Campaign for ethical auditing

While, I can say well said, I have met enough Wolves in sheeps clothing in the Independent field to be quite reserved about
endorsing any auditors without scrutinizing their worksheets. Some of them have Golden PR and have full time promoters asserting them
to be the best auditors there is when it is far from the truth. A study of these auditor’s cases reveal an entirely different story.
Starting with False clams of training (like Class VIII when they haven’t even done Class 0), or purposefully overrunning pcs to increase the amount of money they need to pay
, missing witholds by agreeing with the pc’s natter and refusing to act to repair cases that are so violently nattery because they are viewed as “weapons” against those
who may wish to expose the auditor. or running NOTS mid OT III (or even on lower level cases)

My complaints, crams and ethics reports even to IFA/APIS have only been met with an effort to shut me up, resulting in my Kha-Khan status award by them being cancelled
without even a hearing with the false claim that “only LRH can award Kha-Khan” while their founder currently parades himself as a Kha-Khan awarded by a FOLO executive.
with some PR Man hired by them advertising that one of his main aim is to “run me out of the FREEZONE” and to invite a general
boycott of my services.

Not long ago, I was served with a vexatious lawsuits entirely initiated within the Independent Field by the pc of one of the FREEZONE star Auditors,
the lawsuit had the full endorsement of the auditor, his ethics officer and his support group. I had written plenty about the Gross out-tech and unethical activities
of that auditor and his viewing himself above correction. (I have handled over 20 of his mangled cases, each doing poorly after his auditing, one being paralyzed, others dying). His Snr C/S recently wrote that he viewed the auditor as a God, capable of auditing the Almighty himself.

That same pc organized last year for Jim Lynch, Church shill well known for harassing people on the Church Enemy List to threaten me and make harassing phone calls, to
seek to disrupt my sessions and even to tail me in a car and take secret pictures of me when I was in Clearwater.
My complaints to the auditor and his ethics officer, associates and support group were met with being told I was insane and being served with a vexatious lawsuit
to “shut me up”. In a masterpiece of hypocrisy the lawyer firm hired for the lawsuit is well known for its links
with the Church of Scientology and its actions against those they call squirrels.

So, there are plenty of wolves in Sheep’s clothing around. As long as they are perceived as sheep’s rather than the wolves they are, squirrels will prosper and whistleblowers
ostracized and lied about.

Pierre Ethier

Flag Trained Class XII
Flag TOP Auditor and Auditor of the year every year: 1981-1992

P.S. Every point I mentioned is fully documented with proofs. It is not opinion but facts, though I expected these inconvenient truths to be rejected by those with a low confront of evil.

Milestone Two

thorny roses

By Lana M.

Let’s be blunt — it is no bed of roses in the field OR in the Church these days.

In the field, there is a growing network of standard delivery terminals and groups operating outside of Corporate Scientology, and across several continents  — but there are more than a few thorns (ie. squirrels) in the field that draw blood and cause pain to unwitting preclears and pre-OTs.

And then there is what passes off as auditing in Corporate Scientology, which routinely starts with robotic TRs, poor comm cycle, bad metering, altered processes and a constant cycling of Scientologists on Bridge actions, over and over.

Milestone Two has made it clear from the onset that we ONLY support standard application of LRH technology. There is no happiness or enlightenment to be achieved by mixing rundowns, altering processes, attesting people to levels they have not honestly achieved, or evaluating…

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