How the Russian Rocket Scientist got The Church of Scientology to Back Off

Couple of weeks ago we parted with Academic Full Professor, heavily decorated national hero, rocket scientists  and also an uncle of mine. Cyrill Shamshev got a State Funeral in Moscow due to his exceptional contribution in Russia’s military research and development . This brought back the memory of certain events from the past.

In the 1991 I was recruited at Scientology Mecca in Clearwater, Florida. At the time of my arrival I  had completed the third year PhD ot top of two Masters Degrees in Engineering. Scientology recruiters were hoping that I will work on Scientology dissemination in Russia and  the Balkans , since  I master fluently  number of languages including Russian. Instead I helped my husband to leave one of Scientology slave labour camps after decades of  abuse. Leaving Scientology is always made difficult and usually accompanied with Scientology staff  following long term and highly trained Scientology “ assets”  to pressure them to go back into slave labour. I call them “assets” because at the time my husband was living on $30 a week and public would pay over a $1000/hour for his expert services given the benefit of the Church of Scientology. You can read about Scietology operations on Marty Rathburn’s blog, who as a part of OSA was following and pressuring the people attempting to leave to freedom.

My husband and I had just married and Barbro Weinberg , the Ethics Officer ordered our marriage to be broken up through enforced separation. My husband informed Barbro  about that his wife is tremendously  upset about the prospect of  our arbitrary disconnection. My husband further informed the Ethic Officer that I was threatening a public scandal and international incident should the enforced separation go through. He also mentioned that my uncle is playing  a key role at one of the Military Branches of the Kremlin. This comment actually made the Church of  Scientology to back off and my husband was allowed to leave Flag through the front door as he felt he deserve to since he has been the pillar of  FSO delivery for the last 12 years. Barbaro  had written a re-entry program to my husband where the third step was: `DUMP HER“

The disconnect order from the Church of Scientology did not intimidated us and 22 years later we are still married going full speed together.

As it can be seen from the memorial news announcement on Russian TV my uncle led the development of the Russian missiles Strela , Igla and number of strategic designs during the Afghanistan War . My uncle has earned many government awards and commendations. He fought during the WWII and was with the Russian troops all the way to Berlin. He has a reputation for the tenacity of his views and his high level of influence.

Shamshev-3 Shamshev-2