RIP Jeff Walker ( by Karen De La Carriere)

I am sad to report the passing of Jeff Walker, former Senior CS INT, former Class XII CS who fled int base in the early 1990s never to return.

Jeff died Weds March 11th at 1am in New Zealand. His companion Jill Harris kept us updated on his condition for the last 2 years and he continued to have nightmares on his INT Base cruelty where he had some ridiculous title such as Deputy Deputy Groundsman ( hard manual grounds keeping under the Groundskeeper and Deputy..lowest on the food chain. )There is a radio podcast on my channel with a hilarious story of Jeff Walker as told by Security Chief Jackson (Gary Moorhead)

Jeff called the security booth and reported he had blown. He told Gary he was having sex with a non Sea org member and that he would not be returning, ever.

Gary was stunned. He thought to himself “This is a bullbait, this is a drill, they are teasing me so see how I will react” However he reported it to Marc Yager, the then Watchdog Committee Chairman and Co CMO INT.

Not long after Jeff Walker pulled off an Earthquake at INT Base. He arrived with Riverside Sherrifs (as protection) to get his belongings.

Riverside Sheriffs invaded INT base and the message was sent loud and clear to law enforcement, you need Police protection to return to INT base because they will kidnap, hold you against will, isolate you and drive you insane with interrogatories.(e.g. Maureen Bolstad)

Electrified Sea org members watched as Jeff strutted on Int Base firewalled and protected by a posse of Riverside Sheriffs and then marched out of INT base.

As a malicious vindictive *Cherch* Miscavige through OSA did one of their anonymous phone calls to Customs and Immigration in New Zealand alleging Jeff Walker was a “Terrorist” and on his arrival in Auckland he was held for some hours in a holding pattern til everything was checked out.

Davis Mayo Class XII CS was reported to Interpol as a Drug Runner !
Jeff Walker Class XII CS was reported to be a *Terrorist*

Jeff Walker you and I shared the most amazing track. Beyond Belief. The Apollo Years. The Flag Land Base Years and I am so sad to hear you have gone. Fly high my friend.

Author: Karen De La Carriere
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