I have been reading some of your web pages and I can say that of all that I read on the internet, yours come through with the most truth.  I just finished reading about your evaluation of the Lisa McPherson handling, and I find it amazing.  Of course it relates to all of us.  For me at the moment of understanding your communication, I realized how thoroughly I had reached a point where virtually my entire goal in continuing in Scientology had become to avoid getting sucked into it.  This virtually consumed the more important aspect of actually obtaining long term case gain.

I can recall the auditing I received from you so clearly.  It must have happened in the early 80’s.  The auditing went so smoothly as you seemed 100% relaxed and that allowed me to relax as opposed to getting unnecessary buttons pushed and other distractions from occurring.  Of course, after only a few sessions, it was decided you were needed for other cases based on language requirements so I was assigned another much less experienced auditor which was very upsetting to me.  It was obvious to me I would not receive the gains that I could have received from you.

And getting back to your web page articles, I want to thank you for expressing yourself so clearly.  I had a flash where I realized that I was really not in a condition to receive much case gain for many years and in that realization, I had again an idea of hope.  That is why I feel that now is the right time to get in comm. with you.  I have in fact had improvements in my life over the last few years but certainly some major blockage has been there for quite a number of years.

Anyway, how are you and what are you up to in 2015?  I am interested in exploring further advancement.  I do travel considerably and I would be delighted to see you again. Let’s draft some plans and make it a workable solution.