Class XII Wedding


The following evening wedding ceremony was performed at Scientology Headquarters at Fort Harrison resort, in the Gazebo by the swimming pool. As a serving Sea Org Member I was not allowed any time-off prior to the ceremony and I audited public till 10 p.m. when the wedding took place.

The ceremony used was the same used by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their own wedding: It is called the Double Ring Ceremony. Perhaps less traditional than other ceremonies, I personally chose it as the most meaningful one.

The ceremony was written up in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard, right around the time he incorporated the Church of Scientology of California. It is inspired on the Catholic Ceremony and incorporates a number of Scientology key principles such as the ARC triangle and the Communication Cycle.

This was not the average Church staff wedding and even though I was at their employ, I had to pre-pay a large sum for the wedding and its reception at a cost that easily rivalled those charged by professional caterers, though the service given was significantly smaller and they had a “crew of one”. In spite of my significantly having been overcharged (by their own contractual agreement, written promises and actual services rendered) and in spite of a number of requests I have never been repaid what was unutilized and therefore due back to me.

Class XII auditors are the highest trained people in the history of the Church. In its 52 years history barely over 50 have been made. Aside those who had already departed the organization, more than 3/4 of the Class XII auditors in existence at the time were in attendance. They attended because they were my friends, not because of status or rank.
Contrarily to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding, my Scientology wedding which was performed by a Scientology ordained minister was considered to be legally binding. Both myself and the minister signed and sent the legal documents to the local Courthouse.


The wedding ceremony begins: The minister officiating is Alain Kartuzinski, a Class XII Snr C/S originally from Paris, France (he was later demoted and degraded by the Church for his participation in the Lisa McPherson scandal – the poor girl died while being physically detained by the Church. Criminal charges were sought by the authorities against the Church). To my right, Norman Herring a Class XII auditor from South Africa, to my wife’s left: Minty Alexander, a Class XII auditor originally from New York City.”
“We are gathered here in the presence of these witnesses for the purpose of legally joining this man and this woman (names bride and groom). If there be any among you who know of any reason why this should not be done, let them now speak, or forever remain silent”
(The above is the opening statement for the wedding ceremony, vastly inspired from Catholic rituals)
“Is your reality of the love you have for (bride) such as you will be constantly creating through health and sickness ; through adversity, as well as good fortune. Can you confront and grant forgiveness for shortcomings as readily as you give praise for all her many admirable quali­ties?

And have you communicated your love to (bride)? Have you acknowledged (groom’s) love?”
(Repeats for bride)

Our billion years Sea Org Contracts

Our billion years Sea Org Contracts

(The usage of Scientology basic tenets are evident here: REALITY about love, CONFRONT and the GRANTING OF BEINGNESS (allowing someone to be who they truly are) are at the core of the Church fundamental scriptures, however distant they may be from current church practice.)

Then may I say to you both; that through your love together with your agreement upon its reality; and by your communication of these two beautiful truths, you have completed the ARC triangle, and thereby consummated the only true marriage; which is beyond the power of any indi­vidual or group of individuals to add to or detract from in the slightest manner.

(The ARC Triangle, which stands for Affinity, Reality and Communication, the sum of which gives Understanding is one of the most basic teachings of Scientology.)

However, the law and custom of our society requires that this union shall be made a matter of public acclaim and record. It is my honor to have been selected by you to perform the ceremony.
The acceptance of an honor carries with it an obligation of comparable magnitude; and I would be remiss in that responsibility if I failed to attempt a contribution, not to what you have already created, which no one can do, but to the permanency of its continued creation on your future time track.

Time Track is the Scientologese term for “recorded existence”. The time track in itself is seen as the continuous record, like a film of the entire existence, including instances of unconsciousness. Over 55 perceptions are said to make up the time track, including not only sight, hearing, olfactory, but sensations of weight, awareness of others, muscular tension and many others.

Man has ever employed symbols to impress upon the mind, wise and important truths, that these symbols might prove an ever present reminder of the necessity of ceaseless creation of our desires. And I am certain that your one joint desire in present time is that the love you have created shall remain a reality throughout your future years.

Best Man, have you a ring ?
May I have it please ? Thank you.
Maid of Honour, have you a ring?
May I have it please ? Thank you.
(Holding up a ring between the thumb and forefinger of each hand:)
These rings consist of circles; and the circle has been an emblem of permanency to man since time immemorial. In fact, it represents time and space—which are without ending.
I want you to look upon these two emblems and mock up the ARC triangle in the centre of each.
Have you done it? Thank you.

The above shows why this is called the Double Ring Ceremony. It is considered by most Scientologist the best Ceremony and is the favourite by most.

As long as these emblems remain with you, I want you to see that triangle in their centre as a reminder that the reality of their symbolism of permanency will hold true only so long as that triangle remains unbroken. 1 should like to see you make a pact between you that you will never close your eyes in sleep on a broken triangle. Heal any breach with the reality of your love through communication. If you will do this, these emblems of your greatest desire in present time will remain a reality throughout your future time track.

What precedes is a fundamental rule applicable by all and one of the secrets of a long living marriage: Never go to sleep over an upset with the other, but rather try to resolve it first.

