Skype auditing suggestions from “no experts” to “play Russian roulette with my case “

About Skype auditing offers from “no experts…” :

Fecebook Group:

Didier Raphaël Desbordes : I am glad that you have wins but what ” We are doing a lot of skype work ” has to do with a Standard Session and its Ideal Scene?

Nanette Kern” Before you judge Didier Raphaël Desbordes, why not try a skype session and see for yourself.

February 8 at 7:58pm · 

Terril Park” I suggest you contact Anita and ask her. I don’t audit others myself

February 9 at 1:18pm ·

Terril Park: so am not expert……

Didier Raphaël Desbordes : RON says: “A SAFE AUDITOR pulls UNSAFE WITHHOLDS. A DANGEROUS AUDITOR pulls ONLY SAFE WITHHOLDS”. ~~~ Bad auditors will make a tacit agreement to NOT pull all the witholds ; then okay, the PC doesn’t blow and have large part of imaginary wins (up to 75%), but under good examination of PC’s life, the PC doesn’t really have “case gains”. ~~~ Ron knew computers, by the way, he indeed created an assessment by phone, but ASSESMENT IS NOT AUDITING! So sorry, I don’t feel the need “to try” and play Russian roulette with my case 

February 16 at 12:39am ·