. Another item, that er is of interest. It’s called the Third Party law, you can actually receive a copy of this, this is HCO Bulletin 26th December 1968 and this is the result of my study of some old broken down civilizations.And it’s basically why man er has goes to war, it’s basically why you er occasionally have gotten into trouble with somebody else and it discloses the fact that it is not a two terminal universe after all, it’s a three terminal universe and it’s called Third Party Law. And, er it is a tremendous piece of advance, it actually is the basis of, of a such an odd thing as marital counseling.Marital Counseling can use it, it can, general use ah, but the Third Party Law was a considerable technical advance and the Org that is er giving this tape play is authorized to give you a copy of it.

Another datum which is, I’m sure, very, very welcome to you is attestation, attestation instead of examination was returned to all training. This is quite important actually because examination is a invalidation and invalidation is possibly the primary button on a being. So therefore in all academy’s you will find all training has been returned to and in the St. Hill course as well to attestation instead of examination. You merely attest that you have read and understood the materials. This is not er, does not apply to Class VIII training and it does not er, apply to Power Processing auditors, otherwise, why, attestation is very much the order of the day.It was taken out for a few months last year in order to straighten it out and we were able to er, take the bugs out of it and get it back in and now it’s been placed back in.

Probably, probably the biggest ahh, ers, thing that you will erhm appreciate in this talk is erm triple flows.Triple flows, lower grades, triple flows sub zeros, in other words it’s triple grades. Now, triple grades is a very, very important technical advance and I was working on this in 1968 and have finally been able to refine it and it has been released. And we have er sent it to the Orgs where you are now er so that all the auditors there that are on the HCG and staff have been grooved in on it and the Class VIII Case Supervisor will be able to do this. In other words everything up to 4 is tripled, er, it is er many, many more times than tripled in effectiveness. Now anybody who has a grade 4 or who is a grade 4 release can in actual fact er can go back and get his triple grades and this has been explained, but, it means the lower grade releases and the sub zero releases have been worked over now, by me, to a point where they have tremendously lasting results and er it is of great benefit in stable gains and I have done this actually so that the lower grades will mean more, and so that everyone can get everything out of them and these should be at this available in the Org where you are hearing this tape.

There’s another item  in which you’d be interested. Is the fact that a Class 2 auditor can now assign his own conditions and a Class 4 auditor is even further Ethics protected. Ah, a Class 2 auditor now, who also has his staff status 2, ah can apply for and obtain in his own Qual division a blue star rating which permits him to assign his own Ethics conditions.The Class 4 can assign his own conditions and he is, has additional protections and he is a green star and a Class VIII can be comm ev’ed only and he is assigned a gold star. These are Ethics protection actions given to persons who are upstat. We consider that anyone who is trained as an auditor is an upstat. Now, there’s something I’ve been meaning to point out to you about Scientology that’s not been mentioned in some years, and it needs to be mentioned because of the exactness of Class VIII and stress on compliance with the exact process. I don’t think Class VIII was well understood. The message was one, not that one had to comply, it was that when one used these exact processes in this exact way, that one got 100% tech on all of his pre clears. The message was that we had achieved 100% tech with these exact processes wherever they were exactly applied and with one or more Class VIIIs in every Org that we could achieve 100% results which we are now doing.

Now this is what I have pointed out for some time, there are two branches to Scientology. One is Scientology the philosophy, it is a religious philosophy, but it is a philosophy and that is something you use to think with, to er, wonder with, to accept or reject.And the other is Scientology the applied philosophy and that is where it applies directly to processing. Philosophy means a love or pursuit of wisdom or a search for the underlying searches and principles of reality and we certainly have that in Scientology. A great number of principles of exist in Scientology, it’s probably the largest written, spoken body of work of any philosophy ever undertaken.Out of this many things can be made of and of it, we can say such things as “What is true for you, is true for you in Scientology”. This is a vast area of observations in the humanity. It is yours to think with with, work with, accept or reject as you wish. It is still there, it is still valuable. No matter how old the book is. No matter how old the tape. It is still part of the body of Scientology, known as philosophy.There is nothing authoritarian about it. It is yours to accept or not as you see fit. It is Scientology, the philosophy, nothing has changed it.

Now there’s this other thing called applied Scientology or processing. Because it obtains a result and is valuable to you personally, processing could be seen to be the whole of Scientology, well, it isn’t. Goodness when you think of the number of policy letters we have on organization and these other things and look at this new Third Party Law,er  that is actually something you think with and can process with. Now Scientology processing today is made up only of those things which apply uniformly to all cases. Processing is made up of common denominators which apply to all life.There are no variables, no different cases and this is a considerable achievement, it is a specialized form of Scientology and has specialized use and these exact processes must be exactly done to produse an exact result. It’s like making pie., if you don’t use the same ingrediants, the same way in each case, why, you don’t get pie. Now we call this standard tech. And if an auditor is to see it, then you really have to get him to do it exactly a few times and suddenly he does see it and by doing it, why he sees in the pre clear that it is the right way to do it and after that he doesn’t require any further persuasion. He has seen it, so it is true for him.I doubt you could make a Class VIII trained auditor do tech in any non standard way. He has seen the precision of modern processes. He knows he can get results that way and so he does it without any variation. He isn’t doing it because I say so, he’s doing it because it works and he knows he can make real pie. Not to compare you to a pie of course.

