Briefing 109 Stockholm Granting Beingness

People who can grant beingness are exhibiting a sign of sanity. In other words, sanity is recognizable by the ability to grant beingness to someone who is not important. People who can do that are sane. People who can grant no beingness to anyone, especially someone who doesn’t agree with them, are very often insane.
Some people make trouble for the smallest bit of minutia. And this is what is wrong with those who cannot grant beingness.
They expect everyone to meet their expectations, but they seem to make no effort to meet other people’s expectations.
They feel that everyone is there to somehow serve and agree with them. And they cannot tolerate the idea that someone has opposing views. Or they cannot even entertain the idea that the other person may be right.
A small percentage of people who whenever they are told they did something wrong have to go on the rampage to attack anyone who tries to point out that they did something wrong — such as stealing, not following through on a commitment, or justifying ineffectiveness of their own.
This is one of the attributes of the psychopath, the inability to accept criticism, even constructive criticism.
Granting of Beingness requires possessing Pan Determinism: which means you are granting the ability for others to do as they wish. Things don’t have to be done only your way, which is self-determinism, but others can do things their way. So you can be aware of how to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number, not only your own little self-interest.
One can define Granting Beingness: The ability allow others to be, to do, and to have what they wish to be, to do, and to have.
This is part of my success in life — because this attitude towards others will always bring respect. Because you see everyone as important, even those who think they are not, or even those who think they may be my enemies.
I am aware that some people want to be mean to me. Those people will lead a miserable life based on hatred. I feel only pity for them. Rather they could have made an effort to understand, and we may have arrived at some constructive conclusion and perhaps united our efforts.
Those who cannot grant beingness very often develop hatred. Hatred is largely based on fear — because you certainly don’t need to hate that which you can overcome or understand. But you definitely feel that you have to hate that which you don’t understand and are afraid of.
So those individuals who have no ability to grant beingness and therefore give off a lot of hatred, expect me to respond with more hatred. On that they are complete failures.
Because the answer to hatred should be ADMIRATION.
Because admiration is so powerful that its absence alone permits persistence. Therefore if a condition is to disappear, you have to admire it. Just statically admire it. Most people cannot do that because they would only feel evil purposes and hatred back.
But through processing it’s possible to achieve a state of serenity where you’re not affected by hatred, and you can spot hatred wherever it is directed at you, admire it and generally cause it to decrease.
And this is why I don’t respond to hatred. It’s a complete waste of time. And it is quite a bit like fire. You cut off its supply of oxygen, which is replying to it in hatred, and it will just die off.

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