The Church of Scientology is a fan ( Humor)

Admin: Recently the Church of Scientology had granted us with a visit again, This  expressed interest coincided with a noise orchestrated  in particular internet groups. There were two web pages accessed ( merely mentioning the facts ). The logs are posted below the picture.

For sure the visit was a lame attempt by the COS to check on my reaction related to the latest outburst of insults by EVIL individuals, trolls and stooges. It LOOKS BAD on then and they(the abusers of disabled) know that is LOOKS BAD on them.

The first page that was accessed by an user from the Church was featuring a copy of a picture of a depressed menopausal woman. The picture was used by a SMEARER for a staging  at one of their hate sites. This was smearer’s image of thyself.  It also showed what sites the smearer is browsing and also shows the challenges this woman is facing in her sorry to be in situation of illegal PC. Hate sites and smear campaigns  make them (her and her associates) LOOK REAL BAD!

The second page was related to traceback  to the Church of Scientology based on our server logs.


22 17.05.2014 21:28:59 United States California Los Angeles…
23 17.05.2014 21:28:53 United States California Los Angeles…

As Sharon Sigmond told me once:” The internet is the greatest gossip center ever invented” and certain boards are “loaded with liars and BPC cases.” Then Sharon Sigmond also told me the following wise words:

“In the end, each of us will have to answer to whatever it was we caused or didn’t cause IF it was destructive to others and/or other dynamics.” ….” I care about you and I’m sorry you had to go thru hell. But I don’t know anyone who hasn’t gone thru some kind of hell while living in a world full of cracker heads. Peace and Love to you and Pierre and your son.”