Wall of Shame – Gossiper, A Snitch and Third Partier, Pat Krenik can’t stop steering EVIL deeds

An EVIL witch keeps disturbing my family. I wish that she and her EVIL Indoctrinated Preclears  STOP contacting us!

Neither herself or her PCs want to become better beings, but instead she indoctrinates selfish , EVIL and self-centered individuals who would not stop at  anything to destroy GOOD people.

Please GO YOUR OWN WAY! SHAME ON YOU to keep disturbing us EVIL GREEDY Witch!

Neither approve the EVIL that Krenik generates , nor want her contact and communication. She just can’t stop it! The result of a processing by a witch is EVIL beings!

Pat Krenik was named as a STAR in generating a vexatious legal action with intent to use the legal system to unfairly profit from an ex- sea org slave. This was a part of organized scheme to sink in Pierre. Shame on you Pat and  on your PCs trying to profit from a good man who worked for 20 years as a slave and gave his money for what he believed would help others.