Where is Waldo Search or Juvenile Pranksters in Action ( Humor)

Guess who is the Juvenile Prankster who designed these hide and seek photo patches in order to initiate wild rumors? This is the “Where is Waldo” type of game or should we call it “Where is Catherine Ethier” in the picture? For the one who do not know The Great Waldo Search is a video game released in 1992 and played to date by many youngsters.


Now to get back to the topic. For many years my family and I were subject of various photoshopped doctored juvenile pranks. One prank that deserves to be mentioned is to date on a site promoting the Church of Scientology. This would be a stolen picture of Pierre’s Facebook , distorted and doctored on a wanted poster with a bullet hole on it. In other words the Church supporters besides promoting OTs , also promote violence against ex-church members.

Another juvenile prankster photoshepped Pierre on the Easter island with Italian policeman rubbing on his back.

Now that one would think that the way to OTs is not the way to become better beings , but it seems that with this pranksters this is far from being the case.