Blast from the past

“There is another group, I’d like to make a comment on. These are pc’s outside the CofS and who want to continue with their Scientology auditing. When I was an FSO Case Cracking C/S, there was one auditor who in
the years I c/sed for him, never had a red tag, only had one cramming from me as I recall, whose pc’s after session exam statements were better than many others success stories, who was multi-lingual and always in

After my time, he became a Class XII. He left the SO after a dispute over his wife and is in the field. On
his website he gives a fantastic FES summary on Lisa McPherson’s folders. This is a must see. His name is Pierre Ethier and can be found at .

Disclaimer: I am not his agent and I have had no contact with Pierre since 1988.”