On the front row from left to right: Alan Stave, Rick Alexander, Hank Bourland, Carole Schwartz, Lisa Rentschler. Second Row: Rick Sheehy, Carolyn Webb, Vic Fazio. Third and fourth row: Richard Reiss (Flag Snr C/S), Cala reiss, Edy Lundeen. Bodil Tucker
(Groom) Will you take this ring and with these words, place it upon (bride)’s finger.

“With this symbol of my love, I take thee, (bride) As my true and lawful wedded wife”
“I pledge thee to keep this love, Ever living, ever real”
(The same vow is repeated by the Bride)

And now, in the name of the Church of Scientology … and by virtue of the powers vested in me by the state of Florida, I declare you (groom) and you (bride) to be truly and legally, Husband and Wife. I will ask that you seal this ceremony with your lips.

And I will ask these witnesses present to join me in blessing this ceremony with the postulate that the trust and love of the present shall become ever stronger with each passing year.

Did you do it ?
Thank you.

If you want to find out more about Scientology you can opt to check one of the few dozens Church owned propaganda sites, check one the many thousands of sites antagonistic to it (some rabidly so) or check mine, where I have tried to depict as impartially as possible what the Founder of Scientology, the Scientology Philosophy and the Church stand both in theory and in practice and how all three do not always align one with the other.

About my qualifications: my Scientology training and experience spans several decades.

The current leader of the Church (David Miscavige) is documented as having the accomplished following Scientology training and processing levels: Provisional Class IV auditor (basic training level), A very partial and Incomplete Organizational Executive course. Incomplete on OT 7, yet has been allowed to read and contribute to the creation of OT8. Has not been interned as an auditor by another more experienced or Hubbard trained Case Supervisor or auditor.

In contrast, my training is the highest available in the Church (Class XII auditor, only a handful were ever made), Full Organizational Executive Course (OEC), all volumes, Senior Data Series Evaluator Course (a course no longer offered by the Church, dealing with Quality Control – a course I did under the guidance of Suzette Hubbard) and OT 7 completion (My Solo NOTS completion certificate is #801. Completion No 800 was Alycia Danilovich), I have trained, been interned and been graduated with the HIGHEST POSSIBLE HONORS by every leading authority (both past and present) in the Church. Among people who graded and passed my auditing with flying colors are: David Mayo, Ron Shafran, Jeff Walker, Ray Mithoff, Hansueli Stahli, Carolyn Webb, Richard Reiss, Ann Glushakow, John Eastment, Alain Kartuzinski, Peter Buttery, Gelda Mithoff and David Miscavige. This includes every single Class XII C/S both past and present, except for Otto Roos (he left the Church before I became an auditor).

Montreal , few years later after departing the Sea Org

One comment on “Class XII Wedding

  1. Thankyou again Pierre, for even going public, and detailing your thoughts and experiences.

    It is important for Scientology history that ex Class 12 auditors, the highest, speak their minds about things freely.

    I’m atheist today, and only wish Scientology produced people who actually performed some sort of supernatural abilities, as Scientology and Hubbard professed, and then I may have retained some continued belief or support for Scientology.

    The best Scientology, I think now, is the innate person to person decency and human interaction that the Scientology group setting lets the members innately give to each other.

    My question remains, did anyone actually become “OT” , Operating Thetan, and become a free soul that could go out of the body truly (and not simply be a mentally conditioned hallucination) for real.

    Class 12 auditors were to produce persons who supposedly could go exterior (out of the body as souls) at will, with full 360 degrees pure soul perception of the immediate physical environment, sort of simply as a “soul astronaut” who pops out of their skull to observe and interact with the physical world, as a ghost is thought to somehow be able to do at times.

    The top levels of Scientology even being called “Operating Thetan” levels, to me constantly reminded me that someday I’d obtain the out of the body abilities that I presumed you Class 12 auditors were producing with your Scientology special L Rundown counseling that you Class 12 auditors alone are qualified to deliver.

    In you plain and honest experience, have you been able or seen others you audited on the Class 12 L Rundowns been able to today really for real obtain that ability to move out of their skulls like soul astronauts, cleanly and plainly and honestly, like we learn in life that ghosts apparantly in some times in history have left their bodies and interacted.

    Scientology says and implies that members will obtain this soul ability by doing Hubbard’s long lineup of spiritual counseling steps.

    You did them all and performed the counseling on untold hundreds or thousands of people.

    Can you simply write, before you die, on the success or failure of producing Operating Thetan, soul astronauts, who can causitively at their own will, leave their skulls, and interact with the physical universe, with this physical universe we readers are living in, as we read this comment.

    I can confirm all your training, at least on the OEC< I recall you coming into the Staff Course room, in your study time, you were truly one of the most remarkable diligent staff members, multi lingual, you really did put in all your time studying diligently, inbetween when you initially worked in Flag Crew, I believe when you worked in the reastaurants at Flag, prior to being nabbed to do full time tech training, after which you diligently rose to Class 12.

    Your in house staff to Class 12 path, only a few made that trek, that was quite an accomplishment.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org, 1975-2003

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