Anyway, the whole of this is that we tend to loose sight of the fact that there have been many, many observations in Scientology. It is a very wide work and it is not just a mental therapy, ah although it is probably the only mental therapy on the planet today, undoubtedly.Possibly some of you are worrying ah about what happened to OT 7 and just to show you that research isn’t dead in-spite of all the traffic I’ve had to handle in 68, why here’s some news on it. On OT7 and OT8 I er have very nearly completed OT8. They are not written up at this date, they will not be issued until we have the enemy under better control.That’s bait of course to encourage you to give me even more of a hand in it’s demise. Seriously though OT7 is all complete, if not in it’s final form and it has to do with life and relationships to life. Some people still working on OT3 are in fact are really hitting against OT 7. OT 8 is the section that handles the physical universe and there’s a lot done on it, but I still work on it daily.

Well, that about sums up the news on the battlefront, because make no mistake we are at war. But one thing, one thing I do want to tell you here in Ron’s journal 68 is actually I’m not mad at anybody.Erm, it sort of goes against the grain to have to engage in some sort of warfare in which I have no personal interest.I finally figured it out that with all of these cases, these psychiatric cases and so forth, kept coming our way, they were all butchered up. It would be a jolly good thing if we put an end to that type of activity, because it would make our work enormously easier. But, I’m not mad at anybody. Now we have an Ethics system and actually it, I’m not very happy pushing my friends around. There are too many bad hats in the world and forgive me, forgive me, if anyone has been pushed around too hard or has had his own rights violated.

Now the real thing we have to guard against is becoming ourselves intolerant of the freedom of others to believe. We do have a parallel in the early Christians and the early Christians had a difficult time because they spoke of human rights, love, spiritual freedom just as we do and we in Scientology are speaking of the same things but in more modern language and with more positive results as far as cases and so on are concerned.The early Christian was banned and harassed by a whole empire, yet he won. And the resistance and challenge strengthened him and made him refine his creed and conduct, the same thing is happening to us.And the early Christian was hated by Governments and adored by the people at large, that’s very true of us, and we are undergoing the same phenomena. Early Christian, er because he was persecuted eventually came into possession of the entire Roman World, and that was the whole world there was. He did not have to conquer it, it was forced on him. So, there are historical parallels, but what I’m trying to say is that the Christian failed the test with his later inquisition,to some degree failed to bring his er, message er, truthfully to civilization all the way through so that people could talk about love thy neighbor and pick up a rifle and shoot him. Our great appeal to mankind, whatever he knows of us is that we stand for truth and for human freedom, and mankind at this stage wher he has heard of us knows only we stand for greater spiritual freedom and greater human rights. He dimly senses we are the foes of inhumanity and brutality. And, actually that would be good enough for him to join us with a whole heart and so every Scientologist should enlarge on this message, we must cease to individuate, we must carry our message broadly to the world. Indeed, we must prepare our own way with an emphasis on greater human rights. And, in doing that we mustn’t start ourselves with witch hunting and raising the devil with our friends. And, it sometimes hurts me when I think of people being upset or knocked about, ah, just because, just because it’s happening to us, is no reason we should do it to others, ever.

Definition of process:

tr.v. proc·essed, proc·ess·ing, proc·ess·es

1. To put through the steps of a prescribed procedure: processing newly arrived immigrants; process an order.

An exact process in an exact way, repeated exactly. Now in conclusion, in conclusion I would like to ask you for a bit more of a favor. I, you probably have the idea that I’m so busy that I never have a chance to write, or read your letters or something like that, well, that’s pretty much a myth. Ah, the letters come through to me by the real tonnage, but er, I read them and I want you to write to me and tell me things you think I ought to know, to know about, ah, what we should be doing, ideas you have in order to forward the good cause. Will you do that for me, please. And please for my sake, don’t forget one thing, I am your friend, I am not from this planet. I am trying to do my best to do a job to bring tolerance and humanity to this planet in a very materialistic and often cruel age. I appreciate your help, I appreciate it more than I can tell you and I wish to thank you and thank every staff member, thank every Scientologist for everything they are doing to make a better world come true.

And, now I want to take you back just a little bit to New Years Eve at the end of 1968, when a recounting of the years events were given at a party aboard the flagship of the Sea Organization.”

In reality today:

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