L 11 Rundown on the Grade Chart

L 11 can be delivered at several points of the Grade Chart.

The  prerequisites are a completed Drug Rundown and Expanded Grades. L 11 may be delivered at:
• After Grade IV Expanded (and completed Drug Rundown)
• After NED~ Case Completion (on a PC who did not go Clear on NED)
• After SUNSHINE RUNOOWN counselling and before New OT I for the DIANETICS Clear
• After OT III
• After New OT IV, OT Drug Rundown and before starting OT V, AUDITED NOTs advanced pastoral counselling
• After New OT VIII, TRUTH REVEALED (It may not be delivered between R6EW and OT III or between New OT V and New OT VIII.)

Set-ups for L11: Full case set-ups are done before beginning an L Rundown. ( typically 12 1/2 to 25 hours of set-ups). With intensive Flag style auditing, set-ups are often completed in a few days and the Rundown completion takes up to a week. Intensives required: L 11  two intensives (typically less than 25 hours).