Share 3 Good Things in a Bad Situation

Please share with us few bright things in a bad situation:

  1. Think about the most recent time when something didn’t go your way, or when you felt frustrated, irritated, or upset.
  2. In a few sentences, briefly describe the situation below
  3. Then, list three things that can help you see the bright side of this situation.

2 comments on “Share 3 Good Things in a Bad Situation

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  2. Nice exercise! Dear Admin 🙂

    I won’t gonna write here what may bother me but I can say that EACH TIME I bother on something, I write it down and find “The Bright Side Of The Situation”, and for me it means:

    – In what way I have created this situation?
    — What was The Basic Intention I went against so now I have a stop?

    – In what way It was Ideal this situation to occur?
    — Did I need to learn something?
    — Did I need to be warned about something I wasn’t doing Perfectly?
    — Do I need to change something in my ways?

    Then, I write what should I do to solve the situation.

    The indicator the freeing stress and stops process is complete is when I feel a Significant Boost Towards Action, and that I have No More Attention On The Situation but The “Doingness” 🙂

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