Pierre Ethier fairgamed by OSA

More proof about fairgaming Pierre Ethier by the Church of Scientology allies, stooges and agents. The term Fair Game is used to describe extremist practices carried out by the Church of Scientology allies and agents towards people who disagree  with the Church abuses.  According to the Church practices,  opponents who are declared “fair game” may be “deprived of property or injured by any means…. may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” This extremist practice also  “extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends.” The extremist and abusive administration practices ( not the technology) are in the core of our disagreements. Carrying out fairgame programs looks real BAD ! One does not selectively apply ETHICS just when they see it fit to their own agenda!

Copy of a secret OSA fairgame program directing to start rumors:


  1. Implement this handling through suitable identities who can post on the news groups. Apply HCO Exec Letter 27 Sep 1965, Amprinistics, “Internal dissention is what tears these splinter groups apart. Formed by people whose overt acts against Scientology prevent case gain, they rapidly rip one another to pieces.”



  1. Have this started as a minor rumor that can be legitimately picked up by someone else on the chat group and turned into a hot topic of discussion. Add other points of known natter and buttons.”

Here the proof of executing the program on the internet using OSA stooges to post fraudulent accusations  and smear Pierre claiming  ” Pierre Ethier is really a piece of work and only cares about himself and making money (does he remind you of anyone?).”

Pierre has worked 20 years in the Sea Org as an auditor at no pay. This is definitely NOT because he thought about “making money”. Pierre also gave ALL the money he had to parishioners in order for them to go up the bridge. The money were NEVER repaid and Pierre was unable to pay for a surgery he needed and remained disabled for life. 



Copy of a secret OSA fairgame program:



Here is a witness statement showing details about the execution of OSA Program ( below ) fairgaming Pierre Ethier with fabrications and fraudulent claims:

27th May 2007, 08:52 PM #1
Steven James

Default Freezone training camp in Switzerland


I just returned from one of Ron’s Orgs bi-annual training camps for Western Europe in French-Switzerland. The camp ran for just over two weeks (covered three weekends).

I traveled from the UK for the duration and finished my course and managed to route onto the next one. The camp was in a big old school house in the Swiss mountains on the French borders. People came from Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and the UK. The building is located in a very green location with great scenery and very friendly village nearby.

The first weekend was relatively busy with the numbers of people building up during the following week, climaxing on the second weekend. The third week was quieter as people started leaving. I estimate there could have been about 80 people there? Maybe more. There was lots of auditing completions, course completions.

We were visited by the Church on many occasions. The one time I bumped into Church people was at the pertol station/cafe near the camp. When I came out they spoke to me (in English) trying to foist a Freezonesurvivors.to pamphlet into my hands. I told the guy I did not need the pamphlet as I had read the site many times. I then questioned him about one of the people on the website and how they are in poor ethics standing with the Church and have literally been ‘kicked out’ for investigating staff ethics. He didn’t even recognise the name! He then went to attack Pierre Ethier with a lie that he had bad metering on him (he probably read it on the site). The guy was potentially an illegal PC, it is very unlikely that Pierre would have audited him. I mentioned that Pierre has audited people I know with incredible results.

I then went to mention London Org being pretty empty and gave him some stat examples of when I was on staff. He told me ‘London is booming!’. This goes against the data given via Teril from someone who recently got a tour and against what I witnessed when I recently went to take a look at the Ideal Org and at the Testing Centre. During the whole conversation he kept trying to give me the flier despite the fact that I knew the site better than he did!

The next day I was sitting on the steps outside the old school house on a dinner break and goodness me….. ……you could spot them coming a mile away they look so goddamn eccentric! There was three of them crossing the country road fully armed with more of the same. Due to the amount of fliers and three people this time, I was wondering whether there was a stat and a birthday game point at risk. No one spoke to them – they just stood at the gate waiving for us to come to them. A german guy asked if they spoke in English and they responded with ‘No!’ They tried to tempt all the French speakers over. The two guys I spoke to previously did not speak English when questioned by others, though they did to me.