Why make a gift in kind to Scientology Library and Research

guru20draugaiDuring this year-end season of giving, please consider making a gift to Scientology Library and Research. Why?

1. Because the World Needs More Kindness and Connection

There’s a clear need for research to provide more understanding and empathy between people. I want to find ways to share  my hopes for a more compassionate, peaceful world, and research the insights, practices, and resources that can help us all get there.

2. Because Your Gift Has Real Impact to preservation of Scientology Tech

This year we delivered meaningful life repair, self improvement and touched countless minds. My efficient and independent work has become more impactful with facilitating the procession, use and  the collection of rare materials that otherwise would of been lost and forgotten.

3. Because You Believe in the Higher Good and salvation of Mankind

I have a trusted voice bringing the original understanding of Scientology research  into the lives of ethical people. My work depends on people like you who chip in with a gift of any size. The more you give, the more good we can share with the world.

Support Scientology Research & Library

Gifts-in-Kind without conditions attached