Briefing 101 on Who the True Squirrels are


The word squirreling has had several meanings and has evolved through the years.

Its original definition and concept still remains the most valid.

A poorly trained auditor is unable to obtain results doing the usual. (typically one or more of the following are present: his TRs are poor, he has MUs, he hasn’t learned the auditor comm. cycle properly, his metering is flubby, he is having case trouble). He dreams up “brand new technology” from the top of his head, and without testing it on anyone, except perhaps himself, seeks to supplant the standard processes with it. He squirrels.

The Church reaction has been to savagely and brutally denounce him and to attack. This always results in the hardening of the Squirrel position and any followers, not the changing of his views. Far from discouraging it,
they end up strengthening it. The way to deal with the squirrel, besides not giving him any endorsement or validation, is to ignore him. His practice will die all on its own from the lack of results and poor word of mouth.

I have now de-politicized the definition of Squirreling. It is now simply defined as the inventing of processes, which violate the fundamentals of auditing, basic Axioms or the structure of the Human Mind. It is generally
a solution to its author’s own problems and his inability or confusions in applying the technology in the first place.

With the thousands upon thousands of legitimate processes in existence, you will need to be reach a pretty Mighty High level of OT before you run out of actions to run. Why rack your brain trying to re-invent the wheel, when it is already right there in front of you ready to be used?

I am not here to debate the legitimacy or illegitimacy of doing other practices. But please don’t call it Scientology or auditing when it isn’t. Call it Squirellogy or Bushology (if your name is Bush) or something else.

What would you think about someone who is teaching the Koran as a way to live and called it Christianity? Or someone playing on ice with a stick and a puck and claiming he is doing “basketball”?

In recent decades CSI* view on Squirrels has tremendously hardened. Labelling someone as a Squirrel has been changed into meaning someone pronounced guilty of the any departure from Tech, according to RTC self-defined standards. It has now become an entirely politicized process.

Pierre Ethier Class XII

CSI*= Church of Scientology International. The Official Organization as endorsed by RTC.
Politicize: Alter something solely based on or motivated by partisan or self-serving objectives

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